Florida gun makers design assault rifle with Bible verse and cross etched on each side so ‘Muslim terrorists won’t use it.’ 2BF332AF00000578-3221602-image-a-1_1441313172447Spike’s Tactical in Apokpa is selling the powerful weapon, called the Crusader, for $1,395. It has a Psalm on one side and the Knights Templar Long Cross – a symbol of the Christian Crusades to reclaim the Holy Land from Muslims – on the other. The Bible verse, Psalm 144:1, reads: ‘Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.’ Muslim groups have condemned the divisive gun, which they suggest will be bought by ‘Christian terrorists’.

A great business idea, however; the Islamic book of hypocrisy actually contains several ‘get out’ clauses that cover such events. I do like the Crusader’s safety settings –  Peace, War, God Wills It…   Yours_Aye.

Hillary Clinton – burnt to a cinder

Hillary corrupt cheat lierPut a fork in her, because Hillary’s done. By Piers MorganNobody will ever trust her again. It’s over. Hillary Clinton is not going to be the next President of the United States. It’s not because she demanded skim milk for her tea, though any discerning tea-drinker would always insist on at least semi-skimpiers-morgan-guns-deported__oPtmed milk!

It’s not because she couldn’t work out how to watch ‘Parks and Recreation’ or ‘The Good Wife’ on catch-up TV, though coupled with her general apparent ignorance of all new technology this does little to negate the nagging sense that she’s simply too old for the top job in America. It’s not because her aides sometimes go 100 hours without sleep, though this might explain why this campaign has been so disastrous. And it’s definitely not because of her views on Gefilte fish, which remain a blissful mystery. No, the reason why Hillary won’t make it back to the White House is because Americans simply don’t trust her.

I may well have to visit the sick bay tomorrow morning, because It absolutely pains me to agree with über champagne socialist Piers Morgan. Over here the view from the leading UK/US/European political Illuminati, is that despicable Hillarity is well and truly done…   Yours_Aye.

One fell out of the Cuckoo nest!

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestKanye West announces he will run for PRESIDENT in 2020 in his MTV VMAs acceptance speech (but he did admit to smoking a joint just before.)caitlyn-jenner-14-1-lead

Kanye West for President? The performer claimed he is going to run for the top job in 2020 during a long acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs on Sunday.

Breaking News: Caitlyn Jenner announces he will accept the position of Secretary of State upon Mr. West entering the White House. Cait –  a whisper of advice in your shell-like; “If I were you, I wouldn’t go buying any new frocks for the occasion mate!”   Yours_Aye.

Gender neutral language my Arse!

2BBECB9900000578-0-image-a-28_1440783848511University of Tennessee tells staff and students to stop using ‘he’ and ‘she’ – and switch to ‘xe’, ‘zir’ and ‘xyr’ instead. The Knoxville branch of the public university sent a memo round to its members filled with unusual new parts of speech to avoid referring to anybody’s gender.

According to a gay rights official at the university, the new language regime will make the university ‘welcoming and inclusive’ and stop people feeling ‘marginalised’.

Stop this bloody PC nonsense and tell it as it is!!! For the ladies: ‘Her indoors’ – ‘the battleaxe’ – ‘she who must be obeyed’ – ‘the missus’ – ‘the other half’ – ‘the pudding burner’ – ‘the trouble and strife’ – ‘the one who see’s and knows all’ – ’the matriarch’  – ‘the better half’’ – the ball and chain’  – ’that bloody woman’ (whispered.)   For the men: ‘He who knows his place!’ – ‘he who is allowed to think he knows better’ – ‘he who wouldn’t dare, or he sleeps on the sofa if he does’ – and so on, and so forth… Gender neutral PC verbal diarrhoea. BAH! – HUMBUG!    Yours_Aye.

New Broom Sweeps Clean

2BA6990400000578-0-image-a-6_1440508841857Mass amnesty in Ferguson as newly appointed judge throws out 10,000 arrest warrants in wake of damning DOJ report. Ferguson’s new municipal judge ordered massive changes Monday in the city’s much-criticized municipal court, a move he said is aimed at restoring confidence in the system and easing the burden on needy defendants. 

the-law-is-an-assChanges announced by Judge Donald McCullin include withdrawing ‘close to 10,000’ old arrest warrants and giving defendants new court dates and payment options. The new plan allows for community service or fines to be commuted for the indigent. McCullin will also reinstate driver’s license for all defendants who lost their license for failing to appear in court or failing to pay a fine, pending final disposition of the case.

