“Sorry, I don’t smoke!”

The hottest boys toy around: Firms selling FLAMETHROWERS for $900 – despite the US Army banning them 35-years ago for being inhumane…2B67608200000578-0-image-a-25_1439705046968

A startup in Cleveland is selling $1,599 flamethrowers that can shoot a flame 50 feet – while a company in Detroit is selling devices for $900 that can shoot flames 25 feet. Customers don’t need to go through background checks when buying the flamethrowers, as they are not regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.Fire Ex

Ho hum – what could possibly go wrong by allowing all and sundry to purchase such a double-edged fiery weapon? No doubt sales of industrial size fire extinguishers will go through the roof…   Yours_Aye

Rubik’s Cube; the mind boggles…

The Rubik’s Cube has puzzled the minds of millions for decades, with most people giving up before ever coming close to finishing the notoriously difficult game. But not teenager Collin Burns, who has completed a cube in just 5.25 seconds, smashing the world record. The US national ‘speedcubing’ champion was at an official Rubik’s Cube event in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, when he shaved 0.3 of a second off the record.28130D8D00000578-0-image-a-2_1430174739738-1Teenager Collin Burns smashed the world record Rubik Cube in just 5.25 seconds…

Invented in 1974, and as of January 2009 – 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide making it the world’s top-selling puzzle game. It is widely considered to be the world’s best-selling toy. As a teenager I was given one as a present – it still sits within its original box unopened gathering dust. I had the great outdoors to explore instead…      Yours Aye.

‘Humin’ a new contacts and phone app

HuminHumin is a new contacts and phone app that captures all of your relationships and remembers them in the way that you naturally think…

As I have often stated in the past, “To a certain extent, I am a gadget man.” And while I doff my cap towards Sharon Standifird in the post below; I do think that there is far too much personal information being projected around the molecular airwaves that is open to abuse. Before long we will need an app that  acts as a ‘COMPLETE BLOCKER’ to protect ourselves. It follows that a variety of government listening ‘Agencies’ will see this as a threat, and selectively intercept a person’s every day life who purchases ‘COMPLETE BLOCKER’ Which is a fictitious app name invented purely for this post. No doubt I have already incurred the wrath of the afore-mentioned government listening ‘Agencies’ by typing ‘COMPLETE BLOCKER’ three times, and publishing this post for all to read.dewey-cheatem-and-howe A note from the Mellow Jihadi legal team ‘Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.’ (Which is also fictitious, and a figment of the ‘3 stooges’ writers mind.) ‘COMPLETE BLOCKER’ is not available on the market as it does not exist. However; the Mellow Jihadi blog will quote artistic licence and demand a 25 % fee from any individual, firm, company, or registered organisation, who use the words, or title COMPLETE BLOCKER on any product. Oh Bollock’s! Unintentionally I have typed out ‘COMPLETE BLOCKER’ six times…  You read it here first.  :-)    Yours Aye.

Like spreading butter with a hot knife

 The age-old problem of spreading butter straight from the fridge has finally been solved – thanks to this nifty new kitchen gadget. 1408007481860_wps_19_BNPS_co_uk_01202_558833_PThe revolutionary device looks like a normal cutlery knife but it has been made with 21 triangular holes down the blade that ‘grate’ the butter. The tiny strips are much easier to spread than a knife loaded with cold butter so sandwich fans can finally avoid tearing holes in their bread trying in vain to get an even coating. The problem of spreading butter straight from the fridge has finally been solved1408007487496_wps_20_BNPS_co_uk_01202_558833_P

The device looks like a normal cutlery knife but it has been made with 21 triangular holes down the blade that ‘grate’ the butter. The tiny strips are much easier to spread than a knife loaded with cold butter so sandwich fans can finally avoid tearing holes in their bread trying in vain to get an even coating. The other side of the knife has a serrated edge so that it can be used to cut the sandwich or toast in half or get rid of the crusts.

