Home Secretary attacks Police…

‘This crying wolf HAS to stop': Furious Theresa May attacks Police Federation officers for ‘scaremongering’ over budget cuts. She told the Police Federation, which represents serving Police members, there was ‘no ducking’ the fact that budgets would have to be slashed again – despite already cutting spending by 20 per cent since 2011. But she dismissed claims the public should be ‘scared’ of further cuts after the federation’s chairman warned the threat to front-line policing was now ‘deadly serious’.28E6BC8300000578-3089363-image-a-61_1432129900214

The Police Federation has seen its influence dramatically undermined after being caught up in a series of scandals. An independent review last year claimed the organisation – which represents 126,000 rank and file officers in England and Wales – had lost the trust of its members following a high-profile and controversial campaign against Government cuts. Mrs May said she was determined to change the way officers behave and announced that she was willing to grant the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, more powers to investigate corrupt Police Constables.

Theresa May is a Home Secretary with a solid backbone who speaks out against the nonsense of the EU – unlike the previous six socialist jellied invertebrates who sat in office before her. Bloody well done Mrs, and very well said – Huzza!      Yours Aye.

John Kerry as credible as Baghdad Bob

28DE340900000578-3088413-image-a-12_1432068629769Don’t worry about ISIS being on the road to Baghdad and storming into Ramadi in an orgy of beheadings, we’re succeeding in Iraq says White House. The White House said today that its strategy in Iraq has been an ‘overall’ success, even though its been undercut at times by short-term ‘setbacks.’ 

President Barack Obama’s spokesman said that the long-term success of the U.S. military strategy to defeat ISIS in the Middle East country cannot be judged by unfortunate, but singular, events such as the recent fall of Ramadi to ISIS. That a 60-country coalition continues to back the United States’ plan and that security forces have liberated ‘important areas of Iraq’ is evidence of the progress has been made, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.07-minister 

Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday told reporters at a news conference in Seoul, South Korea that he is ‘convinced that as the forces are redeployed and as the days flow in the weeks ahead’ that ISIS forces will be ‘driven back.’

Oh my giddy aunt – Kerry and the White House are as credible as Baghdad Bob/Comical Ali – who once stated to the western media (from the safety of Dubai) “My information was correct, but my interpretations were not,”      Yours Aye.

Stating the bloody obvious…

289DBE0000000578-3079786-image-a-38_1431518795084Foreign workers drag down UK wages, says Bank of England chief: Mark Carney’s explosive intervention as number of EU migrants working here hits 2 million.  Huge influx of foreign workers threatening the economy by holding down wages, the head of the Bank of England warned yesterday.

Romanian migrants look for casual work in Southwark, south-east London (right) In a dramatic intervention, Mark Carney said high rates of immigration helped explain why pay rises had been subdued for several years. He said sluggish earnings were a key risk to the country’s recovery from the worst recession in a century.

The comments coincide with the release of figures showing a record 4.8million foreigners work in Britain – making up one sixth of the labour force. Almost two million of them are from the European Union – another all-time high.

When UKIP’s Nigel Farage spoke of this during the run up to the general election he was pummelled by the main stream media, and slaughtered by the left-wing socialist labour party’s spin machine. The truth is out, and we should follow suit by pulling out of the pox addled European Union. Give me my referendum paper now – and send the rotten lot of benefit seeking Europeans back from whence they came.      Yours Aye.

London’s socialist anarchist scum!

article-3074951-2881245900000578-110_964x396Far left wing socialist activists desecrated a war memorial to the gallant sacrifice of Britons who served during the Second World War as anarchists objecting to Thursday’s election resulted in a protest outside Downing Street today. A mindless thug daubed ‘F*** Tory Scum’ in red paint on the memorial in a sickening display of contempt on the 70th anniversary weekend of VE Day. The Metropolitan Police confirmed they are investigating the vandalism which formed part of the un-authorised protest which left two police officers requiring hospital treatment.2881151D00000578-3074951-image-m-45_1431198553186

A group calling itself The People’s Assembly had planned to meet up in Whitehall at 1pm to protest against Thursday’s election result which gave Cameron a clear Commons majority. Police arrested 17 people for a range of offences including assault and violent disorder. A spokesman for The Royal British Legion said: ‘This senseless act could not have been more inappropriately timed. This weekend we commemorate those who fought and died for the freedom to have elections and the freedom to enjoy the lives we have today.’ Anarchists and hard-line socialists unwilling to accept Thursday’s election result protested violently in Whitehall

Whilst I agree we all have a democratic right to protest – it goes far beyond the pale to desecrate such a war memorial dedicated to those who gave their all. The lost little cherubs pictured above have no idea that they only have the right to protest due to those who sacrificed every thing. Defacing such a memorial forgoes that right! Let loose the mounted police, but only after a heavy barrage of direct ‘in yer face’ baton rounds from three ranks, one kneeling, one standing, one reloading. Cease Fire when they all lay writhing on the ground.      Yours Aye.

