CPAC People’s Choice Award

Wow, Right Wing News and are running the blog awards for CPAC this year. And they honored me with a nomination in the People’s Choice Award.

8) The People’s Choice Award (The voting on this category will begin later today on and will last through Friday at midnight. The winner will get special linkage at the top of TPNN’s newly designed website that will be released later this week. The winner will also get 5 consecutive days of links at Linkiest next week and of course, the winner will also receive a trophy at CPAC).

Doug Ross
The Foundry
Fire Andrea Mitchell
Jammie Wearing Fools
Jihad Watch
The Mellow Jihadi
Misfit Politics
Nice Deb
Patterico’s Pontifications
Protein Wisdom
The Shark Tank
Sweetness & Light

Thanks John and Tea Party folks!

Catching Up with Blog Goodness

It is interesting the people who mistake me for the story. Read the comments, like:

–A “good christian girl” who mistakes me for a Mennonite tough-guy (Jolin) from Amish Mafia. I could be wrong, but I think she is proposing. . .

–Some down-home folks who mistake me for a swamp guy from Ax Men.

–And here I am mistaken for a gay service-member. The funny thing about that whole story is the lesbian lady (who did not read my post very carefully and later harangued me about invasion of privacy) actually “liked” me on Facebook. So while she is berating me about her privacy, her picture is scrolling through my Facebook likers. All you had to do is click on it and you can see pictures of her and her “wife.” I very quietly banned her from my meager Facebook feed.

I added a site map to my little blog and it really super-charged the hits. Plug-ins are available, just pick one that works with your WordPress (or other software) version. It will tell you (when you preview it) if it is compatible. As usual, if you don’t have a blog, ignore this. Or if you don’t care about people dropping by your virtual home, nevermind too.

Watcher of Weasels was picked as part of the 2012 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners. You will notice a new insignia to the left. This blog is also #158 on the Top 200 Conservative Websites, just based on Alexa traffic rankings.

If you do cuss in your comments, it gets caught in a special filter. Don’t despair, but it will take time to approve your comment. And sometimes, comments just get sent to the spam filter. WordPress has a mind of its own.

And lastly, I am sure you’ve heard the French phrase, je ne blague pas. It means: I am not kidding. Just as je blague means I joke. So if I wrote – je blog, je ne blague pas – you would, of course, understand.

There, all up to date!

Sonar Bangla No More

A blog is a place to disseminate information, to share stories, and to hopefully squeeze a laugh out of a reader or two. But the Bangladeshi Sonar Bangla blog got Ahmed Rajib Haider killed. And fellow blogger Shakil Ahmed said a pro-Jamaat-e-Islami website had last week named Haider as a target. Blogging can be dangerous business. . .

How Not to Coffee-Blog

Matt Watson blogged at Bitter Barista, where he described his work slinging java at All City Coffee in Seattle’s Georgetown. Another coffee website exposed him and his rants against customers and his boss, Seth Levy. Guess who does not have a job? (The Barista was fired over the blog.) Note to all reading this: I love the Navy and my bosses are all great Americans. Every one of ’em.

The Six Commenteers

All you all write some interesting comments. Ex Bootneck wrote this after this post:

Drop your standards and you require a greater understanding of body counts.

Maintain your standards and you simply allow your enemies to over take you; they will learn through your faults and they will punish you.

Strive daily for higher standards in every thing you do; it weakens your enemy and their resolve.

On the same post, Anthony had this to say:

How naive. I mean, for starters, if standards are lowered for the infantry training, how will that help? I read “War” a while ago about the 173rd ABCT when they deployed to the Korengal Valley. They are some of the most well trained infantrymen there are, regarding PT as well as other standards. They were completely out of breath when the 10th ID guys they were relieving took them along for standard patrols around the mountains.

Now, would anyone believe that a freshly minted infantryman could have managed that, when it took weeks for the 173rd to get used to it enough for them to not pass out?

On another note, if women are to be allowed in the infantry, and standards will be lowered (i.e. it will covertly be admitted that they are simply not physically capable due to very basic biology), then shouldn’t the standards for both genders be lowered from basic training and forward? I mean, it’s called equal opportunities. And shouldn’t people like me be allowed in fighter jets? I mean, sure, I’m way too tall, and I don’t have normal colour vision, but then again, I have like 90% of it, and you know, equal opportunities.