A ‘hallelujah’ moment! I use a very old (1901) Sheffield steel kitchen broad blade, with a fine serrated edge to do the same; my toast has to be luke warm, and the butter very cold. It’s part of my breakfast ceremony, and it’s just how it is, my kitchen, my rules. But I do want a half-dozen of these colonial beauties when they come out on the market.   I know, I need to get out more…        Yours Aye.Toast rack n butter knifeUPDATE: Through a Curtis tease (found in the comments below) I have included the above picture of my summer use ‘olive wood burr’ toast-rack, which is one of several types I own and use all year round. Toast-racks are essential in separating hot toasted slices of bread, as each slice maintains its crispness by avoiding condensation otherwise found when set in a pile on a plate. In my humble opinion; soggy limp toast is the sign of a devil worshiper. 😉 

‘DING DONG’ Gerber calling…

DING DONG GERBERDING DONG: A sledgehammer. A battering ram. A pry bar. All three are essential breaching tools for operators who need to get through doors quickly. The DING DONG combines these three tools into one tight package. DING DONG by Gerber. I need one as of yesterday. Better make that two, Nipper just saw the clip…     Yours Aye.

Introducing The LIGHT-BOARD

This lightboard was designed by Michael Peshkin, professor of mechanical engineering, for use in MOOCs (free, online courses that attract large numbers of participants seeking to explore a new field or feed a curiosity) produced by the McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University.        Northwestern University “Lightboard” YouTube LIGHT BOARD In the words of Professor Michael Peshkin “I developed the Lightboard to be able to record attractive online lectures, easily. In technical subjects equations and sketches are important, and I use my hands a lot as I write and talk. I’m not writing backwards; the board is videotaped in mirror reflection. This process is direct-to-disk, so you can do it yourself with little or no post-production.”

A great idea that will almost certainly develop further. Tests are underway to allow the teacher/instructor to walk behind a sheet of non reflective glass in an open class room, allowing instruction direct to the students present, as shown in the link (the disruptive few will have no place to hide)… Yours Aye.

Learn more, on how to build a lightboard: https://sites.google.com/site/northwe

iMirror by POSH, for your home

In My Most Humble Opinion… Technology and the information age is a digital double-edged sword. The reduced size of hand-held gadgets designed to help us save time and organise our lives, has actually had the opposite effect. We have more access to information through our devices, but by asking for it we are also revealing what our interests are. Each ask receives an unwanted reply, through one digital form or another, worst case scenario is that the information is stored for later use.DownloadedFile

Just recently friends of mine visited London for a weekend adventure. As they perused the lanes and alleyways of old London town, their phones kept pinging text messages informing them of ‘shops, cafe’s, and restaurants of interest’. It was quite obvious that their research had been tracked and passed forward to various shops and cafe’s who used the same information to keep track of them on their visit. Needless to say they gave each sender a damn good ignoring.   (As IT experts they are now conducting their own research)imirror-by-posh-viewThe latest gadget about to hit the market is the iMirror (nothing to do with ‘Apple’ but I have no doubt that ‘Apple’ will want a bite of iMirror’s product). I have no further doubt that every home will have at least one or two set up and running within a few years, which will probably spread to glass tables in restaurants, cafes and pubs. No doubt glass window panes in shops will offer the same, as will taxis, personal vehicles, public transport; and the mind boggles as to where it will all end. iMirror by POSH for your perusal Big brother is not watching you, for you have become big brother watching yourself, without realising it…

For those with money to invest, I would recommend buying shares in a company that manufactures a glass cleaning product and soft absorbent polishing clothes, as there are a lot of sticky greasy fingers out there. Would I have an iMirror in my home. NO! Definitely not, I would want ‘several’ as I am a tech and gadget addict, of sorts…            Yours Aye.