Conservative Party – Victory

Through the early hours of Saturday morning I sought sanctuary from the madness of politics through sleep in the hope that by drifting off into a subconscious state, the impending doom and gloom of the general election would be forgotten until at least a pair of hours after sunrise. It was not to be! Prior to turning in – early results showed positive for the socialist Labour Party, even established pollsters from around the UK, Europe, and the US were all calling a high result for the champagne socialists, which was far too much to bear. One thing was for sure – breakfast would either be cold porridge and burnt toast, or a full english feast fit for a King. 

In the wee hours as I tossed and turned Nipper was also agitated, which was due to his bladder and not the political nightmare that could well be. Having let all three canine’s out to ‘ease-springs’ I was far too unsettled to return to the horizontal position. A pot of tea was the solution, followed by as a sadistic view of SKY news. Amazingly the exit polls were calling a complete run for the Tories, with Labour being smashed in Scotland. The Pollsters had yet again been found wanting, their spinning machine was completely out of kilter. Here before my very eyes the Labour Party were disintegrating – simply falling apart at the seams, as were the Liberal Democrats… article-3074168-2875C74B00000578-310_308x473

Late breakfast consisted of a starter of mixed fruit, followed by several pieces of grilled bacon, two beef sausages, scrambled eggs, a small portion of Heinz beans, grilled mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and lightly toasted bread – with a large pot of tea… Made all the more wondrous as the final results showed the Conservative Party had been returned with such a majority – a coalition government was no longer required.

UKIP even managed to plunder 5.5 million votes, though only one candidate was duly elected to a seat in Parliament, which is still a very good result all round. On top of which, the Conservative victory has rattled Germany as well as the EU who now fear an EU referendum, leading to Britain’s exit.

Better news followed, when senior Conservative Party sources whispered – Mr Cameron will use the grace period while opposition parties lick their wounds to pass-key parts of his manifesto after pledging to implement it in full. Sources believe yesterday’s dramatic victory may have secured the PM up to a year in which he can govern virtually unchallenged after three opposition leaders all resigned from their respective party’s 

Throughout my long afternoon walk I out whistled every bird in the surrounding countryside, and skipped like a 10-year-old on his way to the picture house on a saturday morning.      Yours Aye.

Conservative-UKIP Coalition for Great Britain

article-3071016-2862C6C700000578-766_636x437As voters prepare to head to the polls in the United Kingdom, an exclusive eve-of-election poll puts the Conservatives just a point ahead of Labour, though David Cameron has extended a huge lead over Ed Miliband as voters’ preferred prime minister. Some 52 per cent of voters say they would prefer Mr Cameron to continue in Downing Street, with 31 per cent favouring Mr Miliband. However, a quarter of voters say they could change their minds in polling booths today as the most unpredictable General Election race for a generation goes down to the wire. Unless there is a last-minute surge to the Conservatives. Unless there is a last-minute surge to the Conservatives, Britain is facing a Parliament so deadlocked that no stable government can be formed.Big_Ben_posterThis time tomorrow it should all be over bar the shouting match. I wish and hope for a continued Tory Government formed through a coalition with the United Kingdom Independence Party. Anything but the clowns from the lick spittle socialist Labour Party who are owned and sponsored by the militant socialist/marxist/communist union’s. The last time the Labour Party were in government they almost destroyed the country by running it into the ground through gross incompetence and true socialist values. Though they did manage to produce the greatest ever hypocritical champagne socialists in living memory…       Yours Aye.

Bill ‘the scarlet pimpernel’ Clinton

Clinton Foundation’s Canadian affiliate hid identities of 1,100 donors and says it CAN’T release them by law.27E768A500000578-3061337-BOSOM_BUDDIES_-a-4_1430334145820 The Clinton Foundation’s affiliate has failed to identify all 1,100 of its donors even though then-incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton struck a 2008 deal with the State Dept that guaranteed it would do just that. 

(Bill Clinton helped Frank Giustra (left) ‘win’ a uranium mining concession worth USD billions from the government of Kazakhstan. Then Guistra filled the Clinton Foundation’s coffers with USD millions.)

The Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership, helmed by Bill Clinton associate Frank Giustra, has poured millions into the Clinton’s’ family philanthropy, but the U.S. government doesn’t know where the money originated. That may well be ‘another’ problem for Hillary Clinton in her run for president.  Please dear Gawd let it be so!

