Sporting Gentlemen taking the ‘pith’


“Oh I say – just look up there – good lord, what is it?” 

“A chap just back from dear old Blighty told me it’s an Amazon Drone – apparently if you shoot it down you win the prize beneath it!”

“Good grief – really?  What absolutely spiffing fun!”

“Well you spotted it first old bean – so you’re entitled to the first shot.”

“That’s awfully decent of you old chap – awfully decent indeed.”

It’s the best I could do, whilst hanging around for a FaceTime conference with someone in Hong Kong; at 0-crack-sparrow-fart in the morning…       Yours Aye.

Hotel ‘Virgin’ on insanity…

No check-in desk, a room key vending machine and free drinks at happy hour: Sir Richard Branson launches Virgin’s first city hotel. The first of 20 planned Virgin Hotels opened in Chicago on Thursday, January 15, in a 26-storey, art-deco building just minutes from the city’s famed Magic Mile.24D5ED7000000578-2916596-The_first_of_20_planned_Virgin_Hotels_has_just_opened_in_Chicago-a-1_1421747170917And with no-formal check in desk and rooms powered almost exclusively from the hotel’s app, the property is as innovative as you would expect. ‘It’s been a long-held dream to start beautiful, comfortable, fun hotels for guests and give them what they want and need while being gentle on their wallets,’ Virgin Group Founder, Richard Branson, said………. Sir Richard Branson launches Virgin’s first city hotel.133098555701587“No check-in desk, a room key vending machine, and free drinks at happy hour!” Oh dear me Sir Richard; ‘What could possibly go wrong?’         Yours Aye.

Ringo by jingo, as cheap as chips…

article-2636242-1E1AD57A00000578-28_306x503Forget Skype, the ‘ringo’ app lets you make long-distance phone calls WITHOUT a web connection. Skype revolutionised how people make calls internationally, but its biggest downfall is that it needs a web connection to work.

The Ringo app attempts to rival this by offering calls between countries for the same price as local calls – using submarine cables. This means the app bypasses expensive carrier call costs, doesn’t ask people to turn on roaming data and the firm claims is typically 25 per cent cheaper than Skype.

Ringo is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices in 16 countries. This includes Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, UK and U.S.

article-2636242-1E1AD58500000578-512_306x503Users on Ringo in these countries can then make calls to any destination worldwide, and to any number – the recipient doesn’t need to have the app installed.

When a call is made via the app, Ringo connects it to a local phone network and assigns it a local number. It then switches the call to travel through submarine cables under the oceans. These cables are used by carriers, and transport high-speed data around the world.

Users on Ringo can make calls to any destination worldwide, and to any number – the recipient doesn’t need to have the app installed. The firm claims these calls are typically 25 per cent cheaper than Skype. By not using a web connection the reliability and call quality is higher than on other services, according to the app’s websitearticle-2636242-1E1B2AAC00000578-843_634x366When the call reaches the destination country, it is reconnected to the local network again. Although it assigns the call different local numbers each time, the call appears as if it’s coming directly from the contact. By not using a web connection the reliability and call quality is higher than on other services, according to the app’s website. On Ringo, users pay 1.7 cents per minute to call the U.S. This compares to 2.3 cents per minute on Skype, and 11 cents per minute on Vodafone. Ringo does require connectivity when signing in, but the firm claims it is working on ways to reduce that too. The Video says it all far better: Say hello to ‘ringo’ 

Just as ‘Skype’ forced the mobile phone companies to bring down their prices; it looks like ‘ringo’ will push ‘Skype’ into the same corner. My good friend who works within the world of I.T. is a true sceptic, yet he is raving over the ‘ringo’ system. Apparently there is some thing else in the pipeline that will soon be revealed? As one door closes another door opens, the world is slowly shrinking; perhaps it will eventually implode …      Yours Aye.

