Stop Hillary ~ Vampire Slaying Box

27C49F7000000578-3046590-Claims_Peter_Schweizer_an_author_who_wrote_speeches_for_George_W-a-2_1429556793704The bombshell book that could derail Hillary’s campaign: Foreign donors to her foundation ‘were rewarded through U.S. policy while she was Secretary of State.’ Hillary Clinton shaped State Department policy to reward big money foreign donors to her family foundation, an explosive new book written by a political foe will claim.

According to author Peter Schweizer there is a clear trend of money flowing into the controversial Clinton Foundation and rewards emerging for donors – in forms such as free trade agreements and development projects.tumblr_nccxlyA1nm1tjdafko1_500 The claims against Clinton, Secretary of State from 2009-13, are laid out in Clinton Cash, due to be published May 5th by HarperCollins.

It is hoped the book will act as a modern-day version of an 18th century Vampire Slaying Box… Which may well be the alternative to stop this hideous creature!      Yours Aye.

Clown head of the Bureau!

Head of the FBI claims that Polish people were ‘murderers and accomplices’ who helped kill Jews during the Holocaustand Poland demands an apology. US Ambassador Stephen Mull will ‘receive a note of protest and a summons for an apology’ over FBI director James Comey’s comments, spokesman Marcin Wojciechowski said on Sunday.    (Right – James Comey)27BF5FD100000578-0-image-a-2_1429461288213

Six million Polish citizens were killed under Nazi Germany’s occupation of Poland during World War II. While half of the victims were Jewish, the other half were Christian. Historical records show instances of Poles turning against their Jewish neighbours, either killing them or giving them up to the Nazis. Poles also risked their lives and families to save Jews. The stories of Polish Christians who during WWII (1939-1945) lost their lives saving Polish Jews as well as the Polish rescuers of Jews recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations 

Barack-Obama-Poland-460x288 He is not the first to drop an international clanger in such a way. Back in 2012 – Obama caused outrage in Warsaw when he labelled a WWII Nazi German facility in occupied Poland used to process Jews for extermination a ‘Polish death camp’. He subsequently expressed ‘regret’ at what he called his inadvertent use of the erroneous term ‘Polish death camp.’ Which isn’t the first time Obama has insulted Poland and its people!  

And if I may recommend a couple of books to be purchased for the FBI’s comprehensive library – that the director should read and weep tears of shame‘In My Hands': Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer  ~ ‘Your Life is Worth Mine':       Yours Aye!

The ‘beast’ has been sighted!

2792C07900000578-3038778-image-a-17_1429044109115The ‘beast’ has been sighted! – And so has the Armoured Chevrolet van being used by the Presidential hopeful…

 Hillary Clinton’s now-famous Mystery Mobile, an oversized, armored Chevy van, stopped in Iowa on Tuesday long enough for photographers to catch a glimpse of the vehicle that hauled the former secretary of state from New York to the American midwest.


The beast was also photographed stalking its prey…

The woman is a complete disgrace, she breathes denial – and lives in a delusional bubble. She is not fit for purpose…    Yours Aye.

The rudderless Dept of Justice…

2775A79D00000578-3034231-image-m-2_1428767140367Attorney General issues memo reminding employees that soliciting prostitutes is against Justice Department rules. 

Attorney General Eric Holder sent out the memo to DOJ workers on Friday 10th April. He said ‘violating agency policy could lead to suspension or termination.’ Employees are banned from prostitutes even when off-duty.

The memo states; ‘The solicitation of prostitution threatens the core mission of the Department, not simply because it invites extortion, blackmail, and leaks of sensitive or classified information, but also because it undermines the Department’s efforts to eradicate the scourge of human trafficking.’

If I may add my ten-penneth worth… Surely to Gawd the ‘Department Of Justice’ does not need reminding; “soliciting prostitutes is against Justice Department rules?” Isn’t it also against the Law, and a crime to do so! It would appear command and control has ceased to exist within the good ship Justice Dept.      Yours Aye.

US ~ UK special relationship dead?

special-relationshipSecret US Memo for Congress – Britain’s ‘special relationship’ is over. Washington believes that the ‘special relationship’ between Britain and the US is over, according to a secret briefing document.

The Memo for members of Congress states damningly that ‘the UK may not be viewed as centrally relevant to the United States in all of the issues and relations considered a priority on the US agenda’. The Memo is Dated April 2015 and drawn up to brief the Senate and House of Representatives on the impact of Britain’s General Election.

