Boston bomber & true justice

article-3083297-28B9782D00000578-822_964x521The jury – seven women and five men – reached their a decision Friday after 14 hours of deliberations. Tsarnaev was convicted last month of all 30 federal charges against him, 17 of which carried the possibility of the death penalty. It has been down to the jury to decide whether or not to enact capital punishment. Tsarnaev’s defense lawyers have said he deserved life in prison instead. Families of bombing victims and emergency service personnel who helped deal with the aftermath of the terror attack packed the courtroom to hear the verdict. When Tsarnaev entered he was said to appear emotionless – even relaxed – much like at every other phase of the trial. The 2013 bombing killed three people and injured more than 260 others.

Waste not one cent more of taxpayers money – the sooner he ceases to breathe the better.      Yours Aye.

‘Islam-the religion of fighting’

9c3c104d4fdb0128514e87fb36f00af9The leader of Islamic State has declared ‘Islam is the religion of fighting’ in a rare audio message which called on all Muslims to ‘fight for the caliphate’Islamic State released the message yesterday claiming it was from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as the extremist group executed 26 civilians before reaching the gates of an ancient Syrian city amid fears they could destroy it. 

The audio message posted on militant websites features a voice that sounds like al-Baghdadi’s exhorting all Muslims to take up arms and fight on behalf of the group’s self-styled caliphate. ‘Islam was never a religion of peace. Islam is the religion of fighting’

I’ve always been an advocate of fighting the enemy using their rules – game on! Yours Aye.

Hell hath no fury…

woman-scornedLike a woman scorned! Researchers found that being rejected by an attractive man actually makes a woman more likely to turn down an unattractive one. 

It is as if distancing herself from the unattractive man helps her retain the idea that she is high status, cushioning the blow of the rejection. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

For those who didn’t know – you do now! Which makes me wonder who William Congreve p****d off way back in 1697?      Yours Aye.

Stating the bloody obvious…

289DBE0000000578-3079786-image-a-38_1431518795084Foreign workers drag down UK wages, says Bank of England chief: Mark Carney’s explosive intervention as number of EU migrants working here hits 2 million.  Huge influx of foreign workers threatening the economy by holding down wages, the head of the Bank of England warned yesterday.

Romanian migrants look for casual work in Southwark, south-east London (right) In a dramatic intervention, Mark Carney said high rates of immigration helped explain why pay rises had been subdued for several years. He said sluggish earnings were a key risk to the country’s recovery from the worst recession in a century.

The comments coincide with the release of figures showing a record 4.8million foreigners work in Britain – making up one sixth of the labour force. Almost two million of them are from the European Union – another all-time high.

When UKIP’s Nigel Farage spoke of this during the run up to the general election he was pummelled by the main stream media, and slaughtered by the left-wing socialist labour party’s spin machine. The truth is out, and we should follow suit by pulling out of the pox addled European Union. Give me my referendum paper now – and send the rotten lot of benefit seeking Europeans back from whence they came.      Yours Aye.

Ahoy there shipmate

28A1057900000578-3080176-Announcement_Secretary_of_the_Navy_Ray_Mabus_pictured_in_March_w-a-5_1431536666081US Navy to double maternity leave, make fitness changes and ease body fat restrictions in bid to recruit more women. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus will reveal his plan today to double the amount of paid maternity leave for Sailors and Marines so they can take 12 weeks. The Navy also plans to ease body fat restrictions for women who weren’t meeting standards because of their body shapes.

As part of Mabus’ proposals, child care hours around the world would be extended each day by two hours in the morning and two hours each evening.
For those who want to take time off to raise a family or to take a step away to keep from burning out, Mabus wants as many as 400 slots available for people to take up to three years off from service before returning to duty. Those who are part of the program would be expected to provide two years of service for each year they take off.  Mabus also wants more sailors and Marines to go to civilian graduate schools full-time and for other higher performing officers to be embedded at top corporations for about two years, the official said.

