‘Space for Giants’

Armed to the teeth, a small group of brave wildlife rangers fighting to save elephants – from terrorists: A dramatic and very personal dispatch from the frontline of an increasingly bloody conflict against poachers funding Islamic fanatics.Evgeny Lebedev with a patrol of Northern Rangelands Trust wildlife rangers, Kenya.jpgThe author Evgeny Lebedev pictured with a group of armed wildlife rangers in Kenya

As African wildlife continues to be slaughtered, a group of conservationists are waging war on the terrorist poachers currently killing African elephants to fund their criminal activities. Rangers from protection charity Space for Giants armed with automatic rifles, night-vision goggles and closed-frequency radios, are engaged in a war with the poachers which has claimed the lives of 1,000 rangers in the past decade.238D5E7A00000578-0-image-a-2_1417647266696Dramatic personal dispatch from the frontline on the increasingly bloody conflict against poachers funding fanatics…

* This year alone 36,000 elephants will be killed across the African continent:
* Demand for ivory across Asia’s burgeoning middle classes is increasing:
* African charity Space for Giants is armed to defend animals using force:
* Militarised conservation groups are engaging in firefight’s with poachers:
* Poachers include fanatics of Al-Shabaab and the Lord’s Resistance Army:
* Some 1,000 wildlife rangers have been killed in the past decade:

My ‘penny’ jar was emptied with the contents forwarded on to ‘Space for Giants,’ and there is more to follow on…      Yours Aye.

A miracle I tell you-a miracle!

1413386896457_wps_34_Pic_shows_Members_of_the_First he had his congregation eating grass to make them ‘close to God’, now controversial South African preacher makes his flock drink PETROL! A South African preacher who made his congregation eat grass to make them ‘closer to God’ before using them as a human carpet has now got them drinking petrol.

1413386384907_wps_23_Pic_shows_One_member_of_tPastor Lesego Daniel of the Rabboni Centre Ministry poured some of the liquid into a bucket before dropping a match into it and setting it alight to prove that it really was petrol. Unveiling his latest ‘miracle’ to the congregation, he then told them that the petrol had been turned into pineapple juice and persuaded people to line up to take a sip from a bottle of the liquid. 

A South African preacher changes water into wine petrol into pineapple juice?

No need to check your calendar, you have not lost over 5 months – it is not April 1st! In fact sitting here typing this I heard the church bell hit 1 solitary strike, making it 01:00hrs on Thursday 16th October 2014. Methinks ‘Pastor Lesego Daniel’ missed his true vocation in life, he should have been a politician!      Yours Aye.

‘Out Of Africa’ to a street near you.

article-2777788-21E2B5F400000578-462_964x449School administrators in Dallas, Texas, urged calm as none of the children who came in contact with Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, pictured left, have shown symptoms and are being monitored at home, where they will likely remain for three weeks. However, some parents with children at the four schools affected, pictured top right, are taking no chances.1412195647778_wps_15_Ebola_Virus_Disease The mounting panic in Dallas comes as new details about the severity of Mr Duncan’s condition were revealed including that he was ‘vomiting all over the place’ when he was eventually admitted by ambulance on Sunday – four days after showing symptoms of Ebola and eight days after arriving in the U.S. at the apartment he was staying in, pictured bottom right. Janitors in hazmat suits were pictured entering one of the affected schools – Lowe Elementary on Thursday – to disinfect classrooms, pictured main, despite parents were still being told to keep their child attending class. Up to 100 exposed already in Dallas Ebola shambles: Family try to break out of isolation at virus victim’s apartment – where infected sheets still lie on the bed – as visitors come and go1412265775247_wps_9_Two_days_after_a_man_in_TProtest: Dr Gil Mobley wore protective gear warning passers-by the ‘Center for Diseases Control and Prevention’ (CDC) is ‘sugar-coating’ the threat of Ebola ‘The CDC is lying to us!’: Doctor checks in at Atlanta airport in full protective gear to protest against disease center’s handling of Ebola outbreakdcs

imagesNot wishing to sound like a real armchair expert (of which I certainly am not!)  MTS_isbrealiomcaife-1130702-paintingAnd not wishing to spread panic and chaos throughout the digital airwaves (it appears to have already started?)