The Hell of Recycling the Recycling…

article-2595966-1CCA2EF700000578-106_964x635Think your television is recycled when you get rid of it? This is where it is likely to end up… dumping grounds such as this one, dubbed the world’s biggest e-waste site. Once a fertile wetland, this scarred corner of Ghana is now dominated by black plumes of smoke and the acrid smell of burning plastic after becoming the world’s largest e-waste dumping ground, littered with unwanted televisions and electronic devices from across the globe. While most people would expect their electrical goods to be recycled properly, the toxic chemicals inside can make it expensive to do so, making illegal dumping a lucrative business. article-2595966-1CCA2F2200000578-228_964x639Traders from across Europe, the U.S., China and India have therefore reportedly been sending containers of ‘Development Aid’ or ‘Second-Hand Products’ to Tema Harbour, the contents of which end up being dumped 20 miles east in Agbogbloshie. More Here: The recycle of Hell: How TVs and PCs disposed of ‘greenly’ in the West end up world’s biggest e-waste site The great recycling con… 

Global warming and recycling are just two of the scams run by ‘caring’ governments, who in turn charge the taxpaying public through the nose for doing so. The UN’s ‘Agenda 21’ as well as the European Union’s ‘Waste Framework Directive’ provides jobs for the political boys, who sit as ‘consultant advisors’ on their family organised recycling companies that exists throughout the international circuit. Organised ‘legal-ish’ corruption on a scale too large to imagine; and I guarantee that the great majority of those reading this are not aware of its existence, because we all trust those running our governments. RIGHT or WRONG     Delete as appropriate.            Yours Aye.

Recycling con: Millions of tons end up in landfill as officials admit recycling success is exaggerated. Daily Mail

The great recycling myth. The Spectator

The EU Waste Framework Directive

The U.N.’s Agenda 21 (Explained by ‘End’)

Natural advertising, naturally!

Natural-not!The Pretenders – Nothing “Natural” About Them The Natural Effect, naturally?

barrymanilowplasticsurgeryAbout as natural as Barry Manilow… or the transexual Amanda Lepore Amanda-LeporeA tongue in cheek look at the advertising agency that does hold a serious message. It’s high time some one took the advertising agencies to task, and made them accountable for their sins.      Yours Aye.

China & India 2050 World Superpowers

As we head through Friday into a relaxing weekend, here’s a little some thing you may wish to read and digest-or not-as the case may be. Statistically the majority will simply watch the first few minutes of the linked clip, and then throw the towel in as the subject will not concern them at all, and why should it; after all the subject is clearly an estimate of where world economics will be in just under fifty years time. Unfortunately it does have a huge impact on the U.K. Europe, as well as the U.S. Because whether we all like it or not, whether we all believe it or not, it is going to happen. “In the year 2050, China & India will be the Worlds Superpower’s, and between them they will hold 50% of the worlds GDP. The developed countries will drop from having 80% of the world’s income to 35%. “There will be a monumental shift of economic power. It’s not just a moderation trend, but a fundamental change in the world balance, Former World Bank Presidents presentation  James Wolfensohm Jan 29 2010   Balance of Power Shift Coming Says Wolfensohn, Former World Bank President Article by Joyce Routson Friday, January 1, 2010In the next 40 years, a global power shift will see today’s leading economic countries drop from having 80% of the world’s income to 35%, says John Wolfensohn, former World Bank president.  By 2030, two-thirds of people in the world’s middle class will be Chinese. STANFORD GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS — James Wolfensohn is all about balance. The former World Bank president introduced himself to a student audience Jan. 11 by talking about how he is grateful at this point in his life to devote time and money to a “balance between business and non-business activities.” And in the speech before an overflow crowd, he urged students to “enrich your life as you enrich your business.”

“That aspect of duality is the thing that has made my life meaningful” he said.

But the balance of power in the world is what Wolfensohn spent the majority of his hour-long appearance on. A huge power shift will occur in the next 40 years that will reduce the influence of the wealthiest countries, he said. As population and GDP grows in countries such as China and India, they will assume a larger role in relationship to the United States and Europe. The developed countries will drop from having 80% of the world’s income to 35%. “There will be a monumental shift of economic power. It’s not just a moderation trend, but a fundamental change in the world balance,” he said.

