Oh For Gawd’s Sake…

‘That is one of the filthiest, most derogatory and sinful uses of the Lord’s name I can think of’: Women who cry out God’s name during sex should be jailed. 29D587FF00000578-0-image-a-3_1434891466743 

Dr John Hagee, the founder and senior pastor of the Cornerstone Church, said that ‘there is no greater sin in terms of wrongly using God’s name than women who use it during sex’. ‘That is one of the filthiest, most derogatory and sinful uses of the Lord’s name I can think of. ‘If it were up to me, I would put every single woman or girl who does that in jail.’2013-10-08-GetInline1 

He pointed to several sections of the Bible in which the book denounced the taking of God’s name in vain during an interview released last week.

So when did Dr Hagee copyright the word God for his religious use? Each following category has at least several God’s of varying descriptions (20 in Celtic Mythology!)

African mythology. Armenian mythology. Aztec mythology. Berber mythology. Celtic mythology. Chinese mythology. Continental Germanic mythology. Egyptian mythology. Etruscan mythology. Greek mythology. Hawaiian mythology. Hinduism. Hittite mythology. Hungarian mythology. Japanese mythology. Māori mythology. Maya mythology. Mesopotamian mythology. Mongolian shamanism. Native American mythology. Norse mythology. Nuristani mythology. Paleo-Balkan mythology. Polynesian mythology. Roman mythology. Semitic mythology. Slavic mythology. Vietnamese mythology. Vodou… 

Ok, so I’m being a little facetious – But he started it!    Yours Aye.

Mossad: Something is afoot!

British Muslim campaigner Asghar Bukhari faces online ridicule after he claimed ‘Zionists’ had sneaked into his home and stolen a single shoe. In a public Facebook post, Asghar Bukhari, a founding member of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK, said someone had tried to intimidate him by taking his footwear as he slept. He wrote: the ‘game was simple – to make me feel vulnerable in my own home’, before adding ‘it is not the first time I have heard this happening’. He ended by urging readers to share the message.

British Muslim campaigner claims ‘Zionists’ stole a single shoe as he slept…?



Asghar Bukhari is a burbling bumbling buffoon who is absolutely serious in his rantings… The man’s nuttier than a fruit cake – time for his medication methinks.   Yours Aye.

Hell hath no fury…

woman-scornedLike a woman scorned! Researchers found that being rejected by an attractive man actually makes a woman more likely to turn down an unattractive one. 

It is as if distancing herself from the unattractive man helps her retain the idea that she is high status, cushioning the blow of the rejection. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

For those who didn’t know – you do now! Which makes me wonder who William Congreve p****d off way back in 1697?      Yours Aye.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse?

Driving tests in foreign languages to be banned to stop learners cheating! Learner drivers are to be banned from taking road tests in a foreign language to crack down on fraud and boost safety. From early next year candidates will no longer be able to use prerecorded foreign language voice-overs – which are used to read out questions – or interpreters in theory and practical tests. The decision by Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin follows a spate of fraud convictions involving ‘back seat’ interpreters who help their clients cheat by using the foreign language to give covert coaching.BSM driving lessonsDriving tests in foreign languages to be banned to stop learners cheating! Whitehall sources said the fraud scandal was ‘yet another problem the last Labour government failed to tackle’. In 2007, Labour transport minister Jim Fitzpatrick said of the interpreting scheme: “This system works well and we have no evidence to suggest that it is being abused.I almost spat a mouthful of tea over the dogs when I read the article… This is the first I have heard of it, but since 2009 around 1,000 licences have been revoked due to fraud during tests. Which is a drop in the ocean to those still driving with a licence generated through fraud. When is this country going to wake up to the fact that English is our first language, not urdu, or polish or any other European/Asian tongue.                        Yours Aye.

An £80- on the ‘spit’ fine…

One of my major pet hates is to see people spitting in public, even worse is to see the result of such on the street. Its a disease spreading act and totally anti-social. Imagine my surprise and delight to read the following.     Pair of men caught spitting are first to be prosecuted in Britain under LITTERING laws and are fined £300 each     article-2430724-183B85D200000578-478_634x456Yobs who spit in public can now be prosecuted for littering after a council won a landmark legal ruling. In a test case, two men failed in their challenge of a local authority policy to impose £80 on-the-spot fines on them. Magistrates upheld the council’s decision that spitting could be prosecuted under anti-litter legislation – giving a green light for other councils to follow suit. The men were ordered to pay £300 each including double their original fines and legal costs.          

