Secret Service, FBI, or CIA?

Go ahead, ask yourself the question: Secret Service, FBI, or CIA? Generally folks considering this conundrums are young Einsteins, ooops I meant to write eintstiens:

What branch of the milatary is right for me?

I am on my last year of high school. I am not an eintstien, but I do have ok grades. I dont know if I want to go to college, I will pick when I pick an MOS, a branch, and rank. I have been intrested in reconosainsse or airospace engineering.I want to join the milatary for the adventure, the honor, and serving my country.

Mercedes-Benz, Left Brain/Right Brain, Einstein

I am not insanly strong, but I am pretty well built. As a retirement job, I will probably do either law enforcement(secret service,FBI,or CIA) or be an airospace engineer. I dont want to be rich, but I do want a good amount of money. I would like to get married and have kids. I wan to be active duty. I dont know if I want to be officer or enlisted, depends on what I want to do as an education.Thank You

Go read the answers if you want to get disgusted. Be prepared to weep for your country. (Coasties, sorry about the link. You’all get called pansies. I do not in any way agree. . .)