US heroes avert atrocity.

Crew on Paris-bound train ‘barricaded themselves in their staffroom and locked the door as Kalashnikov-wielding terrorist went on the rampage – leaving PASSENGERS to take him down’ The Moroccan terrorist was disarmed and beaten unconscious by US servicemen and a British man after he opened fire on a Paris-bound train with a Kalashnikov. Now, French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was on board the Thalys train during the attack has slammed train staff who he claims locked themselves in an office away from the attacker and refused to help the trapped passengers.

Erawan; Bangkok; Thailand.

Heroes pictured from left to right: Alek Skarlatos, Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler who disarmed the gunman on a train at Arras, France. The terrorist was beaten unconscious by the US servicemen and a British man after he opened fire on a Paris-bound train

US airman Spencer Stone,  spotted the 26-year-old Moroccan acting suspiciously and heard him trying to load his weapon in the toilet compartment. He was travelling with Oregon National Guard member Alek Skarlatos, 22, who was on leave and travelling through Europe at the time after returning from a tour in Afghanistan. With the help of their friend Anthony Sadler, from Pittsburg, California, and fellow passenger British IT consultant Chris Norman, they managed to wrestle the attacker to the ground, stopping what could have been a deadly terrorist attack. Crew on Paris bound train barricaded themselves in their staff room and locked the door as Kalishnikov wielding terrorist attempted attack – that was thwarted by brave US heroes when they took him down and then rendered him unconscious.

Three brave young men are a credit to their country, as well as the Armed Forces. Without a doubt their direct intervention averted an atrocity.  Perhaps now the train and railroad systems around Europe will be forced to provide armed undercover ‘Marshals’ to protect the public.   Yours_Aye.

Black Death-Last orders at the bar please

29F1B4CE00000578-3138203-image-a-3_1435183264287It was the devastating pandemic that wiped out half of medieval Britain’s population. But the Black Death also had a surprising, and far more cheery, side effect on our culture. It inadvertently gave rise to the birth of the English pub as we know it today, according to Robert Tombs, professor of history at Cambridge University.

The Plague marched across Europe in the mid-1300s, and the grim reaper marched right behind it. Cor blimey, every cloud has a silver lining. Yours Aye.

Hungary is full up!

29B376A200000578-0-image-a-105_1434567097582Hungary building 16ft-high, 110-mile long fence along its border with Serbia to stop and block the flow of illegal migrants from crossing into the European Union.  Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto announced the 100-mile barricade, saying that Hungary ‘could not wait any longer’ for a solution to the migration crisis.29B7AE6D00000578-3128631-image-a-3_1434573489004
The number of migrants entering the European Union on the overland route through the Balkans (mostly across the southern Hungarian border with Serbia) has risen markedly. So far this year – the number of asylum seekers in Hungary has surged to 54,000, up from under 43,000 in 2014 and 2,150 in 2012.

The socialist European Union has created a leaking cesspit through its open border policy. Muslim extremists and organised crime gangs have taken advantage of the calamity provided by free movement within Europe since 14th June 1985. The open border policy under Europe’s Schengen treaty has failed miserably. Hungary may be the first to fence of its border – but other EU country’s are chomping at the bit to do the same, as well as re-establishing controlled border crossing points. It needs to happen damn pronto, and the left-wing softy Liberals of Europe can come and kiss Nippers arse!      Yours Aye.

A stitch in time…

Migrants threaten to sew lips together as they go on hunger strike in Calais demanding to be allowed into Britain. Migrants in the French port of Calais have gone on hunger strike demanding to be let into Britain. Around 35 refugees from Afghanistan and Egypt have vowed to refuse food until a list of demands issued to Calais officials is met. The hunger strikers are being backed by around 260 more migrants all calling for the French and British authorities to resume talks aimed at allowing them to move legally to Britain.  Migrants hunger strike in Calais; demand to be allowed into Britain.article-2656434-1E458F9100000578-78_634x406

speedystitcherIf anyone has the required address of the afore-mentioned migrants (potential illegal immigrants) I am more than happy to donate a couple of reels of heavy-duty sail makers thread, several curved sail needles, and a sail makers leather palm. In fact I can also forward a ‘speedy stitcher sewing awl’ just in case their numbers rise. Hells bells; I will even drive over there and do the job myself, as I am free this weekend. Several heavy-duty ‘homeward bounder’s’ evenly spaced should do the job perfectly, tied off with a double barsteward knot for good measure. 😉   Yours Aye!