Attitude and pure arrogance = £300- Smug smile wiped off their face = priceless.         Yours Aye.

Harsh as it may seem…

I’m a big believer in charity begins at home. We have sufficient problems to sort out around our own Island, both social, as well as financial, before we start throwing £ Billions at other countries around the world in the way of ‘foreign aid’. Generally such ‘give away funding’ is an unofficial way of politically greasing the palm of governments, or at least those within who overtly act against Great Britain’s interests, yet covertly take the Queens shilling to assist when we require them to turn a blind eye, or cast a vote in our favour. Take Nigeria as an example, the UK gives £1bn in aid to assist them in joining the space race, and yet its corrupt officials allow £2bn of oil to be stolen every year? article-2426122-02FF754D0000044D-984_634x417For the above, please cut; Great Britain, UK and the Queens shilling. And paste; the U.S,  Obama, and the $USD. The same ‘greased palm’ concept is applicable.    Yours Aye.

Profuse apologies to one and all

My profuse apologies to one and all for the shortfall of browsing materialUnfortunately today has been spent pushing an elephant up the stairs. It started this morning just after I opened the mail, one letter of which was from my power supply company dated ‘Thursday 22nd August 2013’ Delivered four weeks late?
Due to essential maintenance in your area the power supply to your property will be cut off between the hours of 9-am to 4:30-pm on Thursday 12th September. We are sorry for any inconvenience this will cause
Just then the power chopped, plunging the house into total silence, the water boiling in the kettle, ebbed and died, the sliced bread in the toaster remained as sliced bread, the morning news popped off, and came back on as the early evening news. My mobile phone that was down to 33% remained so, until the magical national grid button was pressed once more.
Thank you apple for inventing the ten hour battery ipad, the device kept me sane throughout the day. My canine pals would also like to thank my power company, as they thoroughly enjoyed their additional field time. (Truth be known, so did I, it was a great break totally unexpected) 😉            Yours Aye.

An old Northern fossil…

Having returned from an early walk at 07:00 hrs, I was surprised to hear ‘Sarah’ politely requesting a caller to leave a message after the beep. As I had to attend to the canine’s needs and wants after an epic patrol, I allowed the caller to leave their communique. Settling into my breakfast routine, I hit the button to listen in to the potential wit and wisdom of what I thought would be from an international business associate; it was not so.

article-2413653-1BA7D105000005DC-962_634x318The message was an abusive rant from a very good mate who works abroad, in and around Europe. Who does very little except flex his muscles when protecting a high profile female ‘celebrity’, and never stops talking about it. Or maintains a low profile when the principle is a lightly-scented-French-male-fashion-designer, of which very little is mentioned…

Without going into the nuts & bolts of the whole message, it was a reference towards me being a fossil of sorts, as it has been reported in the UK’s newspapers that ‘Britain’s oldest Northerner’ has been discovered inside a Cumbrian cave, some thing he thought hilarious. As Marines we ‘yomped’ across the Cumbrian landscape numerous times over the years, part of Hadrian’s wall runs through it. On one of our many adventures we had to resort to an over night stop in Lacy’s Caves, Cumbria, as we were caught in a huge electrical thunderstorm that rolled on for hours. It was getting dark in the cave as we unpacked our bergans of food and gonk bags, one of my throw away comments as I lit a storm candle was “I would hate to die in a cave, and remain undiscovered“, normal banter ensued between us with never a reference to my simple sentence, until now. The man has the memory of an elephant, and he will pay dearly for his mockery…            Yours Aye.

Vetting procedure failure

Vetting procedure failure within Government, and its agencies, is more common than what the average person in the street realises. It is truly hoped that high level vetting for the top end government positions is more than adequate, and fit for its intended purpose. Homeland Security worker on paid leave after it’s discovered he runs a radical website that calls on black people to ‘kill more whites than our Christian hearts can count’ article-0-1B721A67000005DC-420_634x340

Alleged racist; Ayo Kimathi, acquisitions officer for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. (Unbelievable, on paid leave, it seriously smells of Union involvement)! ice_acquia_marina_fusion_logo