Truthfully I have no idea how such news would be received among the USN/USMC. When any service drops its standards to boost recruiting it is definitely the thin edge of the wedge, as more often than not political correctness tends to hold court. I do know the Royal Navy grants up to 52 weeks maternity leave, with 26 weeks on full pay and 13 weeks on reduced pay – with two weeks paternity leave on full pay. Royal Marines do not receive maternity leave, which is due to the scientific biological fact that RM’s can not ever fall pregnant – being there are no females or transgender men within the Corps. However, RM’s do qualify for paternity leave. Just stating a fact, and stood-to for incoming flak…      Yours Aye.

Well and truly stoned…

288DE67600000578-3077901-image-a-2_1431420080114Bronze Age stone circle ‘found’ for the first time in 100 years on Dartmoor – and it could be older than Stonehenge.  An impressive stone circle in Dartmoor is the first to be discovered in a century, archaeologists have revealed. The ancient circle would have formed part of a ‘sacred arc’ of sites on the moor, suggesting a high level of coordination between Bronze Age communities. And the remote location and sheer ambition of the arc suggests careful planning went into its construction, experts said.2894DF5300000578-3077901-image-a-3_1431422144535 The circle, that sits on Sittaford Tor, in Devon, is the highest circle in southern England at 1,722 ft (525 metres) above sea level, and the second largest on Dartmoor with a diameter of 112 ft (34 metres).

It’s hardly just been found – thousands of Bootneck’s have yomped across Dartmoor and bivvied out around each of her Tor’s since 1960. It is fair to say archeologists have just realised the stones were toppled over in the early Bronze age, a theory now proven using carbon dating technology. On more than one occasion, I’ve parked my weary buttocks on one of the stones, and flashed up a small petrol stove to make big eats – followed by a wet of tea accompanied by a packet of dead fly biscuits…  Aye. 

Meanwhile – down under…

An Australian company specialising in designing lingerie to cater to the man in your life said they are having to expand online just to keep up with rising demand for the unorthodox undergarments. HommeMystere are currently distributing to 30 countries all over the world and have been successfully designing men’s lingerie since 2008. Some of the Brisbane-based company’s risqué designs feature pink lace teddy’s, silk lined bralettes and sexy red g-strings.

MANDATORY CREDIT: Shutterstock. Only for use in story about HommeMystere launching underwear for men. Editorial Use Only. No stock, books, advertising or merchandising without photographer's permission. Mandatory Credit: Photo by (4760591l) HommeMystere launches lingerie specially designed for men Australian online retailer HommeMystere launches lingerie specially designed for men, Australia, May 2015 FULL BODY: An Australian retailer realised there was a real gap in the market, sexy lingerie for men. HommeMystere has specialised in men's lingerie since 2008, and the company hopes to continue to fight stereotypes about what men should wear.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by (4760591l)
HommeMystere launches lingerie specially designed for men
Australian online retailer HommeMystere launches lingerie specially designed for men, Australia, May 2015

An Australian retailer realised there was a real gap in the market, sexy lingerie for men. HommeMystere has specialised in men’s lingerie since 2008, and the company hopes to continue to fight stereotypes about what men should wear.

Not wishing to under mine the fight against stereotypes about what men should wear – I will  say no more than ‘thank Gawd I only ate a light evening meal!’     Yours Aye.

Bill Clinton aids Monica Lewinsky?

2882782F00000578-3075274-image-a-64_1431224052149288357E300000578-3075274-image-m-63_1431224036162Monica Lewinsky is offered a fortune by Las Vegas sex museum for DNA-stained blue dress she wore during Clinton affair. It is the item of clothing she is most closely associated with.  

