Rapper 50 Cent and Cpl. Matthew Schafer, United States Marine Corps

Rapper 50 Cent is no stranger to disrespecting the Marines. Finally, someone is pushing back against Fitty. Cpl. Matthew Schafer posted this on the rapper’s Facebook page:

Rapper 50 Cent in a Marine Corps uniform
50 Cent in a Marine Corps uniform

My Name Is Cpl Schafer Matthew B United States Marine Corps And The Reason I Am Writing This Is To Ask You What The F— You Think Your Doing Disgracing My Uniform.

We All Damn Well Know You NEVER Served In My Corps What Makes You Think You Have The Right To Put Medals On Your Chest That You Didnt Earn I Wanna Know Who The F— You Think You Are And Who Gives You The Right To Impersonate A Marine!?

Should I point out he has Air Force ribbons or that the precedence is all wrong?

Bieber and Mayweather Vs. Shaq and Barry

Open up your “I don’t believe it” file, I have two entries for it. First up, since when is Justin Bieber all buddy-buddy with Floyd Mayweather? I have proof. Look at the kid with Floyd and his rapper pals after his win over Miguel Cotto:

Floyd Mayweather celebrates his win with Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent.

Round two, Shaquille O’Neal earned his doctorate. From a school called Barry University:

Former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is a doctor now.

O’Neal received his doctoral degree in education from Barry University alongside 1,100 other students during commencement ceremonies Saturday.

O’Neal then high-fived other graduates as he made his way back to his seat along with his manager, Cynthia Atterberry, who also received a doctorate in education.

The former All-Star and MVP earned a cumulative GPA of 3.813 while completing 54 credit hours at Barry, mostly through online courses and video conferencing over the last four years.

Barry University, never heard of it. Is that where the President went?