The next POTUS?

2627960600000578-2973747-image-a-32_1425161814082Rand Paul comes out ahead in CPAC straw poll AGAIN, picking up 2016 momentum with US red-meat right wingers and libertarians. Kentucky Senator Ron Paul emerged as American conservatives’ favourite presidential hopeful on Saturday for the third year in a row, following the three-day Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C. The freshman lawmaker bested a field of an astonishing 17 governors, senators, business executives and other assorted long-shot maybe-candidates, finishing with 25.7 per cent of the vote. Conference attendees could also choose a none-of-the-above option or write-in another choice.

Paul, the expected winner of the contest, said in a statement that he was ‘humbled by the enthusiastic support and encouragement’ he received from ‘constitutional conservatives’ who propelled him to victory.

 The next  POTUS; will/could/should – be? (A foregone conclusion that it will not be a blue nosed donkey.)      Yours Aye.       

25.7% Sen. Rand Paul
21.4% Gov. Scott Walker
11.5% Sen. Ted Cruz
11.4% Dr. Ben Carson
8.3% Former Gov. Jeb Bush
4.3% Former Sen. Rick Santorum
3.7% Sen. Marco Rubio
3.5% Donald Trump
3.0% Carly Fiorina
2.8% Gov. Chris Christie
1.1% Former Gov. Rick Perry
0.9% Gov. Bobby Jindal
0.8% Former Gov. Sarah Palin
0.3% Former Gov. Mike Huckabee
0.3% Former Ambassador John Bolton
0.1% Sen. Lindsey Graham
0.1% Former Gov. George Pataki
1.0% Undecided
0.7% Other

Hillarity Clinton hoarder extraordinaire…

I’m overweight, and I hoard things: Hillary Clinton goes human in lead up to 2016 while showcasing herself as a mom and grandma. Hillary Clinton, who has in past had trouble talking about her wealth and life experiences, is intensifying an effort to humanize herself to likely voters.260EB2FF00000578-2968768-image-a-6_1424882817305 

Clinton has increasingly made mention of her roles as both a mother and grandmother in remarks, framing her public policies in the context of the hardships she dealt with while raising only child Chelsea and the hopes and fears she has about the world her granddaughter Charlotte will inhabit. 

During a Tuesday speech in Silicon Valley, her first in the U.S. this year, Clinton indulged in self-deprecating humour. She casually joked about being overweight at the conference targeting women and teased that she might have a hoarding problem.

Hillarity’s hoarding item has been identified as ‘truth.’ Bah!      Yours Aye. Harrumph!

Mugabe “Hitler of Africa”

19971024-blair_2189488cI can’t imagine that anyone in his right mind would actually want to go to the 91st birthday party of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, which takes place this Saturday.     By Boris Johnson writing for the The Telegraph

It promises to be an event of truly spectacular moral ugliness. While his people are starving, the ancient despot will convoke 20,000 cronies at a kind of golf club-cum-safari lodge near the Victoria Falls. In scenes reminiscent of the more disgusting and luxurious behaviour of the emperor Commodus, he will cause various exotic beasts to be slaughtered for the feast.robert_mugabe

Five impalas will be roasted, two sables, two buffaloes – and then, to the ululations of his drunken Zanu-PF supporters, there will be a series of culinary climaxes, each more revolting than the last. A local farmer has procured two elephants, and after these rare and majestic creatures have been butchered for the delectation of the semi-deified Mugabe, there will be one more type of meat to come – an animal that you might think was semi-sacred, whose killing should be taboo, a creature that people would never normally dream of eating. Yes, a lion, the king of the animal kingdom, will lay down its life before the meat-maddened mob and have the honour of surrendering its mortal flesh to the palsied gullet of the man who still calls himself the “Hitler of Africa”

Happy birthday, Mr Mugabe, with special love from Labour – Tony Blair’s despicable betrayal of a vital 1979 agreement has allowed this tyrant to flourish

I read this piece very early on Sunday morning – needless to say it knocked the pleasure out of my full english breakfast… Please let there be a living hell for ‘Barstewards’ like Mugabe, and others of his ilk, which includes political opportunists like the grand socialist Tony B’Liar who has made his fortune through the abject misery of others…       Yours Aye.

