Trashing Bin Laden

Is it important that the naval burial of Osama Bin Laden on the USS Carl Vinson was done according to Islamic traditions? I see both sides of the argument, but am tiring of seeing the according to Islamic tradition in every article on the subject.

In a semi-related point, when I was stationed in Bahrain, I lived around the corner from Coffee Bean. I used to go there after work to unwind and grab a cup of tea. They labeled their garbage can: Trash Bin. And I thought how easy it would be to add a Laden after the Bin. I did not, of course. I am a law-abiding Sailor, with a nagging, constant worry hovering over me about both the brig and jail. Hence, no action. Should you be stationed out in pleasant 5th Fleet, resist the temptation. . .

Tip of the Spear

Out in 5th Fleet, the Middle East, we used to remind ourselves that we were at the tip of the spear. So much so, that one of our 1st Class Petty Officers used to get real annoyed hearing it. Big mistake. Never vocalize what bugs you. Not in the Navy. We would drop the line, Tip of the Spear, on her at will. (Me less so than her fellow Petty Officers. But I uttered it once or twice.)

Here is one guy who should not us the term. Too close to home. . .

An X-ray shows a spear that pierced through the head of 16-year-old Yasser Lopez, at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida. Lopez was spear fishing with a friend when he was accidentally shot in the head. The spear entered just above his right eye, and penetrated through his brain to the back of his skull. Miraculously, no vital brain structures were damaged.

The USS New York Sets Sail

Here is a ship legendary before even getting underway. The USS New York is headed out to the Fifth and Sixth Fleets:

A new Navy warship, forged with steel from the World Trade Center, sets sail Tuesday on its first mission.

The aptly-named USS New York will carry 7.5 tons of steel from the Twin Towers in her bow stern, when it sets off from port in Norfolk, Va.

The USS New York is seen in the Hudson River upon its arrival in New York last fall.

It’s being deployed as part of the Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group and heading for the Navy’s “5th and 6th Fleet areas of operation,” the military said.

That includes parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East, according to the Associated Press.

The $1 billion ship, which carries a crew of about 360 sailors, is skippered by Cmdr. William Herrmann.

360 Sailors on CDR Herrmann’s ship? Wow, I would have guessed 2-3 times that number!

Putting on Airs

One of the best temporary cures for pride and affectation is seasickness; a man who wants to vomit never puts on airs. –Josh Billings