2824A7B800000578-3060899-image-m-12_1430326125114The Plane carrying Bill and Chelsea Clinton on their Africa tour makes ‘unscheduled’ landing in rural Tanzania due to engine trouble Tanzania was the first stop on Clinton’s nine-day tour of Africa, which will take him and Chelsea Clinton to four countries, including Kenya, Liberia and Morocco. 

The father-daughter team, accompanied by an entourage of 20 wealthy donors, plan to visit projects funded by the Clinton Development Initiative to boost agriculture, health, education and wildlife conservation.

Hmmm… Tanzania does a roaring trade in ‘under priced-under the table’ diamond and tanzanite sales. Just saying…     Yours Aye. 

‘They seek him here, they seek him there. The State Dept seeks him everywhere, Is he in heaven? Is he in Hell? That damned elusive Clinton pimpernel!’

Snouts & trotters in the public trough

Expense receipts submitted by Ministers of Parliament will have to be published after a court threw out a bid to keep them private. The Commons expenses watchdog, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, had launched a bid to keep MPs’ original claims secret. But the Court of Appeal ruled today that it must release all the copies of receipts and invoices which have been submitted by politicians. The legal action centred on whether copies of original documents should be published – rather than a summary of the claim put in by MPs.1D32BEBA00000578-3059332-image-a-91_1430235562633

Today’s ruling comes six years after the MPs expenses scandal broke – triggering the most explosive British political scandal in a generation. Voters reacted with fury at the list of extraordinary claims submitted by MPs – with jaw-dropping details of fraud, fake receipts and payouts for ornamental duck houses and moat cleaning. Lord Justice Harris at the court of appeal ruled IPSA must release all of the copies of receipts submitted. allowing voters to check over MP’s original claims.

Now we can read up on the greedy pigs who have had their snouts and trotters in the tax payers trough. They are accountable and answerable to the voters of this country, as several found out to their cost when they were found GUILTY of fraudulent activity – to be then sentenced and detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure. ‘Mind yer fingers away from the door – clang!’    Yours Aye.

Stop Hillary ~ Vampire Slaying Box

27C49F7000000578-3046590-Claims_Peter_Schweizer_an_author_who_wrote_speeches_for_George_W-a-2_1429556793704The bombshell book that could derail Hillary’s campaign: Foreign donors to her foundation ‘were rewarded through U.S. policy while she was Secretary of State.’ Hillary Clinton shaped State Department policy to reward big money foreign donors to her family foundation, an explosive new book written by a political foe will claim.

According to author Peter Schweizer there is a clear trend of money flowing into the controversial Clinton Foundation and rewards emerging for donors – in forms such as free trade agreements and development projects.tumblr_nccxlyA1nm1tjdafko1_500 The claims against Clinton, Secretary of State from 2009-13, are laid out in Clinton Cash, due to be published May 5th by HarperCollins.

It is hoped the book will act as a modern-day version of an 18th century Vampire Slaying Box… Which may well be the alternative to stop this hideous creature!      Yours Aye.

Clown head of the Bureau!

Head of the FBI claims that Polish people were ‘murderers and accomplices’ who helped kill Jews during the Holocaustand Poland demands an apology. US Ambassador Stephen Mull will ‘receive a note of protest and a summons for an apology’ over FBI director James Comey’s comments, spokesman Marcin Wojciechowski said on Sunday.    (Right – James Comey)27BF5FD100000578-0-image-a-2_1429461288213

Six million Polish citizens were killed under Nazi Germany’s occupation of Poland during World War II. While half of the victims were Jewish, the other half were Christian. Historical records show instances of Poles turning against their Jewish neighbours, either killing them or giving them up to the Nazis. Poles also risked their lives and families to save Jews. The stories of Polish Christians who during WWII (1939-1945) lost their lives saving Polish Jews as well as the Polish rescuers of Jews recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations 

Barack-Obama-Poland-460x288 He is not the first to drop an international clanger in such a way. Back in 2012 – Obama caused outrage in Warsaw when he labelled a WWII Nazi German facility in occupied Poland used to process Jews for extermination a ‘Polish death camp’. He subsequently expressed ‘regret’ at what he called his inadvertent use of the erroneous term ‘Polish death camp.’ Which isn’t the first time Obama has insulted Poland and its people!  

And if I may recommend a couple of books to be purchased for the FBI’s comprehensive library – that the director should read and weep tears of shame‘In My Hands': Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer  ~ ‘Your Life is Worth Mine':       Yours Aye!

The ‘beast’ has been sighted!

2792C07900000578-3038778-image-a-17_1429044109115The ‘beast’ has been sighted! – And so has the Armoured Chevrolet van being used by the Presidential hopeful…

 Hillary Clinton’s now-famous Mystery Mobile, an oversized, armored Chevy van, stopped in Iowa on Tuesday long enough for photographers to catch a glimpse of the vehicle that hauled the former secretary of state from New York to the American midwest.


