Where’s Wally ~ Where’s Waldo

Profuse apologies as the following ‘dit’ was intended for issue late Sunday evening, so put your clocks back 24 hours, and kindly read on…

I rose with the sun this morning, having taken the sleep of a dead man – a full seven hours straight without so much as an eye flicker; the first time in as many years that was accredited to a lot of back-breaking work outdoors preparing for winter. As the dogs ‘eased springs’ in their ablution yard I prepped a walking breakfast of bacon, bacon, and more bacon – set within two huge doorsteps of bread. Making up a large flask of tea for good measure, I also packed two fig rolls for guilty pleasure, as well as two large bonio’s for the canines. Speaking of ‘guilt.’Thirty pieces of silver

The guilt I suffer when fitting the harnesses onto Hannah and Nipper as Gentleman Joss looks on is enormous. I know what Judas Iscariot felt like when he was paid his thirty pieces of silver! Sadly Joss would never be able to keep up, and I explain the same to him each and every time, though I know it only makes me feel better by doing so. At least when we return from each morning jolly, Joss gets a decent plod around the fields at his own speed, unhindered by the two young whirling dervishes. it also allows me to talk to him about our past adventures together, which allows me to mentally hand back the silver a piece at a time.622px-Lassie_Jon_Provost_1961

The morning’s jolly was a decent four miles over hill and through dale, with a leisurely breakfast stop in the bright Autumn sunshine. As it was so quiet I decided on walking the last two miles back along the small country lane that leads through the tiny village close to my humble abode. Strangely enough I came across a scene straight from a Lassie film; a group of villagers were formed into a huddle in the small car park of the village hall (Lassie’s young master ‘Timmy Martin’ was missing, and this was the local search and rescue party!)

Someone from the small gathering handed me an A4 flier with faded ink; ‘MISSING CAT’ (that had a faded picture of the missing ‘black’ cat beneath the bold header) The cat looked dark in places, yet also a reddish pink around the gills and ears, with kidney problem yellow eyes. Magenta can be a cruel ink when it wants to be…Wally Woo-Woo

‘MISSING CAT’ Very friendly cat, answers to the name of ‘WALLY’ Missing since 12th October. Please could you check your sheds, garages, barns, etc, etc… Organised search requesting volunteers at the village hall at 10am – 19th October. Oh Bugger! I had now involuntary press-ganged myself into the search and rescue party, which was purely through over-staying at my earlier breakfast stop by fifteen minutes.

Folk around Yorkshire are a priceless quaint lot, who take village life and social responsibilities very serious, under such circumstances they answered the call and rallied around to help out an emotionally worn down elderly lady. For all we knew poor Timmy Martin ‘Wally’ could have fallen down an old mine shaft, or lay unconscious at the edge of a stream with the water level slowly rising. In fact looking around, I was the only involuntary volunteer with canines – so where the blooming heck was Lassie…? After being presented with designated search areas, our last offered instructions were the owners telephone number, and the fact that ‘Wally’ also responded to the call of ‘Wally Woo-Woo,’ even more so when he was hungry.

My task was to make a detour across several fields to search the old brick and wooden barns that lay semi-derelict. As I plodded on towards my mission I could hear voices echoing in the nearby woodland that sounded like owls calling out to each other. There was no way this side of the black stump that I was going to call out Wally’s dinner name, even though my only escort were the canines Hannah and Nipper.Hanah Snell

Speaking of which, when we arrived at the old barns I slipped Nipper’s lead off, and allowed him to sniff search the buildings as he was initially brought up with a couple of cats. My theory being he may be more curious towards Wally’s returned cat wail – should he somehow be trapped within.

Hannah remained on a short lead, as she was given the name Hannah Snell for a reason. (Hannah tends to shoot first with her jaws, and then asks questions – hence the end of the rat problem outside of my humble abode!)

