Washington’s Big Brother & Verizon

Over here in the UK and Europe, news has been breaking constantly throughout the day over a leaked report that said a secret court order was issued in April requiring telecommunications firm Verizon on an “ongoing, daily basis” to give the NSA information on all telephone calls in its systems, both within the US and between the US and other countries.A man looks at his phone as he walks past a Verizon wireless store in New York

The report said the document shows for the first time that under the Obama administration the communication records of millions of citizens are being collected indiscriminately and in bulk, regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing. Verizon Phone Records ‘Monitored’ By US Govt  Sadly, you vote for a Socialist leader, and eventually you get his true master ‘Communism‘. Big Brother has always been there, stood back in the shadows conducting his dark arts with the good of the people in mind. This time he has acted with impunity, and acted with complete disregard over the rights of the American people. I for one am saddened at what  is being disclosed this day. Even the people of Socialist France are asking, “is it happening here too“, as is the rest of Europe and the UK. Time will tell, and Governments will pay the penalty at the next election.

Perhaps the MSM will now realise what their freedom is worth, and report events correctly, instead of pandering to those who choose to prey upon them

Yours Aye.

Dentist Uses Paper Clips For Root Canals

Why does a pre-med student decide to become a dentist?

Rooting around in strangers’ mouths does not personally inspire me. Granted, society requires dentists and they are compensated handsomely for their endeavors. Though buyer beware, some like to cut corners:

A disgraced former dentist has pleaded guilty to drilling patients with unsafe materials and illegally extracting hundreds of thousands from Medicaid, authorities said.

Michael Clair, of Crofton, Md., pleaded guilty in court to using pieces of paper clip instead of a stainless steel posts in two separate patients needing root canals, the Herald News reported.

A Crofton Office Depot employee (who wished to remain anonymous) had this to say:

It is too bad. Dr. Clair was one of our best customers. We had to order certain, unnamed items by the pallet. His arrest will leave a mark. . .

Unnamed? Um. . . Easy buttons, maybe?