Train hard – Fire fight easy

I have a mate who was a pilot for many, many, years (since retired) – who doffed his cap at  the flying skills of this Pilot and crew. Magnificent people men in their flying machines…Old Iron B***sDC-10 Firefighter getting down low, and mixing it large…  Balls of steel!  Yours Aye.

WARNING – 18 plus advisory…

‘I’m back!’: Hillary Clinton teases supporters with Iowa campaign speech – adding even more fuel to presidential campaign rumours.1410734973128_wps_18_Hillary_Bill_Clinton_Hark Hillary Rodham Clinton returned to Iowa for the first time since her failed 2008 presidential campaign on Sunday, but once again refused to confirm any plans to stand in the race for the White House in 2016. ‘It’s true, I am thinking about it. But today, that is not why I’m here. I’m here for the steak,’ she joked. Sunday’s event paid tribute to retiring Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin at his final steak fry fundraiser. Hillary Clinton teases supporters with Iowa campaign speech

I opened the morning paper and caught the above news ‘gem’ over breakfast. Instantly the milk in my porridge curdled, a fly dropped out of the air crashing onto the table top, the birds stopped singing, and Nipper scurried away! Needless to say breakfast was ruined, so we all headed outdoors for a breath of fresh air. Just as the morning started to pick itself up I decided to go through my mail boxes, only to find one mail from ‘The Jolly Roger’ sitting in my spam box, which was most unusual as such has never happened before. Upon perusing the mail, I can understand why… WARNING! And I do mean WARNING! You must be considered sane, and be over the age of 18 to click on the following link (because the young must be protected, and what you see can never be erased from your mind!) Thank Gawd NavyOne is deployed ;-)  Hilarity Clinton, Gawd Bless America… Yours Aye.

How do I stop it!!!

Scientists test jet-pack to help soldiers run faster on the battlefield! Think of a jet-pack and you may imagine flying over a futuristic city, inspired by scenes in sci-fi films. But the technology could also be used to enable soldiers to run faster in war-zones in a matter of years. US engineers have created a working prototype that attaches to people’s backs and helps them to run a mile in a much shorter space of time – despite carrying the large metal pack.   So what happens when the ‘off’ button malfunctions?1410520591941_wps_16_image001_png

* Engineers from Arizona State University have created a working prototype jetpack that attaches to a soldier’s back and helps them run faster.
* The 4MM project’s aim is to enhance the speed and agility of the wearer of a jetpack so they can run a four-minute mile with ease.
* Inventors say their packs could help soldiers escape dangerous situations on the battlefield and potentially save their lives, giving them more energy.

Engineers develop a thruster to enable soldiers to run faster on the battlefield… 

Without even looking at my wall calendar I know for a fact we are nowhere near to April 1st 2015? A guaranteed face-plant without a doubt ;-) Utter bloody nonsense. Harrumph…      Yours Aye.

In Memory of September 11, 2001

1410401689000-Sept_11_5In memory of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of 2,996 people in New York City, Washington and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The free world will never forget – nor forgive those responsible for their cowardly act – stay strong and firm America…     Yours Aye.

It’s your Big Brother…

Mysterious fake mobile phone towers discovered across America could be listening in on unsuspecting callers. 1-009A report by Popular Science says the towers have been discovered across the country, and have the ability to attack mobile phones through eavesdropping and installing spyware. 

They were discovered by people using a heavily customised Android device called the CryptoPhone 500. It uses a secure version of the software which can tell if the phone is being subjected to what is known as a baseband attack. It is then possible to trace the location of the offending tower. The fake cell towers were detected in July 2014, but the report states there could be many more._h353_w628_m6_otrue_lfalse Les Goldsmith, chief executive of security firm ESD America, told the magazine: “Interceptor use in the US is much higher than people had anticipated.”


“One of our customers took a road trip from Florida to North Carolina and he found eight different interceptors on that trip. We even found one at a casino in Las Vegas.” He said several of the masts were situated near US military bases. “What we find suspicious is that a lot of these interceptors are right on top of US military bases,” he said. “So we begin to wonder – are some of them US government interceptors? Or are some of them Chinese interceptors? “Whose interceptor is it? Who are they, that’s listening to calls around military bases? Is it just the US military, or are they foreign governments doing it? The point is: we don’t really know whose they are.” Phoney cell towers could be intercepting your calls:esdmapEvery smart phone has a secondary ‘Operating System,’ which can be hijacked by high-tech hackers. The frightening thing is that the vast majority of people now use their mobile/cell phones as personal diaries – storing every piece of detail that hackers drool over. My own mobile contains telephone numbers only, and so far this year I have stooped to sending 4 text messages. ‘There are no flies on me.’ (But you can see where they have been though!)    Yours Aye.