Obama The Architect of Destruction

scottThe Architect of Destruction

By Maureen Scott March 1, 2013

“Obama comes from a community organizer background where it’s us against them. But that’s not who we are. And that’s not the position the leader of our Nation should take.” – Dr. Benjamin Carson

Obama appears to be a tormented man who is filled with resentment, anger, and disdain for anyone of an opinion or view other than his. He acts in the most hateful, spiteful, malevolent, vindictive ways in order to manipulate and maintain power and control over others. Perhaps because, as a child, he grew up around family members and mentors who instilled him with an abiding bitterness toward the U.S. That bitterness seems not to have left him.president-who-blames-and-divides-obama-not-leader-just-commu-politics-1362335440

It is not the color of his skin that is a problem – for anyone in America. Rather it is the blackness that fills his soul and the hollowness in his heart where there should be abiding pride and love for this country.

Think: Have we ever heard Obama speak lovingly of the U.S. or its people, with deep appreciation and genuine respect for our history, our customs, our sufferings and our blessings? Has he ever revealed that, like most patriotic Americans, he gets “goose bumps” when a band plays “The Star Spangled Banner,” or sheds a tear when he hears a beautiful rendition of “America the Beautiful?” Does his heart burst with pride when millions of American flags wave on a National holiday – or is he moved to sadness and reflection when someone plays “taps” on a trumpet? Has he ever felt the depth of our admiration of the military, as lovers of those who keep America free feel when soldiers march by? It is doubtful – because Obama did not grow up sharing our experiences or our values. He did not sit at the knee of a grandfather or uncle who showed his medals and told of the bravery of his fellow troops as they fought and tramped through foreign lands sacrificing for a cause greater than their own lives. He didn’t have grandparents who told stories of suffering and then coming to America, penniless, and the opportunities they had for building a business and life for their children.

Away from this country as a young child, Obama didn’t delight in being part of America and its greatness. He wasn’t singing our patriotic songs in kindergarten, or standing on the roadside for a holiday parade and eating a hot dog, or lighting sparklers around a campfire on July 4th as fireworks exploded over head, or placing flags on the gravesites of fallen and beloved American heroes.460x276xObama-Kenya.jpg.pagespeed.ic.S7yuvCAIkoJgK4Ei33du

Rather Obama was separated from all of these experiences. He doesn’t really understand us and what it means to be an American. He is void of the basic emotions that most feel regarding this country and is insensitive to the instinctive pride we have in our national heritage. His opinions were formed by those who either envied us or wanted him to devalue the United States and the traditions and patriotism that unite us.

Obama has never given a speech that is filled with calm, reassuring, complimentary, heartfelt statements about all the people in the U.S. Or one that inspires us to be better, grateful, and proud that, in a short time, our country became a leader, and a protector of so many. Quite the contrary, his speeches always degenerate into mocking, ridiculing tirades as he faults our achievements ,along with any of his critics, all for the sake of a laugh, or to bolster his ego. He uses his Office to threaten and create fear while demeaning and degrading anyone who opposes his policies and actions. Unlike a secure leader, who has noble self-esteem and not false confidence, Obama displays a cocky, haughty attitude and a dread of being critiqued.AlinskyObama-1

Mostly, his time seems to be spent causing dissention, unrest, and anxiety among the people rather than uniting us (even though he was presented to us as the “Great Uniter”). He creates chaos for the sake of keeping citizens separated, envious, aggrieved and ready to argue. Under his leadership Americans have been kept on edge, rather than in a state of comfort and security. He incites people to be aggressive toward, disrespectful of, and retaliate against those of differing backgrounds and views. Through such behavior, Obama has lowered the standards for self-control and mature restraint to the level of rowdy, street-fighting gangs. When, instead, he should be raising the bar for people to strive toward becoming more considerate, tolerant, self-disciplined, self-sustaining, and self-assured.Obama-@-The-UN-Defending-Islam1

Not a day goes by that he is not attempting to defy our laws, remove our rights, over-ride established procedures, install controversial appointees, enact divisive mandates, and assert a dictatorial form of power.

Never has there been a leader of this great land who used such tactics to harm and hurt the people and this country.

Never have we had a President who spoke with a caustic, evil tongue against the citizenry rather than present himself as a soothing, calming, and trustworthy force.

