Questions You Never Thought to Ask

Do you know the difference between black bear and grizzly dung?

Is Ice-T narrating a Kris Koenig movie on gun rights called Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire?

Is Rafael Cruz the father of Ted Cruz? Watch FreedomWorks’ Free the People for the answer.

Was Marine Cpl. Nathan Kemnitz treated shamefully by the TSA at the Sacramento Airport?

Guess why I don’t trust Joshua Phillips’ story of SGT Adam Gray in None of Us Were Like This Before: American Soldiers and Torture?

Is the new gold rush the search for ammo?

Lou's watercolor of a French street
Dusty Lou’s watercolor of a French street

A Marriage Made Somewhere

A sea story begins with. . .

My Kid Insists That I’m White, but I’m Not

Congratulations! You’re Now A Traitor!

Stephanie Durkee has a Janus kitty

Dragon Leatherworks will be opening a brick and mortar store.

The Local Butcher Shop and Market presents Bacon Jam

Paul Harvey: Freedom To Chains

The two most beautiful women, according to Katie Kieffer

A Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and a blue BMW R1100RT

Boeing and Bell sell 99 more Ospreys

Because John Moses Browning is his co-pilot

The VF-45 Blackbirds

Kimberly Burke- Bre and Josh Ciurtas were caught in a moment of prayer just moments before they walked down the wedding aisle - the groom sat away with his eyes closed so he did not see the bridal gown.
Kimberly Burke’s shot of Bre and Josh Ciurtas caught in a moment of prayer just moments before they walked down the wedding aisle – the groom sat away with his eyes closed so he did not see the bridal gown.

Buyer’s Remorse

“We thought they would be different from Mubarak, but we realised they’re worse,” said Mustafa al-Shan, 60 of Port Said, who said he voted for the Brotherhood in the last parliamentary election.

Like Richard D. Kahlenberg in an article titled The Leading Liberal Against Affirmative Action.

Lastly, if you intend on wearing Google Glasses, don’t go to 5 Point Cafe. The bar has banned the high-tech glasses. Before they are even on sale.

Guess What. . .

. . .women are doing at Gander Mountain.

. . .generated sales of $3.7 billion on eBay in the last quarter.

. . .the Journal News of New York did.

. . .Ned RocknRoll’s (Mr. Kate Winslet) real name is.

. . .the formula, in feet, of running pipe for reaction time is?

. . .Melissa Nelson got fired for?

. . .a biblical self-defense song sounds like.

. . .Dana White thinks of drug testing.

Roboy, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Zurich.
Roboy, Artificial Intelligence Lab of the University of Zurich.

Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Malala Yousafzai trails Bradley Manning, 22% to 70%, in the Guardian’s POY ’12?

You like to make your morning eggs with a Glock?

Al-Masry Al-Youm (via Al-Monitor) Reports on Muslim Brotherhood Torture Chambers?

The Oklahoma Full Auto Shoot & Trade Show (OFASTS) is full auto? (Hand Salute: ASM)

What big Texas eyes you have?

We have Pentagon Peacocks? (Hand Salute: Kris, thanks!)

Pope Benedict XVI met a lion cub?

That differing Chanukah stories are still argued? (Happy Chanukah to all who celebrate it!)

Someone defaced Quantico’s Iwo Jima Memorial?

The Art of Blogging

Bean Tavy!

Ramiro Pozos has a gold- and silver-plated AK-47?

The Big E will sail again.

VADM Scott Swift talks to a naval blogger

What list has River Tam, Lisbeth Salander, Neytiri, and Seven of Nine on it?

The Great Green Fleet has not been mothballed.

Remembering Yuri Nosenko, Cold Warrior.

Who robbed the HMAS Coonawarra? (Hand Salute: Pax, thanks!)

Popeye picture, by Lee Romao (Hand Salute: America’s Sergeant Major, Thanks!)

Be on the Lookout for. . .

Petty Officer 3rd Class Oscar H. Wiygul III- he has some issues with internet cafes.

Atula, the camel, who ran away.

Tim, the Toolman, Taylor/Allen

Shrinking aircraft carriers in the Gulf

Philip Roth’s new book

Nora, Miley’s rescued pig

Phlebotomus papatasi, in the Middle East

Good Night, Chesty, Wherever You Are

U.S. base in Guantanamo cleans up after Sandy

Veteran dies after casting one last vote

Good Night, Chesty, Wherever You Are (Hand Salute: Diamond Mair)

Colombian Navy detains 5 migrants from (wait for it) Bangladesh

Because the Indians are collecting a s***-pot load of firewood!

Charles Woods Discusses His Son Tyrone Woods (Hand Salute: Kris, thanks!)

.40 Below and .40 Above

Just don’t forget who whupped your asses back in 1781

The National Museum of the Marine Corps’ new eight-foot bronze sculpture of Lt. Gen. Lewis Burwell ”Chesty” Puller.

San Dee Eggo News

The Navy just christened America? (That’s right, we are taking over this country!)

Sgt. Daniel McLaughlin grabbed Torazzi Hayslett’s hair and pulled it?

A cutthroat motorcycle gang is in town, raising money to fight juvenile tumors?

Great American© Gary Sinise is at BMC with the LT Dan Band. (All LTs required to attend!)

Few stories are as sad for Sandy Eggians than that of Junior Seau.

John Lehman is talking about more FFG 7s. A frigate, not to be referred to as friggin’.

USS America will be formally delivered to the Navy early next year and be used as the flagship for expeditionary strike groups and amphibious ready groups.

Climbing to a Navy Marriage

Less CoBell for the Navy.

A P-3 and an LA Class boat.

Big Deck diplomacy and China.

