New Christmas Tradition, Beef Ribs from Phil’s BBQ

I certainly hope your Christmas dinner was delicious. In a complete break from tradition, I brought ten of Phil’s BBQ ribs to our Christmas meal. Dry-rubbed, no sauce. Phil’s is a San Diego steady. If you do come down South (of Los Angeles), do drop in:

Beef Rib Dinner Phil's BBQ
Beef Rib Dinner Phil’s BBQ

For the past thirteen years, BBQ lovers across San Diego County have turned to restauranteur Phil Pace to satisfy a singular craving: mesquite grilled baby back and beef ribs, chicken and sandwiches. Serving thousands of customers a day from a diverse clientele of skateboarders to Bentleys, Phil has built his foundation on consistency, quality, freshness and friendly service.

“We thrive on providing each guest with the ‘Phil’s Experience’, which basically comes down to organized chaos,” laughs owner Phil Pace. “The biggest reason behind our success is our loyal customers who have supported us and waited in line for a taste of BBQ for the past twelve years.”

Since opening its doors in San Diego in 1998, Phil’s BBQ has served over one million pounds of  BBQ sauce (enough to fill Shamu’s tank).

Beef Ribs from Phil's BBQ
Beef Ribs from Phil’s BBQ

Expanding from four employees to well over 100, Phil’s BBQ has become an employer of choice in San Diego. In 2007, after the smoke cleared from the original Phil’s BBQ location in Mission Hills, the restaurant relocated to a much larger space in Point Loma. Even with a change of location, the Phil’s experience and menu remains the same: long lines of anticipation, an energetic, friendly atmosphere, fantastic food, huge portions and many, many, paper towels.

I don’t mutter to myself (too much) but throughout the pre-meal, I kept murmuring gently: Easy, big guy. Hold steady. And then when the rib masterpiece finally met my plate, I whispered: g’head, git up in there.

Again, Merry Christmas, hope you got what you were jones’in for. Like some ‘dem ribs. . .

Hi Lola!

Chances are, you know you a Lola. And she is somewhat on the hairy side. As in, her left side is hairy. And her right side is hairy too! ‘Cuz Lola is the most popular name for female dogs and cats:

Top Ten Trendiest Pet Names

Truth be told, we’ve come a long way from the days when names like Spot and Fido sufficed.

And we should know, since we culled Vetstreet’s records to determine the feline and canine names that have been trending up over the past 12 years.

For some added insight about these increasingly popular names, we also asked Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard and creator of, to help us make sense of why less-than-expected monikers, such as Zoey and Bentley, are all the rage these days.

I am just hoping Lola is going to Facebook friend me. You know: whatever Lola wants. . .

I Don’t See Any Cars, Do You?

Effective camouflage requires that a person or an object blend into the background. I am told there are cars in these two pictures. All I see above is some foresty scene and below I spy a flowerbed. Azaleas, maybe?

Oddly, and I am not sure quite why, these pictures remind me of these hilarious, self-written jokes:

Q: Whaddaya call a Bentley after an accident?
A: A Dentley!
Q: Whaddaya call a Bentley driving over strewn nails?
A: A Gentley!

Intel plunked from here.