Not over until the bearded lady sings

slide_348920_3722761_freeBearded drag queen ‘Conchita Wurst’ wins The 2014 Eurovision song contest!!!

COPENHAGEN, Denmark. Austrian bearded drag queen Conchita Wurst won the 59th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday with a James Bond-inspired entry that had unleashed a wave of protests in eastern Europe before the competition. The power ballad, “Rise Like a Phoenix,” helped Wurst — the alter ego of 25-year-old Thomas Neuwirth — secure Austria’s second victory in the competition with 290 points. The country also won in 1966. “This is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom,” a tearful Wurst said as she accepted the trophy from Denmark’s Emmelie de Forrest, who won the contest last year.slide_348920_3722765_free

Pushing the boundaries of gender identity is nothing new at Europe’s annual song contest, an extravaganza known for its eclectic, sometimes unlistenable lineup of techno beats, love songs and pop tunes. The winner in 1998 was Israel’s Dana International, who had male-to-female gender reassignment surgery several years before competing. ‘Conchita Wurst’ a bearded drag queen wins Eurovision 2014

Jeezuz wept! This just about sums up the nonsense that is ‘Eurovision’ or anything beginning with ‘Euro.’ Since childhood through to present day I have detested-hated-loathed, and despised everything associated with this annually produced bilge, as well as the sneaky politics behind it. Isn’t ‘wurst’ a sausage?            Yours Aye.

For those who remain clueless over Eurovision; be grateful, be very grateful indeed!

Green fruit-loops & nincompoops

For those not from these shores. Brighton is a town that sits on the south coast of Great Britain, which is an easy 60 minute drive south from London (53 miles.) The town folk are likened to a cross culture of the folk from San Francisco and California. The ‘Green Party’ run the town council, and while they always appear to be a harmless political party they are actually more socialist than the Labour Party, and now it appears as equally as inept! The town is renowned for its tolerance as well as its powerful ‘pink pound’ lifestyle.article-2613905-1D624D9600000578-650_636x382 Lunacy of the town that turned green: A ban on bacon butties (sandwiches.) Traffic-calming sheep. Transgender toilets. Sounds like a send-up? In fact, it’s the all-too-real story of how Britain’s loopiest political party took over Brighton… With the sun shining down on a shimmering sea, children playing on the beach and families thronging its cafes and boutiques, Brighton seems the perfect postcard portrayal of English serenity. Strolling down the cheerful promenade, the resort’s celebrated blend of raffish charm and Regency elegance appear little changed over the years. It is difficult to imagine this is the home of a civic revolution. Yet this is the greenest city in Britain, the launchpad for an attempt to reshape the nation’s political landscape – and the result is a dismal farce.article-2613905-1D61D8FF00000578-687_634x416A rising tide of splits, stunts, U-turns, gaffes and divisive industrial disputes has alienated voters and angered businesses here in a city better known for its bohemian tolerance, while outlandish proposals for a ban on bacon butties and plans to use sheep for traffic calming have earned only derision. The serious side of politics has suffered, too – a demonstration of the dangers that await when protest parties win power. A doomed attempt to impose the biggest council tax rise in the country ended with humiliating warnings that Whitehall could be forced to take over the Town Hall. More HereWelcome to the Green Republic of Brighton and Hove

Four years ago I set a wager on a gentleman’s handshake that “within five years the socialist Green party will eventually run Brighton down into the ground.” It has taken them only four years to do so, as would be expected with any party linked to endorsing socialism and man-made global warming. As agreed; I fully expect two good quality bottles of Port to be delivered to my humble abode within the next 72 hours.             Yours Aye.

Storm in English Channel, Europe cut off!

