A full moon, perhaps an omen?

On 19th August 2013 (that evening was a full moon, an omen perhaps)?  I drove along to the local animal rescue centre, where six months previous I picked up Hannah, the Staffordshire bull terrier puppy. The reason for my journey was to take in some old towels and fleece blankets that such a centre can never have too many of. As I arrived at my destination so did a lady, who, as a volunteer, fosters the weak and ill canines on behalf of the centre. At the reception desk I placed the pieces I’d brought within their ‘thank-you’ bin, only to turn and see a bundle being held by the foster carer. Staring out from within the bundle shone two beautiful tiny dark brown-eyes; they blinked with fear. 

The unfamiliar smell, as well as the unaccustomed noise was obviously too much for what ever belonged to those small sparkling eyes. To cut a long story short; the ‘puppy’ was 12 weeks old, though its stunted growth made it appear to be only 6 weeks, it really was the runt of its litter. Its siblings had been sold on, the ‘owner’ had no success with the tiny runt, so it was passed on to the rescue centre, where the foster carer took over and nurtured it for five weeks at her own home. God knows how small it was back then.

DSC_0224As I was inquisitive I asked to hold and view the puppy within the bundle. The foster lady passed it forward and the small blanket fell away, it looked up at me and trembled in my hands. I looked across at the receptionist and said “I’ll take him home today-now, could I have the paper work please”. 

The foster carer jumped in defensively, saying I would have to be vetted etc, etc, which was gently re-buffed by the receptionist to soften the blow “Oh that’s fine, this gentleman is already registered with us, and he has recently rescued a puppy”. After a brief detailed discussion with the carer the paper work was completed, and we all said our goodbyes. I left with the brown-eyed tiny bundle of bones that weighed less than eight pounds; thinking to myself, ‘Oh well, when you have two, you may as well as have three’. Besides, I had a good idea what the little feller was crossed with, his Staffie coat and ‘gull wing’ shaped eyes cast him as part canine gladiator, time will reveal (has since revealed) his other cross parent in full.   Four weeks later; after a complete change away from his original diet combined with plenty of rough and tumble exercise, the bones have now been covered in healthy muscle and a layer of fat. 


After our short journey home, we were met at the door by Joss & Hannah where upon much tail wagging and yapping ensued, each equally curious as to what I held under my arm. I led them both into the field and placed the small bag of bones down on the ground, allowing them to ‘speak’ to each other on neutral territory. After much sniffing and licking as well as a short walk, we returned to the kitchen to make a pot of tea. Kicking off my boots I settled down on the dog couch; a name was required for the ‘new pup’, with my head in the clouds I pondered upon traditional Staffordshire Bull Terrier names. 

‘Keeper’~‘Bruiser’~‘Gripper’~‘Watchman’~‘Boots’~’Buckshot’~‘arrgghhhh’! My head dropped back to earth, brought about by several sharp stabbing pains emanating from my big toe. The pup had sunk its needle teeth through my sock into my big piggy. I whipped my sock off to see tiny pin prickles of blood, the pup had just christened himself through his act, ‘Nipper’! A name that suits his stature, as he will always be a little nipper in comparison to a pure bred Staffie. Nipper was named well, and by gum he has lived up to it since. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in guts & determination, the runt has since turned into a Grunt; showing the true traits of his other cross parent, a Jack Russell terrier.


His teacher in the playful art of ‘jaw fighting‘ has been Hannah; non stop until they both drop exhausted, which they then sleep off over a couple of hours. He has also settled in to the patrol routine without any problem what so ever, following Hannah silently out in front like a shadow, step for step. It was all meant to be…

Several days ago the combined harvesters started their cropping work around the fields surrounding my own. The rat’s were being forced out field by field, just like every year previous; only this time our ‘four man’ team was ready and waiting for them. ‘None shall pass’ was the war cry, and the Grunt was ready, ‘aye-ready’ as we waited patiently for the first wave to cross our path.DSC_0254To Be Continued…            Yours Aye.

Where the sun doesn’t shine…

Thats exactly where I would place some ones camera phone if I caught them being disrespectful, as portrayed through the link. Humiliation is a great teaching tool. The latest fad or just gross insensitivity? How teenagers are taking selfies at the most inappropriate places – including Ground Zero, a Holocaust memorial and even in front of DEAD relatives A gross act of disrespect that absolutely disgusts me.     Yours Aye.article-2405379-1B83BF4A000005DC-130_636x383

Girlfriend, a foxy redhead?

Ok, Ok, I promise you, this is definitely the last redhead post: South-West London. 28-year-old Leon Smith woke up in bed to find a fox nuzzling his neck…article-2403942-1B7F7798000005DC-2_634x527‘I reached out to hug my girlfriend and found a FOX in my bed’: Man’s shock as cunning creature nuzzles his neck under his duvet  QUOTE: “When I saw the fox I thought it was hilarious at first, I thought, ‘well it serves you right for laying in bed’. But then I put the picture on Facebook and a lot of my friends said ‘they would have been terrified If it had got into bed with them’. ‘I’m really scared now that it will come back, I’m really jumpy. I am really paranoid when I am alone in the house that it will come and get me”. TigerStripeDogClick to enlarge, though it may not be required… (Joss, tail end charlie; Winter patrol 2012) Oh my Giddy Aunt! For God’s sake man, grow a set the size of the fox who visited, or dump the cat and get your self a Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog, who do have the right size! 

