The Army Unveils New, California-Friendly Uniforms

Every 18 months or so, each military branch unveils a new uniform change. Just this last week, I was told that my coveralls (that I got back when I was enlisted) would no longer be a valid Navy uniform. Apparently, we are moving to a non-flammable coverall. (Which I intend to blog in, to prevent vitriol generated by this post from harming me.) That said, I think the Army is taking the “let’s-recruit-the-heck-out-of-San-Franscico” thing too far:

Baltimore Raven fans at their Super Bowl victory party on the field.
Baltimore Raven fans at their Super Bowl victory party at M&T Stadium. (Not in the Navy or Army.)

Just kidding, this is a shot of Baltimore Raven fans celebrating their Super Bowl win. (Got ya for a second.) Go to the link to hear Ed Reed belting out Eddie Money’s Two Tickets to Paradise.

New broom sweeps clean…

Sadly we have a generation of parents who attended school at a time when the most basic rules of discipline were never enforced. In main due to teaching trends and the policies of the incumbent socialist Labour government. On top of which, the European Rights laws of the courts of Strasbourg were abused by parents to such a degree that teachers who were prepared to stand up, had to take a step back for fear of being disciplined themselves by a board of governors. The same parents who now send their own children to school have also failed them miserably, as discipline within the family home appears to be a non starter. Times are changing… for the better… article-2418983-1BC87854000005DC-685_636x382

Step forward a new generation of Head Teachers, as well as a new type of schooling that enforces the dreaded ‘D’ word to the fullNo-nonsense new headteacher-Principal Alison Colwell, sent home FIVE PER CENT of pupils on first day of school for breaching strict uniform rules Parents are up in arms over the way that Principal Alison Colwell is enforcing the academy’s rules, and in her own words “If they don’t like it, they can take their children out of the school and go to one without rules and standards, it’s their choice“. BZ Principal Alison Colwell, back to the old ways and the old days, when respect was expected of each and every one of us, and discipline started at home from parents who understood the need and requirement for it.article-0-1BC6818F000005DC-892_634x439

Formed balance and common sense within the rules of discipline is crucial, however; in this separate case I blame the parents of 12-year-old schoolgirl Charlotte Duggan, banned from the classroom because her hair is too short after she shaved it off to raise £1000 for breast cancer charity The parents as well as Charlotte were only too aware of the colleges new policy. A simple call to the head of the college, to discuss the possibility and repercussion of Charlotte’s noble action would have been appropriate. Charlotte still gets a thumbs up from me, as her unselfish action has  benefitted a truly worthy cause. BZ bonnie lass…

Yours Aye

Wot’s Up with the French Louies?

The French lieutenant who was actually a woman: Mystery of moustachioed officer and girl in uniform pictured in ‘lost images’ from World War One

A warrior respectfully seated

In Fijian culture it is thought that good things come through the head and are passed down to the feet. It is important to make sure that one’s head is not above others in the room. To this end Sgt Rusiate Bolavucu, 32, of the 1st Battalion Duke of Lancaster Regiment, was following an ancient tradition from his Fijian homeland when the Queen visited Kendal, Cumbriaarticle-2368172-1ADDC062000005DC-96_634x955Fijian soldier SAT DOWN when he met the Queen  Well wishers cheering the Queen were startled when the soldier she’d just spoken to suddenly sat himself down in the road. Many thought he’d collapsed with heat exhaustion during the royal tour of Kendal, Cumbria. But Her Majesty knew exactly what was going on and didn’t bat an eyelid.

Fijians have served within the UK’s Armed Forces for several generations, which started in WWII in the fight against the Japanese. They are a Nation of unsung heroes. Many have served as SAS ‘blades’ with distinction, they continue to do so.DownloadedFile

If you have time and the inclination, I would ask you to search upon the heroic action of SAS Sergeant Talaiasi Labalaba, 30, a Fijian known to his com­rades-in-arms as “Laba”. It took place in a small sea port town called Mirbat, OmanAwards for Bravery 

Yours Aye.

