BT help desk – oxymoron.

The foreign call centre backlash claims another scalp as British Telecom pledges to answer 80% of customer enquiries in the UK by next year.250px-BT_Tower-1 The company’s U-turn comes after a consultation with the public which revealed that many complained about having to speak to an employee based in another country (that are very rarely understood due to their heavy accent). Earlier this week, a survey revealed that nearly half of people object to foreign call centres, making them the most common customer gripe when dealing with major companies. 

The company originated  through the founding of the ‘Electric Telegraph Company’ in 1846 – from where it’s reputation steadily soared – until 2003, when BT located its call centre ‘help desks’ to India. British Telecom’s ‘help desk’ is a true oxymoron…    Yours Aye.

A BattleJacket like no other

article-2029165-0D88D83900000578-601_634x401Spray-on BattleJacket gives fuel tanks instant protection. Military vehicles – that were blown up in their scores in Afghanistan and Iraq – will be better equipped to face future foes with “spray on” protection. 

A British company, Permali Gloucester, has won a deal to sell ‘BattleJacket’, a special polyurethane layer that immediately seals up bullet holes in fuel tanks. The sealant, developed by High Impact Technology in Portland, Oregon, could also be used to seal fuel tanks on aircraft to prevent them catching fire from runway debris.HIT-BJIn a recent operation an American  military fuel truck, coated in a thick layer of BattleJacket, was struck several hundred times by small arms fire during an ambush. The vehicle reached base without losing fuel. But when troops went to pump the fuel out the nozzle was blocked. The tap and filter were forced open and they found 600 bullets that had settled on the bottom of the tank. BattleJacket acts like a mechanical skin, healing itself within seconds of attack and sealing any entrance holes.

Quite an impressive piece of technology that has advanced over the years – the same should be enforced and applied to every military vehicle. All is required now is to convince Islamic extremists that it’s safe to drink – to provide an instant bullet proof battle jacket… Yours_Aye.

“How To get to Mars” in seven minutes

IMAX (ImageMaximum) cameras have been around since the 70’s. Though IMAX cameras and film stock are rarely used for mainstream films, as the cameras are heavy and the film stock is expensive. Fortunately since 2002, some feature films shot with digital cameras (or on regular 35mm film stock) have undergone IMAX Digital Media Remastering (DMR) processing for showing both in 70mm IMAX theatres, and in Digital IMAX theatres.Brass clown horn 

“How To get to Mars” A clip from the IMAX documentary “Roving Mars” from 2006. This is an edited short version that certainly impressed me; though I am but a simple Ex Bootneck, who is easily amused & attracted to shiny sparkly trinkets & things.

Give me a brass clown horn to toot and I’ll be your friend for life…   Yours_Aye.   Very Many Thanks to ‘The Jolly Roger’ for passing it forward. 

iScammers – Barstewards…

article-3162260-2A8F43B600000578-856_308x542The iScam: Con artists freeze iPad and iPhone users’ internet browsers and demand £50 to fix it… but there’s a 15-second DIY remedy.

Apple users are under threat from an iPhone scam that sees them urged to call a number and pay up to £50 for a fix – or all their details will be stolen, it can be revealed. The issue – which appears to have started in the US at least nine months ago but has since spread to Britain – sees a ‘crash report’ message pop up while users are on the Safari internet app. The message appearing on the screen says: ‘Warning iOS Crash Report – Due to a third-party application in your phone, iOS crashed. Contact support for an immediate fix.’

Users are then told to call one of a list of numbers – ‘1-800-480-4170’ in the US or ‘0800 279 6211’ or ‘0800 652 4895’ in the UK – and someone will then ask for their credit card details to make a payment to solve the issue. The person answering the phone says a third-party has been removing all their details from their handset – and this can only be stopped by paying up to £30 ($47) in Britain, or $80 (£51) in the US.

If your Apple device is frozen by this warning message, take these steps:
* Press the Home button to exit Safari
* In Settings, enter Airplane Mode
* In Settings, look for Safari settings, and clear your internet browsing history and cookies. Reopen Safari and the pop-up warning should have gone – If it has, take your device out of Airplane Mode.

Con artists freeze iPad and iPhone users’ internet browsers and demand £50 to fix it

If this post helps but one poor soul, it was worth the effort.    Yours_Aye.

Aviatophobia? Look Away Now!

