Milla J Leaves the Communists

If you run into someone who once lived in a communist country, and they currently live in the United States (or the West), they usually take a dim view of their prior situation. I’ve chatted with folks from the Soviet satellites on their old country and heard horror-story after horror-story on reality in these hell-holes. Milla Jovovich, the actress from Resident Evil and the Fifth Element, was born in Kiev (where I hear they have excellent chicken.) And she found a picture of herself as a little girl:

So depressing and communist! Milla Jovovich
So depressing and communist! Milla Jovovich

And her response to it was amusing. So depressing and communist, she tweeted.

Heroes Come in Many Shapes

Sometimes I surf the web looking for something off-beat to post, something different. When I type: pictures into Google, it auto-completes it with: pictures of herpes, pictures of Jesus, pictures of bed-bugs, and pictures of strep throat.

Then I click on just pictures. Lots of girls in bikinis and actresses. Dogs and cats. You know, loldogs. And there is this one: