Chocks away-aaargh!

article-3201498-2B72FD7F00000578-643_964x393Pilot Tracey Curtis-Taylor was taxiing in her vintage Boeing Stearman at Goodwood Aerodrome in West Sussex when she ploughed into a stationary helicopter. Her antique open-cockpit biplane, the Spirit of Artemis was damaged in the smash, while the entire front of the Robinson helicopter’s cabin appeared to have been ripped off by plane’s propeller. She was hoping to recreate Amy Johnson’s historic flight to Australia. But it is not clear whether the accident, from which she walked away unhurt, will prevent her expedition from going ahead as planned. 

Move along there , move on… there’s nothing to see here… move along… Yours_Aye.

US is as snobby as the UK

Labour luvvie Sir patrick stewartUS is as snobby as the UK, says ‘Sir Patrick Stewart’: Actor tells how he thought he would leave social class system behind when he moved to America.

Patrick Stewart has revealed how he hoped to leave behind Britain’s ‘hierarchical society’ when he moved to America in the 1980s. The veteran actor said that he found that class was ‘such an essential part of the English way of life’ and hoped for a change in the US. But much to his disappointment, there was no ‘classless society’ across the pond – and things were just as rigid as back home.

Oh how my heart pumps pee for this left-wing champagne socialist luvvie…    Yours_Aye.

Is Trump the forlorn hope…

The Donald unveils first policies: “I’ll deport ALL illegal immigrants, help pay for a border wall by taxing Mexican visitors to the US, then send troops to fight ISIS and demand money from our Middle Eastern allies.”article-3199966-2B6A0F9900000578-983_308x476

Donald Trump today took to national TV to unveil his immigration strategy and offer more substantive answers about what policies he would pursue as president. Trump said on ‘Meet The Press’ that he would end birthright citizenship and deport every single one of the country’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, while rescinding any executive orders Barack Obama put in place to protect them.Forlorn_hope

In a wide-ranging interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, the presidential candidate explained his views on a number of topics including the Iran nuclear deal, Middle East policy, abortion and Hillary Clinton. 

I still get this gut feeling that Trump is the battering ram for ‘A-N-Other’ Republican candidate – or the ‘forlorn hope’ attacking the breach in the wall against all odds. In this case, sacrificing himself by making sweeping (‘genuinely heart felt’) non PC statements, and telling it like it is. VP Trump – or POTUS? To the victor come the spoils! After the pollster predication fiasco over our last election, anything is possible – thank Gawd!   Yours_Aye.

“Sorry, I don’t smoke!”

The hottest boys toy around: Firms selling FLAMETHROWERS for $900 – despite the US Army banning them 35-years ago for being inhumane…2B67608200000578-0-image-a-25_1439705046968

A startup in Cleveland is selling $1,599 flamethrowers that can shoot a flame 50 feet – while a company in Detroit is selling devices for $900 that can shoot flames 25 feet. Customers don’t need to go through background checks when buying the flamethrowers, as they are not regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.Fire Ex

Ho hum – what could possibly go wrong by allowing all and sundry to purchase such a double-edged fiery weapon? No doubt sales of industrial size fire extinguishers will go through the roof…   Yours_Aye

The Mystery of History!

One in three ‘haven’t heard of the Battle of Britain’… and some people even think Germany was on our side! The heroic efforts of the RAF against the Luftwaffe in 1940 ensured the Nazis never got a toehold on our island nation.Hawker Hurricanes Battle of Britian But ask the average adult about the Battle of Britain today and one in three is likely to say they have never heard of it. A poll reveals a shocking lack of knowledge about the turning point in the Second World War, when ‘The Few’ denied Hitler’s forces the air superiority they needed to have any chance of launching a ground invasion.  Hawker Hurricanes in formation. It’s estimated that Hurricane pilots were credited with four-fifths of all enemy aircraft destroyed in the Battle of Britain.

This is the result of a seventeen year dumbed down socialist education system provided by the B’liar and Brown Labour Government. His promise of; “Education, education, and education” was lie, after lie, after lie… The majority of young British halfwits probably think ‘Victory over Japan Day has something to do with International football. BAH BLOODY HUMBUG!  Yours_Aye.

Metrosexual, a true portmanteau!

Pre-planned travel arrangements, combined with extended working hours means time off is a rarity of late. Today was to be a round robin drive of 500 miles, which was cancelled at the last-minute due to an unusual summer thunder-storm lashing the South of England. ‘Wahooo’ thought I – a clean humble abode makes for a happy humble abode, and I had a long list of admin chores to undertake, which I promptly attacked with great gusto. Having completed and secured my tasks by 12:00 hrs – I celebrated with a pot of tea, and a doorstop wedged sandwich of ham and Coleman’s mustard.metrosexual male

The canine alarm system went off just as I plonked my rear end down into a leather recliner, shortly followed by a feeble ‘knock-knock’ on the heavy wood front door. So feeble that I thought I half imagined it – then again ‘knock-knock’ which set the canine alarm system off again. Muttering under my breath I made my way to the main door, and peered through the heavy glass portal set within it – to witness an odd sight for these parts. FRAIDY CAT 5

Two metrosexual males were stood well away from the main door, peering back at me through ‘fraidy cat Tom’ surprised eyes. I opened the door and they both looked down at my feet for the source of the canine alarm: “I’ve locked them in bonnie lads – don’t fret none.” 

They politely asked if I could fill up their empty ‘Evian spring water’ bottles, which they removed from their small back packs (their only water source.) I bade them welcome and invited them both in, as they each looked as though they were ready for the knackers yard.  “Do your dogs bite?” – “No, but they may well lick you to death!” (My standard response to the regular idiot question.)  A storms a brewin…north yorkshire moors a storm is brewing

Both young men had decided on a two-day adventure in the shape of  ‘a walk across the Yorkshire Moors’ – of which, they were woefully under prepared for dressed in three-quarter length skinny jeans, canvas flat shoes, and T-shirts. No maps, no compass, no cookers, no outdoor rations, no waterproof’s, no idea, and certainly no common sense. Their tent being a two-man disposable pop up type, and their sleeping bag substitute – a fleece blanket each? As we chatted over a pot of tea and biscuits, I asked if they were aware of the Met Office severe thunder-storm warning for the evening? I was met by two sets of pained ‘Wile E. Coyote’ eyes – they had both run off the edge of the cliff, and just realised their error.6a00d83451bb0269e2017d400fabca970c-800wi 

I urged them both to reconsider their adventure, and offered to drive them to the nearest village five miles away, where public transport could whisk them back into the City of York. They jumped at the offer. I was tempted to walk them across country to the nearest bus stop, which meant trudging through hedgerows of stinging nettles and chest high thistle patches. But that would have eaten into my slowly disappearing afternoon of leisure.  It would appear that some 20-year-olds of today are sadly lacking the skills-set of a 10-year old of yesteryear.  And I’m sure I caught Nipper rolling his eyes in disbelief…   Yours_Aye.

For Queen and Country… Cheers!

Tiny villages are some of the nation’s best kept secrets yet it’s these classic hamlets, towns and beauty spots which are the pride of Britain. With undiscovered gems from the southern shores to the Welsh Marches, these secret spots offer everything that the British countryside has to boast about. With stunning scenery, incredible buildings and perfect Tudor pubs, these 20 idyllic villages are the perfect escapes.2B4F731E00000578-0-image-a-7_1439415918974

Castle Combe has been called the prettiest village in England, so it’s perhaps surprising that many of us will have only seen it on-screen — as the fictional Puddleby-on-the Marsh in Dr Doolittle, the Sixties film with Rex Harrison, and more recently the backdrop to Steven Spielberg’s War Horse.The Castle Inn
This magical village was once a weaving town at the heart of the Cotswolds wool trade: you can still see weavers’ cottages where the local red and white cloth was produced. In St Andrew’s Church, don’t miss the Norman monument to a knight who died in 1270; his crossed legs indicate that he fought in the Crusades. Also in the church is a medieval faceless clock — one of the oldest working clocks in the country. Castle Combe is a village and civil parish in Wiltshire, England. It is near the town of Chippenham and the villages of Grittleton, Ford, Nettleton, and Tiddleywink.

I posted the village of Castle Combe as I was forced to ‘endure’ 20 days full board at The_Castle_Inn whilst attending to ‘military business’ in and around the surrounding area. All paid for courtesy of HM Government. The sacrifices I’ve had to make for Queen and Country – thank yer very much Guv!   Yours_Aye.

Jeremy Corbyn oxygen thief extraordinaire.

0CDAD7E2000005DC-3194817-image-a-7_1439401975175Champagne socialist Tony B’liar warns the socialist Labour party faces ‘annihilation’ – as Corbyn-mania sees 400,0000 new members flood the Labour leadership race to install hard-left MP Jeremy Corbyn. 

Since the general election, 100,000 people have joined the party as full members. But an extra 120,000 supporters have paid £3 for a vote in the leadership race, alongside some 190,000 union members affiliated to take part, Labour announced tonight.2B47591D00000578-3194817-Labour_is_facing_growing_calls_to_suspend_the_leadership_race_to-m-6_1439401966292

The astonishing surge in people registering to vote has been fuelled by the left-wing campaign to install radical back bencher Jeremy Corbyn as ex Labour party leader Ed Miliband’s successor. Tonight’s figures will confirm fears among a mounting number of Labour MPs that radical supporters of rival political parties are hijacking the party’s leadership election to drag the party to the extreme left.

Tonight, Mr Blair warned that the party was in the worst danger in its 100 year history. He added: “The party is walking eyes shut, arms outstretched over the cliff’s edge to the jagged rocks below.”

It is my humble opinion:  That as a long-standing trade unionist and Trotskyite , (Corbyn is a member of a number of trade union groups in Parliament. He is also sponsored by several trade unions, including Unison, the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers and Unite the Union) Jeremy Corbyn should be appointed leader of the socialist Labour party forthwith, without further ado, at-the-rush, pronto, pretty damn quick, post-haste, immediately, yesterday! Then as the truly appointed leader he should blow his flute ‘pied piper style,’ and lead his party off the cliff onto the jagged rocks below.   article-2634977-1E14CCD500000578-89_636x397 Ed Miliband struggling with bacon?

Did I also mention Corbyn is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group, the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, Amnesty International, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, as well as being tee-total and a vegetarian… As history has proven, you can never trust a politician who struggles (or refuses) to eat a bacon sandwich!    Yours_Aye.

Dogged determination…

An English bulldog loves playing with boxes so much that he is prepared to walk into walls every few minutes just to keep the lid of one in his mouth.

2B4520EE00000578-0-image-a-123_1439295130223Diesel the pooch was filmed by his owner Isabel Santos, in what is believed to be North America, roaming around outside with a cardboard pizza box and crashing into cars, doors, and even a flowerpot. Despite the fact he collides with a wall on a number of occasions he remains determined to continue.

As a young Marine ‘after a heavy night on the spree’ I have done the same thing, whilst eating pizza from an open box. Lamp posts, sign posts, and even bumped straight into a pair of Copper’s as I conducted the one leg shorter than the other limp – maintaining one foot on the pavement, and the other in the road! Being a true Bootneck with an iron will – I always saved one final piece for breakfast.    Yours-Aye.

The Law is a PC Ass!

