‘Bozo’ the socialist Clown in Chief…

President Obama has no right to lecture the UK on staying in the European Union! Ladies and Gentleman, we now have a new definition of chutzpah, the Yiddish word for cheek. (It’s often defined as a boy – who, having killed both his parents, begs for mercy on the grounds that he is an orphan.)Obama Chief Clown 

Obama is a walking, talking illustration of chutzpah. Because for sheer brazen chutzpah – nothing beats the US leader (who has presented the most catastrophically inept foreign policy since Jimmy Carter) lecturing us about why we must stay in the EU to keep our influence in the world.

His record is a litany of disaster and the destruction of US influence, the consequences of which will reverberate for years, possibly decades, to come. And this is the man who has the chutzpah to tell us that we need to be in the EU to carry influence in the world.

‘Bozo’ the Clown in Chief has ignorantly blundered into the EU debate once again. It is mind blowingly obvious that he is absolutely clueless over the machinations of the European Union, and what it is capable of, and what it truly stands for. The UK is actually weakened through the bureaucratic behaviour of the EU. By leaving the EU the UK reverts back to form, allowing us to deal with the US and other countries on our own terms.Socialist EU Fail

Presently the EU represents Britain on the World Trade Organisation, it is fighting hard to take over our UN Security Council seat, and also wants its own EU army to go along with its own President, parliament, flag, european anthem, and all of the belts and whistles found within a single government. The socialist European Union is a proven political and financial failure. 

Come on ‘Bozo’ take off the grease paint – you’re clowning around on the job again, your own country needs you (like hell it does.) Wow… Déjà vu!   Yours_Aye.

Toothless EU – Vs – Roaring Asia

2AC6DD3400000578-3172730-image-m-51_1437690464476Our future is East: UK needs to move from ailing EU economies to ‘roaring Asia’, says Prime Minister. Britain must break its over-reliance on trade with Europe and seek business in ‘far-flung lands’, David Cameron says today. In an article for the Daily Mail, he said the UK should shift its focus towards the ‘roaring’ economies of the East. ‘Cameron with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in 2013.’0627800600000514-3172730-image-a-53_1437690774624


 (Chancellor George Osborne has already agreed to work with BRICS, and overrode strong advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office by doing so.) 

The Prime Minister pledges to rediscover the heritage of ‘Elizabethan endeavour’, when British explorers crossed oceans to open up trade links. He writes that the Labour government ignored the issue of trade outside Europe while in power, resulting in Britain’s share of global trade falling. And he repeats his demands that Brussels must cut red tape and encourage competitiveness to foster trade with China, India and Brazil – pointing out that he will be making it part of his EU renegotiation deal ahead of an in/out referendum.

Prime Minister David Cameron wants to foster trade with China, India and Brazilfifth-brics-summit-ap

What Cameron fails to mention is the acronym ‘BRICS’ in full; Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. (As much as I hate to mention this – China actually holds swathes of power over South Africa through its ‘longgggg’ term contracted mineral rights, and amongst other things – heavily greased political palms) South Africa also provides a stable platform through its various ports, allowing egress and access. All of which, I mentioned in a post on March 31st  2013Obama asleep on the job 

‘Come on Barry wake up – you’re sleeping on the job again!’Or was your half-hearted attempt towards forging ahead with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement – intentional?

You already know a few of your ‘potential’ partners from the group (Australia, Brunei, Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam and Japan) have been holding deep meaningful talks with financial grey ghosts from BRICS. So come on, shake a leg man, or you could well be left behind – your country needs you (like hell it does!)  Yours_Aye.

‘This seat is defiantly taken!’

We all have our favourite chairs, couches, settee’s, etc… My preferred winter chair is a leather recliner – where as my summer chair is an identical recliner, but covered in thick cool cotton fabric. My outdoors ‘all seasons seat’ is a tree log, which has a ‘small’ shallow hollow formed in a natural manner to receive my left and right buttock cheeks perfectly.  Nature provides, and we should always take advantage when she does…Outdoor seat spikedHaving returned from this mornings walk I decided to sit outdoors with my reward; a tin mug of tea, and a couple of obligatory digestive biscuits. Imagine my surprise to find a Bull Thistle seated where my buttocks would normally be supported. More astonishing is the fact that it wasn’t there five days ago, which was the last time I was perched upon the same spot. All was not lost, it just meant taking a back seat on the long ‘settee’ tree logs near the wooden fence – to leisurely slurp and dunk my tea and digestive’s.Spike Cotton Thistle As it happens my two favourite ‘flowers’ are weeds, one being the Poppy, and the other the Bull Thistle. The Poppy for its potent symbol of remembrance for those who made the ultimate sacrifice in past wars. And the Bull Thistle for its arrogant standfast ‘come and take it if you think you’re hard enough’ nature, and the fact it’s also edible.

