A Marine and Occupy Everywhere

I can’t vouch for the veracity of this story, considering the source (alternet), but a Marine named Fitzgerald Scott was arrested for his t-shirt in a courthouse:

Police had probable cause to arrest a Marine Corps veteran in the Supreme Court building for wearing a jacket that said “Occupy Everywhere,” a federal judge ruled.

Fitzgerald Scott, a Marine Corps veteran, entered the Supreme Court building on Jan. 20, 2012, wearing a jacket painted with the words, “Occupy Everywhere.” The Occupy movement had scheduled that day for an organized protest outside of the courthouse.

While Scott was looking at the exhibits on display, Deputy Chief Timothy Dolan approached him and told Scott that he could not wear the jacket in the building because it was comparable to a sign or demonstration.

Can’t say I agree with the Occupy movement, but I find his arrest surprising.

AlterNet Attacks the Military

The military has 234 golf courses and 963 generals and admirals. I am not drawing a comparison between these two facts, but they are among several in this disdainful article in Salon on the military. Wait, according to this, AlterNet is funded by good old George Soros. Umm, ax meet grinder. My experience with the military, with the occasional exception, is that the folks, from the top commander to an E-1, have a feeling of less entitlement than many in society.