But now, Monica Lewinsky has reportedly been offered a whopping $1million for her ‘DNA-stained’ blue dress, which she wore during her liaisons with then-President Bill Clinton in the nineties. The 41-year-old has been offered the enormous sum of money by the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas, which had previously tried to pay her a smaller $250,000 for the infamous GAP dress. The museum, situated in Industrial Road, Las Vegas, apparently wishes to include the item in an exhibition ‘examining the private relationships of people in power, gender dynamics [and] politics’

Methinks Monica Lewinsky should snap their hands off over the offer – now! Because if Hilarity Clinton does make it to the White House, I guarantee the ‘First Gentleman (come ex POTUS) wont take long in making many more contributions – that will make the original dress far less unique. If you see where my predication comes from?       Yours Aye.

London’s socialist anarchist scum!

article-3074951-2881245900000578-110_964x396Far left wing socialist activists desecrated a war memorial to the gallant sacrifice of Britons who served during the Second World War as anarchists objecting to Thursday’s election resulted in a protest outside Downing Street today. A mindless thug daubed ‘F*** Tory Scum’ in red paint on the memorial in a sickening display of contempt on the 70th anniversary weekend of VE Day. The Metropolitan Police confirmed they are investigating the vandalism which formed part of the un-authorised protest which left two police officers requiring hospital treatment.2881151D00000578-3074951-image-m-45_1431198553186

A group calling itself The People’s Assembly had planned to meet up in Whitehall at 1pm to protest against Thursday’s election result which gave Cameron a clear Commons majority. Police arrested 17 people for a range of offences including assault and violent disorder. A spokesman for The Royal British Legion said: ‘This senseless act could not have been more inappropriately timed. This weekend we commemorate those who fought and died for the freedom to have elections and the freedom to enjoy the lives we have today.’ Anarchists and hard-line socialists unwilling to accept Thursday’s election result protested violently in Whitehall

Whilst I agree we all have a democratic right to protest – it goes far beyond the pale to desecrate such a war memorial dedicated to those who gave their all. The lost little cherubs pictured above have no idea that they only have the right to protest due to those who sacrificed every thing. Defacing such a memorial forgoes that right! Let loose the mounted police, but only after a heavy barrage of direct ‘in yer face’ baton rounds from three ranks, one kneeling, one standing, one reloading. Cease Fire when they all lay writhing on the ground.      Yours Aye.

To the tower and off with his head

2874F64A00000578-3073417-An_American_tourist_was_warned_by_police_after_flying_his_drone_-a-14_1431082559798American tourist warned by police after prompting security alert by flying DRONE over Windsor Castle while the Queen was in residence. Flying within 50 metres (164ft) of someone else’s property is an offence. The male tourist was informed of the legislation and given a warning by the Metropolitan Police. Eyewitness claimed the tourist was told to ‘destroy’ any footage recorded.

The Met’s thin blue line administering common sense…      Yours Aye.

Conservative Party – Victory

Through the early hours of Saturday morning I sought sanctuary from the madness of politics through sleep in the hope that by drifting off into a subconscious state, the impending doom and gloom of the general election would be forgotten until at least a pair of hours after sunrise. It was not to be! Prior to turning in – early results showed positive for the socialist Labour Party, even established pollsters from around the UK, Europe, and the US were all calling a high result for the champagne socialists, which was far too much to bear. One thing was for sure – breakfast would either be cold porridge and burnt toast, or a full english feast fit for a King. 

In the wee hours as I tossed and turned Nipper was also agitated, which was due to his bladder and not the political nightmare that could well be. Having let all three canine’s out to ‘ease-springs’ I was far too unsettled to return to the horizontal position. A pot of tea was the solution, followed by as a sadistic view of SKY news. Amazingly the exit polls were calling a complete run for the Tories, with Labour being smashed in Scotland. The Pollsters had yet again been found wanting, their spinning machine was completely out of kilter. Here before my very eyes the Labour Party were disintegrating – simply falling apart at the seams, as were the Liberal Democrats… article-3074168-2875C74B00000578-310_308x473

Late breakfast consisted of a starter of mixed fruit, followed by several pieces of grilled bacon, two beef sausages, scrambled eggs, a small portion of Heinz beans, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and lightly toasted bread – with a large pot of tea… Made all the more wondrous as the final results showed the Conservative Party had been returned with such a majority – a coalition government was no longer required.