And on a last, more serious note: Not only is the military a fighting force, which is in no way obligated to, nor should it ever be giving everyone willing the opportunity to serve in it, has anyone behind this actually considered the medical ramifications of it? Google “Get over it! We are not all created equal” and you’ll find an article in the Marine Corps Gazette written by a female officer who was out in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Afghanistan her unit was out and about building smaller bases, and long story short, due to the fact that the female skeleton and other parts of the body are not as well suited to field work as the male body, a perfectly healthy officer ended up with severe muscle conditions, and being infertile. The fact that she had almost top PT scores, and had graduated among the top of her classes did nothing to change basic facts. She writes herself that her movements during firefights, in and out of vehicles, etc. were severely hindered and painful. And as she herself notes, if the combat fields are to be opened for women for the sake of allowing them gain experience required to be promoted (because that’s appareantly what the military is for; Not fighting wars and keeping the nation safe, but to provide everyone who wants it with a career, regardless of suitability), then it wont matter, because if female infantrymen and officers pull their weight as much as they can, they will end up being medically discharged before they’re even close to higher ranks. I suppose the only other option would be female infantrymen and officers who don’t even try to pull their weight, and can thus stay in long enough to reach higher ranks. But I don’t suppose that will stop the angry feminists. After all, simple facts that can be explained to 6 year olds won’t stop them…

How about something practical and manly? Struan shared this:

Shake my hand like a man. Save your hugs for your next appearance on Dr. Pill.

Kris had this to say about David Mamet after this particular posting:

Actually, the history of David Mamet is one of blatant liberalism, Struan…Mr. Mamet recently within the last few years stood up and proclaimed himself a former reformed liberal and now an outright conservative after watching the hypocrisy and lies of the left he so firmly believed in for these many decades…he has, like so many before him, discovered the left lives in a world of unworkable theories that never truly pan out in historical reality. And he decided to tell them so…the left, of course, if not disappointed has collectively chosen to ignore Mr. Mamet’s conversion and self-discovery…at least I’ve never heard anyone of note comment on his new found realization…..sadly, those true believers will never get it….nor in their own ignorance, will they even acknowledge one of their own has left them to founder on alone.

Lou shared this tidbit:

Do NOT show that video to my husband. We had a good crop of native pecans this year. They are tasty, but small and very hard and hard to crack. So my husband bought slingshots for Christmas and plans on using the pecans for ammo.

And the last word goes to Coffeypot:

Why do the locals always screw up a good name? And I’m still having a hard time deciding if you say it, Kay Ro or Kie Ro. Now this? Much like Houston. Is it House Ton or Huse Ton? Does it depend on how wealthy or educated you are…snobbery if you please?

Haha, there you go. Getting some press. Those are just the ones that jumped out at me when I was scanning for material. Not that you all don’t have something interesting to say!

The Unbloggable Lightness of Being

Blogs are funny beasts. Back when I was setting up this website, I found a GoDaddy feature that shows what spiders crawl the blog. They are essentially in the background, crawling and reporting back to google, bing, yahoo, dogpile, etc. I just flipped over to the stat analytic page that reads the bots, and it tells me that google was onboard for 1 hour and 14 minutes looking for content on beavers. For once in my blogging career, I am speechless. Beavers?

I next clicked on the key word menu that shows the search terms that folks use to find (or show up) at this blog. And despite having never posted on this topic, 713 hits were generated last week over honey boo boo holiday photo. Wow, who knew? I’ll bet there were a lot of disappointed Honey Boo Boo fans. Well, now you guys have something to look at, this post!

One last note, if you all ever want to turn any post into an open thread, you have my thumb’s-up. I’ve said it before, I’ll be at work and come home to thirty comments and it is a neat surprise. Don’t ever feel like you are highjacking the blog. We are a community of sorts. Me, the beaver and honey boo boo blogger and y’all, the . . .

“Find the Best” Finds Something Not-Quite Close

Have you heard of Find the Best? It is a website and they offer ways to search for information that is more holistic than a search engine. They recently put up a page about a blog written by some Sailor in the brig. (Hmmm, this may be in poor taste considering what post is below. I take that back) They put up a page about us. And by us, I mean you ‘n me.