After scouring the barn to no avail, I called the given number to state ‘building clear.’ Only to be informed that ‘Wally’ had been found in the locked Church opposite the village hall, and it would appear that he was none the worse for his seven-day ‘lock in.’ Which made me automatically think that the Church (circa 1135) no longer had a mouse problem, and the holy water in the stone font may well have aided a feline miracle. The Church may well have a feline aromatic toiletry problem in place instead

All was not lost on my behalf, as I found a treasure trove throughout my search; several pieces of old horse brass, two old Victorian chimney pots, and hand rolled glass window panes. All of which I have since purchased from the farmer at a steal-give away price, and there’s more to be found with full permission granted to boot. ‘Wally Woo-Woo,’ in more ways than one you are a bloody lucky black cat mate…     Yours ‘Smugly’ Aye.

When nature speaks loudest

It has to be said that I don’t really have a sweet tooth, as I much prefer fresh fruit to candy or chocolate, however; through the day I do enjoy a McVitie’s digestive biscuit with a cup of tea. My after midnight ‘cuppa-char’ tends to bring out the beast in me, as I ditch the digestive for a Jacobs fig roll, after which all is well with the world. Except on Sunday morning just gone, when I discovered the biscuit tin/cookie jar was emptier than a Presidential promise!  The previous night I had absent-mindedly left the afore-mentioned storage vessel on the small side table next to my easy chair, with the lid insecure.jacobs1.JPG

Twelve of Jacobs finest were missing, and soon enough nature would tell me which of the three canines had mooched them away in the wee silent hours. It was soon obvious that Joss was not in on the act, as he ‘performed’ his constitutional duty in time-honoured fashion by ‘easing springs’ diligently, efficiently, and with dignity – as befits an older dog of war. As always I bagged and ditched natures by-product, as I keep the canine yard disinfected and as immaculate as the parade ground at the Commando Training Centre.  And then…pro-kolin+_30ml

So violent was the rear blast from Hannah, that she almost took off like a released balloon swirling through the air without a tied knot. I put the empty bag back in my pocket, and reached for the high pressure hose knowing I had one guilty canine before me.

images-1Nipper remained impassive, and simply stared up into the heavens as a murder of crows flew noisily by, and then without warning he lit up his single after burner and almost joined them. It was obvious from the spluttering after burner that Nipper had got to the biscuit tin/cookie jar first; quite obvious! And so it came to pass, that the guilty pair’s self-inflicted punishment  continued intermittently throughout the morning. Sunday was not a day of rest in my humble abode…

Fortunately as the day grew longer my good friend Pro Kolin assisted in settling the mood. Sadly I had to settle for a digestive with my after midnight ‘cuppa-char,’ which was a lesson learned, and not one to be repeated ever again.      Yours ‘negligently’ Aye.

Catula a feline vampire-fangs very much!

A rescue home cat has finally found loving owners after people were put off by his Dracula-like fangs. Timmy, a nine-year-old black cat, has an enormous pair of front teeth which stick out of his mouth like a vampire. 1412264643645_wps_33_Timmy_the_cat_who_has_fan

The nine-year-old moggy was taken into the Blue Cross re-homing centre in Lewknor, Oxfordshire, around three months ago. There were fears he might never find a home because of his bloodthirsty look, with most cats finding owners within a month.

Count ‘Catula’ Timmy the black cat with enormous vampire like teeth has now been adopted by a family. 

What a combination, flick claws, vampire fangs, night camouflage, night vision, and stealth. The only way ‘Timmy’ could pose more of a threat would be if he was armed with a 12 gauge shotgun…  Yours Aye. 

Head down, chest out, and charge…

DSC_0017This mornings early hedgerow walk with Nipper resulted in numerous lumps and bumps around his eyes, snout, muzzle, and chest, that have since stopped irritating thanks to a solution of ‘Anthisan’ wash and cream. The lumpy rash being the grand result of stinging nettles brought about from his constant rabbit hole foraging.

