I Am Not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been

As a blogger, I get interesting email. Every month, I receive a couple of invitations from semi-illegitimate groups seeking to enroll me (Who’s who in the internet world, for example.) Advertisers also offer small amounts of money to place ads. I’ve resisted these in the past, mostly because I don’t blog for the money – it is a hobby. And I feel more independent if the fruit of my labor comes from non-monetary enjoyment, writing and then the interaction with you all. I am not adverse to advertisements, I just don’t see a point of it currently. (I reserve the right to immediately reverse course and make four to six figures a year on blogging loot!)

I also get random emails from folks who have misidentified me. Often, they think I am the person in the story I am writing about. I will not reveal this person’s name, but I’ve gotten several of these kind of comments or emails, this one sent in response to the lesbian Sailors here or the gay Marines here:

I found your blog titled “The Mellow Jihadi” and hoped to connect with you if possible. I’m sure you have received MORE than your share of attention and press after you and your partner shared the much touted and Celebrated (Celebrated in our circles!) Kiss last year. My wife to be is also in the Navy and we were overjoyed at the repeal of DADT and that this was just one small step towards inclusion and openness. Anyhoo….. I would like to invite you and your partner to our group AMPA (American Military Partner Association) where you will both find support as well as an opportunity to meet many others in the same boat.

If you are curious as to what we are about, please check out our public Facebook page (we have a Private FB group as well that most of us use to talk to each other) In addition our website If you would like to join, please message ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ personally and he will gladly add you. They have literally been a lifeline during my partners year long stint overseas in S. Korea last year (She’s also a linguist) and especially before DADT was repealed and we were supposed to be non-existent. If you want your privacy, I absolutely respect that. Just thought I would throw it out there if you were interested.

Most sincerely, ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣

So, I am not gay*. In neither of those posts do I claim to be the person pictured. Someone needs to work on reading comprehension. . .

I almost mentioned that I could be gay in the 16th century sense, as in pleasantly happy. But I would hate to confuse anyone. So I will keep this joyous thought to myself. (Whoops, almost to myself!)

Update: I received this email in response to my post:

so, instead of answering me politely and directly, you quote me in your blog as an example to be held up for mocking? Maybe that makes you feel better, but you just included information about myself and my partner that I wrote to you in confidence, believing you to be someone else. I don’t appreciate it being used as “fodder” for your fan base or topic for your next epiphany.

Look Shipmate, you sent me a knuckle-headed email. And I ♣♣♣♣♣♣♣ out your name. I am a gentlemen and if you had approached me more humbly (saying perhaps: whoops, my bad!) I would have gladly scuttled this post.

But I do like epiphanies. And fodder. You should see the amount of hits they generate. Back when the Occupy Wall Street movement was going full-speed, I used to get thousands of visits a month from spun-up 99%ers. So please do share this. . .