The Dominance of Ray Lewis

For those of you unaware of Ray Lewis, he is a dominant inside/middle linebacker who plays for the Baltimore Ravens. And today, his team beat Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. He also announced his retirement this week, as in, after the playoffs, he is done:

Ray Lewis retiring, No. 52, Baltimore Ravens
Ray Lewis, No. 52 B’more Ravens

So my point in this post is not recount Ray’s great career (2050 tackles, 41.5 sacks, 31 interceptions), but to share this inadvertently ironic blurb from wikipedia: Ray Lewis is a Christian, and his commitment to his faith was featured in a Sports Illustrated cover story in 2006. He has six children by four women. His son, Ray Lewis III, has committed to the University of Miami for the 2013 season. Wikipedia really should consider separating these facts up into two separate paragraphs. Talk about Ray’s religion and then talk about Ray’s children. Seems to make sense to me, no?

Andrew Luck, the Geico Caveman, and Tim Tebow

This Saturday, tomorrow, is the Big Game. Not the big game, but the Big Game. Between UC Berkeley and #8 Stanford. To be played down on the Farm, with the Tree-like things/Cardinals three touchdown favorites. The facts and nothin’ but the facts:

The adage about rivalry games, such as Cal’s game at Stanford on Nov. 19, is that anything can happen, regardless of the teams’ records.

History suggests that adage is not particularly accurate, however, because the better team, the team with the better record, usually wins. And Cal (6-4) would have to play its best game of the season by far to have a shot at upsetting the Cardinal in the traditional contest known as the “Big Game.”

Stanford is about a three-touchdown favorite, and oddsmakers probably don’t consider the fact that Cal’s defense, which has been outstanding in home games, for some reason disappears on the road.

Do you know anything about the players involved? If you are not an alum of either school, you may may may know of the Stanford quarterback. He is somewhat leprechaunish in his appearance, despite being a 6-footer. You be the judge:

The Geico Caveman (left) and Andrew Luck (right), both Stanford graduates, School of Forestry

Word on Telegraph Avenue is that Mr. Luck shaved off his beard. Strange. He appeared rather of fond of it and even called it by name:

“I’m hesitant to call it a beard. I don’t think it’s quite there yet. I don’t know. I’d never done it before, so why not try. We’ll see if it lasts. When I get annoyed of it, I’ll shave it.”

“I got lazy after finals,” he said. “I didn’t shave and my mom didn’t say anything to me when I got home.

“I figured, why not try it? I don’t have to be presentable in college. That’s a rule, right?”

The lucky Mr. Luck is projected as a first round pick and, quite possibly, as the first pick in next year’s draft. In other Quarterbacky news, Mr. Tim Tebow, of Tebowing fame, pulled off another one last night:

Tim Tebow Pointing to Heaven

He is positively making a name for himself with fourth quarter comebacks. His Broncos beat the Jets, 17-13. And they are 4-1 with him as a starter. Tim needs to give Luck some basic beard maintenance training. Another case of the Bronco teaching the Tree.