English-language pangram —a phrase that contains all of the letters of the English alphabet.‘The quick brown fox never made it when it tried to jump over the Staffie jumps over the lazy dog’!           Yours Aye.

It is my own humble opinion

That the United Nations is nothing more than a glorified coffee shop for international business meetingsimagesCorruption of varying degrees is found at every level within its corridors of self-imposed power, which trickles out daily; interwoven with the money intended for aid into various third-world countries around the world. Potentially it has teeth, but the political muzzle that binds its jaws tightly has stopped it biting or puncturing a worldwide domestic problem successfully. Africa being a glaring example for all to see…633880615975213830-unitednations

The world is waking up this morning to an atrocity that requires the full investigative powers of the the U.N. Followed by a swift reaction against those responsible  The town that never woke up: Inside the devastated Damascus suburb where 1,300 innocent Syrians were gassed in their beds *Disturbing photos taken today show the aftermath of the deadly chemical weapons unleashed on a suburb. *Bodies of men, women and children are piled high in makeshift morgues as those who escaped fight for their lives. *Activists claim that government forces are firing rockets at neighbourhoods on eastern outskirts of Damascus today. *Devastating attack that killed hundreds prompts protests and vigils from around the world. *President Bashar Assad’s government denies using rockets to release fatal fumes over suburb. *U.S., Britain and France demand a U.N. team should be allowed to inspect chemical attack site. *U.N. team already in Syria to investigate previous attacks but need government permission to examine new site. *U.N. Security Council have not demanded new investigation into site but said ‘clarity’ into attack was needed. *Diplomats claim U.N.’s statement about attack was watered down to accommodate Russia and China’s objections.

The U.N. appears to have had its muzzle tightened one hole further already… The UN requires a powerful dose of industrial cleaner fluid, provided by an independent authority to sort it out, or just close it down, and allow NATO to run business.           Yours Aye.

The Beast In Me…

Super Moon over Yorkshire 2013

The beast in me Is caged by frail and fragile bonds Restless by day And by night, rants and rages at the stars God help, the beast in me…

The beast in me Has had to learn to live with pain And how to shelter from the rain And in the twinkling of an eye Might have to be restrained God help the beast in me…

Sometimes It tries to kid me that it’s just a teddy bear Or even somehow managed To vanish in the air And that is when I must beware Of the beast in me That everybody knows They’ve seen him out dressed in my clothes Patently unclear If it’s New York or New Year

God help the beast in me… “The Beast in Me” by Nick LoweSunset over Yorkshire

Sat 22 Jun 2013. Had a great day today, walked and talked with the dogs, and then witnessed a great sunset from our seat on the felled tree logs. Slurped tea from my old tin mug, and howled as the ‘super moon’ rose and illuminated the countryside, the gentle waft of warm damp air adding to the pleasure. After all of these years, life is starting to make sense in civvie street.

Yours Aye.

Horst Faas Passes

For those of you of a certain age, Horst Faas’ work is part of your memories. Invariably, you are familiar with it, even if you do not know Mr. Faas by name.

Eyes Right

This picture took me by surprise. Are Russian civilians really standing at attention for Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putin? I wonder what he is thinking. Actually, I can guess what he is pondering. I wonder what Lyudmila is thinking:

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila Putin walk after an inauguration ceremony at the Kremlin in Moscow, May 7, 2012.

Heroes Come in Many Shapes

Sometimes I surf the web looking for something off-beat to post, something different. When I type: pictures into Google, it auto-completes it with: pictures of herpes, pictures of Jesus, pictures of bed-bugs, and pictures of strep throat.

Then I click on just pictures. Lots of girls in bikinis and actresses. Dogs and cats. You know, loldogs. And there is this one:

Three Divers

Two divers inspecting the Costa Concordia in Italy before thieves stole the bell:

Thieves evade lasers to nab shipwrecked bell off Costa Concordia?

And diver number three is a mystery. Some Liverpoolian parade?

A giant puppet of a diver walks through the Chinatown district in Liverpool, northern England April 21, 2012. The Diver is one of two giant models forming part of the Sea Odyssey Giant Spectacular happening over the weekend in Liverpool.

Time for Liberty?

Three Photos

Operation Wall Streeters -take notice- this is real courage. The man in the picture, in the picture. Bravely standing down a tank. At Tiananmen Square. And the other gentleman is the one who took the picture:

Jeff Widener – Beijing, 1989

Forgive me for a moment, I am going to be very judgmental here. I saw this next picture and my first thought was, whoever these guys are, I doubt I’ll like their art. Or their faint imitation of art. They have that I have been beaten look. Which works for 16 year-olds. Maybe. Not when you are over 30:

Fashion victims Will Lovelace, James Murphy, and Dylan Southern

So who are they? (Trumpet, please.) I don’t have the slightest. Here, you read the caption:

PARK CITY, UT – JANUARY 23: Filmmaker Will Lovelace, musician James Murphy and filmmaker Dylan Southern pose for a portrait during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival at the Getty Images Portrait Studio at T-Mobile Village at the Lift on January 23, 2012 in Park City, Utah.

Never heard of the music, never heard of the films. No loss, I imagine. . .