Gawd, judge, jury, and executioner?

‘John-shaming’ – the new police tactic in the fight against prostitution: Cops line up culprits and post their name and picture on Facebook to embarrass them.1410028196145_wps_17_Bay_Area_johns_have_a_newRichmond, California is the latest police department to adopt the practice of ‘John shaming’. On Thursday, the department arrested 11 men for soliciting prostitutes in the Bay Area town, and posted the suspects’ pictures on Facebook. However, some legal experts are worried about the tactic, saying it could ruin the reputation of some suspects who are eventually found innocent. Above, three of the men booked last Thursday in Richmond, per the department’s Facebook page. ‘John-shaming’ on Facebook- the new police tactic in the fight against prostitution 

GUILTY until proven innocent; or INNOCENT until proven GUILTY. Without going into the morals, and rights and wrongs of the oldest profession in the world – or the anti-social behaviour created by those seeking the services of ‘Jezebel’s & ladies of the night!’ Just who authorised law enforcement to act as Gawd, judge, jury, and executioner?  This is but the thin edge of the wedge; the modern-day version of ‘I am a horse thief’       Yours Aye.

Cross my heart & hope to die…

what-evolution-final-500-srgbFor the past few months or so I have deliberated on posting the following political clip as it appears virtually every where online; “Viral Video Of 2014.” (published on Mar 9, 2014: Uploaded by Rod Shelton.) I know it has been around the ‘blog-block’ several times or more, and continues without running out of interest. The clip is 7.37 minutes long, I trust that those who have viewed it will do so once again. It is hoped that someone with the same skill-set will produce a similar one decrying David Cameron in the same way; for he too makes staggering promises, with fingers double crossed behind his back.  Yours Aye.viral video 2014“Political Viral Video Of 2014.” (published on Mar 9, 2014: Uploaded by Rod Shelton.)viral 2014 video

The elusive President Pimpernel

AWOL Obama vanishes again: Three hours after another American is brutally beheaded, president is whisked away from the White House – without finding time to say a single word about it! Barack Obama left for a three-day European swing Tuesday afternoon without saying a single word in response to a terrorist video showing the beheading of Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist to die that way on camera. The president’s departure came amid equally deafening swirls of helicopter rotors and tough questions about whether and when the U.S. will strike back in a meaningful and public way against ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.1409695256479_wps_1_WASHINGTON_DC_SEPTEMBER_0* President walks to Marine One past journalists while ignoring their shouted questions:

News of Sotloff’s execution broke online at 1:05 p.m., shortly after White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest began his daily briefing with reporters; he said four minutes later that he hadn’t heard the news. By 3:40, Obama was lifting off from the South Lawn of the White House on his way to a waiting Air Force One, which was ‘wheels up’ by 4:00. Just two weeks ago, the president was widely criticized for being pictured fist-bumping on the golf course minutes after solemnly addressing the nation about an ISIS video showing photojournalist James Foley’s death.1409697520891_wps_9_President_Barack_Obama_boGoodbye: Obama jumped aboard Marine One shortly before 3:40 p.m., en route to Air force One at Andrews Air Force base. He took off in his private Boeing 747 at 4:00 p.m. News of Sotloff’s execution broke at 1:05. AWOL Obama vanishes again: Three hours after another American is brutally beheaded…

‘They seek him here, they seek him there,
US citizens seek him everywhere!
Is he in heaven or is he in hell?
That damned elusive President Pimpernel’

With profuse apologies to Emma (“Emmuska”) Magdolna Rozália Mária Jozefa Borbála Orczy de Orczi, and her book ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’      Yours Aye.

Half starved Nipper ‘Stood-Too’


More armed police to patrol the UK’s streets as threat level is raised to its highest for years, and Prime Minister warns that we are in the fanatics’ sights

The Prime Minister’s remarks came after the official threat level was raised from substantial to severe – the second highest – amid growing fears over extremists returning from Iraq and Syria. Mr Cameron (pictured inset speaking in Downing Street today) said ISIS now posed a ‘greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before’. The PM said terrorism was ‘the most important issue facing this country today’.

