From Blog to Novel

Writing a blog has been a way to stay fluid with the literary discipline. I finished a novel earlier this year which I shelved and have not looked at. And I took up the blog as a way to stay friends with the word and words that build novels and stories.

Apparently, a blogger has taken her blog and turned it into a novel:

A novel by an anonymous Chinese author living in America, which started life as a blog, has become a worldwide publishing sensation. . .

Zhang Yimou, who directed House of Flying Daggers, above, has directed the film version of “Under the Hawthorn Tree.”

Yet none of the publishers, translators or editors knows the author’s identity.

“Under the Hawthorn Tree,” a tragic love story set during the Cultural Revolution, is written under the pen name of Ai Mi. All that is known about the author is that she leads a reclusive life in Florida, having gone there to study. She is thought to be in her fifties or sixties. . .

Here is what I think, Ai Mi is not in her fifties or sixties. She is a young novelist named Aimee. Is not Ai Mi the perfect pen-name for an Aimee? I could be wrong. I has happened before. Once, in the early ’80s.