Quiet Libraries, Not at Cal State Northridge

Once, I was studying for finals at one of the many Cal libraries. I remember a kid, possibly from my class, who had headphones on. He was sitting across from me, with a pile of open books in front of him.

Suddenly, he mistook his I-am-talking-to-myself voice for his real voice and he said something out loud that many of us may have been thinking. His exclamation:

I am so scared!

This speaks poorly of me, but I instantly felt better. I think I was studying for Organic Chemistry or one of those hellish Pre-Med (General Chem maybe?) classes. So hearing of another’s doom cheered me up.

Generally, I like it completely, utterly quiet in the library. I do not like any noise. If I think there is going to be background chatter, I take music. And listen to the same song over and over again.

CSUN Asian Girl in Library

At Cal State University Northridge, a student got really peeved at a peer for breathing too loudly. Ashley Moore, another student, somehow got a video of the one girl freaking out. And she posted it to her Facebook.

I don’t like to traffic in stereotypes. Sometimes they fit, sometimes they don’t. But there is one regarding the over-assidiousness of Asian students.

I think if I were Asian, I would look at this fondly. As a symbol of pride. That I would outwork you or anyone.

At my high school and college, many of my friends were Asian. And I always respected their diligence. But this incident of this student freaking out has brought up that stereotype again. From CBS LA:

A video of CSUN student behaving erratically in the university’s library has gone viral after another student posted it on Facebook.

Monroe Ashley claims the young woman in the video melted down because she thought other students in the library were breathing too loudly as they studied for finals.

“Okay this isn’t a scary movie, you need to calm your dramatic a** down,” someone can be heard telling the upset student at the beginning of the video, which was first picked up by Gawker.

The woman, who was walking back to her study area, then turns around and spits out, “Don’t you tell me that. It’s rude and disrespectful, okay? It’s finals right now. Please, respect!”

I honestly don’t blame her. As I already stated, I don’t like any noise myself. And breathing? No way. I snort enough writing these posts. I don’t need someone else snickling on me.

It is not even clear who filmed the piece:

Minerva Sykes, a Twitter user who says she was at the scene of the freakout, writes, “it gets SO MUCH WORSE after this video ends!!” But no one’s taking responsibility for the footage. The original uploader, cdrzcole, captions the “CSUN Asian Library FInals Freakout” like so:

This is not my video, i do not take credit for the recording of this video. watch and enjoy!some asian girl is freaking out in the library at CSUN during finals week. She takes finals too serious.

And someone named Gabriel re-posted the video to Tosh.0 with the disclaimer, “This is not my video, i do not take credit for the recording of this video. credit goes to London Gatewood.” (Whatever that means.)

Stay out of the library, you mouth-breathers. . .