By 2030, two-thirds of people in the world’s middle class will be Chinese, Wolfensohn said. “These are not trivial changes — they are tectonic changes in the way the planet works. In my generation we didn’t have to think about it. We knew we were a rich country.” But today’s students will have to confront a new world in which Africa is no longer an isolated continent but the fastest-growing market for cell phones. Looking around the auditorium, Wolfensohn noted that many more students from China and India travel to the United States to study, rather than the other way around. In 2007 just 11,200 Americans studied in China. That year more than 110,000 Chinese were studying in the United States.

“It’s a tragedy in terms of the potential of young people that they’re still being guided to look at European countries,” he said.

Wolfensohn was making a repeat appearance at the Stanford Graduate School of Business as a speaker in the Global Management Program’s Global Speaker Series. In 2004, while still at the helm of the World Bank, he spoke about how developed countries were delivering on the promise they made to aid developing ones. He stepped down in 2005 from a decade-long career heading the agency that is in charge of redistributing the world’s wealth from the rich to the poor. He now heads an investment banking firm in New York. At 76, he is still advising organizations and governments on economic policy and helps developing countries through his foundation.

Asked about whether humanitarian aid to Africa was a help or a hindrance, Wolfensohn said aid organizations need to be selective. “There are some extremely corrupt countries,” he said, adding that the best countries should be rewarded. “I say to the others: it’s not acceptable to steal.” He also predicted a shakeup in how the leadership of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund would be appointed. Traditionally, the president of the former was from the United States and the latter from Europe. The bank may be “internationalized” in the future. The World Bank’s stated goal is to reduce poverty. As an international financial institution, it provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. It was created out of World War II with France as the first recipient of world aid. In the late 1960s the emphasis shifted to loans for developing countries. Wolfensohn is a native of Sydney, Australia, and a naturalized U.S. citizen. In addition to his firm, Wolfensohn & Co., he is an honorary trustee of the Brookings Institution. He was appointed to head the World Bank in 1995 by President Bill Clinton and served two terms.

Eighty-year-old Wolfensohn has been proven correct in his ‘almost’ 4-short-years of predictions, which are eagerly followed by leading businesses in the West, but more so throughout Asia.            Yours Aye.

Super Heroes with Corporate Sponsorship

What would happen if big business started sponsoring Super Heroes? Many of our favorite superheroes are wealthy, sponsored by the government, or otherwise manage to scrape together the funds to keep up their crime-fighting lifestyles. But what if super- heroes instead took on corporate sponsorships, bearing the colors and logo of whichever company paid their way? Would city-shattering battles turn into scenes of corporate warfare? That’s the question that Roberto Vergati Santos invites with his Sponsored Heroes series. Santos takes images of familiar superheroes from movies, television, and comics, and assigns each one a brand. It’s a simple execution, but one that forces us to contemplate how easy it could be to see super-powered folks sporting Adidas exclusively, or earning a little extra income from Red Bull. What happens when super-heroes stop fighting for the American way and start fighting for the American corporation?corporate_sponsored_superheroes_18  Thankfully the manufactures of Preparation H, and Anusal ointment were left out of the equation when the theme of corporate sponsors occurred to Roberto Vergati Santoscorporate_sponsored_superheroes_19corporate_sponsored_superheroes_23

 And what ‘really’ happens when Super Heroes enter the twilight years of life?aging_superhero_oil_paintings_laging_superhero_oil_paintings_3Artist Andreas Englund has an idea or two… that doesn’t bear thinking about.   Yours Aye.

Morpher, the folding cycle helmet

Revealed: World’s first folding bike helmet you can flatten and pop in to a carry bagarticle-2473712-18EF175900000578-293_634x308A ‘Morpher Helmet’ has been invented by 54-year-old Londoner, Jeff Woolf OBE; who survived a car crash thanks to wearing a cycle helmet. Many cyclists won’t wear one as they complain they are too bulky to carry around afterwards. So Jeff, who has an OBE for his services to innovation and has twice been named British Inventor of the Year, has come up with an ingenious solution. He has invented the Morpher helmet that can be flattened and folded in half so it fits into a variety of handbags, laptop cases, and rucksacks.article-2473712-18EF175000000578-733_634x157Freedom of choice: I am not one to nag a person into wearing a protective cycle helmet. However, I ensure that those who I hold dear to me do wear one when ever they go out cycling, no matter what distance they may be be travelling. If I want to go visit a cabbage I can pop across the farmers field where there are hundreds of them growing. Or I could go visit the neurological ward at the local hospital were they lay in uniformed rows. Yours Aye