The beast was also photographed stalking its prey…

The woman is a complete disgrace, she breathes denial – and lives in a delusional bubble. She is not fit for purpose…    Yours Aye.

The rudderless Dept of Justice…

2775A79D00000578-3034231-image-m-2_1428767140367Attorney General issues memo reminding employees that soliciting prostitutes is against Justice Department rules. 

Attorney General Eric Holder sent out the memo to DOJ workers on Friday 10th April. He said ‘violating agency policy could lead to suspension or termination.’ Employees are banned from prostitutes even when off-duty.

The memo states; ‘The solicitation of prostitution threatens the core mission of the Department, not simply because it invites extortion, blackmail, and leaks of sensitive or classified information, but also because it undermines the Department’s efforts to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking.’

If I may add my ten-penneth worth… Surely to Gawd the ‘Department Of Justice’ does not need reminding; “soliciting prostitutes is against Justice Department rules?” Isn’t it also against the Law, and a crime to do so! It would appear command and control has ceased to exist within the good ship Justice Dept.      Yours Aye.

US ~ UK special relationship dead?

special-relationshipSecret US Memo for Congress – Britain’s ‘special relationship’ is over. Washington believes that the ‘special relationship’ between Britain and the US is over, according to a secret briefing document.

The Memo for members of Congress states damningly that ‘the UK may not be viewed as centrally relevant to the United States in all of the issues and relations considered a priority on the US agenda’. The Memo is Dated April 2015 and drawn up to brief the Senate and House of Representatives on the impact of Britain’s General Election.

At daft-0-clock this morning I was rudely roused by the sound of rain bouncing off the bedroom window; turning over to snatch an extra pair of hours sleep I mentally cancelled the mornings ‘across open meadow’ walk. Later through open curtains I could plainly see  a hooligan blowing in hard from the West, with rain coming in at right angles like stair rods. The best place to walk through such weather is in the sheltered ‘Devils Punchbowl’ close to the market town of Pickering – also home to a cracking bakery (two birds – one stone!)P1010907Prior to turning in during the wee hours of this morning – I caught up with the online story relating to the soured ‘special relationship,’ which I mused over as I yomped around the punchbowl. Afterwards as I slurped tea in the truck, I viewed a huge swathe of the North Yorkshire moors – that also took in the unmistakable radar station of RAF Flyingdales.  The same ‘invaluable’ concrete monstrosity that is a workplace for well over a hundred military personnel in blue & grey uniforms (salt & air) from both sides of the pond. Within 24 hours the same open sky will see a variety of UK/US tumbling aircraft from RAF Lakenheath – home to the 48th Fighter Wing of the USAF12441_17437308854ccd2e175ef6eAcross the pond intelligence is referred to as ‘intel,’ this side of the pond we refer to it as ‘int.’ The word abbreviate’s slightly, but the content does not – it is shared vital information often given the caveat TOP SECRET: UK/US EYES ONLY, much to the envy of member states within the European Union – France in particular! The ‘special relationship’ is alive and kicking – more now than ever before.british-american_flag

Cracks in the ‘commercial special relationship?’ According to the Obama administration there are major fractures. Which they detailed when they hit out at the British Government for developing closer ties with China, after the UK applied to join a new $50 Billion USD Asian bank. Britain wants to become a founding member of a proposed Chinese-led financial institution that analysts say could rival the World Bank. Part-MVD-Mvd6677711-1-1-0

Perhaps the socialist ‘Clown in Chief’ prefers snuggling up to failed socialist countries, as it makes him feel he has finally achieved something in his tenure? Or perhaps he’s looking for a retirement home that doesn’t have an extradition treaty set up with the US, as impeachment could be on the cards? Just saying…       Yours Aye.

“What difference at this point does it make?”

Please forward this clip to any undecided Independent voters you know, as well as any Democrats who may actually have an open mind! Persevere and watch it through to the end, as it clearly outlines the many failures of Hillary Clinton! Not that we need reminding…        Yours Aye.

A Duchess doth not make a Queen

article-3034167-196ECDE400000578-812_308x406The majority of the British public does not want to Camilla to become Queen – if the Prince of Wales succeeds to the throne. And the nation is completely split on whether Prince Charles should become king at all. Just 43 per cent believe he should ascend the throne, compared with an almost identical number saying he should stand aside in favour of his eldest son William. 

Camilla, 67, was once reviled as the woman whose love affair with Charles, 66, destroyed his relationship with Diana, who was 36 when she died in 1997.

Put me down as one of the majority – on both accounts.       Yours Aye.