Heartbleed or Nosebleed; an unnecessary nuisance

Much has been said about the Heartbleed Bug over the past several days (much has been rescinded by the main stream media who tried their best to initiate international panic!) Find out about the sites that were affected by the Heartbleed Bug, as well as the sites that recommend password changes, and what information might have been vulnerable due to ‘Heartbleed.’ Click the pic to go large… A ‘Mellow Jihadi’ public information feature 😉TopSitesAffectedByTheHeartbleedBug_5348764d6fee8_w1500

Twits on twitter a twittering

Alec Baldwin & WifeAlec Baldwin unleashes a homophobic and violent Twitter tirade at Daily Mail Online reporter, so the story goes… What is it about ‘celebrities’ and the world they live in? I am all too aware that not every ‘celeb’ lives within the bubble, and that those who choose to live outside in normal land are also fed up with the same old faces dragging down their profession. With fame comes wealth, strange substances, plenty of alcohol, and rehab. Followed by strange substances, plenty of alcohol, and rehab, followed by strange substances, plenty of alcohol, and rehab… ‘And the wheels on the bus go round and round’!    Alec Baldwin unleashes homophobic and violent Twitter tirade at MailOnline reporter The 55-year-old actor has since deleted his entire Twitter account Last nights Battleship, this mornings life boat… Yours Aye. 

Sign in and Sod off!

European Union flags are seen outside the European Commission headquarters in Brussels April 12, 200..

To the average American citizen the workings of the European Union may appear a trite confusing, you should also add the average European citizen to the list (UK not included)!  You may well ask ‘why should it concern the US and its people’? The answer is quite plain and simple; in the long run the US depends upon the EU for the sale of financial instruments as well as for trade links. Whether you like it or not, the US is also a part of the EU and sits and operates within its sinister shadows! Politically the EU also holds a powerful vote within the UN. The European Union is a ball of confusion to all but the elected European politicians. Since its conception it has never passed a yearly Audit due to the irregularities connected to its funding and spending. Each yearly inspection reveals the same types of fraud on a massive eye watering scale, and each time the recommended investigations into fraud are ignored from above; from year to year the EU’s financial audit books have never been signed off-not once in its history. The biggest organisation within Europe is also the biggest fraudster within Europe. To date several whistle blowers have had their lives and careers ruined by those the political dross of europe responsible for the day to day running of this great Socialist European Circus. I would urge you to view the highlighted link, as well as the short video clip. MEPs caught on camera ‘turning up to work for just a few … – Daily Mail

Socialist European Circus ring masters

On 19 November 2009, Herman Van Rumpoy was chosen as the first permanent President of the European Council (left of pic). The Commission President is currently Jose Manuel Durao Barrosa (right of pic). Unbelievabley the two most powerful men in Europe were both ‘appointed’ by their cronies sitting within the union, and not democratically voted in by the general public. Nigel Farage; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdob6QRLRJU as well as Daniel Hannan;1:27 Eurocrats no longer disguise their loathing of Britainby DanHannanMEP 50,262 views Englishmen fighting for what is democratically right, they have both acknowledged that it is their aim to become unemployed by causing the down fall of the EU. I will dance on the grave of the EU; as its death is just around the corner.

Yours ‘tap dancingly’ Aye

The New Yorker Blows Off the Navy

tny 9.29.08 cvr.inddI grew up in a family that read, we were not television watchers. Books were currency and for years after I left home, I had to catch snippets of television shows that I knew very little about to educate myself on them. (Still, don’t ask me about Spenser for Hire or Jake and the Fatman. I know nossssssthing.) I am not in any way complaining, it was an interesting upbringing.

When young – when with books – I had very little discernment as to content; if it had words, I would read it. I still have little arcane pockets of knowledge, much smoothed out by the ravages of time. I was, for many years, the local Sammy Davis Jr. expert for my neighborhood. My school library got rid of abuncha books on ol’ Sam-may and I got at least acoupla of ’em. This is not to say I finished every book I got my grubby paws on. I seem to remember one called Brian’s Song or Someone’s Song. I recall it being very sad and I didn’t particularly do midnight dreary in my planting / fertilizing / watering / growing years. I still don’t. 