Char-bucks and T-offee…

starbucksSTARBUCKS, (or should they call it CHAR-BUCKS?) the cafe chain that introduced millions of customers around the world to exotic-sounding coffee-based concoctions such as the “Triple, Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato” and the “Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte With Soy Milk”, will venture into a new market, debuting a tea bar in New York as it looks to cash in on the latest trend to sweep through the US. The tea bar will operate under the Teavana brand, a company for which Starbucks paid more than $600m in 2012.teavanaPic

The business already has 300 locations around the US, Canada and Mexico, focused on selling loose tea and accessories. The new bar will apply the Starbucks coffee-shop model to the humble cup of tea, offering “a wide range of unique hot brewed, and iced teas, tea lattes and distinctive sparkling and tea fusion beverages.”
Our selection of delicious teas is sure to offer the perfect, flavorful cup whether you prefer spicy or sweet, floral or fruity. Buy loose leaf tea from the selections that follow: New Teas, Most Popular, Tea Types, White Teas, Blooming Teas, Green Teas, Oolong Teas, Black Teas, Mate Teas, Rooibos Teas, Herbal Infusions, Tea Blends, Seasons, Fall, Winter, Tea Flavors, Fruity, Chai, Straight, Peach, Chocolaty, Mint, Dessert, Jasmine, Citrusy… Which loose leaf tea flavors are enticing to you”?

Well, now you are asking I will tell you; NONE -WHAT-SO-BLOODY-EVER, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! The people at ‘Char-bucks’ are spouting utter nonsense over their mystically hippy-fied teas, this as well as offering the paraphernalia that goes with it, i.e.   (Rub the tea pot gently, and the T genie will appear and grant you three wishes)!XCI KO HB_dXCI JC PO EL_dXCI KO ID_d

QUOTE: ‘CAST IRON TEAPOTS’. “These are the best way to brew tea, since the cast iron distributes the heat evenly inside the pot to better extract the flavors and benefits of the tea. Our cast iron teapots are handmade in Japan of solid cast iron with a fully enameled inside and a stainless steel basket for your tea leaves. Cast Iron teapots will keep your tea hot for close to an hour”. UN-QUOTE:  Absolute drivel from the minds of the TEAVANA advertising/sales department; the tea will have over brewed and emulsified after one hour. Who on God’s green earth would want to drink a cup of tea that is over an hour old? I’m off to put the kettle on and make a pot of tea as it should be made.            Yours Aye.

Blohm+Voss Skeletal Super-Yachts

article-2460706-18C628A900000578-107_636x464The super-yacht of the future: Stunning ship with a skeletal structure that’s set to be on every billionaire’s shopping list The stunning super-yacht has been designed by multiple-award-winning Iraqi-born Briton Dame Zaha Hadid, the brains behind the Aquatic Centre for the London Olympics and Glasgow’s Riverside Museum. She has teamed up with German shipbuilders Blohm+Voss to create a fleet of six different super-yachts.Blohm-Voss-BV-141-3Blohm & Voss. Bv141 Tactical reconnaissance  aircraft, which flew within the role perfectly, but not adopted as it was deemed too unconventional (Oh really)?DownloadedFile

Blohm & Voss have been thinking and engineering their way out of the box and beyond since 1877. Starting with boats, ships, submarines, and then onto aircraft. Their state of the art ship yard is on an island close to Hamburg, an engineering monument to their development within the cruise liner and super-yacht world. If they say they can build a skeletal structure covered in glass, then they will do it. Pity the poor crew who have to clean and polish it every watch…  Click below to enlarge            Yours Aye.Blohm+Voss shipyard April 2010

Absolutely suitable for vegetarians

article-2457571-18B8030300000578-552_964x347Are raw vegetables the secret to eternal youth? Businesswoman, 29, hasn’t eaten hot food for SEVEN years and says she’s still mistaken for a teenager  Susan Reynolds, 29, from Edinburgh eats nothing but raw fruit, vegetables, nuts and berries and says that the extreme eating plan has kept her healthy and young-looking. Her daily diet consists of green juice for breakfast, raw chocolate, green juice and fruit and vegetables for lunch, and a large green salad and cold soup for supper. Susan even managed to create a raw Christmas dinner for her parents and boyfriend Louie, 22, which included mince pies made from nuts, seeds and fruit. The yoga fan has now turned her passion for raw food into a business and runs retreats that offer instruction on adopting the regime.