The thistle root can be eaten, and is best used when mixed with other vegetables. Young flower stems can be cooked and young leaves can be eaten in a salad or tossed into a sauté. (The taste is similar to that of a semi sweet artichoke – the prickles MUST BE removed from the leaves before the leaves can be eaten!) The flower buds can also be cooked and used like globe artichokes – the thistle seeds can also be roasted. The thistle root is rich in inulin – a natural storage carbohydrate that is good for diabetic sufferers. Nature provides, and we should always take advantage when she does… Yours Aye.

Common Sense v. Direct Order

2918419600000578-3098272-image-a-6_1432677773623Outrage after US Marine is convicted by a court-martial for refusing to remove a Bible quote from her work station. A religious liberty law firm has taken up a US Marine’s appeal case after she was prosecuted for refusing to remove a Bible verse taped to her computer.

Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling was convicted last year at a court-martial when she did not follow orders to take down the small trips of paper with the Old Testament scripture displayed on her desk.29184BE900000578-3098272-image-a-18_1432682398403 

At the time of the incident in May 2013, she was stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina when she taped the slightly altered Bible verse in three different places that read: (above) ‘No weapons formed against me shall prosper,’ according to Fox News. 

Sterling, who is now unemployed and searching for a job, was given a reduction in rank from lance corporal to private, as well as a bad conduct discharge.

Having read the details from ‘United States v. Sterling, 201400150 (N.M.C.C.A. 20155)’ it looks a though there have been some misguided (or sadly lacking) man management skills applied by Staff Sgt Alexander over the issue of such orders. As well as multiple breaches of discipline by L/Cpl Sterling in failing to carry out the S/Sgt’s orders. An absolute pot mess that should never have been. Yours Aye.

Boy cry’s ‘WOLF!’

‘Syrian hero boy’ is a FAKE: Norwegian director admits that footage of youngster dodging sniper fire to rescue girl was actually shot on Gladiator film set using actors… article-2835663-232ED27200000578-876_636x382Norwegian filmmakers have today revealed that a video that appeared to show a heroic Syrian boy risking his life (main) was in fact shot on location in Malta using professional actors (pictured inset with crew). Lars Klevberg, a director based in Oslo, said that he wrote the script after watching news coverage of the ongoing conflict in Syria. The 34-year-old explained that he wanted to present the film as reality in order to spark a debate about children living in conflict zones. He added that he was not uncomfortable about potentially deceiving millions of people with the video – which has been viewed more than 3.6million times on YouTube.   ‘Syrian hero boy’ film clip is a complete FAKE

Bootneck’s who have served in Malta will have quickly come to the conclusion that the clip was a fake (without the missing ‘crack and thump’ of imaginary high velocity rounds, etc!) The sandstone cut blocks, and the classic archways are a dead give away as to the location (one of several fortresses falling into disrepair.) I was disgusted by the filmmakers ethos then, and even more so now. Crying wolf under such circumstances helps no one. Syrian youngster dodging sniper fire to rescue girl //www.youtube.com      Yours Aye.

Battle of Loos-Insanity and Heroism

Incredible story of the leather football kicked across No Man’s Land by British soldiers as they advanced during bloody WWI battle.1414857418593_wps_51_Battle_of_Loos_Football_NIn 1915, while staring death in the face, British troops from the London Irish Rifles kicked and passed a leather football between them as they courageously charged across No Man’s Land under heavy mortar and machine-gun fire. The solders hatched the plan as a way of distracting themselves from the deadly mission that lay ahead, while also hoping to shock the enemy. The tattered brown leather football ended up in German trenches following the successful but bloody attack at the Battle of Loos (illustrated below) – and a century later the ball has been valued at £15,000 on the Antiques Roadshow. (Pictured top right, British troops returning from the battle in October 1915).1414859807112_Image_galleryImage_BNPS_co_uk_01202_558833_P Courageous: A painting from the football match that occurred at the Battle of Loos 1915. Incredible story of the football kicked across No Man’s Land by British soldiers 

Advance to contact under heavy enemy fire has to be the hardest bullet to chew, yet the lads of their time did it often, and in the most dire of circumstances. There are times when insanity and heroism are sometimes difficult to distinguish…      Aye.