He is totally fearless when it comes to the chase, each of which results in failure, as it’s the chase that matters, not the capture. Although he returns upon command I fear he will attempt a crack at the rabbits that use their escape route through the wild rose patch, the thorns of which are true wait-a-while’s. (You will ‘wait a while’ until someone cuts you free!)wait awhile thorns

Drastic times call for drastic measures… Personally I would never dress my Staffie’s up for show though each have their own black harness that obviously is a practical piece of kit for the great outdoors. Last summer in broad daylight I saw a ‘French Poodle’ being walked through a park in York. Unbelievably the owner and the dog were wearing matching coloured outfits, the dog was dressed in a purple tutu, while the owner wore a purple T-shirt, and matching skinny jeans. It being a French Poodle the sight didn’t take me by surprise, some things are meant to be?  ;-)  Boxer model shown belowDoggles-Dog-Goggles-1I have since spent over an hour trawling the w.w.w. perusing various items that may well save Nipper from himself. My solution to Nipper’s harrying tactics may prove comical, but it could prove practical in the long run. It is with a heavy heart that I place the order…. Yours Aye.

Justin Beiber ‘Baby’

188159-1Man saved from bear attack – thanks to his Justin Bieber ringtone! FISHERMAN Igor Vorozhbitsyn is lucky to be alive – after his Justin Bieber ringtone went off while he was being attacked by a bear. 

Mr Vorozhbitsyn, 42, thought he was a goner when the brown bear pounced on him as he was walking to a favourite fishing spot in northern Russia’s Yakutia Republic. But as the bear began to claw at him, Mr Vorozhbitsyn’s mobile went off and the beast turned tail and fled back into the forest.

Wildlife experts believe the ringtone – according to local media the singer’s hit ‘Baby’ – must have startled the bear into halting its attack. “Sometimes a sharp shock can stop an angry bear in its tracks and that ringtone would be a very unexpected sound for a bear,” explained one.     ‘Baby Justin’ apos-ser-preso-por-dirigir-alcoolizado-justin-bieber-virou-piada-na-internet-a-foto-onde-aparece-sorrindo-ao-ser-fichado-virou-alvo-de-montagens-feitas-pelos-internautas-1390519679735_500x500 Mr Vorozhbitsyn suffered from cuts and severe bruises to his face and chest and was rescued when he was found by other fishermen after using the phone to call for help. Mr Vorozhbitsyn – now recovering from his mauling – said: “I had parked my car and was walking towards the spot I’d marked out when there was a tremendous impact on my back and the bear was on top of me. “I couldn’t believe my luck when the phone went off and he fled. “I know that sort of ringtone isn’t to everyone’s taste but my granddaughter loaded it onto my phone for a joke,” he added.

He’s one brave honest man owning up like that! I’d rather have let the bear eat me than admit to having a Justin Beiber ring tone on my mobile phone… ;-)          Yours Aye.

Original story from the Daily Express Published: Tue, August 5, 2014

Behind every blade of grass…

The Swash Express Clothing Care System uses a scented solution and a heater to remove odours and light wrinkles from clothes. It can cut your dry cleaning costs and preserve your clothes from the wear and tear of washing. Swash Express Clothing Care SystemSwash

I reckon I can get through life without being ‘Swashed’ on a daily basis, and save a small fortune in doing so. However; if ever they invented a canine friendly version that removes the horrendous scent of fox ‘doo-doo’ from a certain canine who rolls in it when ever he gets the chance, then put me down for one ASAP! Especially when he knows what he has done, after being washed down once this day! Behind every blade of grass ;-) Yours Aye.Behind every blade of grass!

Kopi luwak cat coffee at any price.

tumblr_lfqnikWH7s1qz7tiao1_500‘Kopi luwak’  or civet coffee, refers to the seeds of coffee berries once they have been eaten and defecated by the Asian palm civet. (Thats him on the right.)