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle, it’s BIG…

Gunbus 410 Motorcycle The Gunbus 410 Motorcycle, fuel injected, 45 degree 6728 cc / 410 cubic inch V-Twin runs through a 3 speed transmission with reverse gear.   Gunbus 410 MotorcycleGunbus 410 side profileTHE WORLD’S BIGGEST RUNNING MOTORCYCLE: With its 3.47 meters total length, the GUNBUS 410 reveals to be the most perfect combination of a tremendous performance potential and a well-balanced design: an overwhelming monument made of steel and aluminium. Due to the unusual dimensions of the individual vehicle components, it was an extremely interesting challenge to realize the overall concept of building this motorcycle, including the demanding mechanical and technical requirements.Gunbus 410 front onJust a look at this massive, 410 cubic inches, two-cylinder V-type engine in a standing position makes you feel the huge elemental force resting in this fascinating aggregate. It is the classical, clear & elegant shape of this motorcycle in prefect harmony with its distinctive, mechanical design which lets the GUNBUS 410 appear to be an especially charismatic vehicle with an irresistible visual effect. Moreover, since the creation of GUNBUS terms such as size and performance have been given a completely different meaning.

I just want to ask… Why, why would anyone wish to bring on a hernia simply by straddling the beast? Big isn’t always best!       Yours Aye.

McAfee ‘Decentral’

John McAfee has just started the process of earning himself another $ Billion, after he announced his latest business venture; launching a product protecting ‘web-surfers’ from the NSA, and government surveillance, vowing the gadget ‘cannot be stopped’

imagesThe British born 68-year-old tech pioneer yesterday unveiled ‘Decentral’, a small device that will use smart-phones to create small networks that government agencies will not be able to crack. It will sell for around £60, and if authorities ban it he says it will be sold in other countries, adding: ‘This is coming and cannot be stopped.’

A double edged sword…                        Yours Aye.

Not for this Ex Bootneck

Yesterday when time within my home stood still for seven and a half hours, I pondered upon the thought of autonomous self-driving self-parking vehicles, as well as the nonsense being spouted by the ‘earth-is-doomed’ Green-lobby here in the UK & Europe. To me it simply makes no sense at all, why would anyone purchase a £28,000 vehicle, then give away the pleasure of driving it to a computer? Self-driving Mercedes-Benz unveiled article-0-0000D1E500000CB2-375_634x457
Technology made by man is easily defeated by man, placing such high tech into vehicles makes them vulnerable & easy targets for the ill disposed, including terrorist attacks. God forbid that a convoy of vehicles travelling  at 80-mph along a motor-way is electronically hijacked, and then wrecked on purpose (is that too Hollywood to imagine)? Rather than subscribe to such technologyI would more willingly commute by double-decker bus, and for those who know me, that is far too hard to imagine!  Yours non-autonomously Aye.             DSC_0323 

Tyred, try cycling…

Grown tired of climbing a 30-foot ladder to his treehouse, Ethan Schlussler decided he needed to invent something that could take him up in a fraction of the time. The inventive 22-year-old from Sandpoint, Idaho, quickly hit upon about the idea of developing a bicycle-powered ‘elevator’ which now allows him to pedal himself up in 30 seconds flat. Once Ethan had hit upon the ingenious idea, it took him a couple of attempts to get his unusual elevator just right.article-2415573-1BB36124000005DC-681_636x382 Pedal power: Bicycle elevator lets you cycle up to 30-foot high treehouse in 30 seconds flat Now it may just be the tickle of the Irish within me, but what happens if you get halfway up, and you get a flat tyre?            Yours Aye 😉

Little boys toys…

As a young lad, around ten years old, I once saw a wondrous military vehicle driving along the great Durham road. It was a mesmerising experience, as it was neither a car, nor a truck. In truth I knew it wasn’t British, as I had a full collection of ‘Dinky’ military vehicles, and this was certainly not part of my collection. After seeing the ‘beast’ I was no longer satisfied with my favourite rugged Dinky toy; the 25 Pdr field gun, tractor unit and trailer. My bubble had been well and truly burst by a real foreign military import.4362_l  No one I knew had any idea what the ‘Durham-road-beast’ was, though its shape and size compared to civvie vehicles of the time was monstrous, and oozed power and strength. Even my Father was flummoxed over the behemoth’s origins; and I thought the family oracle knew every thing about the universe and its contents!images Model shown below is not the original, for comparison purposes only… 