At daft-0-clock this morning I was rudely roused by the sound of rain bouncing off the bedroom window; turning over to snatch an extra pair of hours sleep I mentally cancelled the mornings ‘across open meadow’ walk. Later through open curtains I could plainly see  a hooligan blowing in hard from the West, with rain coming in at right angles like stair rods. The best place to walk through such weather is in the sheltered ‘Devils Punchbowl’ close to the market town of Pickering – also home to a cracking bakery (two birds – one stone!)P1010907Prior to turning in during the wee hours of this morning – I caught up with the online story relating to the soured ‘special relationship,’ which I mused over as I yomped around the punchbowl. Afterwards as I slurped tea in the truck, I viewed a huge swathe of the North Yorkshire moors – that also took in the unmistakable radar station of RAF Flyingdales.  The same ‘invaluable’ concrete monstrosity that is a workplace for well over a hundred military personnel in blue & grey uniforms (salt & air) from both sides of the pond. Within 24 hours the same open sky will see a variety of UK/US tumbling aircraft from RAF Lakenheath – home to the 48th Fighter Wing of the USAF12441_17437308854ccd2e175ef6eAcross the pond intelligence is referred to as ‘intel,’ this side of the pond we refer to it as ‘int.’ The word abbreviate’s slightly, but the content does not – it is shared vital information often given the caveat TOP SECRET: UK/US EYES ONLY, much to the envy of member states within the European Union – France in particular! The ‘special relationship’ is alive and kicking – more now than ever before.british-american_flag

Cracks in the ‘commercial special relationship?’ According to the Obama administration there are major fractures. Which they detailed when they hit out at the British Government for developing closer ties with China, after the UK applied to join a new $50 Billion USD Asian bank. Britain wants to become a founding member of a proposed Chinese-led financial institution that analysts say could rival the World Bank. Part-MVD-Mvd6677711-1-1-0

Perhaps the socialist ‘Clown in Chief’ prefers snuggling up to failed socialist countries, as it makes him feel he has finally achieved something in his tenure? Or perhaps he’s looking for a retirement home that doesn’t have an extradition treaty set up with the US, as impeachment could be on the cards? Just saying…       Yours Aye.

“What difference at this point does it make?”

Please forward this clip to any undecided Independent voters you know, as well as any Democrats who may actually have an open mind! Persevere and watch it through to the end, as it clearly outlines the many failures of Hillary Clinton! Not that we need reminding…        Yours Aye.

A Duchess doth not make a Queen

article-3034167-196ECDE400000578-812_308x406The majority of the British public does not want to Camilla to become Queen – if the Prince of Wales succeeds to the throne. And the nation is completely split on whether Prince Charles should become king at all. Just 43 per cent believe he should ascend the throne, compared with an almost identical number saying he should stand aside in favour of his eldest son William. 

Camilla, 67, was once reviled as the woman whose love affair with Charles, 66, destroyed his relationship with Diana, who was 36 when she died in 1997.

Put me down as one of the majority – on both accounts.       Yours Aye.

The Dictator in Chief – Fail.

0BCFF21100000514-3029999-image-a-44_1428508760698Texan District Judge, Andrew Hanen – refuses to lift injunction on Obama’s action that shields millions of illegal immigrants from deportation.

The U.S. Justice Department went to the Federal judge to ask him to lift the hold on the policy that was put in place in February.
But District Judge Andrew Hanen refused to set aside his earlier decision at the request of 26 states that oppose Obama’s plan. The latest ruling bars the Obama administration from implementing the policy that would allow as many as five million illegal immigrants in the U.S. to remain.

The socialist ‘Dictator in Chief’ thinks he is infallible – I trust this result was a swift kick in the cajones for him… It is hoped the swift kick is just one of many, many, more to come.    Yours Aye.

April fools in Lausanne

272847FA00000578-3019203-image-a-69_1427823309494U.S. backtracks and says it will work past today for Iran nuclear deal if ‘necessary’ after last week saying deadline was ‘firm.’  White House repeatedly said last week March 31 deadline was set in stone. 

And today it insisted President Obama would be willing to walk away from negotiations and consider ‘other alternatives.’ But he continues to believe a diplomatic solution is the best way forward, his spokesman said; ‘If the conversations continue to be productive, it’s possible that the talks could continue into tomorrow’ In Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s concern that an agreement would fall short of guaranteeing its safety.

Obama’s credibility is measured in microns, which is even weaker than the red line he keeps drawing in fast flowing water… Thank Gawd for Netanyahu and Israel – who are the real safety net in the Middle East.       Yours Aye.

