GI Joe Unveils New Serbian Cop Series

Recently, the maker of GI Joe (Hasbro, Mennan, or. . .) unveiled a new series of action figures based on the popular art-heist bustin’ Serbian police force:

Serbian Police action figures. UKP cop on right sez: no touch-ee!

Hmm, somehow I totally lost the narrative on this story. Those are real Serbian Policemen:

Serbian special police guard what is believed to be an impressionist masterpiece “Boy in a Red Waistcoat” by Paul Cezanne in Belgrade April 12, 2012. Police in Serbia believe they have recovered an Impressionist masterpiece by Paul Cezanne worth at least $109 million that was stolen at gunpoint in one of the world’s biggest art heists four years ago, a police official said on Thursday. The canvas – Boy in a Red Waistcoat – was one of four paintings stolen from a Swiss art gallery in 2008 by a trio of masked robbers who burst in just before closing time and told staff to lay on the floor while they took what they wanted.

Pardon me for the gaffe. They do look a little like GI Joe action figures, though. Don’t they?