Injured passengers had to be airlifted to safety off a ferry after it became stranded in ferocious seas on its way from Portsmouth to Bilbao, witnesses said today. The MV Cap Finistere had tried to enter the port of Brest in Brittany, Northern France, but the waters were too rough. Instead, the captain was forced to ride out the storm as waves battered the vessel before finally being able to dock, nearly 36 hours after leaving the UK.article-2478164-1909C0AA00000578-217_964x623-648x418 The drama came as nearly 1,000 passengers were left stranded in the English Channel for 16 hours on board another ferry because it was considered too dangerous to enter Dover harbourHundreds of passengers stranded at sea for 16 hours as storms batter ferries in ferocious seas in the English Channel (Top wind registered at 105 miles per hour)article-2081141-0F53CCBA00000578-165_634x374Severe storm in the English Channel, European continent cut off… ‘Heh-Heh,’ you have to be English to understand the wit behind the statement!             Yours Aye.

Let there be light!

article-2474800-18D7D62300000578-695_964x641article-2474800-18D7969A00000578-39_964x640The Industrial town of Rjukan that sits deep in a Norwegian valley receives no sunshine between September and March of each year; until now! Three giant mirrors or ‘heliostats’ have been set up on the mountainside, where they track the path of the sun and beam light onto the town square. The idea was first suggested 100 years ago, but a cable car was built instead taking the townsfolk to the top of the mountains to bask in the sun.

There are quite a few towns around Norway, as well as Scandinavia that remain sun-less between Autumn to Spring. Each town celebrates its own type of Sun-festivel when the first beams hit the town marking the start of summer; people tend to go ‘light’ crazy on such occasions making the Sun-festival’s a popular venue for visitors.  And here I sit typing this with the sun blazing through my window, having just returned from a wandering field patrol wearing jeans and a T shirt.  We do tend to take life for granted sometimes…     Yours Aye

Death of a Princess…

A former SAS sniper who claims the SAS were involved in a plot to kill Princess Diana has reportedly fled to Thailand in fear for his life.  The anonymous soldier is said to be laying low in south-east Asia as police investigators probe claims that members of the Military helped cause the car crash that killed Diana in 1997. It has been claimed that special forces agents shone a powerful light into the eyes of Diana’s driver, which led to him losing control of the car and hitting a pillar in a tunnel in Paris.          The rest is history…article-0-1B696E09000005DC-509_306x423

The sniper – known only as Soldier ‘N’ made the claims to police investigators, leading to the inquiry into the Princess’s death being reopened. But he fled the country before Scotland Yard could properly examine the evidence, which was handed over by the Royal Military Police. Previous reports had placed Soldier N in an ex-Patriott community in Dubai, but an anonymous military source had claimed it would be a hostile – and expensive – environment for him. The source said: ‘He will not be welcome in the Middle East as there is a large community of former SAS personnel who use Dubai and other locations as a base for their work. He who dares nothing, need hope for nothing, but he who dares wins.

What you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, but when you find out you have been lied to, then standby to face the consequences. Only time will tell whether the life of ex SAS soldier ‘N’ is at risk.                                    Yours Aye.

Bright light & the Tar Heel State

Amazing as it may seem, but in January 1961 over North Carolina ‘one simple, dynamo technology, low-voltage switch; stood between Goldsboro, the United States, and a major catastrophe!’ When the Pentagon almost nuked North Carolina at the height of the Cold War, just three days after JFK’s inauguration. The ‘tar heel state’ had a lucky escape…article-2427835-1821670500000578-115_634x803Not one such incident, but several (as well as those whose information remains ‘off-limits’)!

*May 22nd, 1957: Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico: A cow was killed and residents of Albuquerque terrified when a B-36 aircraft transporting a nuclear bomb from Texas to New Mexico fell through the bomb bay doors from 1,700 feet and detonated, blasting a crater 12 feet deep and 25 feet across. Luckily the nuclear capsule had separated from the bomb and did not explode.

*February 5th, 1958: Savannah River, Georgia: A B-47 carrying a nuclear bomb collided midair with an F-86 jet during a training flight. The device was jettisoned and fell into the river and has never been located.