Never, in this country, have we experienced how much stress one man can cause a nation of people – on a daily basis! Obama has promoted the degeneration of peace, civility, and quality of cooperation between us. He thrives on tearing us down, rather than building us up. He is the Architect of the decline of America, and the epitome of a Demagogue. © Maureen Scott

P. Maureen Scott is an ardent American patriot who was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and retired to Richmond, VA, in 2000. Free from the nine-to-five grind of writing for employers and clients, she began writing political commentary to please herself and express her convictions. The accomplishment of which she is most proud is her volunteer work at an Army base where she looked into the eyes and hearts of the service members who protect our country. Our Pledge of Allegiance, a military band playing the National Anthem, and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, inspire her passion and views. Her life is guided by a firm belief that truth is the most important virtue, and that God knows what He is doing with her. The words of Maureen Scott enhanced with pictures ‘liberated’ from the w.w.w. by EB

Many thanks to Kristen for forwarding this gem. When I first perused the same it gave me that feeling of hitting the last nail home – hard and square in one hammer blow. Yours Aye.

Venezuela – A busted ‘flush!’

Venezuela_perez_fa_3185423bVenezuela’s ‘socialist paradise’ turns into a nightmare: medical shortages claim lives as oil price collapses. By Peter Foster of The Telegraph.  

For Jose Perez, a  taxi driver from Caracas, the hardest part about watching his wife die from heart failure was knowing just how easily she could have been saved. The surgeons at Caracas University Hospital were ready to operate on 51-year-old Carmen, but because of the shortages of medicines now ravaging Venezuela, they had no stocks of the prosthetic artery that would have saved her life.


Not just a shortage of medical supplies; a line of several hundred shoppers wait to purchase toilet paper at a state-owned Bicentenario grocery store. Many would return home disappointed…

Venezuela: The socialist dream turned living nightmare… 

The colourful CHAVEZ posters (above) adorning the shelves either side of the queue are made of paper – with printed incentive for use! Just my ten-penneth worth.   Yours Aye.

Little green men – “Maskirovka!”

Way back (before Noah built his Ark) I was ‘selected’ to attend and study a plethora of in-depth courses on Soviet Strategy, Tactics, and Doctrine. After feigning insanity (and almost getting away with it) twelve wild horses were assembled at the Commando Unit guardroom, whereupon I was secured to their limber chain and dragged to a location far away from Bootneck life. Upon arrival my initial concerns were totally unfounded, I enjoyed every minute of each day’s study. The small herd of wild horses were released unharmed – their services were no longer required…1920px-Soviet_big_7

The crazy Professor; Addressed the class and pointed to the word ‘Маскировка’ [Maskirovka] on his whiteboard – after a slight dramatic pause he said; “Maskirovka is not a combustible russian vodka, translated into English it means ‘something masked,’ an act of pure deception that forms the hall-mark of Russian warfare.” ~ ‘Pause’ ~ “It is used as a military tactic as well as a political tool.”  The mad Professor spoke English with a hint of  East Slavic, the later being his former mother tongue. Had ‘Maskirovka’ been combustible russian vodka – I’m sure he would have drunk it by the bucket load.ussr

History lesson in a nutshell; The USSR December 1991: After much in-house political skullduggery, the Soviet Union turned its back on communism, and accepted capitalism as it’s master. From afar I heard the crazy Professor’s voice; “Maskirovka!”

The USSR traded its name for the ‘Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic’ or the ‘Russian Federation’ or more simply ‘Russia.’ Within several days the activities of the Communist Party were suspended; “Maskirovka!” The ‘Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti’ (KGB) was dissolved; “Maskirovka!” In its place two separate organisations were formed, the ‘Federal Security Service’ as well as the ‘Foreign Intelligence Service’ – each being more approachable and acceptable than the dreaded KGB; “Maskirovka!”

putinPresent day: President Vladimir Putin is a man to be trusted, he no longer thinks or acts like a former Soviet Union KGB agent; “Maskirovka!” He does not seek to claim back post soviet states, nor does he wish to re-claim the Crimean Peninsula to base a military & naval fleet.“Maskirovka!”

_73507107_troopsThe little green men who just appeared on Ukraine’s border were definitely not Russian military – they were in fact members of; “Self-defence groups organised by  local militias who bought all their uniforms and hardware in a shop.” We know this as President Putin told us so. At a press conference a few days later he coolly batted away awkward questions about where the troops came from, and denied point-blank that they were Russian. He even sent his appointed UN representative back into the Headquarters of the UN to re-assure them;  “Maskirovka!”