Ten suspects wanted for murders and rape have been missing for decades – but police won’t name them because it would breach THEIR privacy. Police have refused to name ten suspects who have been on the run for at least a decade, saying that releasing the information would violate their right to privacy.2B440AA300000578-3193441-image-m-12_1439285082974

The group includes four murder suspects who are wanted by West Midlands Police in connection with murders dating from between 2002 and 2004. One rape suspect has missing since 1989.  But the force refused a request for names and photographs of the ten, saying it would breach their data protection rights.

Sadly the ‘Freedom of Information Act 2000’ is a double-edged weapon open to abuse and misuse. When it suits those in power it is used to the nth degree, yet quite often restrictions apply when the man in the street fires up a £10- request for information.

Yet; In response to a Freedom of Information request, West Midlands Police confirmed that, as of July 13, it had placed wanted or missing markers against 1,452 individuals on the Police National Computer (PNC).”  Surely common sense dictates that if sufficient evidence exists to place them on the PNC system, it also warrants disclosure of the individual’s identity to safe guard the general public? FACE_PALM! Silly me mentioning common sense, when we all know the Law is a Politically Correct Ass.    Yours_Aye.

He who laughs last ~ laughs longest!

alesiaandreabanner-620x274I’m not afeared of things that go ‘bump’ in the night. I know that ‘spook’s’ are people who work clandestinely for government agencies, and that ‘spirits’ are distilled beverages of varying strengths.Pussers_Spiced_Rum_orig-156x300 But! Strange happenings over the past few days have made me question my sanity on occasion.419px-Secret_Intelligence_Service_logo.svg

Oddly enough the occasions in question have happened whilst driving and parking my truck, the manifestation being an odd croaky noise barely audible. Parking up within my garage late at night provided the eeriest experience – even though the lights are automatic as the garage door opens, it still made me act cautiously as I locked the truck door.

 This morning I  took Nipper of the North into the garage with me – just to see if he would react at the sound, which more than anything else would prove I’m not losing my marbles. I buttoned the key to unlock the truck doors, and Nippers ears swiveled – we both heard the ‘voice?’IMG_0488

Obviously Nipper heard it louder than I, as his head cocked as I locked and then unlocked  the doors once again. Upon opening all four doors as well as the tail gate, I then shook the truck. Nipper was in it like a rat up a drain pipe, and dropped to the gap under the drivers seat with his head cocked and ears locked.

“Is it a rat?” thought I, as I reached for a claw hammer. Without further ado I can tell you that it was not a rat, though a rat placed the offending irritant there quite securely. No doubt you will have now sussed out the little blighter with the automated built-in tremble sensor – whose vocabulary changes to three different intermittent sounds when disturbed; “England” – “Ahh-hah-hah” – ha-ha-harr” A bloody McDonald’s Happy Meal Minion Toy!511tcVUW6sL._SX308_BO1,204,203,200_

I know who you are, and you know, that I know, who you are… In fact I gave you a spare brand new copy of a book to read on your first few days holiday, when you and your Mrs came to visit prior to your flight to Spain that late evening. I was expecting something from the dirty tricks bottom drawer. So as to respond in kind, I surgically removed the last two pages of the books EPILOGUE (273/274/275/276) and posted them to your home address, where they await your return. He who laughs last ~ laughs longest! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!  😉 Yours_Aye.

“More valuable than ammunition”

Extremists in; brave servants out: Britain makes me despair. The fate of Army translators abandoned to their fate in Afghanistan is a disgrace – more so when you see the people we do allow to live here. ‘There are times when I feel that Britain is the most confused place on earth, intent on its own degradation and destruction.’ By Colonel Tim Collins.'Shaffy' Afghan British Interprator

‘Shaffy’ (face hidden) – who worked for the British Army on the front lines in Helmand and is pictured here translating for David Cameron during a visit in 2011

This is one of those times. The disgraceful and shaming revelation that an Afghan man known as “Shaffy” who gave vital service to the country as a linguist (translating for, among others, Prime Minister David Cameron), has not been granted asylum in the UK despite credible death threats, sits in grim contrast to news that a Jihadist preacher with links to Osama bin Laden will be allowed to remain in the UK to continue his decade long fight for British citizenship.

