McAfee ‘Decentral’

John McAfee has just started the process of earning himself another $ Billion, after he announced his latest business venture; launching a product protecting ‘web-surfers’ from the NSA, and government surveillance, vowing the gadget ‘cannot be stopped’

imagesThe British born 68-year-old tech pioneer yesterday unveiled ‘Decentral’, a small device that will use smart-phones to create small networks that government agencies will not be able to crack. It will sell for around £60, and if authorities ban it he says it will be sold in other countries, adding: ‘This is coming and cannot be stopped.’

A double edged sword…                        Yours Aye.

Jenna Conti, Mermaid at FishHawk Ranch

Jenna Conti, Mermaid at FishHawk Ranch, Eden Sirene
Jenna Conti?

I’ve read stories of Sailors being lulled to their death by sirens and mermaids. Although, I’ve yet to see any mermaids on my deployments, I did notice FishHawk Ranch just banned a mermaid by the name of Jenna Conti (her showname is Eden Sirene):

When Jenna Conti went to another public meeting at FishHawk Ranch on Tuesday night, she again brought her fin.

Conti has a custom-made silicon mermaid tail. Her dream is to swim at the Florida Aquarium, but last week she just planned to swim with the kids at FishHawk Ranch.

She had been in the Aquatic Club pool with her tail once before with the staff’s okay, she said, but last week, they told her it violated a policy against swim fins. Weightless in the water and not made of hard plastic, it’s not a safety concern, she said.

Jenna had a brain tumor and had to relearn how to walk. Swimming helped rehab her.

Pretty Padded Room

Pretty Padded Room
Pretty Padded Room

Boy, I know it is Friday night, but I really got to talk to a shrink! Good thing there is Pretty Padded Room. You never heard of it? Sheesh, the mission statement: Pretty Padded Room is a platform that lets you connect with trained therapists online to release stress easier and faster. And since it’s virtual therapy, our doors are open anytime and anywhere.

And they offer private on-line sessions: Re-think traditional therapy and enjoy a little “me-time” with a therapist who comes to you, in your own space and on your own time.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup
Reverse Phone Lookup

Are you interested in whether your phone number is listed? I am and found the reverse phone lookup from the White Pages to be useful.

I am not listed, but my cell number resolved to a general address in San Diego. But no more identifying information about me.

You gotta be careful. I’ve been trying to get this pic of me yawning in uniform off the web for years. . .

Fort Colville Elementary School

Title of a real LA Times article: Murder plot allegation against fifth-graders stuns Washington town. Not much I can add to the mess, but good news: At a community meeting Wednesday night, Mike Cashion said one parent expressed gratitude that because of the alertness of the Fort Colville Elementary School staff, the gathering was a forum and not a funeral. 

A Trainwreck and a Shipwreck

Today is two for the price of one day: Xiao Li asked friend Xiao Qing to take a picture of her on a traintrack. Guess what happened? (The good news is that Xiao survives.) And the shipwreck: the ship, the Sweepstakes, lies at the bottom of Fathom Five National Marine Park.

The Original Assault Weapon

With all the gun-control rantings going on around the country, it was invariable that assault weapons would invade eBay. And here is an item claiming to be the original:

Here we have THE ORIGINAL assault weapon. Since the dawn of time, men have used clubs to assault others. They are also very important in self defense situations where someone is attempting to assault you with their weapon.

Screen shot 2013-01-09 at 7.31.18 PM

Don’t be a victim any longer. In the old days you would have to go into the woods and find a stick that is suitable for your self defense weapon. NOT ANYMORE!  Here we have a modernized version of a club finely crafted by the folks at Louisville Slugger.

Hand Salute: Kurt at a Trainwreck in Maxwell

Facebook Thinks I’m Dead

Imagine if Facebook thought you were dead. And they turned your normally jolly Facebook page into a memorial page. That is precisely what occurred to Rusty Foster. His friends pranked him and emailed Facebook an obituary of a guy named Rusty Foster. Except, of course, it was another Rusty. A far rustier one, born in 1924. Sheesh, I hope no NavyOnes die this week. . .

Demand A Plan, Demand Celebrities

Demand a Plan - Tell Celebrities
Demand a Plan, Demand Celebrities

You probably need to watch this anti-hypocrisy YouTube video, Demand A Plan – Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves, right now.

It features all the serious actors and actresses from the original post-Newtown video demanding that we do something about gun control. Except it shows clips of their violent movies. In frame after frame.

Whoever came up with it was a genius. Screw copyright laws. Let them – the celebrities, the production companies or the movie studios – sue. It will only get it more publicity.