I would say that the world has a real problem on its hands, that requires a strong determined leader from each of our respective countries to stand tall – place their testicles in their hands – and tell us all the truth! There is more chance of Nelson getting his eye back…      Yours Aye

Lady Apostle; Nigerian ‘witch-hunter!’

A Nigerian ‘witch-hunter’ who claims any child who cries is a ‘servant of Satan’ could be banned from the UK following calls to Home Secretary Theresa May that she is a risk to youngsters. Campaigners are urging for Helen Ukpabio, known as ‘Lady Apostle’, to be deported and banned from returning to the UK on the grounds her preaches are harmful to the public. The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher, who founded the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Nigeria, is thought to currently be in the UK. Nigerian fraudster Helen Ukpabio, known as ‘Lady Apostle’, to be deported and banned from returning to the UKarticle-2604932-1D207B6800000578-664_634x413It understood she flew into London where she has been holding a number of church services to promote her belief in witchcraft and offer help to those ‘under threat’ from the wizardry. A poster advertising one of Ms Ukpabio’s most recent talks – which was cancelled after the venue was leaked online – claims to offer help to people who are under ‘witchcraft attack, ancestral spirit attack or mermaid spirit attack’ and claims to help ‘disconnect’ them. However, campaigners have warned her controversial views are dangerous to children – including the belief that ‘if a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan’.helen-ukpabio-witches-on-the-runThe Witchcraft and Human Rights Information Network (WHRIN), the Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales and the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) have now written to the Home Secretary in an attempt to get Ms Ukpabio deported under the Immigration Act 1971 – on the grounds her presence here is not conducive to the public good. In a letter to Ms May, the campaigners warn: ‘Whilst the Government has moved swiftly to block entry to the UK for Islamic preachers whose presence is considered as harmful to the public good, there have been no cases of Christian pastors facing such measures.’ Home Secretary The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

Home Secretary

The groups are hoping the pastor will be banned from returning to the UK once she has completed her final tour. Gary Foxcroft, of the WHRIN said Ms Ukpabio was one of a number of preachers who regularly travelled to the UK. He told the Independent: ‘The fundamental problem is that churches need to be regulated. Anyone can set up a church tomorrow in their own garden shed with no commitment to child protection or making their accounts transparent or any theological training.’ Bob Churchill, of the IHEU, also told the newspaper: ‘It is important that the UK authorities send a message to the world that branding children, or anyone, as a witch is beyond the pale.’

Nigerian; Witchcraft; Multiple ministries; Money in the bank; Con woman: Fraud! Aided and abetted by gullible Africans now residing in Western civilised countries who still believe in such ‘tosh!’ It makes my blood boil to think this woman and her followers have not been returned back to their countries of origin. I recall only too well the following, as well as several incidents similar to such practices here in the UK. Torso found in Thames identified. Five-year-old ‘victim of voodoo ritual.’ Disgusting ignorant animals. Yours Aye.


‘Lady Apostle’ Helen Ukpabio is the founder of the controversial African Evangelical franchise Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries in Cross River State, Nigeria. The Christian fundamentalist and a Biblical literalist founded the church in 1992 and now claims to have 150 branches worldwide. With its headquarters in Calabar in Southern Nigeria, the Liberty Gospel Church has grown to be a witch-hunting church with branches in Nigeria and overseas. Ms Ukpabio founded the church to fulfil her ‘mission’ of delivering people from witchcraft attack and organises deliverance sessions where she identifies and exorcises people, mainly children, of witchcraft. The born-again Christian Pentecostal preacher claims to have the power to identify and exorcise ‘witch children’ who are possessed by the devil.  She uses her sermons to incite hatred, intolerance and persecution of alleged witches and wizards. Her supporters, of which there are many in West Africa, believe she is a servant of God who has helped eradicate spiritual ailments from humankind. Her beliefs – promoted through her publications (Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft), films (End of the Wicked) and sermons – fuel witchcraft accusations against children in the region. In some of the poorest parts of Nigeria, thousands of children are being blamed for catastrophes, death, famine and branded witches.

