Boxing; the mix of two bruisers

Manny Pacquiao narrowly loses fight of the century to Floyd Mayweather. (Watched over by a cattle market of celebrities)284283CD00000578-3065867-image-a-93_1430630614069

Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao battled through a closely fought 12 rounds, but the American came out on top.

I believe Floyd Mayweather was the better boxer on the night. However; It is my humble opinion that  Manny Pacquiao is a far better man and a decent human being, which is something Mayweather will never be.  I’m an ardent follower of boxing (and rugby, in equal measures) sadly the gentlemanly art of boxing has turned into a vulgar celebrity sport that has rendered itself inaccessible to the poor. The likes of Don King started the slippery slope –  John L. Sullivan will be turning in his grave…       Yours Aye.

Germany. World Cup Champions 2014

Germany are World Cup Football Champions after dramatic 1-0 victory over Argentina when they finally score deep into extra time in Brazil. Germany’s Mario Gotze scored with a brilliant finish to win the World Cup for Germany tonight, as his team beat Argentina 1-0 in the hotly contested final.article-2690667-1F9F9CD200000578-543_964x393Germany’s Mario Gotze scored with a brilliant finish to win the World Cup for Germany tonight, as his team beat Argentina 1-0 in the hotly contested final.  The Bayern Munich star coolly slotted home to score in the 113th minute, after his team had been battled long into extra time in their bid to take home the famous trophy for the fourth time – the first time as a unified nation. Midfielder Gotze, 22, came on as a substitute to net the winner, controlling the ball with his chest before volleying it into the Argentine goal, making the Germans the first European team to win the title in South America. Germany are World Cup Football Champions after dramatic 1-0 victory over Argentina

As I have mentioned before; my preference is not for the sport of the round football, it is for the game of rugby (played by hooligans, watched by gentlemen!)Sour faced president However; under the circumstances I would like to congratulate Germany on a magnificent goal, and a true hearty well done to the German side overall.

Your action has blocked the insufferable, odious, sour faced Argentinean President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerin from crowing from upon high. The platform opportunity from which she would have mentioned the Falkland Islands once again. If you want the islands, try and take them, I guarantee it will result in a two nil victory… Yours Aye.

Could you hear a pin drop?

Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man – Room of silence How far would you go for your team, with everything on the line? Room of SilenceFOX Sports 1 invited members from a Seattle Youth Football League to watch the NFC Championship between their hometown Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers and proposed a challenge. If they could stay completely silent for the entire game — no talking, no cheering — they stood to win a cash prize of $5,000- for new equipment and improvements to their facilities. Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man – Room of Silence – Shhhhh!England-Mike-Tindall-007

If the offer was made in my home, during an England V France game in the Rugby Union Six Nations tournament, then the kids would be going without!      Yours Aye.

Ski-ing down hill-negative snow

Ski-ing in woodlandThrough past years of Mountain & Arctic Warfare training I’ve ski-id downhill and mountain, as well as cross-country; I’ve even ski-id into the iced waters of a frozen river as part of survival training. But I have never ever ski-id down hill through a forest in summer; hats off to Zack Giffin and Karl Fostvedt for doing just that in the following clip. What wax were they using? 45 COMMANDO ROYAL MARINES WINTER DEPLOYMENT 2010

Forest Ski Segment From Valhalla Lets see them do it with a set of RM issued ‘planks,’ carrying a 120Ib Bergan, chest webbing, and rifle, whilst pulling a 200Ib pulk. Its how I learned to breathe through every body orifice… Yours Aye.

Chinese Chicken and James Kirk

In a forum on bike riding, a cyclist from Hong Kong wrote the following confession:

hi, i am a 36 years old Hongkongese living in Hong Kong. For cycling, I eat some chinese foods that you may find awful.

For example, chicken legs. Southern Chinese eat chicken legs. There are many ways to cook chicken legs. The chicken legs i eat are done in the way whereby you submerge them in vinega for a prolonged period of time so it is very softened. You take out the bones and you eat the whole of it except the crawls. It is said that it is rich in collagen and is good for your skeletal-muscular system.

Another thing is cow’s tendon. The usual ways people here eat cow’s tendon by boiling them in soup, and then serve with soup noodle. In chinese medicine theory, cow’s tendone is good for aerobic capacity, and the collagen is also good for skin and skeletal-muscular system.

I am not sure if they would serve it in your nearby china town (if you are intereted in trying at all). When i was studying London i could find them.

In Navy news, the skipper of the new USS Zumwalt is Capt. James Kirk. No really, Capt James Kirk. (Hand Salute for the link: Lauren. Thanks!)