It is produced mainly on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago. The ‘hard-to-come-by’ produce is expensive (£400 or $685 per kilo in weight, on average that’s around £70 or $120 per cup of coffee, and steadily rising each day!) oprah_kopi_luwak_kintamani 

It follows that due to its rarity – fraud and wild life abuse is rife in the kopi luwak industry, with producers willing to label coffee from caged civets with a “wild sourced” or similar label slapped on the jar. The economist & sociologist Thorstein Veblen coined the phrase ‘conspicuous consumption,’ the demonstration of wealth being the basis for social status, which applies to fine wine, caviar, designer handbags, designer yachts, etc, etc…money_toilet_paper_cover and coffee beans crapped out of a cats bum!

The general rule for greater demand is that prices drop; this does not apply to Veblen goods, where the greater the demand for such – forces the prices even higher, allowing the rich to strut and show off their vulgar peacock feather arrogance. Money does not buy class or style.

Which got me thinking… A few days back I was sat flicking tiny dog biscuits at Nipper in an attempt at distraction, as he had his eye on a honey bee buzzing around inside my office. I won the day as he was too busy hoovering up the scattered tit-bits to notice me capturing and releasing the bee. It was only when I went through to make a cup of tea that I noticed a button missing from my side leg map pocket, which was annoying as I knew the button had an irish pennant hanging from it – something I was going to sew and fix later. After making tea I searched for the button to no avail – “buggeration” thought I, as it meant replacing it with a different button – an alternative I am quite particular about… Nipper anjingThe following morning I found the button, but it was no longer where I thought it would be. It was now sat in a clump of grass that formed part of Nippers morning constitution; always a pleasure to bag up as they are a classic healthy canine motion. No doubt the biscuit brown button blended in well with the tit-bits I was flicking at Nipper the evening before. Which got me thinking once again; what price could I charge the garment and haberdashery industry for a kilo of ‘tombol anjing’ (Indonesian for dog buttons.) Obviously zips would be out of the question, though buttons cunningly mixed with treats would get an easy passage… If the fools drinking kopi luwak are prepared to spend £70 a pop, imagine how unique their clothes could be when fastened through Nipper’s tombol anjing? ;-)                             Yours Aye.

Chihuahuas bad ~ Staffies good

Chihuahuas do more damage than any other breed of dog – and if you want a quiet life you should get a Staffie They may be small and look cute, but Chihuahuas cause more damage than any other dog breed, a survey claims. The tiny dog causes an average of £866 worth of damage over its lifetime by ripping carpets, scratching or chewing sofas and digging up flowerbeds. In contrast, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, which are perceived as fierce by many people, make the best pets as they cause the least amount of damage, costing around £178 in total. The study of 2,000 dog owners found that the Dalmatian, Bulldog, Great Dane, Husky, Beagle, Pointer and German Shepherd make up the rest of the top 10 most destructive dogs. ‘Two canine thugs out looking for trouble’article-0-004EEFC7000004B0-704_468x436

The ‘sausage’ dog or Dachshund also has a bad reputation with insurers and is the second most destructive dog according to the survey, with owners facing a bill of £810 to clean up their pet’s destruction, followed by the boxer with total damage of £784. ‘Chihuahuas may be tiny but it seems they will leave you with a bigger bill than any other dog,’ a spokesman for Sussex-based financial comparison site PayingTooMuch.com, said. ‘They might not have the size of other breeds but they can still leave more than their fair share of destruction behind them.’ Some are masters of disguise and quite adaptable… article-2480466-1912ACD400000578-524_634x399 ‘All pet owners expect a little damage from their dog from time to time, but when you add up the total amount spent on cleaning, repairing and replacing, it can be a huge amount. ‘Add to that extra costs from damage caused to other people’s property and bills if your pet is involved in an accident, and you can expect to part with a large amount of money.’Rays of sunshine Staffie Kryptonite Rays of sunshine have the same effect as strength sapping Kryptonite towards Staffies… The study of 2,000 dog owners found that the Dalmatian, Bulldog, Great Dane, Husky, Beagle, Pointer and German Shepherd make up the rest of the top 10 most destructive dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terriers cause the least damage and were followed by West Highland Terriers which cause around £183 worth of destruction over their lives. Third place went to Yorkshire Terriers with a bill of £227 followed by a Spaniel’s £230 and Whippet’s £251. Some people may be surprised that Rottweilers and active Sheepdogs are among the least destructive dogs.