One obscure (for a tyke) journal I did cherish was the New Yorker magazine. I musta read a hundred issues. If you are thinking of dropping this blogpost over your nose-wrinkling disgust of the rag, don’t. As an adult, I hardly agree with much in the magazine. I do, however, find it well-written, albeit slanted. And although the New Yorker bills its content as a signature mix of politics, culture, and the arts, it hardly is. Let’s do a little test, shall we, to test my hypothesis? I am gonna put in NAVY into the New Yawkah search-engine. And I get back:

-“The Master,” by Paul Thomas Anderson. The writer describes the film as a “fretful, elegant movie,” and notes that, for the first time, “for extra glory and precision,” the director is shooting in 65mm. Navy serviceman Freddie Quell, played by Joaquin Phoenix. . .

-Everyone wants to know more about SEAL Team Six, the super-élite naval strike force credited with killing Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. (Steve Coll has more on bin Laden’s final days.) The story of…

-In my Profile of Paul Haggis, I look into questions about the military record of L. Ron Hubbard, who served in the Navy during the Second World War. Hubbard wrote that he had been injured…

-To know: The Navy fired the captain who oversaw and starred in a number of profane videos for showing “profound lack of good judgment and professionalism.” The 112th Congress begins at noon today. And…

tny 9.29.08 cvr.indd

-Talk story about Barack Obama’s election victory and the writer’s memory of an act of discrimination against a black Harvard classmate named Lucien Victor Alexis, Jr. During the writer’s junior year at Harvard, Lucien Victor Alexis, Jr., a classmate, had been briefly in the news, when the Navy lacrosse coach…

And that is taking the search all the way back through September of 2008!

Now, I understand that the Big Apple mag can’t be all Sailor all the time, but shirley they could go out on a limb and give us a little more of that gristled Navy blue-steak every now and then?

A stiff upper lip

Well, it appears to be official, a survey run by the Times newspaper has revealed the British stiff upper lip still exists, mainly in Englishmen.  dante_fontana_8

Brits DO have a stiff upper lip: Americans more optimistic and romantic than Britons “English people are always known to be well mannered and cold but we are not cold – we don’t interfere in your situation. If we are heartbroken, we don’t scream in your face with tears – we go home and cry on our own”. Michael Caine



Time for tiffin, toodle pip…

Yours Aye.




Whistle blowing Patriot, or Enemy of the State

Every story requires a beginning, middle and an end. We have had the beginning, Washington’s Big Brother & Verizon and now it would appear that we have the start of the middle, which could run for some while as it looks as though there is going to be a lot of meat on the ‘right to privacy’ bone.Edward Snowden whistle blower Edward Snowden, a 29 year old American has admitted to being the source of the leak on the NSA’s ‘gathering system’. He has certainly opened up a can of worms in the US as well as over here in the UK, and Europe. (His action has been regarded by the international MSM as being in the finest traditions of whistle-blowing). Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations He acted for the ‘public good’ rather than ‘private gain’, so does this make him a Whistle Blowing Patriot, or an Enemy of The State?

Food for thought for those hungry enough?

Yours Aye.

“Nuns on the Bus” for Immigration Reform

It is interesting which stories about the United States get play in the foreign press. In searching Al Jazeera, the first write-up I came across was Kristen Saloomey’s article on Nuns on the Bus. These sisters are led by Sister Simone Campbell and Sister Eileen Marnien and they are an immigration reform group. And they are (apparently) traveling around fifteen eastern states, pushing their ideas on immigration:

This week I met a nun from Philadelphia who works with immigrants.

Sister Eileen Marnien told me how the Sisters of St Joseph bought an old funeral home in her city and converted it into a welcome centre after a number of Catholic schools in the area closed down, leaving them with no work.