He also announced that new laws will be passed to make it easier to remove extremists’ passports if there are concerns they will travel to the Middle East to join ISIS. The Prime Minister’s remarks came after the Home Secretary Theresa May stressed that there is no information to suggest an attack is imminent, but warned: ‘We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism.’ More armed police to patrol streets as threat level is raised to its highest for years and Prime Minister warns that we are in the fanatics’ sights


ISIS in Mexico? Feds DENY watchdog group’s claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans ‘imminent’ car-bomb attacks on US targets

Judicial Watch’s US government sources say the terror group is a stone’s throw away from El Paso, Texas as the White House dither’s on anti-ISIS strategy. Feds DENY watchdog group’s claim that the terror group is operating in Juarez and plans ‘imminent’ car-bomb attacks on US targets

The threat has been with us on both sides of the pond for years, all the while each government has fallen asleep on the job – bored to tears trying to defend the un-defendable in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, I have finished the maze of traps and fire trenches around my humble abode. I have also duct taped a commando dagger to Nipper’s head, and half-starved him so he is ready to take on the first black clad extremist who dares to enter my perimeter. May their God have plenty of vestal virgins on stand-by…      Yours Aye.

The aromatics of grilled bacon

1409183744078_wps_8_Cameo_Crispi_mugshot_VERNWoman named Crispi who set ex-boyfriend’s house on fire with bacon to stand trial on arson charges. 

Cameo Crispi, a 32 year-old mother from Uintah County, Utah, was arrested on March 14 after her ex boyfriend contacted police to say that she had been harassing him and he wanted her to stop — and leave his home. She had repeatedly called and texted her former flame, who was not home at the time, while at his residence, where she left the bacon over a lit burner.



Cameo Crispi in her mug shot (pictured above) and on Facebook (pictured left) has been charged with setting her ex’s home on fire by leaving a pound of bacon on the stove and scattering hot coals on the floor Woman named Crispi set ex boyfriends  house on fire with bacon

Only a woman with a cruel ‘streak’ could do such a thing – ‘a whole pound of bacon!’ For ‘Gawds’ sake lock her up and throw away the key for committing the ultimate crime… ;-)  Yours Aye.

And Gawd bless you too!

School suspends teen who said ‘bless you’ to another student who sneezed.article-2730454-20ACE38300000578-678_636x382A teacher at Dyer County High School in Tennessee banned the phrase and other ‘godly speaking’ (list of banned words pictured bottom left) from the classroom. After student Kendra Turner, 17 (right), uttered the phrase she was sent to the principal’s office where she spent the rest of the day in in-school suspension.article-2730454-20ACD64000000578-798_306x423 She says she doesn’t want the teacher to get in trouble for the suspension, but wants to spread the word that it’s ok to ‘defend God’. Other students at the school rallied in Turner’s support by wearing handmade ‘bless you’ shirts. Teen suspended from school for saying “Bless-you” to a fellow student who sneezed.

I suppose if Kendra Turner whispered  “Alhamdulillah,” (“Praise be to God”) to her sneezing friend she would have gotten away with it, as the term would have been more acceptable! Just as the word is uttered to a fellow sneezer in the Arabic world…      Yours Aye.

Ginger bread cake & Para Military Police

For reasons pertaining to personal sanity, I escaped from my humble abode yesterday, and sought a change of scenery, which led me onto the small market town of Pickering. (Stock photographs, not my own.)p1884ua8imt871n8bgfaj6fao14pickering

Tea Rooms PickeringA person cannot visit Pickering without taking in (as well as sampling) the delights of Elizabeth Botham’s Tea Rooms. Whilst overindulging in sampling a slice of cake or two, I happened to get into a friendly conversation with a recently retired American couple (hailing from North Dakota) who were visiting and touring the Yorkshire area. leadfergusonThe conversation got around to the ‘Para-Military Police Force’ operating in Ferguson, Missouri. I listened intently as obvious words of wisdom were poured forth over the arming of the Police with ‘war stock’ weapons, as well as up armoured military vehicles, and the rhyme and political reasons behind it. “Huge mistake by the government – should never have happened.” After decrying the para-military police force and their tactics (his words and description not mine) he then explained that he had served as a Police Officer… Definitely old school! Two lovely people as it turned out, who were about to drive off and visit Helmsley for the rest of the day. I gave them the nod and wink on what to see, as well as a heads up on the best coffee & cake shop to visit. The tapestry of life never ceases to amaze me.      Yours Aye.