NATO’s response: Major General Gordon “Skip” Davis – (Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations and Intelligence at Nato’s military HQ in Belgium) admits it took him and his colleagues some time to figure out the “size and the scale” of the troop reinforcement which was “continuously denied by the Russians” “Maskirovka!”140311-USAN-VH839-010-XL

Putin has to be taught a lesson.’ America and the European Union place sanctions against Russia blocking imports of luxury and non-essential items, as well as freezing assets and blocking non-essential flights. The EU issue another draft forcing a further sanction period of six months due to present day escalation in the Ukraine  Putin smiles and waves back – because he knows the European Union & America failed to understand his master chess piece move. “Maskirovka!”


‘Newly appointed Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras lays flowers on the National Resistance Memorial in Athens, on the site where on May 1, 1944, 200 communist resistance fighters and political prisoners were executed by German soldiers. (Tradition states that the laying of flowers on such an occasion should be placed on the grave of the unknown soldier.) An act of symbolism and gratitude for Uncle Vlad?’

Vlad Putin knew he would soon require the support of friendly EU countries. The under-dog Left-wing Syriza party of Greece required financial (as well as clandestine) support if they were to gain power in any election. He also knew the marxist, communist, socialist, eclectic mix of the Syriza party would stand up against it’s EU masters, and wave two fingers in their direction over their austerity debt repayments. Greek’s Prime Minister puts country on a collision course with Germany over EU debts Putin now has a friendly EU country in his pocket, as well as access to a Port in the Mediterranean! “Maskirovka!”SPAIN_PODEMOS_AK116-2015JAN31_154811_150.jpgAs Putin assisted Alexis Tsipras in Greece, he also planned ahead and planted seeds of revolt within the remainder of the left-wing parties scattered throughout ‘PIIGS’ (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain) knowing full well at least one or two of the PIIGS would follow suit, for they too suffer from gross unemployment on top of severe austerity measures. Anti-austerity anger sweeps from Greece to Spain as hundreds of thousands march through Madrid in support of fledgling radical leftist party“Maskirovka!”putin

The West has never truly understood Russia because they judge and gauge the country by their own standards. The West will never truly understand Vladimir Putin for the same reason. One thing is certain; Putin has achieved his goal of subsidising Russia’s oil revenues through its gas deal with Turkey    

Vlad is waving, not drowning… “Maskirovka!”      Yours Aye.

And the true reason for his smugness over Russia’s natural gas/oil deals. Maskirovka! 

Tell Me There’s A Heaven…

1BE905AB00000578-2933319-Sir_Peter_Hayman_former_British_diplomat_involved_in_Old_Bailey_-m-44_1422635455955A deceased top British diplomat was the focus of a secret Government file about his ‘unnatural’ sexual behaviour, it was revealed today. 

The file, which has just been released to the National Archives, names the late Sir Peter Hayman (right) as the subject of a file prepared for then-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 

Hayman died in 1992 after a career working as a diplomat including as High Commissioner to Canada. He also worked for the intelligence service MI6.1416606144943_Image_galleryImage_AN8673_Dolphin_Square_Chi He was outed as a paedophile in the House of Commons after being let off with a police caution despite being found with a trove of extreme pornographic images which he shared with other child abusers.

Paedophile orgies in luxury flats – and claims three boys were murdered by VIPs (Very senior politicians – and prominent public figures.)  Special report into the growing stench of a cover-up by the Establishment at the time.

Previously; “Allegedly” was the prefix used when claims of a hidden sex file existed, which named the paedophile ring consisting of politician’s, judges, senior police officers, celebrities, etc… The file has been exposed to light; those responsible who are alive today (regardless of age) should be interviewed under caution – arrested – placed on trial – and if found ‘GUILTY’ should be imprisoned for the rest of their natural miserable lives. Please let there be a hell for them afterwards…

Each and every day the media is full of reports of child brutality on an unimaginable scale, which sadly happens throughout every level of society. Why?                 Yours Aye.

Mayor of London shoots from the lip

borisjohnson3001a.jpgHome-grown fanatics who join ISIS are ‘w*****s’ who watch porn because they can’t find girlfriends, blasts Boris Johnson! The London Mayor said British terrorists who become radicalised are often ‘badly adjusted in their relations with women’ and turn to extremism to stop them feeling like losers. 

