The Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya Podcast

Monte Carlo Doualiya

I have a Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) test looming and have been listening to a lot of podcasts recently. One that is an interesting mix of news and music is called Radio Monte Carlo Doualiya. The podcasts are divided up by time blocks and different thirty minute segments have different flavors.

I poked around the old inter-tubes and came up with some interesting factoids about it:

Radio Monte Carlo is considered one of the most popular networks especially in non-European Italian and French-speaking regions for its assumed neutrality. During the Iraq War, it was mentioned by some journalists as a reliable source. Radio Monte Carlo was founded by the Nazis in March 1942, ceased transmission in June 1944 and back on the air with American help as a joint venture with the Principality of Monaco in August 1944. The French government sold its share to a private holding group in 1998 of Sud Radio and la Depeche du Midi.

Hmm. What about you? Do you listen to podcasts? Audiobooks? What are your favorites?