‘To whom it may concern’

The Palace of Westminster. The meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Better known as the Houses of Parliament after its occupants.       Click pic to enlarge 1920px-Palace_of_Westminster,_London_-_Feb_2007 Today only one half of Parliament exists, as the Prime Minister – David Cameron – drove to Buckingham Palace and asked Her Majesty the Queen to summon the new Parliament to meet on Monday 18 May 2015. The elected Members of Parliament are no more – in accordance with the law governing the ‘Dissolution of Parliament’ prior to a General Election. Each and every MP reverts to being members of the public – losing all privileges associated with being a Member of Parliament. 

When Parliament is dissolved, every seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant, all business in the House comes to an end. Those who wish to be MPs again must stand once more as candidates for election. Until a new Parliament is elected, there are no MPs. Many will not be returning to live of the fat of the land, and will only know of their fate after votes in their elected seat are counted. 

The Members of the House of Lords, who are appointed – not elected, retain their positions, but all business in the House comes to an end when Parliament is dissolved, and while Members of the Lords can access the premises of Parliament, only limited facilities and services are available to them. 

Parliament and Government are two separate institutions. The Government does not resign when Parliament is dissolved. Government ministers remain in charge of their departments until after the result of the election is known and a new administration is formed. The Prime Minister is appointed by the Sovereign. Ministers are appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the Prime Minister. These appointments are independent of the role of MP. Ministers retain their ministerial titles after dissolution, but those who were MPs can no longer use the MP suffix. The Cabinet Manual sets out the main laws, rules and conventions affecting the conduct and operation of government. The Head of the Civil Service ensures civil servants operating within Parliament adopt the unwritten rule of purdah – they are neither seen nor heard, until Parliament reconvenes.

And there we have it! On Monday 18th May 2015 – we will either be run by a government who continues to build growth through managing the economy efficiently; Or we will have a socialist government who couldn’t run a bath (Gawd forbid!) As was proven last time when they wrecked the economy and almost flushed the country down the pan.  Nailing my colours to the mast; my hope is for a coalition government of the Conservative Party and the United Kingdom Independent Party, with a promised referendum to pull us out of the despised socialist European Union.    Yours Aye. 

Socialism; a catastrophic failure!

French-President-Francois-HollandeThe ruling Socialist party in France is crushed by ex-president Sarkozy’s ‘Union for a Popular Movement’ (UMP) in regional elections as President Hollande’s rule is branded a ‘massive failure’ 
The local Election will choose 4,108 local councillors and shape political landscape in run-up to the 2017 presidential race

imagesAccording to the exit polls, the UMP and its centrist allies could end up with nearly twice as many seats as President Hollande’s Socialists. The results represented the Socialists’ third political battering in a year – they were roundly beaten in municipal and European elections last May.

Socialism – a failure? Who ever could have predicted that, especially in France. Yours Aye


JADE HELM 15: US TROOPS TO “OPERATE UNDETECTED AMONGST CIVILIAN POPULATION”  The “realistic” military training exercise, which will involve the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and the 82nd Airborne Division, is set to take place from July September 2015, but has prompted concerns after Texas and Utah were labeled “hostile” territory in documents related to the exercise. Role players to practice infiltrating towns during controversial exercise amongst civilian population  Paranoia, or genuine concern?

As this isn’t happening in dear old Blighty – I just wondered if you good people across the pond should be concerned over what is really happening with exercise JADE HELM 15. It’s not as if you can’t trust the POTUS and the team of advisors that surround him (typed using the ‘very heavy sarcasm’ keys) After all; Russia, North Korea, China, and Venezuela have been doing the very same for several years or more… My interest is genuine.      Yours Aye. 

Colonel Tim Collins; “Argentina wouldn’t dare”

Argentina wouldn’t dare to invade the Falklands again, says Colonel Tim Collins.  The Telegraph Saturday 28th March 2015.
What struck me about the Falkland Islanders on the several occasions when I served there during my army career was their warmth and their disarming generosity. That is not to say relations are always completely rosy between the islanders and the garrison that more than matches their numbers. The local joke goes “How do you make 4,000 people happy in the Falklands? Send 2,000 home”. The simple truth is that Falkland islanders just want to be left alone. But that is not likely to happen. Their jealous neighbour covets their tiny farms whilst using the islands as a convenient distraction from Argentina’s many domestic woes. With the news that the Russians are contemplating leasing 12 long-range bombers to Argentina, it would appear that the military threat to the Falklands is still very real. So what could and should the UK be doing to reassure the islanders and deter the aggressor?


We first have to analyse what is happening and why. What are the real intentions of the Argentines? A glance at the state of Argentina provides the answer.
The discredited president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, is the subject of a number of criminal allegations. She has been accused of money laundering and tax evasion.
Only last week she was cleared by an Argentine appeals court of covering up the alleged involvement of senior Iranian officials in a 1994 bomb attack against a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires.