*March 14th, 1961: Yuba City, California: A crippled B-52 carrying a pair of nuclear bombs suffered a loss of pressure at 10,000 feet. The commander stayed aboard to pilot the plane away from Yuba City in California before ejecting at 4,000 feet. The plane crashed but nothing detonated and the bombs were recovered.

*January 17th, 1966: Palomares, Spain: A B-52 carrying four hydrogen bombs blew up during an airborne refuel. Both planes and seven of the 11 crew members died in the explosion and all of the nuclear devices fell to the ground. Two exploded on impact near to Palomares and contaminated one square mile with plutonium. Another was recovered from a riverbed and the other fell into the Mediterranean Sea. A local fisherman saw the bomb fall and claimed salvage rights of 1 percent of the nuclear weapons $2 billion value. The Air Force settled out of court. Shown below: The casings of two B28 nuclear bombs involved in the Palomares incident on display at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.800px-NAM---Palomares-bombsThe Soviet Union’s ‘mishaps’ far outweighed the rest of the world’s through their tally of ‘near misses’, ‘accidental activations’, as well as ‘storage miscalculations’, of which their audit trail remains ‘off-balance’ to this day.                        Yours Aye.


Prior to leaving the Corps attending a meeting was a simple affair, either a salute was required, or a good firm handshake, in most cases both were required one after the other. Civvie street certainly has an eclectic mix all of its own; the clammy wet fish, the limp freemason, the double hander, the shake and hold; while they use their left hand to grab the elbow of the same arm (aka the Clinton stroke, which oozes insecurity). As used by others of an insecure nature!images-2







Over the years I have always given a good firm handshake, never brutal in the way that pops the other persons knuckles and cartilage out of joint, though there are those of a certain stature who try to impress with a caveman grasp at an initial meeting. When offered such a hand vice grip of introduction they are saying ‘although I am smaller than you I make up for it with my hidden strength’ On receiving their message I tend to reply in kind with a compound force compressor that states ‘take this to the sick bay’! (I always leave a bit in reserve for the goodbye shake in case they haven’t learned from their initial lesson). 

Merkozy_2074411bNever, ever, under any circumstances do I partake in the French/Italian way of ‘meet-greet & peck on the cheek’ Under such circumstances my body language speaks in volumes, and fires a warning shot across the forw’d bow of the continental type as they approach. I’m bloody English, harrumph!           Yours Aye.

The European Union Circus…

To put you in the correct frame of mind, I would ask that you play the following link  before you read on. It is safe for home, as well as work;  Entry Of The Gladiators – Julius Fucik  article-0-1681B11B000005DC-866_306x423

The head clown of the European—> Union, Herman Van Rompuy’ has issued ‘orders’ to  muzzle auditors who have refused to sign off the E.U. bureaucrats’ accounts for the last 18 years, telling them to tone down criticism as it ‘erodes trust’. Who on earth trusts the European Union? 

Head Clown ‘Herman Van Rumpy-Pumpy’ president of the largest comedy Circus in Europe, throwing an imaginary dart at the general public to raise a laugh 😉

In all honesty, how do they expect to be taken serious when they spout hogwash about their white wash…           ClownCarHerman Van Rumpy-Pumpy’s official car and his driver José Manuel Durão Barroso, not‘ parked anywhere near the banana republic of Brussels         Yours Aye.

Not for this Ex Bootneck

Yesterday when time within my home stood still for seven and a half hours, I pondered upon the thought of autonomous self-driving self-parking vehicles, as well as the nonsense being spouted by the ‘earth-is-doomed’ Green-lobby here in the UK & Europe. To me it simply makes no sense at all, why would anyone purchase a £28,000 vehicle, then give away the pleasure of driving it to a computer? Self-driving Mercedes-Benz unveiled article-0-0000D1E500000CB2-375_634x457
Technology made by man is easily defeated by man, placing such high tech into vehicles makes them vulnerable & easy targets for the ill disposed, including terrorist attacks. God forbid that a convoy of vehicles travelling  at 80-mph along a motor-way is electronically hijacked, and then wrecked on purpose (is that too Hollywood to imagine)? Rather than subscribe to such technologyI would more willingly commute by double-decker bus, and for those who know me, that is far too hard to imagine!  Yours non-autonomously Aye.             DSC_0323 