Top Ten Least Destructive Dogs;

Staffordshire bull terrier £178.21
West highland white terrier £182.61
Yorkshire terrier £226.97
Spaniel £230.25
Whippet £251.02
Shih tzu £277.98
Labrador £280.59
Jack Russell £318.94
Rottweiler £346.88
Sheepdog £347.60
Chihuahuas do more damage than any other breed of dog – and if you want a quiet life you should get a Staffie…

Hand on heart I can honestly say that my Staffies have never shredded anything (save for Nipper ripping my walking sock to pieces, which I accept full responsibility for.) As far as a quiet life goes; I’m not too sure that is true, as Staffies are known to be very vocal. One day soon I will include a film clip of Hannah and Nipper tearing around the field, and then you will understand. And they snore like a drunken Irish navvy after pay-day…      Yours Aye.         I await a tempered reply from Kristen; the proud owner of two of the bad boy breeds ;-)

A bubble half-burst…

You know that great feeling you get after taking a long hot shower, when you sit down and apply cool ‘foo-foo’ powder to your feet and rub it in between your toes; knowing full well that the tactile sense is about to be enhanced as you are about to put on a pair of brand new Merino wool summer walking socks…  If not, try it you will absolutely love it1793982g

Have you ever had your bubble burst right in front of you, when you realise that one of the Merino wool summer walking socks has had the end chewed right out of it by your one year old Staffie x Jack Russell!  The same bubble burst had the effect of splashing soapy water droplets into my eyes, as I realised there was one sock laying there in mint condition that would never-ever be worn.  DSC_0011Nipper has never chewed anything, save but a large black Kong pacifier which is his one and only acceptable gnawing habit.  At this point I have to step forward and explain that I take full responsibility for the evolution; I am responsible for the demise of my own bubble! This morning prior to taking a shave and shower I laid out my fresh walking clothes and rather exuberantly teased Nipper with one sock; by gently slapping him around his face, after which I left the sock folded within my chosen walking boots. Those that know me also know I greatly appreciate anything that bodes well with the great outdoors, which fortunately (through birthday gifts as well as Xmas presents) brought forward several pairs of Marino wool walking socks, all brand new. The bubble semi-inflated… DSC_0007 What I didn’t need was Nipper adding insult to injury when he walked into the room. I pointed at the ‘dead’ sock and in my authoritarian voice said “Who done that?” Upon which (without any act of guilt or contrition) he simply picked it up and bimbled out of the room to his bed on the landing. We have since had words and broke bread with one another, problem solved and a valuable lesson learned. At least I think that’s what he said? Yours Aye.

Deadly toxic jerky treats for Dogs

Toxic jerky treats now linked to more than 1,000 dog deaths! More than 1,000 dog deaths may now be linked to toxic jerky treats, the majority of which were imported from China and contain chicken, duck or sweet potato, according to a recent update from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agency said that since 2007, there have been almost 5,000 complaints of pet illnesses related to the treats. The majority of the symptoms reported include gastrointestinal or liver disease, and about a third were linked to kidney and urinary disease.article-2633567-1E0715DF00000578-421_634x765About 10 percent of the illnesses included other signs such as neurologic, dermatologic, and immunologic symptoms, & about 15 percent of the kidney and urinary disease cases also tested positive for Fanconi syndrome, a rare kidney disease also associated with the pet deaths. FDA-warning-pet-owners-Toxic-jerky-treats-linked-1-000-dog-deaths.

