The Garden State Diner

CNBC is advertising a spread on the country’s best airport food. And in the teaser, they show a bomber. And I think, great, gotta go check that out. It looks like a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 (Thanks Jon for the correction!) But no, the plane was just a model:

B-17, Garden State Diner, Newark New Jersey

Eatery: Garden State Diner
Serves: Comfort Food
Popular menu item: Fries

Diners are practically the state restaurant of New Jersey, so it’s fitting that the most popular eatery at Newark Liberty International Airport is the Garden State Diner in Terminal C. Its burger recently drew positive coverage on the Serious Eats blog.

One reviewer called this diner “the closest thing to a ‘destination restaurant’ that an airport. . .

I would not be much of a blogger if I didn’t put up a couple of crew shots of some B-17*s:

Nose detail of Boeing B-17E Typhoon McGoon II of the 11th Bomb Group, 98th Bomb Squadron, taken in January 1943 in New Caledonia.

And this happy quartet, the Pistol Packing Mamas. Yikes, what a intense, fearsome bunch:

These four female pilots leaving their ship, Pistol Packin’ Mama, at the four engine school at Lockbourne AAF, Ohio, are members of a group of Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) who have been trained to ferry the B-17 Flying Fortresses. L to R are Frances Green, Marget (Peg) Kirchner, Ann Waldner and Blanche Osborn.

Go to the CNBC link to see pictures of the Garden State Diner’s cheeseburger. Your lower lip apparatus will spring leaks and you will be drooling over your keyboard in no time.

* Plane misidentified. The B-17s pics will have to to suffice, however. . .