The SEALs and the lost Dodgers.

The Navy and some delicious bacon.

Navy destoyer the USS Michael Murphy.

The AGOR 27 or the USNS Neil Armstrong.

Gun #386 off the ol’ USS Missouri and San Fran.

HMAS Melbourne R-21 and the USS Frank E Evans.

A Navy SEAL uses his prosthetic leg as a deadly weapon.

Army Staff Sgt. Colton Smith is in the Navy Times for fighting.

My room before SERE at Brunswick Naval Air Station was sold.

Naval War College research professor Chris Weuve on Hollywood.

A dog with the manners of a Sailor, very drunk, after a fight, at midnight.

Third Naval commander Tharaton Khachitsuwan apologizes for Gangnam.

A Little of This

People are as friendly, generally, in NYC as anywhere else.

A public service announcement from Shelley Rae.

Some rappelling behavior from the British royals- this time, Prince Andrew.

We have no problem putting down the xBox controller to save the day.

Monster Hunter Legion is being released in hardback.

What do you think will happen if we find life on Mars?

France: chemical weapons would bring ‘massive’ response to Syria. 

Best to hide your ammunition from your wife, who may/may not be keeping tabs on it.

How to become a Firearms Instructor.

Men in skirts, Kilted to Kick Cancer.

Fatma Nabil, a newsperson on Egyptian television, wears a beige hijab on tv.

People in nudist colonies play volleyball more than any other sport.

Stamp of His Mermaid, Lady Gaga’s new Navy tattoo.

A bear in Valdez? (courtesy of Rev at Way Up North)

I Don’t Believe It

That somewhere, the weather is freezing? Like -2 degrees C cold? 

That a crazed beaver attacked eight-year-old Annabella Radnovich and her 11-year-old sister, Alyssa Radnovich, on Lake Anna in Virginia’s Spotsylvania County?

That a Navy helicopter, a MH-60S Sea Hawk, can write a postcard? Dear Other Helicopters: How I Spent My Summer… Love, Sea Hawk. . .

That the first words out of a stranger’s mouth are: “I love that sticker, friend! 

That Army prosecutors are bringing charges of negligent homicide against SFC Taylor?

That ships and aircraft use a word from the French as a distress call?

That a window washer can make $20-$30 an hour? That they use Joy soup to get the windows squeaky clean?

That the first air conditioner began working on 17 July, 1902?

That UC Berkeley star athletes Jason Kidd and Marshawn Lynch both get popped for driving under the influence, on the same weekend?

Dangerous Sports

Mistaking a gorgeous lady for. . .?

Sneakier, a cat or a dog?

Sassy country girl solicits yer gun stories? 

The UN wants to slip in between you and your sweaty trigger-finger?

An eleven year old girl dies playing miniature golf in Florida?

Hollerin’: Since when was you in ‘Nam?

Carpet tacks strewn across the road at the Tour de France?

Bidding on Bonnie’s .38 snub or Clyde’s 1911?

NBC posts a picture of Olympic shooter Amanda Furrer with her AR15?

I firmly believe it takes bravery to fly a UAV? (Hand Salute: America’s SgtMaj)

That a blogger is listening to Emmylou Harris’ I Ain’t Living Long Like This?

Hot Links

For years I have been in love with a 1911

You’re doing WHAT with my taxes?

The Navy is afraid it’s going to get its butt kicked

Vietnam Veterans Day, Saturday March 31st

The Real Iron Mike (Hand Salute: Sean. Thanks!)

The new Double 1911 from Arsenal Firearms

If you remember when only sailors had tattoos, you are an old fart

The Milwaukee tools powder actuated tack driver

Doctor, 61, joins Navy to honor son

The rookies call you “Sir” or “ma’am” after you’ve told them 50 times to stop

San Diego Tea Party “leader” arrested (Hand Salute: Kris. Thanks!)

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal and the teachers

The miracle of the USS Franklin

Light-saber open carry

Forget being charitable in New York City

UnSaturday Blogging, Where I Jack Up Half the Posts

If it is in stock, we have it!

This dude hits targets at 1000 yards? Wait, it is a chick, I mean, lady?

Navy to name ships after real heroes.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blond. Oops, I mean, blind.

The fattest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference?

How do you dispose of your pet carrier? Um, I mean, your fav aircraft carrier.

Héloïse Goodley has cool punctuation in her name. She is also a soldier.

If a man comes to kill you, rise early and sneeze on him first. Yikes, I mean, kill’im first.

Danica Patrick crashes, blogger to blame?

I’ve got the little Fokker in sight. Ooops, hmm. I do mean lil’ Fokker.

Life of a female Ranchhand.

Objections from a former drunken Tailor. Ah, I mean, Sailor, of course.

Sailors are very brave and must be good swimmers.

I have beaver trouble! That is right, beavers. Cause. Trouble. Agnawing trouble.

Delicious kiwis. The bird. Or the fruit. Both!

Politicians misbehaving, “Депутаты” (Hand Salute: Kris) 


The problem with political jokes is they get elected

USS Laffey

Diet Coke with bacon

What a man looks like after he has given up drinking, fishing and hunting

Almost a Glock 1911

I didn’t surf the net and pick out some random weirdness

He’s now an official science lab specimen at the local school

George Wells, Able Seaman*

Having A Great Time, Wish You Were Here

Saving Private Fido*

War, was it just like Call of Duty?

I am the Father of hundreds

US Navy paying $15/gallon for green fuel

Some of the troops we had were pretty good, and some were oxygen thieves

Why you should not allow your children to drive your toys

Run Ranger Run

The German Army had all the sexy stuff

*Hand Salute: Kris and Pax’ster respectively