Placements at the lower level of government offers peanuts as payment, where upon monkeys, more often than not, apply for the job. Through personal high level security experience, I know that government agencies no longer have the resources, or the funding to conduct such vetting. They have long outsourced to civillian agencies at a greatly reduced rate, and then rely upon them to move mountains in researching an applicant. The cheaper and faster the search, the more profit for the civvie agency. Edward Snowden, Bradley ‘call me Chelsea’ Manning are prime examples…

imagesIt is not unknown for civvie agencies to outsource and subcontract to a secondary agency, who in turn resort to scattering chicken bones across the applicants name, chanting mantras as smoke is fanned with chicken feathers; checking a crystal ball as well as the tea leaves in a cup is so yesterday, and far less accurate! (OK, I made the last short paragraph up, but it is not that far from the truth, believe me, I have seen the bastardised results of a square peg in a round hole). images-1

Over here in the UK, we endured a serious break down in immigration several years ago, concerning legal and illegal immigrants (too big to fix, even to this day), now hampered by the Human Rights Law of Strasbourg. The grossly inept Labour Government run by Tony B’liar, had no idea how many immigrants had entered the country as they relaxed border controls allowing foreign (wanted, on the run) criminals, crooks, fraudsters, as well as terrorists, to enter the UK and settle down. Home Office in Disarray – Immigration Matters Charles Clarke the incumbent Home Secretary, even had illegal immigrants working as domestic cleaners within the Home Office building… Pass the smelling salts vicar, I feel faint!.         Yours Aye.

It is my own humble opinion

That the United Nations is nothing more than a glorified coffee shop for international business meetingsimagesCorruption of varying degrees is found at every level within its corridors of self-imposed power, which trickles out daily; interwoven with the money intended for aid into various third-world countries around the world. Potentially it has teeth, but the political muzzle that binds its jaws tightly has stopped it biting or puncturing a worldwide domestic problem successfully. Africa being a glaring example for all to see…633880615975213830-unitednations

The world is waking up this morning to an atrocity that requires the full investigative powers of the the U.N. Followed by a swift reaction against those responsible  The town that never woke up: Inside the devastated Damascus suburb where 1,300 innocent Syrians were gassed in their beds *Disturbing photos taken today show the aftermath of the deadly chemical weapons unleashed on a suburb. *Bodies of men, women and children are piled high in makeshift morgues as those who escaped fight for their lives. *Activists claim that government forces are firing rockets at neighbourhoods on eastern outskirts of Damascus today. *Devastating attack that killed hundreds prompts protests and vigils from around the world. *President Bashar Assad’s government denies using rockets to release fatal fumes over suburb. *U.S., Britain and France demand a U.N. team should be allowed to inspect chemical attack site. *U.N. team already in Syria to investigate previous attacks but need government permission to examine new site. *U.N. Security Council have not demanded new investigation into site but said ‘clarity’ into attack was needed. *Diplomats claim U.N.’s statement about attack was watered down to accommodate Russia and China’s objections.

The U.N. appears to have had its muzzle tightened one hole further already… The UN requires a powerful dose of industrial cleaner fluid, provided by an independent authority to sort it out, or just close it down, and allow NATO to run business.           Yours Aye.

A union mouth piece and a puppet

When I read that the Socialist Labour Party would like to see 16 year olds be given the right to vote, I laughed inwardly for a variety of reasons. images-3The main one being that the last Labour government almost forced the UK to drown under a huge wave of debt, through their inability to govern. They are still incapable of organising a piss up in a free brewery. Then I picked up the following this morning, which sickened me to the pit of my stomachLabour is considering manifesto pledge to lower voting age to 16 Labour leader Ed Milliband, ‘Unites mouth piece and puppet’, should hang his head in shame. We now know the reason why they would like 16 year olds to place down their X. Propaganda the North Korean Government would be proud of… Union’s plan to ‘brainwash’ schoolchildren: Unite produces videos for lessons in ‘strategies for public protest’article-2398541-1AAFCBF0000005DC-874_306x423

The socialist Unite Union run by left-wing (communist) firebrand Len McCluskey has joined forces with the main teaching unions; The National Union of Teachers, National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers, and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers. Unite are intent in getting schools to show five instructional videos teaching children ‘strategies for public protest’ and ‘how organised protest is an effective way of ensuring change takes place’. The videos show a group of cartoon teenagers protesting against a fictitious company’s plans to ‘take over’ the town of Tethergo (an anagram for ‘together’), and its ‘big plans to privatise the entire area’.

