Captain Mark Kelly Fights Wild Bill

Fighting out of the red corner, my shipmate Captain Mark Kelly, who just bought an AR-15:


Noted anti-gun zealot err uhhh attention starved child, Mark E Kelly, was spotted buying an AR15…. you know, after testifying in favor of strong gun control in front of Congress and vilifying all those evil firearms and clip-magazines that only belong on a battlefield.

And in the other corner, the corner of freedom, Wild Bill for America (coming soon to a hotel near you):

March 23rd, 2013 Join Bill at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Colorado Springs to lay down the law to Colorado liberals who threaten American freedoms.

The state of Colorado is fast becoming a battleground state for the 2nd Amendment. Some interesting gun facts:

AR-15 by the numbers

  • Invented: 1957
  • Number of U.S. gunmakers who produce a version of the AR-15: 29
  • Cartridge: .223-caliber
  • Average weight: 8.6 pounds
  • Legal magazine size in N.J.: 15 rounds
  • Range: about 550 yards
  • Numbers of AR-15s produced in U.S.: 1.626 million from 1986 to 2007
  • Number of firearms in U.S.: 310 million, including 114 handguns, 110 rifles and 86 million shotguns

Sources: National Rifle Association, Violence Policy Center, and manufacturers’ statistics

A Free AR-15 from Joe

Supplies of AR-15s are low, one of my cubicle-mates is building one. But you can jump to the front of the line, courtesy of Joe Wurzelbacher, otherwise known as Joe the Plumber and his new organization, Joe for America:

HDX M4, Joe for America, Head Down Products, AR-15
HDX M4, Joe for America, Head Down Products, AR-15

No thank you needed. But if you win, you gotta share squeezie-squeezie time. One more contest, win a toxic green AR15 Rifle Magazine, complete with a Blade-Tech Revolution Mag Pouch with Tek-Lok.

The Cuomo, an AR-15 Magazine

The Cuomo, AR-15 Magazine
Cuomo AR-15 Mag

Defense Distributed’s Cody WIlson is currently testing a printed magazine for your AR-15 rifle, known (tongue-in-cheek) as the Cuomo. I wonder how the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo feels about having this kind of gear named after him. Considering that he just barred ammunition magazines that hold more than seven rounds. Of which, the NRA said: Cuomo seized the opportunity to exploit tragedy and put his own personal politics ahead of sound public policy. I agree, the Governor is a Cuomoist.

Corporals of the United States Marine Corps

SeamanI was Leading Seaman for a year at the beginning of my military adventure. I loved the job and probably took it far more seriously than the prior guys before me. (I did not take myself tooooo seriously, but the job, deathly so.)

The Navy, in its infinite wisdom, sent me and 66 of my ruffian cohorts to the Marine barracks. We had run out of room in the Navy building.

I got all the guys together and told them from that day forward we would solve all our own problems. No one whines to the quarterdeck until he gives us (me and four of the older guys) a chance to straighten things out.Seaman

For a year, this worked perfectly. (One minor exception, but we forgave the guy for blabbering to the JOOD. He was sleep-deprived and ate only Willy Wonka candy. A story for another time. . .)

In the Marine barracks, once my Marine friends made Corporal, they were a breed apart from us. It was a major step up from Seaman and Lance Corporal. They were men. Take this letter Corporal Joshua Boston wrote to Diane Feinstein. Without any fuss, the Corporal makes his point. And it ends with this beauty:

Corporal Joshua Boston's letter to Diane FeinsteinI am the man who fought for my country. I am the man who learned. I am an American. You will not tell me that I must register my semi-automatic AR-15 because of the actions of some evil man.

I will not be disarmed to suit the fear that has been established by the media and your misinformation campaign against the American public.

Corporal Joshua Boston's letter to Diane FeinsteinWe, the people, deserve better than you.

Respectfully Submitted,
Joshua Boston
Cpl, United States Marine Corps

Go get ’em, Corporal. We should be in fine shape for the next twenty years with young NCOs like this. Yes- he is toeing, maybe crossing a line. But it is his chosen battle. And I always respect action over passivity. Read the rest at the link. . .

Is Vince Buckles Finally Off Sons of Guns?

Has it already been 32 episodes of Sons of Guns? This week’s show was tense. The Motor City Madman, Ted Nugent, made an appearance. And Vince got all huffy because he was not picked for the big AR build. The run-down:

Vince Buckles, Leaving Sons of Guns

Will and the RJ crew resurrect an 82mm Russian mortar (possibly an 82-PM-41). When the shop’s truck needs repair, the mechanic shows interest with the team’s mortar project and will swap his services for a working mortar. Vince discusses with Kris about his inexperience in project builds. Tempers flare when Kris has trouble building the new Desert AR. Vince is reluctant to help Kris with the AR. Ted Nugent stops by and gets to fire a belt-fed machine gun. Will gets a call that that the Desert AR is needed sooner than planned.

As per the synopsis, the mortar build went well. And the team test-fired the tube prior to sending it over to the mechanic for a trade. Stephanie Hayden even kissed the mortar shell before Will fired it triumphantly over the river.

Question: Is VInce Leaving Sons of Guns?

A strange moment came when Kris Ford both played his guitar and sang to Ted Nugent. The singing and guitar were mucho terrible. Fortunately for the Nuge, he was compensated with a custom-made Red Falcon 1911 that Will gave him.

One more weird thing: Vince has a Vince Buckles for President Facebook page. What’s up with that?

Will chewed him out concerning his lack of support for Kris on the AR build. According to earlier reports, Vince is leaving. Next week is the finale. We’ll see. . .

Update: Welcome curious readers. I am an active-duty naval officer. When enlisted, I was a linguist and this is the story of me serving as a test subject for the SEALs. Look around, make yourself at home!

Update II: Vince has a new business called Mesa Kinetic Research.