Bezerkeley Football and the NFL Pro Bowl

Cal Football Golden BearsI can remember all of two readers writing in (commenting on a post) that they are Cal alum. Other than that, there has been little love for the Golden Bears.

So if you are in denial that Berkeley produces good football talent, let me point out that Cal grads Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, and Tony Gonzalez are all playing for the NFC in this year’s NFL Pro Bowl. (There may be one more Cal guy, but he is not jumping out at me. I thought I saw his name when I ran through the list for the first time.) Essentially three of the top offensive stars for the NFC came from Bezerkeley.

That is all. . .

Navy SEALs and UC Berkeley

When I was deployed to the Middle East, I met an officer who had washed out of BUDs (SEAL training.) He had gotten injured and had to find another officer community.

Long story short: he and I were chatting and he asked me where I went to school. I told him Cal and he responded that he had too. I thought he was joking, but he assured me he had indeed gone to Berkeley. A SEAL wannabe at Bezerkeley. I love it.

Here is a woman who met her husband, a future SEAL, at Berkeley. In philosophy class: 

We met my freshman year of college at UC Berkeley. Through my Philosophy class, I was introduced to one of his teammates and quickly fell in “like” with the guy. Because I ate in the same dining commons as my Navy SEAL and his entire team, I came to know each and every one of the athletes. He was the first guy to walk over and introduce himself. We dated other people over the years, but became close friends and spent a good deal of time together, cultivating a unique platonic relationship.

Yes, Berkeley and the military, we are like two peas in the pod!