It is hoped that there are wise men within the current Government, who will nip this in the bud now.         Yours Aye.

Hangover’s and Lady~boys!

There are a few things in life that should never be meddled with, two of which are a mans pot of tea, and his pint of ale. Fortunately we forge our own destiny in as far as our preference for tea goes (I once almost barfed and had a seizure, when I was given a pot of herbal fruit tea for breakfast). The mistake was never repeated as I almost tore the hotel down to its foundation stones. I hereby make no apology, for once again presenting my favourite strong and hard hitting blend for your your perusal, Yorkshire Tea. images

This early morning as I sat eating my breakfast, I turned the page to a story in the paper. It stated scientists have dabbled, and come up with a solution to cure hangovers. They have messed with the good Lord’s fermentation, which will end the hangover completely; this is taking a liberty, a beer that won’t give you a hangover They have gone too far this time.

‘I am the man that I am today,’ due to the suffering of hangovers. From the dainty little pain across a furrowed brow, after drinking French beer all evening. To the almighty blockbuster, after sinking a gallon or so of ‘Old Peculiar’ that would split a battleship lengthways down its keel, and sink all of its cork lifebelts… 

40RM COLOURS-shrunk

Whether in celebration of the Corps Birthday 28 October 1664, or the Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805. Through a long evening partaking in Pusser’s Nelson’s Blood, fine Port and a gallon of ale, I have suffered colossal, mountainous, throbbing brain pains the following morning. Of which had the capacity to kill a field full of mules, or sink the French fleet at sea, and flounder every French matelot there about it.The-battle-of-Trafalgar-1-006

Yet through the mighty pain and the fog of aching miserable dullness, I have always managed the following morning’s daily routine, hard physical training, and otherwise. Dealing with the hangover that follows, is part of the rite of passage into manhood, its what separates the men from the boys. Scientists and their technology are turning todays young men into ‘Lady-boys’. This, as well as ‘Designer’ skinny jeans, skinny sweaters, man bags, and canvas slipper shoes.

Yours Aye (who is heading down to the Nag’s Head for a pub lunch, I may be some time)!

I Am Free!

I am afraid I have been two-timing you. (I am speaking to both the blog and to you, the reader.) Secretly, without writing a word of it, I have been enrolled in the first class of my Masters degree. I am sorry to report that it is an absolute joke. And I just turned in my last paper, all eight pages of it, tonight.

If I were not required to get my Masters, I would not. I am in continuous education continuously and most certainly do not need pieces of paper to tack to my wall, military record saying what I have done, which ridiculous hoops I have jumped through.

I choose a military friendly school to get my Masters at. This paid dividends when I deployed and lost the internet for nine days or more. They understood when I finally got back to them. The trade-off is that the academic level is low. I may sound pompous, but it is merely the truth. Half the students would have never made it out of any competitive college writing as they do. We posted our work in forums and commented on each others’ hypotheses and such. The few military guys were among the best in the class.

I am a little jaded with the current push towards graduate degrees. I will get mine, from my joke of a school, to merely check the box. (Perhaps my next class will be better?)

What this has meant to this blog is that I have not written longer, more meaningful posts. But I have settled on shorter, pithier pieces. Will I tackle lengthier posts now that I am done with this one class? I don’t know, I have five other classes from my job that I still have to do. And tomorrow I start my Japanese studies. Not to say nothing of the twelve (gulp) other classes I need before they gift me my Masters.

Forgive me, I am just grumpy after having to write eight pages of utter nonsense. The usual unrelenting joy will continue shortly. . .

In the Emergency Room

I am sitting in an Emergency Room in San Diego, California. A (civilian) friend is having a serious eye issue and I drove her here. Every time I go to the hospital (which is thankfully rare), I am reminded how glad I am that I did not become a doctor. I was Pre-Med in college, but found the health-care field cringe-inducing as a profession.

I am not a particularly sympathetic person. I am not the opposite either, but I am adamant that one must take care of oneself. Preventative maintenance is key. I’ve already seen two morbidly obese people in the short hour here I’ve sat blogging away. Do they have insurance? Are we going to be punished for their lack of taking care of themselves? I’ve already pt’d today, it is not hard. Why are they not exercising? If they can’t pay their bill, does it get passed on to the tax-payers? Are we losing personal responsibility in this country? A hundred years ago, did we have this many people who were over 400 pounds?

That is all. An emergency room rant. God bless everyone here. May I never return. . .