The mystery has stayed that way until this morning, when I happened to stop for fuel at my local garage. There before my very eyes was the demon (albeit it’s sister) parked up. The beast that has eluded me for so many years (truth be known, I had long forgotten about it, until this magical moment), the same, which defeated the oracle all of those years ago! I spoke with the chap who owned it, who then couldn’t stop speaking about the same (I wouldn’t have stopped him any way)! Ladies & Gentlemen, boys & girls, may I present to you; Sugga The 1957, Volvo Swedish Mobile Command Vehicle TP-21 Sugga.

Obviously it was not the object of my original sighting, though I did explain the reason of my interest. The owner is an enthusiast, who has stripped it down and put the whole thing back together again. It is also due to be put on the market~we did swap numbers! And do I have an idea or two about me this day, especially after seeing this little beauty (it’s in the eye of the beholder, but not for me the yellow, its far too mellow; I much prefer matt combat green, that can’t be verily easy seen).1957-Volvo-TP-21-Sugga-rear-three-quarters-view-There’s an adventure being planned for next year, which may have to be adjusted slightly. And ‘buggeration’! I was so wrapped up in conversation that I forgot to fill up with fuel…

Yours Aye.

Made in China, obviously

And let it remain so. Please keep the idea within the country, and do not export it!article-2398264-1B60B323000005DC-651_636x382

Chinese go undercover in Darth Vader-style visors as fear of exposure to the sun sweeps country All it would take is for one air head ‘celebrity’ to fashion it at a swanky hip bar on the boulevard… It may well happen!            Yours Aye.

To ponder the ponderous

Earlier this morning at breakfast I read an article about light, which at the time fascinated me to the extent that afterwards I called ‘N’, a friend who is a Scientific Academic genius within his own right. As we spoke I could hear his keyboard tapping as he retrieved an article, which detailed in layman’s terms the benefits of using light to transport data or technology, of which was duly explained. Such information is only of benefit if the light can be stopped and stored. If this was possible then the information contained within a large city library could be transported within a nanosecond, and stored elsewhere within a system as small and as short as a single strand of hair, ready for retrieval when required. Such stored light could even be used in darkness, as the beam would create its own energy path when released.article-2380028-1B050CF3000005DC-131_634x610

Light is the fastest thing in the known universe and travels at 300 million meters per second, three days ago it was stopped dead still inside a crystal. This effectively creates light memory, where images being carried by the light is stored in crystals. Beyond being utterly cool, this breakthrough could lead to the creation of long-range quantum networks — and perhaps, tantalizingly, this research might also give us some clues on accelerating light beyond the universal speed limit. Scientists stop light completely for a MINUTE.images

In other words, man has discovered some thing revolutionary that will change the course of science, which will one day revolutionise our lives (or destroy us through the advent of hand-held laser pulse weapons)?

We finished our chat on a high, and left each other with the feeling that this would be of enormous benefit to mankind (if used correctly)? I put the kettle on and warmed up the tea-pot, as is my way when I need to ponder about the ponderous!                                                          Yours, Aye-Aye Captain!

Domino’s Rolex Air King

No need to thank me, but I just found your next gift to your dad, husband, brother, favorite blogger, 2nd from least favorite blogger, the Domino’s Rolex Air King 14000:

Dominos Rolex Air King
Domino’s Rolex Air King

Buy a Used Rolex Air King 14000. Originally, the history of the Air king stems from the popularity of British RAF pilots in the 1930’s. Since then, the style and prestige has stayed with the Rolex watches name. The Air King is simple, beautiful and worth every penny. When you buy a used Rolex watches, you know that you have something that is both an investment and a fashion statement. This used Rolex watch in particular (Air King 14000) is one of the most sought after used Rolex Watches on the market.

I was not aware that a watch with the ol’ Domino’s dominos is sought after…