Rats with a one way ticket

Police plan mass raids on sex gangs: ‘Day of reckoning’ for hundreds of child abusers… with 180 mainly Asian men targeted in Manchester alone.1409439184179_wps_5_BEST_QUALITY_AVAILABLE_UnIn 2012 these eight men were found guilty of a range of charges including child rape in Rochdale, which alerted police and authorities to the size of the problem.

Police forces across Britain are poised to arrest hundreds of suspected child abusers as part of a massive crackdown on the grooming of vulnerable young girls. ‘Wave after wave’ of arrests will be made between now until Christmas in response to the ‘epidemic’ of child sexual exploitation that has haunted the nation for two decades.

Police are confident that the raids will lead to scores of court cases across the country, with suspects facing charges of child abduction, rape, multiple rape and sexual assault. In Greater Manchester alone, more than 180 suspects are set to be rounded up in an operation described by sources as a ‘day of reckoning’ for men who have tormented girls as young as ten. Raids are also scheduled to take place in the south of England within the next few weeks, with many others set to follow before the end of the year. Day of reckoning’ for hundreds of child abusers… with 180 mainly Asian men targeted in Manchester alone.

I hope the ‘Authorities’ have strong rat-traps in place at every border exit, because there will be an awful lot of Muslim men with one way tickets heading to Pakistan. Those found guilty should be flogged mercilessly – as a starter! Barstewards…      Yours Aye.

Obviously made In CHINA

New £400m railway station turns into enormous waterfall after heavy rain leaks through thousands of holes in the roof.  The reputation of China’s new £400million Shijiazhuang Railway Station has been washed away by thousands of leaks during a rainstorm that turned the inside of the building into a giant waterfall.Rainstorm creates 'indoor waterfall' at Shijiazhuang Railway Station, Hebei province, China - 28 Aug 20141409316942156_Image_galleryImage_Mandatory_Credit_Photo_byTorrential rain hit Shijiazhuang city, Hebei province, on Thursday night, but its railway station, which is served by China’s high-speed trains, was not up to the job of sheltering passengers. Water passed through the ceiling of the station, built-in 2012, soaking passengers waiting inside. ‘Water’ way to run a railway: New £400m Chinese railway station turns into enormous waterfall through leaky roof.

If I was one of the engineers responsible I would duck & run, as heads will surely roll… 😉 Yours Aye.

Delusional HAMAS terrorist Group


And that just about sums up the situation in Gaza, of which, bye the way, is a temporary cease fire, and not a ‘truce’ as reported in many left wing news papers   Yours Aye.

Credit to Kevin Siers-Cartoonist of the Charlotte Observer; Published: August 27, 2014

Royal Air Force humanity and splendour

Images which lay bare the humanity and splendour of the Royal Air Force. Members of the public can for the first time vote for their favourite image representing Britain’s Royal Air Force. Air force chiefs are inviting people to decide which picture from the RAF Photographic Competition captures the essence of the service.1407173286172_wps_25_Undated_MoD_handout_photo‘Warming Up for D-Day’: The photograph was taken as this newly painted BBMF (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight) Spitfire was returning from its maiden flight in D-Day colours.1407173573515_wps_33_Undated_MoD_handout_photo 

Each year stunning photographs of servicemen and women are published following the annual competition, which is judged by leading figures in the photographic industry. But this year, in a first for the Armed Forces, the public can have their say by voting in an online poll.