Once upon a time…

Prince WThere were two sibling Prince’s, the eldest being groomed as a future King, the youngest following in his shadow, watching, lest he be called forward due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Prince William the elder, wished for the life of his younger sibling. Prince William rescues climber left unconscious and injured by 300ft plunge 

Prince Harry the younger, was more than happy with his lot. article-2356954-11A3EF1C000005DC-900_634x421Prince Harry gets his latest set of wings Just  as many generations of the Royal family have made sacrifices throughout history, the two princes are no different. Each serve their country well, above and beyond what is expected of them.

This makes me even more proud of being an Englishman, of the United Kingdom.

Yours Aye.

Navy Aquaflage in a Siberian Jail?

Before you go about chuckling at the Sailors in our aquatic aquaflage, make sure you know that we’re in good company. The jailers at the toughest jail in Siberia wear ’em too:

The male prison camp outside Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.
The male prison camp outside Russia’s Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.

Well, it is an impressionist version of aquaflage. More aqua and less flage. Still tactical.

No More Navy Uniform Changes

You know, I was planning on buying some additional uniforms before I deploy. As a way to flesh out my naval wardrobe. But now I am not so sure. The notion that we’ve got all this camouflage doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me,” Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said at the Defense Writers Group breakfast meeting in Washington. “I think it’s worthwhile to see if we can shrink the numbers here. Uh oh. Can we please just stop? No more uniform reshuffles. I’ve worn at least a dozen different uniforms over the same number of years.

My enlisted uniforms:
-Summer cotton whites
-CNT whites
-White Crackerjacks
-Blue Crackerjacks
-Johnny Cashes
-Old PT uniform

My officer uniforms:
-DCU cammies
-Wash khakis
-Poly blend khakis
-Service Dress Blues
-Desert flight suit
-Summer officer whites
-Choker whites
-Officer coveralls
-New PT uniform

I give up. I truly give up. Can we stop the madness? I understand that we in the Navy are led by civilians. But can we stop? Just don’t make any changes for five years. Nearly all those uniforms above, I bought. Yes, I got some in Boot Camp. But they were low quality and I changed them out in two years. Yes, I received a uniform allowance when I was enlisted. But I don’t now. Other than the DCUs and one flight suit, I bought all my other officer uniforms. Please stop. I’ve put out nearly a K for just the aquaflage. $1000. No allowance. I gladly pay it and wear it with pride. Just stop. Please. . .

Navy Captain J. R. Primm

After the below nightmare post on male underwear, I need to redeem myself, to balance the blog, with a more appropriate uniform post. On the 19th of September of 1962, Navy Captain J. R. Primm went into James B. Tan & Co in Yokosuka, Japan and bought the Captain’s jacket you see in the photograph. And surprisingly, it just turned up on eBay:

Navy Captain Unifrom on eBay (WWII)
Navy Captain Uniform on eBay (WWII)

Per the ad, the medals include: Navy Good Conduct Medal, European Theater Medal, American Campaign Medal, WW2 Victory Medal, Occupation Medal, National Defense Medal, and Expeditionary Medal.

A Barber Could Use a Barbour Jacket to Keep Himself Dry!

Barbour JacketReader mark (Not Mark, who is a contrarian dude who lurks around here) asked Ex Bootneck a question on Barbour Jackets. Honestly, I had no clue what a Barbour was/is. But Ex Boot had no such deficiencies. The question from mark was:

I recently acquired a old and musty barbour coat and I was wondering if Ex Bootneck has had one in the past, since I see he is a outdoor guy, and if he had any suggestions for how to ventilate it.  

And the gouge straight from Ex B:

Ref, the Barbour Jacket; I am just about to educate young Mark, and blind his mind with technical science that originated in 1894, at the Barbour Jacket workshop in South Shields, just 70 miles North from my home.

He is correct, in that I do use an outdoors ‘Barbour Jacket’ (men wear jackets, woman wear coats), it’s a British thing!

In fact I may well contribute a ‘tome’ to your blog on the reasons, why’s, and where for’s, on the use of such ‘waxed, waterproof, thorn, and barbed wire tear resistant, Jackets’.

A quick change of barrels…

The “foggiest idea”or even “my memory is a bit ‘foggy’ on the event” was first used by Charles Dickens. 