Hermaphrodite steroid induced

Londoner Ms. Candice Armstrong, 28, has a man’s body because of her steroid abuse, she won’t stop taking the drug and thinks it has improved her life. Side effects include body hair, acne, and a tiny penis instead of a clitoris…  ‘Steroids turned me into a man!': The female bodybuilder whose drug habit left her with male ‘bits’ and facial hairarticle-2471523-18E9C10D00000578-452_636x435Steroid abuse and its shocking effect. ‘What ever floats your boat Candice, but it’s not big and it’s not clever’… And when your heart gives out and your sat in a hospital bed recovering, then find yourself confined to a wheel chair for the rest of your life (with a ticking heart time bomb), just thank the every day tax payer for your selfishness.  Yours Aye

A negative to a positive


Who’s laughing now? Suicidal 33 stone man who was asked to leave a bar after making girls ‘feel sick’ sheds 18 stone to transform himself into a personal trainer called Mr Muscles  Mike Waudby, 31, from Hull, East Yorkshire, weighed in at 33st and was so depressed about his size that he attempted to end his own life. He has now shed 18st (252 Ibs) using just a cross-trainer. But surviving the suicide attempt proved to be a turning point for Mike, who has since lost over half his bodyweight. Now a personal trainer and nicknamed Mr Muscles, Mike, 31,is urging others not to get into the same situation he found himself in.

Any form of bullying is despicable, I greatly admire those that are able to turn a negative into a positive. Sadly there are far too many instances where those less fortunate have buckled under the pressure forced upon them. Bullying is a hate crime, and totally unacceptable.                        Yours Aye

Me Lads in Liverpool

Liverpool FCI’ll have you know that I bleed Liverpool red. (Quick confession before this blogpost gets any further, I am not entirely sure where the Liverpudlians live. Heading over to a map to check ‘er out. Ah yes, got it. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.)

Being in the Navy, I am the mercy of whatever television programming is on the American Forces Network (AFN.) And Fox Sports is playing (over and over) the teevee show Being: Liverpool. I’ve seen all six episodes, some of them 3 times (or more): 

1. Silver Shovel: Liverpool Football Club is in free-fall at the end of last season when a club-wide re-org is kicked off with the naming of new manager, Brendan Rodgers. Under the watch of a new regime the team re-gathers at Melwood training facility to prepare for pre-season. Lucas Leiva, Luis Suárez, Jon Flanagan, Charlie Adam, and new signing Fabio Borini travel to Boston to begin Liverpool’s summer friendly tour. A new era begins.
2. On the Road: Brendan Rodgers begins to rebuild Liverpool Football Club from the inside out, on-the-road as they face Toronto FC(Brendan’s first match as manager). The club then faces Roma in the shadow of The Green Monster as Fenway Park is transformed into a football stadium. The players take some time off for fun during their U.S. tour. Andy Carroll and Steven Gerrard return from their tour of duty on the England national team.
3. Anfield Calling: Home at last. With the start of the Premier League season in their sights, the transfer window looms while the team takes onFC Gomel to qualify for the 2012–13 UEFA Europa League. Backstage at Anfield with Ian Ayre, Steve Gerrard, Lucas Leiva and Luis Suárez. New players join the club.
4. To Bleed Red: Expectations and team spirit are put to the test as the buildup and the hard, cold aftermath of the club’s season opener against West Brom are measured. Follow Jamie Carragher and his son at the Youth Academy, and new manager Rodgers breaks down the X’s and O’s of the West Brom match with an eye towards the club’s home opener against the Premier League champions, Manchester City.
5. Walk On: The clock counts down from 48 hours to the match against Manchester City for the first match of the Premier League season on the hallowed pitch at Anfield.
6. Red Crusade: The Manchester City match from kick-off to the end, and the aftermath, as it’s never been seen before. Learn why Liverpool and their fans “Never Walk Alone”.

I am a Scouser from way back. (Way back = 1 whole week.) I’ll never walk alone again…

Running the Manitou Incline

I am leaving the States early next week for Japan and I thought I’d run my home trail one more time. I ran it hard, my legs feel like jelly. The short loop is about five miles, including the first mile which rises close to 800 feet. I can’t imagine it being double, like Manitou:

But one of the best conditioning courses you’ll find there comes courtesy of Coach Mother Nature. Dubbed the Manitou Incline, it’s billed as “one of the most challenging recreation sites in the nation.”

At the end of the day, it’s just a trail up a mountain — the first leg up Pike’s Peak — but oh, what a trail, says Army Capt. Aaron Berg.

“The Incline is a very challenging workout. Regardless of the pace you take, it will smoke you,” he says.

It’s only a mile long, but you’ll rack up 2,000 feet of elevation gain as your legs turn to wobbly mush.

“There is nothing like the Incline,” says Krys Bankard, a fitness instructor at the Fort Carson Army Wellness Center. “It’s beyond challenging, to the point of being addicting — whether it’s to beat your best time, the person in front of you or a friend, or to just push yourself beyond what you thought was your threshold.”

Is it sick that I want to run it?

Kickalicious Gets a Kick Outta the Lions

You gotta love nick-names. I’ve a couple, some I’ll admit and one or two that I won’t. And I kind of like Havard Rugland’s. They call him Kickalicious:

Of all the good things we saw Friday night from the Detroit Lions’ revamped special teams, Havard Rugland’s performance was probably the least relevant. It’s nice that he converted two long field goals in the second half of a 26-17 victory over the New York Jets, but let’s face it. Chances are remote that the Lions will choose a place-kicker who is entirely new to the game over veteran David Akers, especially in this win-or-else season…

If nothing else, we’ve learned that “Kickalicious” is not a gimmick. He might have drawn the Lions’ attention through a now-viral YouTube video of trick kicks, but Friday night capped a camp performance that has suggested increasing legitimacy each day. In addition to hitting from 49 and 50 yards, Rugland also had two high kickoffs that allowed the Lions’ coverage team to stop the Jets’ returners short of the 25-yard line.