 The allegations were based on a 350-page dossier compiled by special prosecutor Alberto Nisman. Nisman died in unexplained circumstances in January: he apparently shot himself – in the back of the head. His family believes he was murdered. Following his mysterious death, hundreds of thousands of people marched in silence in the Buenos Aires rain to pay tribute to him.

A controversial figure, and the subject of some ridicule in Latin America, Kirchner followed her husband to power in a series of governments that have presided over the collapse of the Argentine economy. I recall when I visited Colombia and Peru in 2012, working with the governments there, that there was much speculation about Madam Kirchner’s operation for suspected thyroid cancer. She had shown no signs whatsoever of illness. One official noted: “When you get a biopsy done on both sides of your neck at once here, we call it a face-lift.” It is to distract from the incompetence of her government, that Kirchner frequently wheels out the unjustifiable claim on the Falkland Islands. Despite a 2013 referendum in which the islanders voted to remain a British Overseas Territory – 1,513 to 3, with a turnout of more than 90 per cent, Kirchner dismisses them as squatters. Ironically, they have been there far longer than her own family have been “squatting”, to use her term, in southern America. Her grandparents were born in Spain and Germany.ck1

So what would the addition of the Russian aircraft mean to the Argentine military? In my opinion, their impact would be negligible. The aircraft in question – Sukhoi SU 24s (NATO designation ‘FENCER’) – are old ladies with distinctly dated capabilities. They entered service with the Soviet Union in 1974 and were familiar to me when I served in Berlin in 1982. Those nations where they are still in service – for example Iran, Sudan and Kazakhstan – are not major air powers.

There are other problems for the Argentine Air Force. It still has not recovered from losing one-third of its strength in the Falklands War. Its inventory includes a number of second-hand A4 Sky Hawks – which proved easy pickings for the Royal Navy Harriers – and 60s era French Mirage fighters. Furthermore, the force’s leadership is suspect. Kirchner sacked the top 17 air force generals in 2005 for involvement in drug trafficking.
Also, consider the fact that the Sukhoi deal is superb for Russia. In exchange for some ancient junk, the Russians would get shipments of beef and wheat – circumventing the EU sanctions imposed over its involvement in the Ukraine conflict whilst sticking two fingers up to the UK for our criticism of that involvement (Putin himself compared Russian stance on Ukraine with the UK stance on the Falklands).

However, the Fencers could have the range to get to the Falklands and back if unopposed – unlike the rest of the Argentine Air Force, with only the A4s being capable of air-to-air refuelling and with only two tanker aircraft being available.
So, if the deal went through and, more seriously, if Argentina’s attempts to procure 24 Saab Gripen fighters – modern Swedish aircraft – through an order place by Brazil are successful, then the Argentines would have – on paper at least – a credible threat to the tiny islands. 

But only on two conditions; First they would need to be able to pay. Whilst Russians would swap for beef and wheat, the Brazilians would require hard cash. Argentina’s defence budget is 0.9 per cent of an economy that shrunk 2 per cent last year. Her defence spending outstrips only that of Suriname in the region – and Suriname is the smallest sovereign state in South America. Secondly; they would have to get past the Royal Navy, the Royal Air force and then survive the Army’s Star Streak missiles.

Getting past the Royal Navy would be a challenge. In the South Atlantic, the Royal Navy deploys at least one of the new Daring Class Type 45 destroyers. Doesn’t sound much; but with each one capable of tracking up to 1,000 targets from 400Km simultaneously and engaging up to 300 targets in layers from 120 km to 30 km (provided the targets are larger than a tennis ball) simultaneously, it is the equivalent of 5 Type 42 destroyers of the type used in the Falklands War. In effect, if all the serviceable attack aircraft in all of Latin America – including Cuba – were attacking the Falklands, a Type 45 could cope comfortably.

Then there are the four Typhoons based in the Falklands. With a combat radius of 100 miles, they would far outperform anything that would come their way with the exception of the Gripens. The Gripens – slower, with a lower service ceiling, and less thrust than the Typhoons – would, in numbers at least, stand a chance against the Typhoons.
But then they have to avoid the Star Streak missiles. Built in Belfast, Star Streaks travel at more than Mach 3 – three times the speed of a SU 24. My money would be on the Star Streaks.