Whoaaahhhhh… Step back from the salad bowl there young lady! As a bona-fide carnivore at 29-years-old, I too could still be mistaken for a teenager. Albeit one that required to shave twice a day, and perhaps you needed to stand back a few feet looking across a crowded smoke hazed bar, with the glare of the sun pounding through the pubs windows directly at your rose tinted glasses. Definitely I could have been mistaken as a teenager!      Yours Aye.

Fancy some fat, bone, & nerve endings?

My brother told me about a meat processing plant that he visited some while back through the course of his work. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is wasted from the carcass of the beast, chicken and beef alike. Lips, bits, and bum holes, all go through the system, though they are boiled to a very high temperature to kill off any bacteria. The end product is mixed 50/50 with pure chicken or meat for the consistency to be correct, then it is pressed or formed into the appropriate shape, add salt & seasoning; then its your turn to eat it!             I say your turn, because I will not touch the stuff. Nor would I give it to my dogs…article-2445440-188A434200000578-288_634x475The average chicken nugget is only HALF meat and the rest is fat, bone… and nerve endings  Researchers in Mississippi examined chicken nuggets at two different fast food chains and found that only about half of the nuggets were made of muscle meat, the rest of the nuggets were made of other chicken parts like fat, blood vessels, nerves, bones and cartilage. A representative for the National Chicken Council said it’s no mystery what’s in chicken nuggets since nutritional information is often available online or on the packaging. The researchers decided not to name the fast food chains…

Oh, by the way; if you knew what the meat content was in your Kebab, you would probably turn vegetarian. And processed fish, is exactly that, processed. It pays to buy every thing fresh and cook it yourself.            Yours Aye.                                                   Just what is in that chicken nugget?

George & Tamiko, love is blind

Congratulations on your marriage Tamiko [nee Bolton] Soros, but If you don’t mind me asking, what first attracted you to the 83-year-old  $-Billionaire investor George Soros?article-2427839-18219C8D00000578-936_634x423George Soros does it again! The billionaire, 83, gets married for the third time in lavish ceremony to 42-year-old bride Tamiko Bolton at his vast New York estate       Yours Aye.


For those who sit across the other side of the pond you may wish to dip into your wallet/purse/money belt/money clip/top pocket/jeans pocket/kids piggy bank/grandkids piggy bank; for there is now a way to turn the humble $ bill into a potential $5,000! For those sitting this side of the pond, who holidayed across the other side of the pond, and still have $ bill’s stashed in a drawer of keepsakes, this also applies to you. A collectors market has started a trend turning the $ Dollar bill into a cash deal worth thousands? The more bizarre or unique the printed serial code is on your $- Bill, the more cash you earn. Why are you still reading this? Vamoose and grab your dollar bill’s…article-2423315-1BE059DE000005DC-159_636x382Wow, that was quick. You will also require the following link  Some genius some where has just started a market that will grow larger each day. ‘Money for nothing’          Yours Aye.

A bit ‘Porche’ for a tractor?

In my own humble opinion; the only vehicle that should have an engine in the rear, is a Main Battle Tank, which is one reason why I have never really liked Porches, per se! Even with the engine up front, this two-tonne fiery beast is going no where fast, not with a top speed of 15 mph, the slowest Porsche ever? Yours for $ 31,137,807 USD. (£20,000).article-2402136-1B787F00000005DC-163_636x380

Should you wish to release your inner survivalist feelings, you could always convert it thus? And please, though Porche is Italian in design, no jokes about it being faster in reverse!Fig-2x

John Deere, advancing forward.          Yours Aye.