Judges have selected a shortlist of nine images from among the various categories of the competition, which admits entries from military and civilian photographers working in public relations for the RAF.  ‘A breath of fresh air’1407173518629_wps_32_Undated_MoD_handout_photo‘Shark Attack’: An RAF Typhoon appears like a shark… Images which lay bare the humanity and splendour of the RAF: Public to decide which best captures the essence of the service                Voting is online at    http://www.raf.mod.uk/photo-of-the-year-2014

Call me old-fashioned if you will; but, if I want a delicate tune knocked out I’ll call upon a Real Military Band, which follows that if I require ‘fast jet-close air support’ from a service that offers the same I would wish to see a Typhoon over my shoulder. Due to impending Government cut backs I will settle for a Spitfire. Sod the humanity and splendour, I’ll go for killing capability, and proven historic ability each and every time…      Yours Aye.     

N.B. RAF brylcreem boys are a sweet-scented delicate lot, so as not to hurt their feelings I have deliberately played down the tempo of this post, and not referred to them by their known military nickname 😉

Aircraft spotters almost greased

200px-Seal_of_the_Turkish_Air_Force.svgA low level approach by the ‘Solo Türk’ F 16 from the aerobatics display team of the Turkish Air Force (Türk Hava Kuvvetleri) at RAF Waddington Air Show 2014.

Low level approach by an F-16 of the ‘Solo Türk,’ aerobatics display team…

Last pic below; the ‘Solo Türk’ F 16 from the aerobatics display team of the Turkish Air Force when he isn’t being naughty!             Yours Aye.RAF WADDINGTON 2wave-1024x683

Iraqi Shiite Cleric Issues Call to Arms

BAGHDAD Friday 13th June 2014. The senior Shiite cleric in Iraq issued an urgent call to arms, telling all able-bodied Iraqis to help the government fight Sunni militants who have seized broad stretches of Iraqi territory.

The call was a sign of the growing desperation of the country’s Shiites and its shaky Shiite-led central government. In a statement read by a representative during Friday prayers, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani said it was “the legal and national responsibility of whoever can hold a weapon to hold it to defend the country, the citizens and the holy sites.”LiveLeak-dot-com-7da_1402662113-sayd_ali_alsistani_by_omahao-d3hrcpm_1402662119.png.resized.jpg

Ayatollah Sistani has enormous stature among Shiites, but he is also respected by Sunnis and members of other groups, in part because in 2006, in the darkest days of sectarian fighting in Iraq, he refrained from inflammatory language and repeatedly reached out to Sunnis, Kurds, the country’s Christians and other minorities. 

The ayatollah’s plea was directed at all Iraqis, but it was most likely to be heeded by Shiites, which could widen sectarian divisions in the country even further.

What is happening in Iraq and around it’s borders now pales into insignificance since the call to arms by Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani. He has now effected war against the Sunni’s, one of which the Sunni’s will take an almighty battering from the might of the Shiite’s.  Not even Joe Biden can out-wizard this one. 6a00d8341c630a53ef012877934779970c-600wiBiden in 2010: Iraq Will Be ‘One of the Greatest Achievements’ of This Administration…

What he should have said was Iraq Will Be ‘Just another monumental cock-up’ attributable to this Administration.       Yours Aye.

Robert Frettlohr. March 28 1924 ~ January 4 2014

Lost-Evidence-Monte-Cassino-7Robert Frettlohr was a German paratrooper left for dead at Monte Cassino who saved the reputation of the man who saved him. Robert Frettlohr, who has died aged 89, was a German paratrooper who was badly wounded and captured at Monte Cassino in Italy in 1944. Years later – having settled in Yorkshire with his English wife – he spoke out in defence of the Polish soldiers who had captured him when they were accused of a war crime. He was also an accomplished musician, and was a member of the first band to play at The Cavern, the Liverpool club made famous by The Beatles.frettlohr1

In May 1944 – having volunteered as a paratrooper because the food was considered better than elsewhere in the Luftwaffe – Frettlohr was a gefreiter (corporal) in the 4th Parachute Regiment, part of the elite 1st Parachute Division, which was tasked with defending the hilltop monastery of Monte Cassino. This Benedictine monastery, part of the German Gustav Line, withstood bloody assaults, bombardment and bombing before finally falling to troops of General Anders’s Polish Corps in May 1944. By then Frettlohr was a casualty, having been wounded in the leg by shellfire.