For the sake of argument, what if the Royal Navy was accounted for by the Argentine Navy? With 17 war ships, including four destroyers, and three submarines the Argentines have again – on paper – a threat to the Royal Navy and the Falklands. But, again, that is where the threat ends. On paper. The bulk of the navy is confined to port because of a lack of spares and engine problems. The ships’ on-board ordnance is past its sell-by date. There isn’t even the money for petrol to run the engines. One of the corvettes, Spiro (P 43), is out of service having run aground. So is one of the elderly submarines, Santa Cruz. The Submarine fleet has achieved a grand total of 19 hours of submerged training since 2012 against a minimum requirement of 190 days.

Training is very poor. The list of disasters is endless. The Sarandi – one of the destroyers – managed to damage the Brazilian Frigate Rademaker by firing on her during joint naval exercises, injuring four Brazilian sailors and an Argentine observer when her fire control system went haywire. The Destroyer Santisima Trinidad capsized and sank at anchor due to poor maintenance. And that is all before the Type 45s even turn on their defence systems against ships up to 40 years old and with the RN’s submarine fleet not even considered. 

In a nutshell, I’m not sure what the fuss is about. I wouldn’t worry about the knackered old Fencers. They need to be maintained and we know that is one capability gap in the Argentine military. Of course, we do need to keep up a strong defence – and that means we must maintain the two per cent spending required by NATO – if the peaceful farmers on the wind wept islands are to continue to live their bucolic ideal and Kirchner’s rhetoric is to remain just that. But let the Russians have their little jibe. I hope they enjoy the beef.

It is my most humble opinion that Colonel Tim Collins would make a an excellent politician – it is hoped one day he chooses to throw his hat into the political arena. A fine honest Irishman with a rod of iron for a backbone…   Yours Aye.

Hillarity done in by her own petard

Hillary Clinton has been accused of deleting all her emails while under subpoena. The allegation, leveled by a Republican chairman for a House committee on Benghazi, is the latest in a series of claims that are hammering the former First Lady’s reputation as 2016 approaches.2710AC2800000578-0-image-a-29_1427516456372

In a letter released on Friday night, Rep Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said the former Secretary of State has failed to produce a single new document in recent weeks and has refused to relinquish her server to a third-party for an independent review.

In a letter released on Friday night, Rep Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., said the former Secretary of State has failed to produce a single new document in recent weeks and has refused to relinquish her server to a third-party for an independent review.

Huzza! Done in by her own petard; she should now dance the Tyburn Jig…  Yours Aye.

BZ Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

sraels-Prime-Minister-Benjamin-Netanyahu-makes-a-point-during-a-Likud-party-meeting-at-the-KnessetUnless you’ve just returned from visiting the dark side of the moon you will have heard that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu defied the polls to seal an election win ‘against all the odds’ for his right-wing Likud party. The election was widely seen as a referendum on Netanyahu, who has governed the country for the past six years.26BF66CB00000578-2999478-image-a-24_1426627497725The White House Socialist Hypocrite in Chief should hang his head in shame – except Obama does not do shame. Obama’s disdain for Netanyahu oozed as he worked to publicly undermine his position – overtly and covertly – ahead of the election. It turned out to be very helpful… for Netanyahu! As only one in five Israelis trusts Obama on Iran.logo  

So as Obama eats his very cold humble pie –  America’s tax payers should be asking the question; Why did the ‘Abraham Fund Initiatives’ (that spearheaded Obama’s covert attack in Israel to increase Arab voter turnout for the elections on Tuesday) receive a write off $98,000 grant from the State Department’s ‘Middle East Partnership Initiative’ in September 2014 – that continues to be paid until December 2015?

Obama’s ‘slanted in favour of Islam’ foreign policy meddling will form one part of his legacy, which will be kept in a box marked FAIL!  Lets face it; with Chuck Norris watching Bibi’s back – how was Obama ever going win…      Yours Aye.

Chuck Norris speaks – listen in!

Chuck Norris endorses Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election as cult action hero says he is crucial to safety of Israel. In a short YouTube video called Please Vote For Prime Minister Netanyahu, Norris, 75, said: ‘I watched Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, and I saw a man who loves his country with all his heart and soul. I also saw a strong leader that is absolutely crucial for the safety of the Israeli people. ‘I have done three movies in Israel – ‘Delta Force’ being my favorite – and I formed many friendships while there. You have an incredible country, and we want to keep it that way.

‘That’s why it is so important that you keep a leader who has the courage and vision to stand up against the evil forces that are threatening not only Israel but also the United States. ‘You see, we, the American people, need Prime Minister Netanyahu as much as you do. Weak leadership can destroy your country and then the evil forces can concentrate on America, too – ‘So I ask you, please, for the sake of Israel and the whole Middle East, vote for Prime Minister Netanyahu on Election Day.

FACT! Chuck Norris can light a fire by rubbing two ice cubes together…   Yours Aye.