No guessing who those 10,000 ‘alleged offenders’ will be voting for next time around. You may wish to call me a cynical barsteward – but I do think the decent law-abiding people of Ferguson have every thing to fear…   Yours_Aye.

The spilling of claret…

Outrage at male students’ vulgar signs for a ‘freshman daughter drop off’ where parents are told their girls will have a ‘good time.’ 2BA064CD00000578-0-image-a-6_1440437350228Parents dropping their kids off at a Virginia college were horrified last week when, right across from campus, they spotted huge banners bearing vulgar messages aimed at incoming freshmen women and their mothers. The messages, written on bed sheets, were hung from a balcony near Old Dominion University in Norfolk.article-3208541-2BA18AD400000578-765_636x382

Meanwhile 3,897 miles away in Paris. Three young American heroes of the same age as the college clowns mentioned above, represented the true youth of America… The French President Francois Hollande presented Legion d’Honneur medals to British businessman Chris Norman (far left) along with U.S. National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, U.S. Airman Spencer Stone, and American student Anthony Sadler at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

Mr Hollande told Mr Stone and Mr Skarlatos that while they may have been soldiers on that day ‘you were simply passengers. You behaved as soldiers but also as responsible men.’ 2B9E1E3000000578-3208541-image-a-5_1440400909889The pair and their longtime friend Mr Sadler, subdued the gunman as he moved through the train with an assault rifle strapped to his bare chest. Mr Norman, an IT expert, then jumped in to help tie him up. The ceremony was held as the first heroic passenger who wrestled a machine gun from Ayoub El-Khazzani on the high-speed train was today revealed to be American professor Mark Moogalian (right).

Had I been dropping my daughter off to the ‘Old Dominion University’ in Norfolk that day – there would have been much snarling and gnashing of teeth, followed by the spilling of claret…  No need to guess which set of parents would be the proudest of their son’s activities!    Yours_Aye.

Trump ‘cruz-ing’ ahead?

Is Trump looking for a vice-president? He talks to Cruz – and ex-aide is seen with Ben Carson’s right-hand man.2B86FC0F00000578-3204988-image-a-1_1440087179560 Two of his 2016 competitors come to mind for the position; Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Trump’s campaign said he has ‘cordial’ relationships with both men based on ‘mutual respect.’

All I’m doing is feeding the rumour mill, and fanning the flames slightly…  Hillary who?   Yours-Aye.


Stockton Police Department criticized for ‘excessive’ 600-round volley of bullets that left hostage dead in bank robbery shootout. The 600 shots police fired at the chaotic end to a California bank robbery that claimed the life of a hostage were excessive, with some officers only firing their weapons because other officers were shooting, according to a report released Monday.2B7337C500000578-0-image-a-21_1439855985288The report by the nonprofit Police Foundation also found some Stockton police officers opened fire with their colleagues standing right in front of them, and said a lack of planning was partly to blame for the unnecessary shooting.orDB2dlJ ‘In reviewing dispatch tapes and in response to interviews, the review team determined there was no planned response for when the suspect vehicle stopped,’ the report concluded.

‘INDEPENDENT REPORT FINDS FAULT WITH CALIFORNIA COPS IN SHOOTOUT DEATH.’ Dear Gawd – that is stating the bloody obvious!!!   Yours_Aye. 

Is Trump the forlorn hope…

The Donald unveils first policies: “I’ll deport ALL illegal immigrants, help pay for a border wall by taxing Mexican visitors to the US, then send troops to fight ISIS and demand money from our Middle Eastern allies.”article-3199966-2B6A0F9900000578-983_308x476

Donald Trump today took to national TV to unveil his immigration strategy and offer more substantive answers about what policies he would pursue as president. Trump said on ‘Meet The Press’ that he would end birthright citizenship and deport every single one of the country’s estimated 11 million illegal immigrants, while rescinding any executive orders Barack Obama put in place to protect them.Forlorn_hope

In a wide-ranging interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, the presidential candidate explained his views on a number of topics including the Iran nuclear deal, Middle East policy, abortion and Hillary Clinton. 