“I feel like we sisters do what we have always done,” she said. “If there’s a need, we step up.”

Sister Eileen was attending a rally for immigration reform outside St Joseph’s Pro-Cathedral in Camden, New Jersey, one of dozens of events organised by a group of sisters who call themselves the “Nuns on the Bus.”

They’ve launched a 15-state bus tour to raise support for an immigration reform bill currently making its way through the US Congress.

Sister Eileen Marnien told me how the Sisters of St Joseph, nuns on the bus (www.nunsonthebus.org)
Sister Eileen Marnien told me how the Sisters of St Joseph, nuns on the bus (www.nunsonthebus.org)

“We have a very narrow window of time in which to get it done so we thought, what else can we do?” said Sister Simone Campbell, the head of the Catholic lobbying organisation Network and the force behind the Nuns on the Bus.

“It is the urgency of now that got us back on the road.”

Do read what Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, has to say about the group. It is telling that the nuns won’t speak out against abortion, but have no problem pushing immigration reform. Al Jazeera probably loves publishing this story. It shows a schism in the Church and highlights a bruising political battle.

The Future is Now

In terms of medical rehab, Kobe Bryant tweeted a picture of himself on the Alter G treadmill wearing his medical mamba shoes by Nike. The treadmill helps support weight until the athlete can walk without assistance.

The Gothamist is a New Yawk website that is fairly shrill, but this piece on the Citi Bike program is shrieker than usual. You get the bifecta with its take on conservatism and the trifecta with the ageism angle. (Add one more ‘fecta with stabs at religion by some of the commenters.) I wish I could write more, but the article is fairly unreadable. Or perhaps, I gave up. Please note that Citi Bike is not aligned with Citi Bank…

If Denise Garrido, the new Miss Universe Canada for a day, is angry, I don’t blame her. They decrowned Denise and gave the tiara to Riza Santos. Their excuse: During the validation of the computerized scoring results (which occurs the following day), a typo was discovered in the top 5 entries, which significantly impacted the final results of the competition. This is the first instance of this type of error in the 11 years that Beauties of Canada (BOC) has produced the Miss Universe Canada pageant. Ms. Garrido is taking it bravely and is said to be practicing her baton twirl extra hard in anticipation for next year.

Hey, Lay Off Sailors!

This chart detailing which states cuss the most really gets under my skin. Look what they use as a nick-name for states with potty mouths. Yeah, Sailors:

'Sailors:' Following the Buckeye state as the most likely to curse is Maryland, then New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois, respectively.
‘Sailors:’ Following the Buckeye state as the most likely to curse is Maryland, then New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois, respectively.

One more for you, the countries that are the least racist: United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Britain, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Australia, New Zealand. (That goes against the grain of the big bad colonialist, sowing discord in peaceful nations.)

Diana Falzone, Hardnose Military Reporter

Diana Falzone, Fox News
Diana Falzone

If you read military.com, you might be aware of Diana Falzone. She had a blog there called My Wingman Diana. And she has now moved to Fox News, reporting such nuggets as:

In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut, a.k.a. “The Rachel,” probably seemed awesome. But her famed stylist wasn’t even sober when he created the iconic look.

Chris McMillan recently admitted he was “high as a kite” when he cut the blonde beauty’s hair… oops.

Hmm, I may have to rethink my title. Diana Falzone, Hardnose Hollywood Reporter?

Bill Murray Kinda Joins Twitter

There seems to be an invasion of fake Twitter sites. That is, folks who open up pages in a celebrity’s name. Like these impostor Bill Murray tweets:

-Time machine jokes aren’t funny, you guys. My great great grandson dies in a time machine crash.

-Talking to yourself isn’t bad. Its not even that bad to arguing with yourself. Its when you lose that argument that you know your in trouble

-A jealous woman does better research than the FBI.

Pretty funny, even for a fake. . .