60 Best Conservative Blogs For 2012

I really must thank John Hawkins and Right Wing News for choosing the ol’ blog as #33 on his list of the 60 Best Conservative Blogs For 2012 (6th Annual.) John writes for PJ Media and Townhall, as well as blogging at the above site. Thanks also to y’all for reading and for commenting. It makes this all the more interesting. The full list:

60) The Mental Recession (No link because I am getting a virus warning when I go there today)
59) Polipundit
58) Jihad Watch
57) This Ain’t Hell
56) Hugh Hewitt
55) Patterico’s Pontifications
54) Moe Lane
53) Counter Cultured
52) Wizbang!
51) Maggie’s Farm
50) Gay Patriot
49) Creative Minority Report
48) Conservatives4Palin
47) Five Feet of Fury
46) American Glob
45) Doubleplusundead
44) Fire Andrea Mitchell
43) The Jawa Report
42) Nice Deb
41) Protein Wisdom
40) The Foundry
39) QandO
38) American Power
37) Tim Blair
36) The People’s Cube
35) I Own The World
34) the Hyacinth Girl
33) The Mellow Jihadi
32) YidwithLid
31) Power Line
30) The Other McCain
29) The Lonely Conservative
28) Pat Dollard
27) Jammie Wearing Fool
26) Riehl World View
25) Bookworm Room
24) Dr. Helen
23) Weasel Zippers
22) Andrew Malcolm
21) The Right Scoop
20) Althouse
19) Vox Popoli
18) Atlas Shrugs
17) IMAO
16) Rachel Lucas
15) Legal Insurrection
14) Moonbattery
13) The Corner
12) Michelle Malkin
11) Liberal Logic 101
10) Redstate
9) Naked DC
8) The Campaign Spot
7) Newsbusters
6) Twitchy
5) Ace Of Spades HQ
4) Breitbart
3) Gateway Pundit
2) Instapundit
1) Hot Air

Fugitive John McAfee’s New Blog

Hinterland blogJohn McAfee is an anti-virus software king. (McAfee is his namesake product.) And his buddy Chad Essley recently said the blog, entitled “Hinterland,” is actually John McAfee’s own personal blog. Mr. McAfee is wanted in connection with a murder in remote Belize, so perhaps the blog is a good read. I am not going to link to it, but google is your friend. And I’ll bet you can find it if you try. . .

RIP Harry, My Friend

These are the sort of posts that no blogger wants to write. Frequent commenter and blogger Harry (also known as ExAFCrewDog) passed away recently. I’ve been emailing him for months, giving him tips on blogging for his new blog. I’m no expert, but there are certain things I’ve learned that seem to attract readers and I sent them Harry’s way. He called me a “maniac” for setting him up on a link or two and I always smiled at his comments.

RIP Harry E. Leem

Pax at Marion’s Meepings found the below obituary and I am thankful of her efforts. Harry Leem was a great guy and my blog-friend. He also was a family man and a veteran:

Harry was born on January 25, 1938 to Harry and Ouida Hamberlin Leem in Memphis, Tennessee. He attended Messick High School in Memphis, and was in Navy ROTC program. In 1956, at the age of 18, he joined the Air Force, and thereafter served in the Tennessee Air National Guard.

He married Shirley Houtz of Marysville, Kansas on June 7, 1958 in Topeka.  The couple celebrated 54 years of marriage together.

Harry was employed by the Revlon Corporation prior to opening his own business, Printing Etc., in Seneca. He served as Executive Director of the Seneca Chamber of Commerce for six years.

He was a member of the American Legion and enjoyed playing golf at Spring Creek Golf Course in Seneca.  The pursuit of knowledge was Harry’s primary goal in life.

Harry and Shirley Leem’s family

He was preceded in death by his parents.

Survivors include his wife Shirley of the home; his children, Kent Leem of Houston, Texas, Kelly and husband Jerry Siler of Sugar Land, Texas and Kristine and husband Richard Sarsons of Alberta, Canada; a brother George Leem of Memphis, Tennessee; and three grandchildren.

Funeral service for Harry will be 2 PM Wednesday, October 31, at Lauer Funeral Home in Seneca.  Full military honors will be provided by the Seneca Memorial Post #7458 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Earl W. Taylor Post #21.

Memorials may be given in Harry’s memory for the Seneca American Legion.

God bless you Harry. Travel well, my friend. . .