He said: ‘If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally w***ers.’ Mr Johnson’s remarks were blasted by some Muslim groups. But the London Mayor said his claim was ‘not remotely controversial’.Boris Johnson waves on his bikeIslamic jihadists are ‘pornography-obsessed w*****s’, says Boris Johnson

‘Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’ Born in New York to English parents his birth was registered with both the U.S. authorities and the city’s British Consulate, with the ‘child’ thus being awarded both American and British citizenship.

Boris the Bumbling Buffoon; reputedly the most charismatic Mayor of London who shoots from the lip – courting controversy daily. A highly intelligent man who would like to be the next British Prime Minister (thankfully this will never happen.)24F407B700000578-0-image-m-2_1422609648964

Boris, a little advice from a security expert; ‘As from today, stop using your cycle as your daily mode of transport around London, avoid public transport, and vary your routes to and from your place of work accordingly!’     Yours Aye.  

Natalie (cuckoo) Bennet…

_62399038_015755996-1Ladies and Gentlemen; (Dramatic pause – drum roll – ‘CLASH’ of cymbals!) It gives me great pleasure to present Natalie Bennet, the (cuckoo) leader of the Green Party…

Who today spouted forth many pearls of Green Party wisdom; “It should NOT be a crime to join ISIS!” 

In addition to a previous pearl where the ‘left wing socialist’ – ‘self declared feminist’ leader suggested; The Queen could move into a council house, as a result of her [my] plans to abolish the monarchy. Cue the Green Party ‘anthem’ as Natalie is returned to her straight jacket, and gagged… Yours Aye! 

John Kerry and a French Kiss…

Toe-curling diplomacy: US woos France with hugs, kisses and a VERY awkward rendition of ‘You’ve Got a Friend’ by James Taylor to make up for snubbing terror march by world leaders made sure the world was in no doubt of how close the bond between the French and the Americans was with this awkward hug outside the Elysee Palace with President Francois Hollande this morning.article-2913072-24C305D000000578-588_636x400Kerry – who promised to give the French a ‘big hug’ when he arrived in the country – is in Paris as a show of solidarity with the capital following the three days of violence which left 17 dead, visiting both the Charlie Hebdo offices and the Jewish supermarket targeted by extremists. The French foreign minister also confirmed Kerry had apologised for not attending the march on Sunday, which was attended by leaders from around the world. The French foreign minister also confirmed Kerry had apologised for not attending the march on Sunday, which was attended by leaders from around the world.

I was in agony after watching the grovelling debacle, as I had just returned from a long walk. ‘Heavy leather walking boots are not suitable for such toe curling situations!’ It is accepted that Obama would not attend due to his security dilemma; It was accepted that Biden could not attend due to his inability to walk and talk at the same time.  A French farce? Eric Holder was actually in Paris having attended anti-terrorism talks, but for reasons known only to himself he failed to appear?            Yours Aye.

Caution: Remove tight fitting footwear prior to viewing the James Taylor clip…

Boys with their toys…

21F6B4C700000578-0-image-m-14_1421168020316Boys should play with dolls to encourage them to become carers – says Liberal Democrat minister Jo Swinson.

Jo Swinson (right) said boys would learn to be ‘nurturing and caring’ if they spent their free time with dolls. She said she wanted to tackle ‘dated stereotypes’ about the sexes, including getting more girls interested in science and engineering. 24ABB54700000578-2908529-image-m-21_1421168617775

Miss Swinson, who has a one-year-old son, spoke out during a debate about how to recruit 1million more people into the care sector. Former Lib Dem care minister Paul Burstow warned that women make up 82 per cent of the care work force, and many young men do not know about how to get a job in the industry. Miss Swinson said the solution could be getting young boys to play with dolls earlier in life, so that they might grow up to become a carer.

So… On that given idea, one would presume if one brought up one’s child to play with matches or a Zippo (petrol and kindle-wood optional,) he would join the Fire Service? Dozy bloody woman, and one typical of the Lib Dem’s. As a wee young tacker I spent my indoor time with Airfix 1/32 scale WWII Commando’s, and German Infantry. I once received a box of WWII Italian Infantry, which was empty – obviously they’d all deserted!     Yours Aye.P1010466IMAG0024 copy12505_pd288308full

From one Muslim to many. Go forth & multiply if you’re unhappy!

24A8850D00000578-2907941-image-m-6_1421141366825Moroccan-born mayor of Rotterdam tells fellow Muslims who do not appreciate the ‘freedoms’ of living in the West’ to ‘pack your bags and f*** off’ on live TV. Labour politician Ahmed Aboutaleb, a former journalist who was appointed mayor of the Dutch city in 2008, is known for his straight-forward stance on integration. 