There was a crooked man…

ZumaSouth African President Jacob Zuma must pay back £14 million of taxpayers’ money used to build a swimming pool, football pitch and an amphitheatre at his private compound. 

South African President Jacob Zuma has been ordered to re-pay some of the £ 14 million pounds tax payers money used for a lavish upgrade of his private home. A damning report by the country’s top anti-corruption official described improvements at the residence used by Mr Zuma, his four wives and more than 20 children, as a ‘unconscionable and excessive misappropriation of public funds’.  £14 Mil = ZAR 251,783,00 Mil…article-0-1C6A764200000578-265_634x416The report is the result of a two-year probe into a controversy which is largely responsible for a dramatic drop in the popularity of the 71-year-old president, who was booed spontaneously by thousands of mourners at a memorial service for Nelson Mandela, in December.  The 400 page report by South Africa’s Public Protector concluded Mr Zuma had profited personally and acted ‘unethically’ during the process of upgrading his personal homestead, which saw neighbours being evicted to make way for facilities including a swimming pool, a visitors’ centre, helipads, football pitch and amphitheatre.1469966_563126440440253_1647636338_n


An earlier internal government probe into the renovations had found that the works were essential for the president’s security. In plans, the swimming pool was described as ‘a fire pool’ required in the event of a blaze at the largely thatched residence.

Yesterday’s eagerly-awaited report, entitled ‘Secure in Comfort’, established that while a personal clinic and house for police officers might reasonably form part of a security plan. However, the amphitheatre, visitors’ centre and extensive new facilities for the Zuma family’s chickens and cattle could not. The scandal, known as ‘Nkandla’ after the nearest town to the sprawling property, has sparked massive resentment at the lifestyle enjoyed by the President and his extended family while millions of South Africans continue to live in poverty, despite the end of apartheid 20 years ago. image001

Mr Zuma is also no stranger to controversy, having faced rape and corruption charges before becoming president. The country will go to the polls in a national election in May, which will be a further test of the popularity of Mr Zuma and the ruling African National Congress.  Timeline: Jacob Zuma’s early legal problems   

This hideous crooked man along with his ANC cronies has dragged the Republic of South Africa down to the lowest level possible; his absolute lack of any formal education combined with his communist background speaks for itself. Where would this vile creature get sufficient funds to pay for such a property???images

At today’s currency exchange it beggars belief… Allow me to add the following poem that is one of many floating around South Africa, which typifies the hatred for Jacob Zuma and his cronies. And before anyone drips like a tap about racism; the poem is popular amongst ‘all’ South African’s.          Yours Aye.        Hat tip, and many thanks to ‘You Who Knows!’

There was a crooked man
And he had a crooked style
And he a had a crooked walk
And a crooked little smile
And his eyes were independent
Even though they seemed quite dead
And he had a little shower
Perched on his misshapen head

And he had a merry gang
Who would do all that he asked
Even blocking our poor Thuli
In the work she had been tasked
Does it need a crooked man
To run so many crooked scams?
When it seems all of the ANC
Are silent as the lambs

Even though they are the first
To point out other peoples faults
They are running round and stuffing
Lots of money into vaults
They know the banks aren’t safe
Because they plan to nationalise
And to put their money in those
Institutions wont be wise

So their money goes to Austria
And Switzerland as well
The toll roads are their pension
While the country goes to hell
They would rather rule a dungheap
Than a pleasant happy land
And the voters, oh the voters
Put their heads deep in the sand

They will make their mark as usual
And then warn the ANC
That they’d better fix things up
Or therell be trouble, wait and see
So after the elections
Therell be tyres all ablaze
Therell be rubber bullets flying
And an almond smelling haze

As the cops deploy the teargas
And the people choke and cry
And the rubber turns to metal
And the people fall and die
But you know its only five years
Then theyll get another turn
And the ANC will feed them
While the cities slowly burn

So there was a crooked man
The world was quiet as a mouse
While he went and spent more millions
On his crooked little house

A quick heads up on the reference to ‘Thuli’ who is mentioned in the poem

Thulisile Madonsela,’ is a human rights lawyer, equality expert, and Public Protector of South Africa. Her job is to ward off corruption and incompetence by investigating complaints against the South African government’s institutions and officials. Today she is referred to as Adv Thuli Madonsela, Public Protector, a phenomenal, brave and honest woman. On top of being the country’s spokesperson (which is probably one of the most stressful jobs in the world), Thuli is also a single mother of two.images

Thuli Madonsela unearthed and disclosed embarrassing details about President Zuma’s household build, even though she was warned off her investigation by State Security services as well as Defence Ministers; this did not sway her from publishing her 400 page report, which implicates Zuma into fraudulent practices. 