Incredible footage of Boeing Dreamliner shooting straight up into the sky instantly from take off as pilots prepare for air show. Amazing scenes as a Boeing 787 Dreamliner pilot pushes the jet into a steep climb just seconds after the passenger aircraft takes off in advance of the 2015 Paris Airshow.298B81E200000578-0-image-a-39_1434048840626 The test pilots pushed the aircraft into a climb far steeper than anything that would normally be attempted during an ordinary passenger service in an effort to show the advanced aircraft’s incredible capabilities. Aircraft took off from Washington and performed a range of incredibly complex manoeuvres

‘Mother of Gawd!’ I’d pay for a full flight ticket just to have a window seat on the steep aerobatics climb…  “Ladies & Gentlemen please fasten yarhooooooooo!”   Yours Aye.

To Infinity & Beyond – Go Navy

US Navy tests its electromagnetic catapult: New device is capable of hurling 80,000lb fighter jets into the sky at 240mph. Dubbed the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, or Emals, the idea behind the technology is to replace existing steam catapults used to launch planes. While steam catapults can give fighters the extra boost they need to take off, they are heavy and cause stress to a fighter plane’s systems. The ‘dead-load’ was recently launched aboard the Gerald R. Ford carrier into the James River in Virginia297C749B00000578-0-image-a-6_1433889054321

A recent test of ‘Emals’ proved that it can haul up to 80,000lbs (36,300kg) of dead load steel into the air. For comparison an F-35 has a maximum takeoff weight of 60,000lb (27,000kg). Test showed the electromagnetic catapult provided much smoother acceleration, placing less stress on the aircraft.

According to Air and Space, an electromagnetic catapult can launch every 45 seconds. Sounds like a win-win for the USN as well as the taxpayer, perhaps even for the poor sods who occupy the cabins directly below the flight deck.   Yours Aye.

Temporary problem…

It would appear the good ship Mellow Jihadi has run aground on a submerged sand bar! Flares have been sent up, and signals despatched to the techies of WordPress. It is hoped we will be afloat on the next high tide – meanwhile we’ll double the watch, and keep an eye out of for pirates, gypsies, tramps and thieves…      Yours Aye.

Blowing £3,800 – $5,806 on a tent?

2934FC4A00000578-3104091-image-m-55_1433023777387Would you blow £3,800/$5,806 on an inflatable tent? Ingenious new design by a German company promises ‘intuitive and extremely fast pitching.’ 

‘Heimplanet’ have three blow-up tents in their range, which cost from £280 for the basic two-man model to £3,800 for their most advanced base camp-style structure.

That ‘Maverick’ shown here is a staggering 200 times more expensive than some of the cheapest standard tents on the market – but is claimed to be ‘extremely stable and robust’ in every weather condition, including wind speeds higher than 110mph – equivalent to a category-two hurricane… Heimplanet boast their tents will shelter you from elements in four minutesSWB Series 3 Landrover

I’ll stick with my Terra Nova Goretex double hooped Bivi that I can pitch up in four minutes, even when the weather is blowing a hooligan…

And it just so happens I know of someone who is desperate to get rid of his ‘ex-military Short Wheel Base ½ Ton – Series III Lightweight Air Portable Land Rover’ (not the one pictured but still an excellent runner for  £3,350) So against the price of an ‘arty-farty’ blow up tent – one could purchase a brand new Terra Nova Bivi, as well as a classic Landrover and still have £100 left over for a cracking adventure.       Yours Aye.

‘Jock Strap’ is not a Scotsman

292C3D6800000578-3102233-image-a-27_1432895523348Entrepreneur who is crowd-funding for a bulletproof groin guard puts his money where his mouth is – sort of!  Businessman volunteered to be shot in the groin with a rifle

Jeremiah Raber can be seen nervously standing next to a tree as friend Matt Heck takes aim in St Louis, Missouri. Footage shows the 38-year-old taping an ‘X’ on to one of his company’s groin protectors before he places it underneath his jeans in a bid to show it really is ‘the strongest jockstrap in the world’. Wants to raise publicity about his campaign to raise $30,000 for Nutshellz

It brought tears to my eyes…      Yours Aye.

Single seat Faraday Cage req’d

article-3084856-28C715BE00000578-878_636x382Chris Roberts, the founder of One World Labs, told an FBI agent earlier this year that he had deliberately hacked a plane’s in-flight entertainment system (IFE) while aboard the aircraft, a search warrant by the agency claims. He also alleged to have overwritten code on the plane’s Thrust Management Computer, allowing him to issue a climb command and make the plane swerve sideways, according to the affidavit.