The 53-year-old won the praise of London-mayor Boris Johnson over his comments last week, attacking fellow Muslims who move to Western nations and refuse to accept the way of life. ‘SAFE FOR WORK’ UNLESS YOU SPEAK DUTCH AND ARE EASILY OFFENDED…

‘Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here!’ The first socialist Labour politician (with a spine) whose comment I actually agree with. It’s a shame he’s Dutch and not one of our own.        Yours Aye.

Dictator’s sense of humour failure…

2429FC5500000578-0-image-a-23_1418993192350-1George Clooney reveals top Hollywood names refused to sign petition supporting Kim Jong-un assassination movie. Hollywood star George Clooney said fellow celebrities and industry figures did not want to sign a petition supporting ‘The Interview’ film featuring the assassination of Kim Jong-un as they were afraid of the consequences. Clooney said he wanted to see the film released online to undermine the threats of the hacking gang that is now known to be supported by North Korean agents. George Clooney reveals top Hollywood names refused to sign petition Final Scene The Interview

Property of Columbia pictures: ‘The Interview’ What the North Korean hackers didn’t want you to see: End scene from ‘The Interview’

A handful of theaters across the U.S. have also cancelled screenings of ‘Team America’ – the 2004 puppet comedy that parodies former North Korea leader Kim Jong Il, which they planned to run in place of ‘The Interview’ Fortunately I do not give a damn about the over blown grotesque short arsed North Korean Dictator (or the previous one!) So for those of you who wish to be entertained for a few minutes, the following clip for your edification…

5874369_orig“Ok, I wanna place my mid morning snack order” – “Six big Mac’s with double extra cheese, and a double portion of fries with each Mac – I’ll also take a gallon of chocolate milk shake, and don’t forget the straw and serviette’s this time!”  Greedy barsteward – as your own people starve!      Yours Aye

Emperor Obama announces amnesty

‘You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law': Obama announces amnesty for millions of ‘anchor baby’ parents and illegal immigrant children – as long as they’ve been in US for five years2358C7EA00000578-0-image-25_1416533339065

* Obama addressed the nation to outline a new executive order that will allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the country
* New plan has enraged Republicans who say he lacks the constitutional authority to pick and choose which to deport
* Illegal immigrants can’t apply for months and no one who arrived after January 1, 2010 is eligible
* President acknowledges that it’s a temporary fix and demands help from Congress to make it permanent
* Anyone who takes advantage of the program will have to pass criminal and national security background checks, pay their taxes, pay a fee and prove their eligibility
* Two Republican aides complained about an ‘amnesty’ for people who came to the US illegally and then had children here – calling their children ‘anchor babies’ 
Obama announces amnesty for millions of ‘anchor baby’ parents and illegal immigrant children – as long as they’ve been in US for five years

Sounds like a real ‘pot-mess’ to me, but I’ll wait for you good people to comment… However; If Prime Minister Cameron announced a similar deal over the EU, he would be gone by Monday morning, and his party voted out of power in May 2015.      Yours Aye.235F473200000578-2844238-image-2_1416585232919

“We will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country,” John Boehner said on Friday during a press conference, in which he accused Obama of “damaging the presidency” and “turning a deaf ear to the people he was elected to serve.”

Hilarity ‘the biggest loser’ Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hilarity ‘cross my eyes and hope to die – if ever I tell y’all a lie’ Clinton. The 2014 election was a disaster for Hillary Clinton. Why? Allow Matthew Continetti explain all…

It’s late over here in ‘dear old Blighty’ (04:20 hrs) which means I will now retire to my bed with a smile on my face and a glow in my heart; all provided by Hilarity’s picture (which is something I never thought I would ever say!)     Yours ‘Eye’!

Bloody Well Done… HUZZAH!

newgoptakescontrol_20141104_232745countdownA hearty B.Z. to those who voted RepublicanHISTORIC POWER SHIFT: Republicans seize SEVEN Senate seats from Democrats and hold 15 more as dramatic wins put US Senate in GOP control with 52 seats for the first time in a decade

Only another 734 days, 17635 hours, (counting down, etc) and the socialist Clown in Chief will have to collapse the big top and vacate the White House… HUZZAH!        Yours Aye.