I still get this gut feeling that Trump is the battering ram for ‘A-N-Other’ Republican candidate – or the ‘forlorn hope’ attacking the breach in the wall against all odds. In this case, sacrificing himself by making sweeping (‘genuinely heart felt’) non PC statements, and telling it like it is. VP Trump – or POTUS? To the victor come the spoils! After the pollster predication fiasco over our last election, anything is possible – thank Gawd!   Yours_Aye.

Deepa Kumar digging a hole ‘deepa’

DeepaRutgers University professor Deepa Kumar – has sparked outrage after declaring that the United States is ‘more brutal’ than the Islamic State because its invasions of the Middle East have killed 1.3million people. 

In a Twitter post, Deepa Kumar, associate professor of journalism and media studies, wrote: ‘Yes ISIS is brutal, but US is more so, 1.3 million killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan #NoToWar.’ Rutgers University professor sparks outrage after saying U.S. is ‘MORE brutal’ than ISIS… and it’s not her first bizarre rant.

This is the same woman who revealed herself as a Marxist, and a supporter of Palestinian terror group Hamas. Who has also written that Hamas should not be registered as a terrorist organization by the U.S government – it’s a political party…?  How fortunate for this Indian-American woman that she is allowed to spout her nonsense freely – in the land of milk and honey.    Yours_Aye.

POTUS delusions of grandeur…

2AE7032400000578-3177520-image-a-23_1438096548678‘I actually think I’m a pretty good president’ Says Obama as he makes claim he would win a THIRD term if legally allowed to run again.

The remarks came just as CNN/ORCInternational released a poll putting the president’s approval rating at 49 percent. It’s the second month in a row that more Americans have told CNN’s pollsters that they were pleased with the job that Obama is doing than those who said they were satisfied. For most of the two years prior, a majority of Americans had expressed unfavorable opinions about the management skills of the country’s chief executive.

Delusion: An idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder: Delusions of grandeur – A false impression of one’s own importance. Excuse me while I mop up nostril splurged tea from my key board.  Yours_Aye.

USS Indianapolis

2ADAB62B00000578-0-image-a-4_1437915908010The men who survived the worst sea disaster in U.S. naval history – The survivors of the World War II sinking of the USS Indianapolis – have shared their memories of the horror story as Hollywood prepares to release two movies on the subject. Nicholas Cage and Robert Downey Jr are starring in separate films about the naval disaster as the 70th anniversary approaches on July 30. It’s a long-time coming for the survivors, who are now in their 80s and 90s and are helping the producers and actors get their stories together for the proper treatment.

Of the 1,197 men aboard the Indianapolis when it was torpedoed by the Japanese, only 317 survived after spending five days adrift in shark-infested waters, and 32 of those men are still alive today.

I hope to Gawd Hollywood pays a true tribute to the ship, its crew, and in particular to Captain Charles B. McVay III who was shamefully hung out to dry  when he was Court-Martialled by the USN.   Yours_Aye.

“Captain McVay was found guilty on the charge of ‘Suffering his vessel to be hazarded by not zigzagging.’ The court sentenced him to lose 100 numbers in his temporary rank of Captain and 100 numbers in his permanent rank of Commander, thus ruining his Navy career.”

Captain Charles McVay Testifying at his Court Martial

In 1946, at the behest of Admiral Nimitz who had become Chief of Naval Operations, Secretary Forrestal remitted McVay’s sentence and restored him to duty. McVay served out his time in the New Orleans Naval District and retired in 1949 with the rank of Rear Admiral. He took his own life in 1968.