Cowardly executioner with a British accent

Executioner with a British accent beheads US journalist in the name of ISIS: Islamist group decapitate unflinching James Wright Foley in horrific video – then threaten to slaughter another.article-2729287-20A6019000000578-919_964x400American freelance photo-journalist James Wright Foley has been beheaded by ISIS in a video message posted online and titled as ‘A Message to America’. Foley, (pictured middle kneeling,) has been missing since November, 2012, after being taken hostage while reporting from Syria. ISIS posted the extremely graphic video to social media as proof of their barbaric action, pictured center. Foley addresses the camera before he is killed and labels the US government his real killers as a man in black robes armed with a gun stands over him.article-2729287-20A5DC2000000578-132_634x467

The journalist who has been missing for almost two years then leaves a haunting message for his brother, John, who is in the US Airforce. ‘I died that day, John, when your colleagues dropped that bomb on these people. They signed my death certificate’ ISIS, which has claimed control of most of northern Iraq and parts of Syria is threatening to kill Time journalist Joel Sotloff (pictured top right) next unless President Obama ceases attacks on the terror group. Foley’s family including parents John and Diane, of Rochester, New Hampshire, pictured left, have publicly appealed for their son’s release. Foley was previously held captive by pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya. ISIS-beheads-journalist-James-Wright-Foley The video clip of the execution is not part of the live link

I have watched the separate video clip on James Wright Foley’s murder on ‘LiveLeak’ so those amongst you, who may well not wish to view the same, can take my word over the following. The murdering barsteward is definitely a British Muslim, and judging by his punctuated slang accent, as well as a few colloquialism’s, I would say it places him from one of the inner Borough’s of London, and not from a working class background – more middle class. One thing is for certain; even though his face is covered, his height as well as body frame with bow legs, combined with his slow measured speech, and his exposed eyes with half-dropped eyelids, has revealed who he really is. As I type this at 01:30hrs, I guarantee that those working the early dog watch in GCHQ will now also know who he is. I trust they reveal his identity within this working day, so that he knows he is now on borrowed time. I further hope that when he does meet his end it is a long slow agonising one. He and his ilk are scum, and they should be wiped off the face of the earth.

James Wright Foley did not cry out, or break down emotionally, he remained strong throughout, and faced his end bravely and unflinchingly. A very brave American executed in the most brutal way by a cowardly British Muslim. My deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.      Yours Aye.

Call home or face the consequence

article-2727267-209954C200000578-765_634x500You don’t want to mess with Sharon Standifird of Houston, Texas. Fed up with her son’s failure to pick up the phone when she calls and his ability to never answer her texts, the discerning Houston mom decided, with the ways of modern technology, surely she could do something about it. ‘I literally just started researching how to develop an app,’ Standifird told CBS

article-2727267-20995D0B00000578-953_634x1115Once she started, Standifird didn’t stop, and after a few months of designing the application and then meeting with a developer, the result was IGNORE NO MORE The app allows Standifird to deactivate the phone belonging to her son, Bradley, after installing it onto his iPhone.

Bradley requires a password to reactive the phone, which only his mom has. He cannot call or text anyone but his mom when Ignore No More is activated. The phone will let him dial 911, (UK’s 999) but it won’t allow him access to the internet or games.article-2727267-20995D0100000578-255_634x1111

Sharon Standifird, of Texas, has successfully developed an app called Ignore No More, allowing parents to lock their child’s phone until they call back, and it’s yours for $1.99.

Perhaps the next step is to play a really awful tune (Beiber springs to mind!) that cannot be turned off until the phone is answered. B.Z. Sharon Standiford of Houston, Texas. I personally would just cancel the phone, or put an axe through it; tough love…      Yours Aye.

A penny project that makes ‘cents?’

Family cover their classic Cadillac in more than 38,000 cents (worth roughly the same as a paint job.) Consisting of 38,295 individual coins, worth exactly $382.95-article-2724919-2087604D00000578-660_636x382Larry and Theresa Thompson (top right), from Fort Wayne Indiana, have named the 1949 Cadillac Series 62 ‘Penny’, and still drive it at weekends and during the summer. They bought it in 1999 after seeing an advertisement and decided to attack the coins to it after seeing the paint work was a similar colour. They have added 14 stone (196Ibs) in weight to the car, which the couple have displayed at shows.1408022647778_wps_12_PIC_BY_THERESA_THOMPSON_C Family from Indiana cover their classic Cadillac in more than 38,000 cents

A penny for your thoughts over these practical obsessives. You would need the patience of a saint to stick have stuck with this project.      Yours Aye.