UKIP even managed to plunder 5.5 million votes, though only one candidate was duly elected to a seat in Parliament, which is still a very good result all round. On top of which, the Conservative victory has rattled Germany as well as the EU who now fear an EU referendum, leading to Britain’s exit.

Better news followed, when senior Conservative Party sources whispered – Mr Cameron will use the grace period while opposition parties lick their wounds to pass-key parts of his manifesto after pledging to implement it in full. Sources believe yesterday’s dramatic victory may have secured the PM up to a year in which he can govern virtually unchallenged after three opposition leaders all resigned from their respective party’s 

Throughout my long afternoon walk I out whistled every bird in the surrounding countryside, and skipped like a 10-year-old on his way to the picture house on a saturday morning.      Yours Aye.

Victory in Europe Day – 70 years on

2876694200000578-3073506-image-a-72_1431095615951We shall remember them: 70 years after VE Day marked the end of World War Two, veterans lead silent tribute to their fallen comrades… Veterans led the nation in a silent tribute remembering the sacrifices made to win the Second World War on the 70th anniversary of VE Day.LOND-2015-053 RBL TAXI-067

Seven decades after the country broke out in jubilant celebration at the end of the Second World War, more than 100 former servicemen and women watched as the Duke of York, representing the Queen, joined politicians and military leaders to lay wreaths in Whitehall.

London celebratesThe tribute at the Cenotaph started three days of festivities to mark the anniversary of the announcement that Germany had offered the unconditional surrender to the Allies bringing about the end of the war in Europe.

Artillery guns were fired from the Tower of London and Wellington Barracks Parade Square starting a national two-minute silence at 3pm. To mark the moment Prime Minister Winston Churchill broadcast the news of the German surrender to the nation. Today marks the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE) Day when Germany surrendered to the Allies

I have the greatest respect and deepest admiration for those of the allied forces who chose to fight, and defeat Fascism to ensure our own Democracy would survive. They will always be remembered…      Yours Aye.

Ode to Joy – ‘Attagirl’

286A131A00000578-3072253-image-a-45_1431014650915‘It was the best job to have because it was exciting’: Female Spitfire pilot, 92, takes to the skies 70 years after last flying the iconic plane to aid WWII effort. A female war veteran rolled back the years to take to the skies in a Spitfire again today, decades after she last flew the iconic plane.286A135D00000578-3072253-image-a-47_1431014663343  

Joy Lofthouse, 92, from Cirencester, Gloucestershire, was one of only 164 women who were allowed into the Air Transport Auxiliary during World War Two. The small group of female pilots dubbed the ‘Attagirls’ were based at White Waltham in Berkshire and were trained to fly 38 types of aircraft between factories and military airfields across the country.61v363LGzLL

For Joy, flying the Spitfire was the ultimate thrill, and she was delighted to be given the chance to fly the iconic plane again this morning.

I listened to Joy Lofthouse being interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning – what a wonderful woman. We owe an immense debt of gratitude to her – and every other woman who contributed to the war effort in a variety of ways. Gawd Bless em All…      

Yours Aye.

Military invisibility suit, somewhere…

286CD3FF00000578-0-image-a-10_1431027665952US Army is developing ‘invisibility suit’ for soldiers to make them DISAPPEAR on the battlefield – and says it will begin trials in just 18 months.   The US army’s call for proposals from companies calls for wearable camouflage with a chameleon-like ability to change according to the background. ‘A chameleon-like or adaptive camouflage system would continuously update the colour and pattern, concealing the Soldier in the current environment.’

The gypsy’s whisper is; the reason for the delay is due to the manufacturer placing two rolls of the material down somewhere – and now they can’t find it! Seriously, cross my heart and hope to di-urgh!      Yours Aye.