“In the early afternoon of a dreary November day in 1968, he told his housekeeper that he would eat his sandwich later. He had shared with her earlier that he had been having nightmares about sharks. He then walked into the front yard, lay down, and shot himself in the head. He was holding a toy soldier his father had given him as a boy. Twenty-three years after the disaster, and years of receiving Christmas hate mail blaming him for the loss of loved ones, his mental anguish over the catastrophe was finally over. His question – why the Navy had taken five days to rescue him and his men, has never been satisfactorily answered. As one of the Marine survivors, Melvin C. Jacob, recounted in an interview, McVay repeatedly raised this question to anyone who would listen. But there was no answer. As Jacob stated, had even one more day gone by, there would have been no survivors from the Indianapolis.”

Ford-150 Vs Chevy’s Silverado?

Ford managed to trim significant weight from its F-150 pickup trucks this year, but there’s been some controversy in the market about whether the move to this lightweight material was too big of a trade-off for strength and durability of steel. It’s certainly more expensive to repair aluminum. Unsurprisingly, Chevrolet is one of Ford’s biggest detractors when it comes to their choice of materials.2015-chevrolet-silverado-seo-family-page-masthead-nocopy-1280x551 

So if you keep hearing the words “High Strength Steel” in Chevy’s Silverado commercials, it’s no coincidence. In this amusing promo video, they prove their point by asking volunteers which cage they’d rather get into when facing off against a grizzly bear – a sturdy steel one, or one made from aluminium. Take one guess at which one is preferred.f1515_pg_005_ext_med

In my mind – when it comes to a ‘work-horse’ truck ‘High Strength Light Alloy’ (HSLA) steel wins over aluminium every time. Unless of course it’s a pop-riveted aluminium skinned Landrover – that costs nothing more than experience to repair or replace a damaged panel.  I’d choose the black sturdy cage too…       Yours_Aye.   

“How To get to Mars” in seven minutes

IMAX (ImageMaximum) cameras have been around since the 70’s. Though IMAX cameras and film stock are rarely used for mainstream films, as the cameras are heavy and the film stock is expensive. Fortunately since 2002, some feature films shot with digital cameras (or on regular 35mm film stock) have undergone IMAX Digital Media Remastering (DMR) processing for showing both in 70mm IMAX theatres, and in Digital IMAX theatres.Brass clown horn 

“How To get to Mars” A clip from the IMAX documentary “Roving Mars” from 2006. This is an edited short version that certainly impressed me; though I am but a simple Ex Bootneck, who is easily amused & attracted to shiny sparkly trinkets & things.

Give me a brass clown horn to toot and I’ll be your friend for life…   Yours_Aye.   Very Many Thanks to ‘The Jolly Roger’ for passing it forward. 

Trump – Trumpet’y – Trump!

2AAC8FB000000578-3168127-image-a-2_1437393549057‘It’s offensive and the real heroes are the 55,000 that died’: John McCain breaks his silence on Donald Trump’s comments about his war service.John McCain is taking the high road against Donald Trump, who sparked controversy this weekend when he questioned the senator’s heroism in the Vietnam war.  2AB225B200000578-3168127-image-a-1_1437393544690

During a campaign speech in Iowa on Saturday, GOP hopeful Trump said McCain is ‘not a war hero’.  ‘He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured,’ Trump said.  McCain, a Navy fighter pilot, was imprisoned and tortured in a Hanoi prison for five years during the Vietnam War after being shot down. While McCain suffered in a North Vietnamese cell, Trump dodged the draft, receiving both student deferments and a medical deferment for ‘bone heel spurs’ on both of his feet.

He takes one step forward, and then several steps back on a ‘misquote.’ I reckon Donald T needs to advertise for several additional top line ‘special advisors.’ It’s going to be a bumpy verbal ride… Yours_Aye.

Semper Fidelis – Rest Easy…

Four Marines killed and one critical after 24-year-old Muslim gunman opened fire with ‘high-powered rifle’ on two Tennessee military centers.article-3164129-2A980CB600000578-640_964x406

Four Marines were killed this morning, when a heavily-armed gunman opened fire on two military centers in Chattanooga, Tennessee in what is being described as an ‘act of domestic terrorism’.  Officials have not yet officially named the now-deceased shooter, but law enforcement sources identified the suspect to CBS as 24-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, originally from Kuwait. 

This cowardly attack has truly sickened me. My heart goes out to the families and loved ones of the Marines. The time has come to remove the velvet glove from the iron fist!   Yours_Aye.