SOE ‘Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’

Volunteers for British clandestine operations within WWII had many reasons for doing so. It was never for the extra money or the glamour of the work, the extra money was negligible, and there was very little glamour attached to the work; it article-0-1BB708DB000005DC-124_634x549was also too secretive to reveal outside of a very tight knit organisation. Most agents of the Special Operations Executive were square pegs in round holes as far as regular service life was concerned. Potential Agents joined for the love of their country, or to avenge a loved one or a family member. Christine Granville (her cover name, her true name was Krystyna Skarbek) was one such woman  Never-before-seen pictures of SOE agent whose extraordinary courage paved the way for the liberation of France  Christine Granville – the favourite spy of Winston Churchill – worked for years undermining the Nazi regime despite SOE agents having a short life expectancy in the field. As a specialist agent trained in sabotage and destruction, she operated in heavily occupied territory to fight for her country, and her Jewish mother who was killed in a Nazi concentration camp.hs9-612a-enlargeAs a young 14 year old, I read the original true story of a different SOE agent; ‘Carve Her Name With Pride’ by R. J. Minney [published 1956] that tells the amazing story of Violette Szabo, a young woman who joined Britain’s SOE after her French husband was killed in the battle of El Alamein. On her second mission in France, she was caught by the Nazis, tortured, and sent to the women’s concentration camp in Ravensbrück, where she was eventually shot. Her four-year-old daughter, Tania, collected her mother’s posthumous George Cross from the wartime King, King George VI in 1946. Carve_her_name_with_pride_2

The Life That I Have is all that I have, and the life that I have is yours. The love that I have of the life that I have is yours and yours and yours. A sleep I shall have, a rest I shall have, yet death will be but a pause. For the peace of my years in the long green grass will be yours and yours and yours

We will never see their like again. I still have the book, which is typically written in the ‘ever-so-matter-of-fact’ sort of way that you would expect from the 50’s; still a great read.                          Yours Aye.

Beware Dog. Beware Gran.

As a young lad, I always knew when the Gypsies were back around the town; there would be two dozen hand carved wooden pegs on the kitchen table, as well as a sprig of ‘lucky heather’. My Mother would be too afraid not to buy from the old gypsy women, who knocked at the door hawking their home made hand picked wares, afeared of the curse they cast as they cackled and spluttered in their unintelligible tongue, before spitting on the doorstep. The same wares would end up in the bin before my Father arrived home from work, not for his eyes the sight of Mothers superstition and weakness…  images-2

Quite often the Gypsies would leave their chalk markings on the wall or pavement outside of a home they had visited, each marking represented their findings from within. Obviously our house was left with three parallel lines outside of it. 

Once I had mastered the chalk markings and understood their meanings, I would display the double horizontal lines over a single vertical line ‘gypsies not liked’! Then I would run to my Gran’s home, in the hope I could catch them knocking at her door, only to receive a refusal to buy, a cackle and curse in her face with a solid spit on her doorstep would definitely get a good right hander back, either on the chin, or the nose. The Irish way, good old Gran, bless her cotton socks!article-2412127-1BA21509000005DC-765_636x382

The Da Pinci Code: Burglars use chalk markings on walls of homes to help other criminals target the rich and vulnerable How times have changed, the good old fashioned gypsies have now been replaced by the Irish traveller, as well as the Roma Gypsies, who no longer knock at the door. They simply kick it in or smash a window, dependent upon the markings left outside of the property.            Yours Aye.

Until the earth stands still

Those responsible for atrocities committed through WWII, through to modern day, should be hunted down and dealt with accordingly. I do not have one ounce of pity or sympathy for Dutch born, 92-year-old Siert Bruins, a former SS officer who now lives in Germany.article-0-1B9491CB000005DC-51_634x428Former SS officer goes on trial in Germany for shooting resistance fighter in the back 70 years ago This should act as a lesson for todays Dictators and despots.   Yours Aye.