Roberts was detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last month after he tweeted that he might hack into the onboard systems of the domestic United Airlines flight that he was traveling on. “He said that he successfully commanded the system he had accessed to issue the “CLB” or climb command,… He stated that he thereby caused one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a sideways movement” FBI Affidavit.

Being a ‘boots on the ground’ sort of a chap – I have no idea whether this is just total blather – or whether there is merit in what has been stated. My instinct runs with total blather, and some free advertising for One World Labs…     Yours Aye.

BillyBoxes. Bespoke & built in Austin TX

Most truck boxes are just an empty bin. Industrial-strength BillyBoxes have adjustable dividers, tool holders, LED lighting and a security system. Options include V-grips for guns and rods and even an audio system. Built in Austin, TX.

Gawd strewth; until I viewed this BillyBox advert, I had no idea I required one!  Yours Aye.

High tech Vs ISIS cave dwellers

Boeing patent reveals plans for Star Trek-style FORCE FIELD: Device would protect vehicles and buildings from explosion shockwaves. A force field that can protect vehicles from the destructive blast-waves thrown out by explosions is being developed by aircraft manufacturer Boeing.boeing patentThe company has been granted a patent for a device that appears to work like the fictional shields seen in science fiction movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. The system works by using an ‘arc generator’ to rapidly heat the air in front of a shockwave creating a cloud of electrically charged gas. The ‘arc generator’ uses lasers, microwaves or electric current to ionise the air in front of the shockwave so it deflects & reflects energy from the explosion

This in addition to; The ARMOUR that can repel direct incoming fire: 
British military scientists have been working on a new type of armour designed to repel incoming fire from vehicles. The armour, developed by researchers at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) would use pulses of electrical energy to defelct rockets, shrapnel and other ammunition that might damage a vehicle. Engineers behind the technology claim it is possible to incorporate supercapacitors into the body of a tank or armoured personnel carrier to turn it into a kind of giant battery.defence-science-and-technology-laboratory-dstl-testing-electric-armour-740x555

When incoming fire is detected, the energy stored in the supercapacitor can be rapidly dumped onto the metal plating on the outside of the vehicle, producing a strong electromagnetic field that creates a momentary forecfield capable of repelling incoming metal. If timed correctly, the scientists behind the technology say it could help to prevent rocket propelled grenades and shells that detonate on impact from reaching their target. (DSTL), testing electric armour on an armoured personnel carrier at one their test range facilities


Meanwhile in the ‘wannabe’ Caliphate: ISIS militants destroy ancient artefacts using dated technology… And there we have it – the writing is on the wall for ISIS to take heed, that is, unless they have already destroyed the wall. Their end is nigh – their destruction is overdue! Yours Aye.

Brand name-gullible-mindless-sheeple

True cost and sound quality of ‘Dre Beats’ headphones revealedNew York Yankees v Boston Red Sox* Headphone designers estimate cost of making fancy headset could be $14 * Cheapest Beats headphones cost $200 and price goes as high as $700  * Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre created $3.2billion company in the mid-2000s * It was sold to Apple in May of 2014 and they are now company employees  * Deal included $2.6billion in cash and approximately $400million in stock.

YorkshireGlassStorageJar_1024x1024It may cost more to get your haircut than it does to make a pair of Dre Beats headphones. 

Unsurprisingly; during an audio test of 18 of the top-selling headphone brands TIME Magazine ranked Beats as the second-to-worst entry in terms of sound quality.  Brand name-gullible-mindless-sheeple…

Which leads me on to my money spinner: “Essence of Yorkshire!” Yorkshire glass storage jars – containing pure Yorkshire air – bottled at source on the Yorkshire Moors at midnight. Followed by a canine version; “Essence of Nipper” Dog breath bottled first thing in the morning after his ‘ease springs’ leg stretch.  £150 GBP / $221 USD. Yours Aye.

Hearing hands – video call centre

Muharrem Yazgan is a regular guy who suffers from hearing loss. Normally, communication with strangers is a challenge for him, but on this particular day he noticed something very different about his city. The touching stunt was set in motion by Muharrem’s sister, who helped Samsung and fellow residents pull it off, which allowed Muharrem to have one day without barriers…

Positive marketing by Samsung, but what they now offer is an incredible lifeline to a lot of people who are hearing impaired. You may well be surprised at how many recent armed forces veterans would benefit from a video call centre  – just to get through the daily grind of life. We should never take what we have for granted.   Yours Aye.