South Africa is a vibrant country being poorly led; perhaps we are looking at the next honest hard working female President… Yours Aye.

A psychologically imbalanced pathological liar

article-2521843-1A011CBE00000578-352_634x362A South African sign language interpreter accused of making up his own signs during a memorial to Nelson Mandela has revealed he may have suffered a schizophrenic episode on stage after claiming he saw ‘angels’ at the event. Thamsanqa Jantjie, 34, who has been violent in the past and suffers from schizophrenia, said that his hallucinations began while he was interpreting and that he tried not to panic because there were ‘armed policemen around me.’ South African Government Admits To Mistake Over Using Mandela Signer He added that he was once hospitalized in a mental health facility for more than a year. article-2522398-1A0DC13500000578-198_636x382He stated that he worked for a company called SA Interpreters which had been hired by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) for Tuesday’s ceremony at Johannesburg’s 95,000-seat Soccer City stadium. For which he was paid 85 dollars (£52) for interpreting the event. What’s he trying to say now? Fake Mandela signer blames ‘voices in his head’ for gibberish interpretation that included ‘prawns’ and ‘rocking horse’

You just couldn’t make it up? It has since turned out that this man has been used several times as a signer at high profile Government events around South Africa. The company ‘SA Interpreters’ and its owners have since disappeared into the sunset. Surely a smattering of embarrassed faces all around for his Secret Service detail, allowing a psychologically imbalanced man, who is also a known pathological liar to stand within two feet of the ‘signer’ Thamsanqa Jantjie, who also suffers from the same afflictions. ‘heh-heh’ Yours Aye With apologies to Thamsanqa Jantjie for joking about his affliction, not his fraudulent activity…

A tribute turned into a circus…

Selfie; A selfie is a type of self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a hand-held digital camera or camera phone, and are usually taken in a slightly tilted manner. Selfies are often associated with social networking. They are often casual, are typically taken either with a camera held at arm’s length or in a mirror, and typically include either only the photographer, or the photographer and as many people as can be in focus. Selfies taken that involve multiple people are known as “group selfies”.     ‘As viewed below.’ article-2521300-1A0206BA00000578-852_964x433Dignity;  Is a term used in moral, ethical, legal, and political discussions to signify that a being has an innate right to be valued and receive ethical treatment. Dignity also has descriptive meanings pertaining to human worth, although there is no exact or agreed upon definition of this worth. In general, the term has various functions and meanings depending on how the term is used and on the context.          ‘Lack of dignity, above.’article-2521843-1A015A2A00000578-151_634x478Phoney; Not genuine, fraudulent; A fraudulent person or thing.  ‘As seen above.’ Two Phoney  characters sharing the same platform. Sign language translator at Nelson Mandela’s memorial was a PHONEY: South Africa’s deaf federation confirms his movements had ‘no meaning’  ‘Above, the phoney translator is on the right of the picture.’article-2521300-1A00FBC800000578-791_964x635Nauseating; Make (someone) feel sick; affect with nausea:  [as adj. ( nauseating) the stench became nauseating. To fill (someone) with revulsion; disgust; i.e. I was nauseated by the sight of the President of the United Sates shaking hands with the dictator and murdering tyrant Raul Castro; the same bloody hand that Castro uses to sign orders to repress and jail Democracy advocates, that are then beaten without mercy in prison.  ‘Above, a bowing Socialist leader greets a true Communist dictator’article-2521506-1A012F0000000578-24_964x552‘Above, international jet setting oxygen thieves, financial wasters, and exploiters for self gain.’ Former US president Jimmy Carter (left), pictured with former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and UN and Arab League mediator Lakhdar Brahimi. The circus that was Nelson Mandela’s tribute. Where the crowd repeatedly booed South African president Jacob Zuma, but cheered Obama and dictator Robert Mugabe.         Yours Aye.