I would never purchase any type of dog food or treats that have been made in China, for the very same reasons mentioned above. If this post stops one owner from buying the same it was worth it.      Yours Aye.

‘Nipper of the North’

Twelve week old 'Nipper'Nine months ago I ‘bagged’ a Staffordshire Bull Terrier X Jack Russell from a local animal rescue centre, just as he was being handed in. At the time it was hard to believe that the malnourished pup was 12-weeks-old, he could easily have passed for half his age, his sad demeanour reflected the life he had endured within his previous home. He was a timid  frightened little runt that had been neglected by his own birth mother, as well as the person responsible for his welfare. Nipper’s immediate foible was one of trust, which was obvious from his behaviour, little did he know his future (and mine) were about to change-for the better.

‘Nipper of the North’ is one year old today!  Animal Rescue Centre file photograph. (Top left)

Nipper's first day at home

Fortunately six-month-old ‘Hannah’ (rescued from the same centre) immediately took to him, and showed him the ropes under the watchful eye of ‘Joss.’ They have all remained inseparable since that first day, and even though the commotion from the rough and tumble can be distracting at times; I wouldn’t have it any other way.   (Three days in and the rough and tumble begins as Nipper finds his feet, and a use for his puppy teeth.)

Nipper growing up with Hannah week 2

Joss is a typical pure bred ‘Staffie,’ an old and bold three badge canine that has seen it all before, who no doubt will welcome one more rescue pup before he crosses the canine rainbow bridge.Joss n Nipper I truly hope so as his chilled out personality as well as his strength of character have been well and truly conditioned into the two youngsters. His appearance belies his age of twelve years, all of which have been spent constantly by my side.

Incidentally Joss now carries a scar that Nipper holds full responsibility over after he run full pelt into the back of him whilst he was stationary. The heavy rear end shunt required a visit to the local veterinary practice two days ago, whereupon Joss had his damaged ‘crown jewels’ removed!   Long grass and a short speeding Staffie X = An eye watering Vet bill…Nipper 1 year-old 18 May 2014Nipper watching a pheasant in flight yesterday. To those who may be considering purchasing a dog, may I just say that you cannot go too far wrong in re-homing one from a rescue centre. With a little bit of care and attention, combined with plenty of exercise and a healthy diet my little malnourished runt has turned into an absolute cracker, as has Hannah. Imagine what may be awaiting upon your arrival; but be under no illusion that you are there to choose them, the canine will choose you and it may well be you are chosen after a few visits. Or if you are lucky you may be selected telepathically upon arrival in the car park…      Yours Aye.

Chihuahua/Staffordshire Bull Terrier X!

Elmo, (‘Chihuahua/Staffordshire Bull Terrier X,’) and his two larger ‘Staffie’ companions are being taught a lesson in discipline that involves a doggy sausage treat. He and his two canine companions are learning to obey their ‘Mum’ when she commands them to “WAIT!” Elmo’s playing with fire, but who dares wins…       Arriba, Arriba! Andale, Andale!Elmo and friends Three dogs were given treats; but keep your eyes on the cheeky little chap on the right!

Groan… As if a Chihuahua needs more attitude than it already possesses, they go and give this one a Staffordshire Bull Terrier coat to wear!  ;-)        Yours Aye.

5 minutes worth of words & wisdom.

look up 1

‘Look Up’ A spoken word film for an online generation ~ Five minutes of words & wisdom.