It also refers back to the great ‘smogs’ (smoke-and-fog mixture) of England’s large industrial Cities, CIRCA 1900. With London suffering the worst, as it also endured millions of coal fires polluting the air, as well as that from coal fed power stations within the City. On still windless days the smog actually turned day into night, which could last weeks. The smogs were so thick that breathing was made very difficult; each year thousands died through respiratory problems, mainly the very young and elderly suffered.

(On the old Sherlock Holmes movies you will notice that some of the London streets have slow swirling fog throughout the scenes. ‘Footpads’, muggers, and thieves operated in this twilight zone to the detriment of others).

The Clean Air Act 1956. Was an ‘Act of the Parliament’ of the United Kingdom, passed in response to London’s ‘Great Smog’ of December 1952, which was so thick it even permeated homes and work places internally. In just over a week it killed 4000 people, and made over 100.000 seriously ill. Sulphur Dioxide was the main culprit, which formed from the burning fall out of cheap coal (the best hard coal was exported). The Clean Air Act created smokeless fuel zones combined with the introduction of higher quality fuels that burned more efficiently, thus reducing the smog effect. The River Thames was the constant source that provided the ‘fog’, the thick yellow and dark green mix of ‘smog’ was often referred to as a ‘peasouper’ as it resembled the colour of pea soup! 

To this day London’s nickname is still ‘the Big Smoke’.

We live and learn old chap, but only if people make an effort to pass forth the information to enlighten others… (Perhaps another one for the Blog)?

Barbour JacketYours Aye.

Forgive me for not clarifying what our Barbour expert is talking about when he mentioned foggiest. It is just me fooling around with him when I passed mark’s question his way: Mark from the blog had a question below. And I don’t have the slightest idea what a barbour coat is. (Translation if that was not understod: I don’t have the foggiest idea what a barbour coat is. . . Heheh. Forgive me, I’ve been watching Sherlock Holmes. . . ) 

You know, that was funnier when I wrote it. . .

RAF Pilots newly winged; flying from the seat in their pants!

The RAF have just ‘badged’ four ‘Pilot’ officers with their pilot wings at a ceremony at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada. Nothing strange about this I hear you say? 

Well perhaps I should explain a little bit more on the RAF’s new ‘brylcreem’ boys, dressed here in their best serge blue…

RAF Boys

These four aeronautical ‘chaps’ are unusual to the normal, as they have not drawn oxygen from a mask at great giddy heights whilst engaged in dog-fight tactics, never barfed in a sick bag caused through contour flying, felt the effects of negative G (or the rumble of turbulence around their undercarriage); not even  qualified in survival skills or endured an escape and evasion exercise, etc, etc. What we see before us are the new type of RAF ‘Fly Boy’ who do indeed fly from the seat of their pants, whilst they sit comfortably within the military compound at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada.

Lucky little darlings! Not for them the grime, blood, sweat & tears endured by their fellow Pilot officers in Afghanistan… Instead there are cries of “Oi, this pizza is cold”, and “where’s the Extra portion of fries, and the large coke I ordered”!

Albeit, their wings are slightly different from those worn with distinction by real ‘rocket jockeys’ (distinguishable by blue laurel leaves as opposed to brown) they are still recognised ‘fly wings’ as worn by virtually every military air force.

I await the day their medals arrive for disclosure to the world 😉

RAF drone squadron

(Four real RAF aeronautical chaps)

Joking aside;

Our newly badged ‘Fly Boys’ actually do a great job, and I do sincerely take my hat off to them. Their effort is as important as that of every boot on the ground. Whether people like it or not, I think they (and those that follow) are to become the future of every military combat air force world wide.

RAF pilots become the first to earn their wings for flying unmanned drones against the Taliban – from their desks

Quote. “Because operators are based thousands of miles away from the battlefield, and undertake operations entirely through computer screens and remote audio-feed, there is a risk of developing a ‘PlayStation’ mentality to killing”.

— Philip Alston, United Nations special reporter on extrajudicial killings, report to the UN Human Rights Council, 2 June 2010.

Quote. “So it was that the war in the air began. Men rode upon the whirlwind that night, and slew and fell like archangels. The sky rained heroes upon the astonished earth. Surely the last fights of mankind were the best. What was the heavy pounding of your Homeric swordsmen, what was the creaking charge of chariots, besides this swift rush, this crash, this giddy triumph, this headlong sweep to death”?

