A Wolf Dog Hybrid, a Monster of a Pet

A wolf dog hybrid is a canine that is, as its name suggests, part wolf and part dog. They are independent, magnificent creatures which some experienced dog-folks keep as pets:

According to the article I read, many myths exist about wolf dog hybrids. Some say they are unable to be trained and vicious while some claim they are as tame as a Golden Retriever. Some feel they live longer than other “dogs” and are less prone to disease.

With regular dogs and wolf dog hybrids, there are a few similarities:

  • In reality, a wolf in captivity has the same life expectancy as a large dog, from 12-14 years.
  • Both dogs and wolves are susceptible to the same infectious diseases.
  • Additionally, the efficacy of a standard dog vaccine given to wolves and hybrids may be questionable.

Wolf Dog Hybrids As Guard Dogs

As far as making excellent guard dogs, by nature wolves are shy animals, so generally are not effective in this capacity. If any aggressive tendencies are observed in wolf dog hybrids, those may be fear induced, which can make them hard to handle and unpredictable.

Do Wolf Dog Hybrids Make Good Pets?

So while they are extremely attractive canines (and made excellent guides for me during my time in the desert), do wolf dog hybrids make good pets for an average dog owner?

While many folks say they make excellent pets for those who are familiar with their special needs, but in general, my answer is “absolutely not.” Since these canines are a cross between a wolf and a dog, they need special handling and training by a person dedicated to these animals.

With patience and consistency, even a dog that is hard to train can learn. But the wolf dog temperament tends toward dominance, and will constantly test his or her “master.”  In order to avoid constant battles, the owner must establish “alpha” status to “dominate” the hybrid.

Black Wolf Hybrid
Black Wolf Hybrid

That animal is humungous.