On the morning of May 18 a platoon of Polish Podolian Lancers of the 3rd Carpathian Division finally entered the courtyard of the monastery and rounded up 18 defenders. Ragged, unshaven and exhausted, the paratroopers were at first alarmed by the Polish eagles on their captors’ uniforms. The Polish platoon commander, Lieutenant Kazimierz Gurbiel, quickly reassured them that Poles did not execute prisoners, distributed cigarettes and gave orders for them to be taken to the rear.   Frettlohr left of picturefrettlohr5

He then descended to the crypt of St Benedict, where he was appalled to discover three wounded men lying close to the altar, among body parts and sacks containing the corpses of former comrades. One of these wounded was Robert Frettlohr. Placing the men in the care of a hospital orderly, Gurbiel then ascended into the fresh air – he and Frettlohr would not meet again for nearly 40 years.
Frettlohr was evacuated to a military hospital near Naples, and from there, via Egypt, to the United States. After the war he settled in England, and in 1950 married Sarah (Sally) Taylor. Her brother Tom – who had been at Monte Cassino with the British Army – was their best man. “Men who have been in the forces have a different understanding than what 
an ordinary person has,” he 
later said when explaining how he had been accepted by the family. Below: Kazimierz Gurbiel mid centre ‘facing camera’ and Robert Frettlohr – right

frettlohr2_2886898c In March 1983 a programme on German television claimed that the Polish troops commanded by Gurbiel had executed wounded German paratroopers in the monastery by machine-gunning them and cutting their throats. The German historian Alexander Tiplt cast doubt on the story , but the absence of a surviving witness made it difficult to establish the full facts. Frettlohr, by this time living at Tingley, near Wakefield, West Yorkshire attended a meeting of the Carpathian Association in London at which he identified Gurbiel from a photograph and testified to the good conduct of the Polish troops who had captured him. He followed this a few months later with a statement under oath that no Germans had been shot or had their throats cut, adding: “We were treated well by the Polish soldiers.” At Frettlohr’s request a meeting with Gurbiel was arranged at Frankfurt airport, where Frettlohr thanked the Pole for saving his life. The two former enemies talked for two hours and agreed to meet at Monte Cassino on the 40th anniversary of the battle, May 18 1984.

On that day, having attended Mass at the Monte Cassino Basilica, Gurbiel was mingling in the crowd in the courtyard outside when he heard a cry: “Gurbiel! It’s me, Frettlohr!” The two men fell into each other’s arms and went together down to the crypt where they had first met four decades earlier. Frettlohr and Gurbiel made plans to meet again at the 50th anniversary of the battle, but Gurbiel died in January 1992. Below: Monte Casino 1995


Robert Frettlohr was born in Duisburg-Meiderich on March 28 1924, and for most of his life in England worked for a plant hire firm in Yorkshire. In his spare time he played double bass with the Leeds-based White Eagles Jazz Band. Approached in Liverpool by a young jazz fan, Alan Sytner, the band went with him to a cellar in Mathew Street which he thought would make a good jazz club. Asked what they thought he should call it, two of the band declared: “It looks like a bloody cavern!” Thus was born one of the world’s most famous music venues. The White Eagles were the first band to play at The Cavern and did so regularly thereafter. Among those who watched them were The Beatles, then an unknown local group.

In his later years Frettlohr was closely involved with British ex-servicemen’s organisations and regularly attended Remembrance services. He became a naturalised British citizen in 1968. Robert Frettlohr’s wife predeceased him, and he is survived by their daughter.

Robert Frettlohr, born March 28 1924, ‘crossed the bar’ January 4 2014

By all accounts Robert Frettlohr was a remarkable gregarious man. A keen supporter of the Air Training Corps and a committee member of 868 (Mirfield) Squadron for about 20 years. He was widely known as a war veteran and was interviewed for many television documentaries and books, and was well-known and respected in the community. He also contributed to the British War Museum Archives and the Second World War Experience Centre, a vast archive based near Wetherby.            Yours Aye.

Robert Frettlohr of the German 1st Fallschirmjager Division describes the moment when Allied planes dropped their bombs on the monastery at Monte Cassino, one of the most controversial decisions of the war.