One a Giant, the other a Thug!

article-2519706-19EC02E100000578-106_636x382From a giant to a thug: While Mandela’s greatest feat was saving South Africa from a bloodbath, President Zuma has plunged it into violence, corruption and poverty.       ‘Junior thug in waiting, Julius Malema’ pictured below706x410q70b438aa821b67db8400e556d084a35d11The political vultures are circling; something of interest perhaps on One time South African youth leader, Julius Malema A very dangerous man, once tipped to take over from President Jacob Zuma, certainly some one to watch over the next few months. His educational qualifications, as well as his fraudulent activities  make him a natural-born replacement for Jacob Zuma as leader of the ANC. It is no strange co-incidence that he is pictured here wearing a Robert Mugabe supporters shirt…     Qualifications below


For my part, I love South Africa and its genuine people, I also have close ties with friends and business associates, who are born and bred South Africans. Sadly the stench of corruption within the top-tier of government fouls the country, and penalises its own people severely. Such corruption at the pinnacle emanates and promotes the vilest forms of dishonesty, unscrupulousness, double-dealing, fraudulent misconduct, criminality, wrongdoing and bribery within local government, that has a responsibility for the day-to-day running of small villages, towns and cities, which they neglect on a grand scale. 

Desmond Tutu, the former archbishop is one of a series of senior South Africans who have warned of growing disenchantment with the ANC, which has struggled to make a dent in the country’s many social ills, and is frequently accused of corruption and cronyism. Earlier this year, Graça Machel the human rights activist and wife of Nelson Mandela, warned that South Africa was an “angry nation teetering on the brink of something very dangerous if extreme levels of violence in the country were not addressed.” The ruling African National Congress has managed to do something that Apartheid could not; it is tearing itself in two through greed and corruption. It is hoped that this will end its  power grabbing days, and allow true democracy to flourish. The newly formed political party headed by Graca machel may prove to be the new broom that sweeps clean…            Yours Aye.

P.S. I note that the great ‘Barry O’ is flying over for the State funeral of Nelson Mandela, yet couldn’t be bothered to shift his arse into gear to show the same respect for Margaret Thatcher. Possibly because the Iron Lady acted as kryptonite towards socialism…

P.P.S. And then there’s this from the excellent Guido Fawkes blog When Maggie Told Botha to Free Nelson Mandela  ‘kryptonite, pure kryptonite!’

Nairobi, the death of innocents

Kenyan special forces were today locked in a fight to the death with Islamic terrorists who have been barricaded inside a Nairobi mall with up to 40 hostages since Saturday. Witnesses described hearing four large explosions at the Westgate Shopping Centre followed by the sight of thick plumes of smoke and the sounds of fierce gunfire after the military tried to break the three day siege by gaining access from the roof. It is feared that some of the gunmen, who are from Al Qaeda affiliated group Al Shabaab, may have blown themselves up, though a Kenyan government minister said that militants had set fire to some mattresses in a supermarket as a decoy.

Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku said that two of the terrorists had been killed and that most hostages were now free. All of the militants were men, he added, although some were dressed as women. ‘We think the operation will come to an end soon’, he said. ‘We are in control of all the floors, the terrorists are running and hiding in some stores… there is no room for escape’. The Red Cross has put the death toll at 62 and four Britons have been confirmed dead. At least 175 were injured, including children. Massacre mall is now ablaze after Islamic terrorists burn mattresses . Fierce gunfire heard inside Kenyan shopping centre where militants were holding dozens of hostages Israeli Special Forces as well as ‘other SF organisations’ are actively involved!article-2429784-183268A200000578-323_964x699Those responsible should now be hunted down and exterminated, no more rhetoric from politicians or world leaders of the right and wrongs of life, or inviting extremists to the table to resolve issues in the hope it will never happen again. Just pure hunter-killer skills to wipe them from the face of the planet. Once and for all.            Yours Aye.