Wow, he got a try-out through a YouTube video. Kickalicious indeed.

O’Reilly: Shifting to Left Wing Is a Good New Challenge

What do you think of when you read this article title: O’Reilly: Shifting to left wing is ‘a good new challenge.’ My thoughts, O’Reilly is Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. And left wing is progressivism. Not quite:

When the Colorado Avalanche took center Nathan MacKinnon with the first overall pick in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, it created a logjam up the middle. The Avalanche’s new head coach, Patrick Roy, quickly revealed that he would address that issue by shifting Ryan O’Reilly from center to the left wing.

Hmmmm, okay. I prefer the hockey version and not the political one.

Mannings Rapping

Yahoo is currently trending Mannings rapping. I took one look at it and my blood started to boil. What the h-e-l-l is Bradley Manning rapping from the brig for? Ah, going to the article, I see it’s some other Mannings:

Football on Your Phone, Peyton and Eli Manning

Football on Your Phone, Peyton and Eli Manning

There’s a reason that Eli and Peyton Manning are good pitchmen. The quarterbacking brothers have a good comedic delivery, and they don’t take themselves seriously.

And, they push the whole “don’t take themselves seriously” thing to the extreme in their new commercial.

Eli and Peyton are rap about the multi-platform capability of DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket in “Football on Your Phone,” and even though it is ridiculous, it will probably stick in your head.

No rapping for you, Private Manning

CDR Frost, Herschel Walker, and Some Other Guy

Lean on me, Im a Marine

Marine Lance Corporal Myles Kerr, 19, created a heart-warming moment when he dropped back in a race in Michigan to support nine-year-old Boden Fuchs, who had lost the rest of his group.article-2382356-1B17D987000005DC-225_636x448

Boden asked the Marine “Sir, will you please run with me”? Lance Corporal Kerr answered the call, and ran alongside Boden, encouraging him all the way to the finish line. Never leave a young man behind: Photo of marine who slowed down to help a boy, 9, finish a 5k race inspires millions  It is great to know that the tradition of both Corps, USMC & RM stands true. 

Yours Aye.

I Buy a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine

Coco Exposed Wheatgrass

Coco Exposed Wheatgrass

Yesterday, I had a minor health scare. After a hard hour-and-a-half workout, I noticed that I started to go visually blind on my right side. I recognized what was going, stopped working out, and began drinking coconut water, a sports drink. I showered, left the gym, and sat in my car. And guzzled 48 more ounces of the stuff. (It’s a wheatgrass, aloe, coconut water thing. A good source of potassium.) I then noticed that I was losing slight feeling in my right side and my hearing was ebbing. I really hoped I was just short of electrolytes. (I also ate three quick nutritional bars, I was somehow famished.)

My plan for the day was to buy a piece of gym equipment off Craigslist, known as the Power Step Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machine, something I could take to Japan. I am a little bit of wheeler and a dealer, so my strategy was to bargain with the owner. And knock some money off the price. When I had called her the prior night, it turned out to be owned by an 86 year-old woman. And I just had no heart of bare-knuckle deal with her. I paid full price which was still 33% of retail for a machine used three times. Don’t laugh, Whole Body Vibration is really relaxing:

Power Step Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine

Power Step Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine

As the plate vibrates (Oscilates) under the users feet, muscles are forced to relax and contract subconciously in order to maintain balance and stability. The users own body weight acts as the resistance, causing the body to burn calories quickly and efficiently….

Unlike any other exercise machine, you can do anything from just standing on the plate, up to a full body workout (replacing that trip to the gym). Since we are already providing more repetition than your body is capable of on its own, any extra weight you add becomes that much more effective. By focusing more weight on your arms for a push up (hands on vibration plate), not only can you build strength and muscle, our added repetitions will tone and firm at the same time!!

Truly, WBV is very invigorating. Do I expect it to make me stronger or more toned? Not really, but I do like its relaxing properties. It would be ideal for kids or adults with autism disorders; it really grounds you into your body. I am not a doctor, but I can see practical application for all sorts of ADD/ADHD afflictions.

Power Step Wave Vibration

Power Step Wave Vibration

As I called the owner of my new piece of gear to confirm the pick-up time, I noticed I could not string two words together. My mind was not working properly. My IQ felt in the low 60s. Long story short: I sat in my car for awhile as my body recuperated. In thirty minutes, I was nearly back to tip-top shape.

I ended up spending a good part of the morning rearranging the elderly lady’s living room. (Who wheeled and dealed with whom?) After I bought her WBV machine, she needed some assistance moving her furniture. And I am a sucker for helping folks. I enjoyed it, she was very sweet. I brought my machine home and went to bed at 8 that night. I got to remember to drink more when I work out. That was slightly scary. I’ve had it happen once before, in high school, when I got dehydrated running cross-country. Some fluids and I was good to go then too…