As in 2013 I make the same call to the Prime Minister. Where is your shame? Where is the leadership? If we are powerless to tackle the extremists so be it; but do right by these loyal translators who have served the UK so well.

I totally agree with Colonel Tim Collin’s ‘Rtd.’ Though I would say it is the spineless British Prime Minister, and a handful of his ‘yes boss’ cabinet politicians that make me despair – and weep at times. The next generation of Britain’s Armed Forces will require their services again – when the toilet that is Afghanistan requires flushing and cleansing.    Yours_Aye.

Opening Pandora’s box

British jihadi’s ‘Victory in Japan’ Day plot to bomb the Queen in Central London: Police and MI5 in race against time to foil Boston Marathon-style IED ‘spectacular’ next Saturday. The Mail on Sunday reveals that police and MI5 are involved in a frantic race against time to thwart the assassination plot in London, which is being orchestrated from Syria by Islamic State commanders. MoS2 Template MasterThe extremists aim to strike on Saturday by exploding a deadly pressure cooker bomb during events in Central London to mark the 70th anniversary of VJ Day – Victory in Japan. Sources have told the ‘Mail on Sunday’ that a specific threat was made against the Queen, triggering an urgent review of security arrangements for next weekend’s events. Sources have told the ‘Mail on Sunday’ that a specific threat was made against the Queen, triggering an urgent review of security arrangements for next weekend’s events.

 They have no idea what lies beneath the lid of Pandora’s box should they harm Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As the UK’s reigning monarch she is also the head of the Church of England. A true and righteous Crusade against radical Islam would be truly justified.  Yours_Aye

Woman grabs family jewels?

8221554-large-1Police are appealing for witnesses after an 80-year-old woman fought off a man while walking her dog near an airfield in Gloucestershire. According to the woman, the alleged assault occurred on Monday at around 11.30am when a man emerged from woodland in Stoke Orchard near Cheltenham shouting “get off my land” and hit her in the mouth. 

Gloucestershire police said: “Clearly … the attacker got more than he bargained for. We need information about this incident. It would have been a terrible experience for a person of any age and we would urge anyone who can help to come forward and call 101, quoting incident No: 143 of 4 August.”

The woman was left with bruising and a small cut. In reaction, the victim said she immediately grabbed the man’s testicles, causing him to fall to the ground, before calmly walking away in the opposite direction and not looking back. The man is described as white, aged between 25 and 35, 5ft 8in tall, of slim build, with dark hair and wearing blue jeans, a black/navy jacket, brown working boots and a navy baseball cap. He was sun-tanned and spoke with a young voice, the woman said.

It is my humble opinion that they should be looking for a young farmer – with a ‘small-holding’ of ‘two acres’ and a squeaky voice!   Yours_Aye.

Mediaeval sword-smith/wordsmith req’d

2B2C777600000578-3187667-image-a-2_1438936388214Can you solve the code in the sword? British Library appeals for help in cracking enigmatic ‘NDXOXCHWDRGHDXORVI’ inscription on mysterious medieval blade? The weapon was found at the bottom of the River Witham in Lincolnshire in 1825, but it’s believed the 13th century sword originally belonged to a medieval knight. Little is known about double-edged weapon, least of all the meaning behind a cryptic 18-letter message running down the central blood groove 

Problem solved: “Property of Lord Ramsbottom – Reward if found = 6 silver farthings, and four fresh turnips”  Yours_Aye.

Caution: Frivolous Friday

Oh for Gawd’s sake – please make it all stop…  

Kardashian Clinton Trash

For those out of the political celebrity loop: One is an attention seeking socialite who carved out a a career from a sex scandal, the other is Kim Kardashian.   Yours_Aye.