— H. G. Wells, ‘The World Set Free,’ 1914.

As it spins the world changes…

Police Officers In England, Wales & Northern Ireland at Risk!

Civilian Health & Safety advisors are now required to accompany Police officers whilst patrolling the beat in England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

In addition to this. The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) have declared that serving police officers must now carry soft rubber truncheons (that squeak when used), as well as handcuffs made out of fluffy soft material to ensure they do not injure them selves whilst making arrests against ‘naughty’ members of the general public.

Further more. Duty Shift Inspectors are to ensure that all serving police officers bring in a note from their ‘parents’ at the start of each shift, stating that their respective Police officer is wearing clean underwear, has eaten a full meal, and not stayed up all night playing video games.

Am I being serious?

Well, not really, but almost… Click on the link to peruse a story that could only hit the headlines on April 1st, and weep real tears for the poor souls who pay taxes in the County of Norfolk in the UK.

Police chief attacks his officer’s decision to sue garage owner over 999 call injuries saying her actions do not represent …

Ladies’ Top Gun Fancy Dress?

If you search for Navy uniforms on eBay, you get a smattering of odd choices. Like: US NAVY DRESS TOP GUN WHITE UNIFORM. Which brings up 50 choices. Not all of which look to be regulation:


I could be wrong, but that ascot is Air Force issue and not ours.

Naked Dudes and Flat Tires: Wassup!

Naked Dudes and Flat TiresAs I type this, I am sitting in Panera. It is four in the afternoon and I am waiting patiently, in uniform, for the tire repair shop across the street to finish patching my tire. Twenty minutes ago, I drove over a piece of chain-link fence, giving me a very slow leak. The tired tire guy sprayed the hole with Windex where I pulled the piece of chain-link out and indeed the puncture was bubbling.

At the repair shop, a man walked up to me with an excuse me, sir? He then thanked me for me service. In a very heartfelt, humble way. I shook his hand and thanked him with a it’s my honor and privilege.  

And then just ten minutes ago, as I am waiting to cross the street, three Hispanic high school kids chatted me up. Hey, one of them asked,  Army or Navy? He wore rosary beads around his neck and his hair was spiky.

Navy, I replied.

Wassup! he yelled. YELLED. 

I ignored him. Even though one of his buddies talked about joining the Air Force. I’d no time for silliness. I had to get over to Panera to hit my orange juice. And to write this.

As for my title and naked dudes,  I was at my gym this morning, changing into my uniform after a great workout. Someone several lockers away bellowed, excuse me. I ignored him. I did not know anyone at that Encinitas gym. The heavy rains had necessitated that I take different roads to the freeway. So I decided to drive over to the coast. Good thing I belong to a gym with locations all over San Diego.

Soldier! the man insisted.

Naked Dudes and Flat TiresI guess he was talking to me. Yes, I replied turning to a naked dude.

Thanks for doing what you do. And he shook my hand.

Just writing this, makes me shake my head. Naked dudes and flat tires, WASSUP!

Update: I really must thank Evans Tires for doing the job for free! Great Americans, all of them.

Fitty Cent Rages On

The shooting match about whether Fifty Cent was wrong to wear a Marine Corps dress uniform continues at my prior post. Folks drop by and try to wave the First Amendment. Or use false arguments, like I am condemning all artist (actors, musicians, etc) who wear the uniform. The issue is not the art. It is respect. Sure, wear dress blues if you are an actor. But wear it properly. The way Fifty Cent wears it is highly disrespectful.

Steven Seagal Training Posse

I know you are looking at Steven Seagal’s shemagh in the below picture and wondering where you can get one. Do not fear, I’ll do the searching for you; try U.S. Cavalry.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio (L) watches as actor and Maricopa County posse member Steven Seagal addresses the media about a simulated school shooting in Fountain Hills, Arizona
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio watches as actor and Maricopa County posse member Steven Seagal addresses the media about a simulated school shooting in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Has anyone ever called Mr. Seagal, Steve? Has anyone ever called a shemagh a he-magh?