look upThe digital tool is a way of life and a necessary evil that does not have to take over ones existence. I make a conscious effort throughout the day to down such tools and take to the great outdoors, even if it’s only a short field walk of twenty minutes – five times daily. Texting is my foremost pet hate, so much so that over the past several months I have now sent five text messages, each business related.    Click pic below to enlargeThunderstorm cloudburst On such a field walk just before lunch today ‘young Nipper’ and I endured an incredible thunderstorm, his first ever experience of such from which he did me proud. As an ear-splitting thunder-clap detonated over head he rushed by, only to stop dead in front of me – squaring up to the heavens – teeth bared emitting a low growl. He then stood-fast unflinching as lightning forked through the black clouds directly above. ‘Stand Behind Me Master-Non Shall Pass’ A Jack Russell in Bull Terrier clothing, a coiled spring ready to tear down the sky as well as the monster that dwelled within it. Then without warning the clouds burst releasing a teeming deluge; ‘rock beats scissors’ – just as ‘common sense beats valour’ – so we both legged it back to the sanctuary of home conducted a tactical withdrawal and returned to base. Where I now find myself a slave to the iMac god, as it hasn’t stopped raining for almost three hours.    Yours Aye.

Alan the french bulldog started it!

Invasion of the French bulldogs: ‘Squashed snouts, bulging eyes and squat spindly legs.’  Enough talk about François Hollande ~ le président français, and back to the original story of the up coming popularity of the French bulldog here in England… ;-)article-2615513-1D6E57D000000578-997_634x607Maybe it’s his enormous, bulging brown eyes. Or the permanently wrinkled up-turned nose. Or it could be his pointy, over-sized ears.There’s little doubt that Alan, a diminutive five-month-old French bulldog, has a certain je ne sais quoi. ‘Most people associate bulldogs exclusively with England, but this one’s different and definitely full of character,’ says Alan’s besotted owner, Lisa Bristow, a 31-year-old marketing director from London. ‘I can’t walk him down the street without people stopping and admiring him.’ They aren’t the only ones.frenchbull

The French bulldog — a kind of ‘bulldog-lite’ which emerged in the 19th century when traditional bulldogs were mated with pugs and terriers to create a miniature version — is one of the fastest growing breeds in Britain, with owners willing to pay £1,000 for one. Last year, the Kennel Club received 6,990 new French bulldog registrations — an increase of 49 per cent on the previous year and of more than 1,000 per cent compared to ten years ago.                                        Sadly, more follows here;  Invasion of the French-bulldogs. With squashed snouts bulging eyes & squat spindly legs       “I detect the scent of a frenchie ~ garlic”DSC_0339Bah! Enough of this malarky, tosh, and nonsense, I’m not having it I tell you… Harumph! There are 3 English canine gladiators up for the fight that will put an end to this french invasion, which hardly seems fair as there are an estimated 6,9000 of them. Having discussed the odds with my 3 fighters they have stated that they are quite happy to brawl on throughout the night until they [the frenchies] have been seen off! They are quite prepared to wait a few days to allow the french to double their numbers; just to give them a better fighting chance and even the odds in their favour. (Before they flee back across the English channel with their tails between their legs.) Huzzah!DSC_0274“Oh bugger! 6,900 of them means we will have to work through the night to get the job done.”                        Yours Aye.

Before any left wing ‘luvvies’ leap in feet first crying foul; the post above is all tongue in cheek humour. I abhor the barbaric ‘sport’ of dog fighting as well as those associated with it, I would never support or condone the same. However; François Hollande ~ le président français, is always fair game, as are the french in a humorous way…

Sasha the sniffer dog-a posthumous award

Animal VC for Afghanistan sniffer dog. An Army Labrador sniffer dog credited with saving “many lives” before she was killed in an ambush is posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal.              ‘Sasha’ sasha2_2895069bAn Army sniffer dog killed in an ambush alongside her handler in Afghanistan is to be awarded the animal Victoria Cross next month. Sasha, a four-year-old yellow Labrador was credited with saving many lives by finding hidden weapons caches and booby-trap bombs in Helmand province. On July 24, 2008 Sasha and her handler, L/Cpl Kenneth Rowe were returning from a routine search operation when their patrol was ambushed. They survived the first attack but were both killed by gunfire in a second attack.ken-rowe_781761f

Sasha will now be posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal for her actions by the PDSA veterinary charity. Jan McLoughlin, the charity’s director general, said: “Sasha’s exceptional devotion to duty in Afghanistan saved many lives, both soldiers and civilians. This medal, recognised worldwide as the animals’ Victoria Cross, honours both Sasha’s unwavering service and her ultimate sacrifice. Her story exemplifies the dedication of man’s best friend and reminds us all of the amazing contribution they make to our lives.”