Harsh as it may seem…

I’m a big believer in charity begins at home. We have sufficient problems to sort out around our own Island, both social, as well as financial, before we start throwing £ Billions at other countries around the world in the way of ‘foreign aid’. Generally such ‘give away funding’ is an unofficial way of politically greasing the palm of governments, or at least those within who overtly act against Great Britain’s interests, yet covertly take the Queens shilling to assist when we require them to turn a blind eye, or cast a vote in our favour. Take Nigeria as an example, the UK gives £1bn in aid to assist them in joining the space race, and yet its corrupt officials allow £2bn of oil to be stolen every year? article-2426122-02FF754D0000044D-984_634x417For the above, please cut; Great Britain, UK and the Queens shilling. And paste; the U.S,  Obama, and the $USD. The same ‘greased palm’ concept is applicable.    Yours Aye.

Cold steel hand from the sea

I have endured some serious sleepless nights these past few weeks or so, which I have put down to the heat of summer. Even with the assistance of my good friend ‘Captain Morgan’ I have only managed a couple of pitiful hours in the dead zone. The dogs love it as they now expect to be out and about as the first grey chink of morning light breaks over the Eastern horizon. Methinks some thing is amiss, it’s not as if I do not exercise my brain as well as my body. Last night I reverted to the old school way of reading, and chose a true story in paper back The Wonga Coup: Simon Mann’s Plot to Seize Oil Billions in Africa by Adam Roberts, (from which the cowardly Mark Thatcher does not walk away smelling of roses).images 

Now I understand why Simon Mann has every right to Cry Havoc, which is my next read. I just hope Ridley Scott includes the whole ball of corruption and dirty politics in his film portrayal of the book. Having settled into a nice leather easy chair, I read of the coup until the words disappeared slowly from the page. I awoke with two snoring dogs sleeping in front of a fan, and a ticking clock with the big hand on 12 and the little hand on 7… Unbelievably I had slept for several hours.             Click pic to enlargeRM Commando Replacing the book back onto the shelf I noticed a hard back that I received as a gift at Christmas, ‘Commando’ THE DIRTY DOZEN, a collection of the best 12 Commando comic books ever. “Thought to self, research the comics on line as they were classics from my childhood“.
DownloadedFileI did so after breakfast, Britain’s sole surviving war comic Commando and was shocked to see that the iconic short story Commando comic magazines are no longer printed in the UK. They are now printed by a German media group ‘GGP Media’ who are based in Possneck, Thuringia – near where the revolutionary Messerschmitt Me 262 fighter jets were being built in an underground weapons factory in the Second World War! My paper childhood heroes crumbled in front of me, such is life I suppose. But hey! I am not cross because of the irony of it all, we have moved on to become allies against a more common foe.

Yours Aye.

The US Warns President Goodluck Jonathan

I wil not comment on this:

Nigerian warplanes struck militant camps in the northeast on Friday in a major push against an Islamist insurgency, drawing a sharp warning from the United States to respect human rights and not harm civilians.

But three days after President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in the northeast, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry issued a strongly worded statement saying: “We are … deeply concerned by credible allegations that Nigerian security forces are committing gross human rights violations, which, in turn, only escalate the violence and fuel extremism.”

except to say, we must tread carefully.

Richard Turere and Scotch Tape

Innovative inventions help solve everyday problems and make life easier. It is hard to imagine a time before such everyday items such as scotch tape, post-it notes, or staplers.

Kenyan Richard Turere uses LED lights to keep lions at bay
Kenyan Richard Turere uses LED lights to keep lions at bay

But those are simple office inventions. What 13 year-old Richard Turere did to keep lions from eating his cows is on another level. . .

The Bravery of Alaya Alani

The award for bravery in Africa surely must go to one Alaya Alani, a professor of history at Manouba University (located in Tunisia):

Alaya Alani, a professor of contemporary history at Manouba University, told Radio Tataouine that imams in mosques were encouraging Tunisian youths to participate in jihad in Mali and Syria.

He urged the government to put an end to this “indoctrination.”

Wow, look at how low the bar is set. That I consider merely speaking up as brave.