‘U Drive. U Text. U Pay’

article-2598962-1CE8D46A00000578-65_634x366Gruesome new U.S. advertising campaign uses shocking car crash scene to warn against the dangers of texting while driving. A shockingly, gruesome new ad campaign has been launched to show the potentially fatal danger of distracted driving. Using the slogan ‘U Drive. U Text. U Pay’, the $8.5million, government campaign will run across the U.S. from April 7 – 15. It will feature on TV, radio and in digital advertisements. article-2598962-1CE8D59F00000578-109_634x349The ad shows a teenage girl at the wheel of a car using her phone and chatting to friends before suddenly a truck appears out of nowhere, smashes into the side of the vehicle and causes catastrophic damage. More Here and a video clip  Gruesome new ad campaign uses shocking car crash scene to warn against the dangers of texting while driving

In My Humble Opinion: The more shocking the better! In fact a gruesome collection of the ‘end user aftermath’ of photographs and film clips ‘as used as in evidence by the Police and Coroners office’ should be enforced viewing upon novice drivers as part of the pre-driver training exam. It’s bad enough when those texting suffer the consequence of their stupidity, but taking out innocents through their actions ruins generations of family lives.      Yours Aye. 

Major Terence Murphy RM

Major Terence Murphy RM. Born August 27th 1934. Crossed The Bar November 6th 2013.murphy_2806346bMajor Terence Murphy, who has died aged 79, came up with the idea of a helicopter gunship and fought guerrillas in southern Africa before settling there. Murphy led 45 Commando’s Air Troop when, in March 1966, it was brought in during the Aden Emergency (1963-67). The senior of three RM pilots, Murphy was lent to the Army Air Corps and used Army helicopters for training in both mountainous territory and desert conditions. One exercise involved a tricky landing among rocks overlooking Aden’s Crater. Only when safely landed did Murphy point out the iron grid where the local Parsi left their dead for flocks of vultures to feast on.

Once, flying at fairly low-level over a desolate inland area in the unarmed Sioux helicopter, he saw a lone Arab on a hill raise his rifle and take aim. Feeling exposed, Murphy decided to fix a machine gun on the starboard side of the aircraft, allowing his pilots to fire back. Though attack helicopters were then in development in America, Murphy claimed that he was the first to arm helicopters in this way, and thus that he was the inventor of the modern attack helicopter. Terence Patrick Murphy was born at Grimsby on August 27 1934 and educated at Belmont Abbey, Herefordshire. He was commissioned into the Royal Marines in 1953 and after two tours in 40 Commando, he volunteered for flying training.FirstGPMGFlightAug1966He gained his wings in 1959, joining 806 Naval Air Squadron flying Seahawk jet fighters. The next year he made his first operational deck landing, on the fleet carrier Albion, becoming the first RM pilot to fly in a jet squadron. When the concept was developed of the assault ship carrying helicopter-borne marines, Murphy volunteered again and in 1961 became one of the first assault helicopter pilots (known as “junglies”), joining 848 Naval Air Station in the Commando carrier HMS Bulwark. After a tour on general duties in 43 Commando, he passed the instructors’ course at the RAF Central Flying School and joined the School of Army Aviation, where he became a helicopter instructor. He returned there following his service in Aden .

In 1966 Murphy attended Shrivenham for the General Staff Science course and then the Army Staff College, Camberley. Two years later he reluctantly went to the MoD as a desk officer, remaining there for two years before moving to Singapore as a company commander in 42 Commando. A couple of years later he decided to return to England overland with his wife, driving through India and Pakistan , Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey and Greece . In 1972 Murphy took command of 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadron (BAS), then considered to have a poor safety record. Two years later, at the end of his tour, the squadron won the Army Air Corps Flight Safety Trophy. He also set up annual mountain flying training at Saillagouse in the Pyrenees.

After leaving the Service in 1974, Murphy turned down an offer to become Aristotle Onassis’s personal pilot, and in August that year joined the Rhodesian Air Force, with which he flew during the closing years of the Rhodesian Bush War. After Zimbabwean Independence, he transferred to the South African Armed Forces, reaching the rank of colonel before retiring aged 61. During the interregnum between the Afrikaner government and the election of President Nelson Mandela, Murphy was recalled to command a camp of 7,000 ANC guerrillas and to integrate them into the new South African Army. In this he was aided by Gilbert Ramano, head of the armed wing of the ANC, who later became Chief of the Army.

Terence Joseph Patrick Murphy settled in Simon’s Town, Cape Province, where he enjoyed fishing and sailing. He married, in 1967, Brigitte Couët, who survives him with their three children.

RIP Royal.      Yours Aye.

Main obituary taken from The Telegraph