During her time in Afghanistan the Sasha made 15 confirmed operational finds. In one search of a building in Garmsir, she found two mortars and a large quantity of weapons, including explosives and mines. Col Neil Smith, director Army veterinary and remount services, said: “Sadly this award is posthumous as both Sasha and her handler L/Cpl Ken Rowe were killed in enemy action in Afghanistan in 2008. Our thoughts remain with L/Cpl Rowe’s family and this award will give us the opportunity to once more celebrate his and Sasha’s immeasurable contributions to military operations.” British-soldier-and-his-faithful-friend-die-side-by-side-in-AfghanistanHandler_60167cThe Dickin Medal has now been awarded to 29 dogs, 32 Second World War messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat. Recipients-of-the-PDSAs-Dickin-Medal-the-animal-version-of-the-Victoria-Cross. There is more to the story as an inquest into the death of L/Cpl Rowe revealed he postponed his scheduled return to the UK because he did not want to leave his comrades with insufficient cover. A selfless act.           Yours Aye.animals-in-war-memorial-1-052713Animals in War Memorial, London.  Original article by Ben Farmer: The Telegraph

Summitt about Tucker…

Good Samaritan tips waitress $1,000 on an $80 check after hearing that she couldn’t pay vet bill to help her beloved dog who swallowed a ball. Waitress Christina Summitt was scrambling to pay for surgery to save her family’s beloved dog Tucker until a good Samaritan left her a $1,000 tip. Summit was tending bar at the Holiday Inn in Clinton, New Jersey, and talking with a friendly couple when the man asked if she had dogs. Summitt has a paw-print tattoo on her wrist that often sparks conversations about animals. A dog lover, she even volunteers with a pit bull rescue group.article-0-1D60FD8F00000578-545_634x656Summitt admitted that her ‘baby’ Tucker, a Great Dane-black lab mix, had just undergone emergency surgery that day after swallowing a hard plastic ball, and was still in the veterinary hospital. Summit works three jobs to support her family but said she’d do anything to pay for her dog’s medical bills Pressed about costs, she admitted that the vets estimated a $2,700 bill but that she would do anything to pay it. She adopted Tucker in 2011. Summit, 37, works as a full-time chef at the hotel, bartenders on Saturdays, and works as a food prep worker two days a week at her hometown deli.article-0-1D60FB6800000578-656_306x423

Her husband also works full-time, and Summit has three stepchildren to raise. When the couple paid their $80 check, the man had scrawled in a massive $1,000 tip. In disbelief, Summit showed the check to her sister, who tends the bar with her, to make sure she was reading the amount correctly. “I went back over and said ‘Sir, I cannot accept this, what is this for, why would you do this?” she told CNN. The man said it was for Tucker’s medical bills. “I just stood there in shock,’ she said. “I walked around and hugged this couple. They said, ‘We’ll be praying for Tucker.” The generous donor’s name is being kept anonymous to protect his privacy. Hotel manager Michelle Satanik check with her comptroller and tracked down the man to ensure the gesture was not a hoax.article-0-1D60FB6100000578-498_634x681

“Apparently this man does this quite frequently. Just a really nice guy and humanitarian,” Satanik said. ‘I have never ever seen a $1,000 tip like that.’ Summit’s story went viral after sharing it and a picture of the bill on Facebook. ‘I would also love nothing more than to publicly thank this couple in front of the world,’ she wrote on a Facebook page called ‘Why Bartenders and Servers Hate People’ that reposted the story. ‘I’ve never seen a random act give so many people so much hope.’ Tucker is back at home, recovering.

A feel good story to brighten the day.  B Z to the gentleman Samaritan…            Yours Aye.