Musu Qala falls – “quelle surprise!”

Musu Qala falls to the Taliban: Afghan town that British and US military died to protect is seized by insurgents making fresh advances after Allied forces withdrew.Royal Marines Musa Qala 2007 Taliban fighters have seized control of a strategically important district headquarters in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. 

British and US forces led the fight against the Taliban in Musa Qala for several years prior to their withdrawal from Helmand in October last year.  But the once key Nato position has now become the second town in northern Helmand to fall to the Taliban in recent weeks, after Nawzad.

Three thousand, three hundred and ninety-three coalition deaths (and rising,) with thousands of lives destroyed through horrific injuries – on top of countless £/$ Billions spent – squandered – and embezzled by Afghanistan’s ‘elite!’ Not one more drop of blood should to be shed over the open air toilet ‘also known as’ Afghanistan.   Yours_Aye.

Green Berets & PC madness

Decorated Green Beret is kicked out of U.S. Special Forces after ‘shoving’ Afghan police commander who ‘raped boy, 12, and beat up his mother when she reported the crime’2B8D460700000578-0-image-a-23_1440162832444

Sergeant Charles Martland, 33, was serving in Afghanistan’s war-torn Kunduz Province in 2011 when he apparently learned an Afghan police commander he had trained had raped a boy. He and his team leader, Daniel Quinn, confronted Officer Abdul Rahman – who had also allegedly beaten the 12-year-old’s mother for reporting the sexual assault – and ‘shoved him to the ground’.

Despite Rahman walking away only bruised, Martland and Quinn were disciplined. The Army halted their mission, placed them in temporary jobs and then, finally, sent them home. Now, Martland has been ‘involuntary discharged’ from the Special Forces for unspecified reasons – sparking outrage among some Army officials and even a Congressman.

There has been well over a thousand registered sexual pedophilia assaults conducted by individuals and groups from the Afghan police/military – with an estimated several thousand un-registered deviant crimes left off the books. Sergeant Charles Martland should have pushed Rahman under a passing truck. The politically correct REMF’s who pulled the pin on Charles Martland and Daniel Quinn should have been thrown under a passing convoy of trucks. BAH! Yours_Aye.

“More valuable than ammunition”

Extremists in; brave servants out: Britain makes me despair. The fate of Army translators abandoned to their fate in Afghanistan is a disgrace – more so when you see the people we do allow to live here. ‘There are times when I feel that Britain is the most confused place on earth, intent on its own degradation and destruction.’ By Colonel Tim Collins.'Shaffy' Afghan British Interprator

‘Shaffy’ (face hidden) – who worked for the British Army on the front lines in Helmand and is pictured here translating for David Cameron during a visit in 2011

This is one of those times. The disgraceful and shaming revelation that an Afghan man known as “Shaffy” who gave vital service to the country as a linguist (translating for, among others, Prime Minister David Cameron), has not been granted asylum in the UK despite credible death threats, sits in grim contrast to news that a Jihadist preacher with links to Osama bin Laden will be allowed to remain in the UK to continue his decade long fight for British citizenship.

As in 2013 I make the same call to the Prime Minister. Where is your shame? Where is the leadership? If we are powerless to tackle the extremists so be it; but do right by these loyal translators who have served the UK so well.

I totally agree with Colonel Tim Collin’s ‘Rtd.’ Though I would say it is the spineless British Prime Minister, and a handful of his ‘yes boss’ cabinet politicians that make me despair – and weep at times. The next generation of Britain’s Armed Forces will require their services again – when the toilet that is Afghanistan requires flushing and cleansing.    Yours_Aye.

Sniper – deadlier than the plague.

300px-Royal_Marines_sniper_teamRoyal Marine is world’s deadliest sniperCorporal reported to have recorded 173 confirmed kills during tours of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Ministry of Defence last night refused to comment on the Marine’s record as a sniper, or his identity. He killed most of his targets during the winter of 2006 to 2007 in the early stages of Britain’s deployment to Helmand province. He ranged across the province while serving with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force and was armed with an L115A3 Accuracy International rifle which has an effective range of over 1,200 yards. At one point the sniper hit 90 fighters in a single day. “He’s not the sort of man to brag. He’s professional and humble, but with a rifle in his hands this bloke is deadlier than the plague.”       B. Z. Royal – Good skills…    Yours Aye.

Having received word on the Bootneck Corporal’s hit rate from a good mate still serving, and seeing it within today’s press, I thought the time for posting should be now. Please don’t think this is a peeing competition – I held back on this story out of respect for Chris Kyle, and the release of the film SNIPER that honours him and his tragic end. Sincerely.

The Commando Who Refused to Die

23BED5E100000578-0-image-m-54_141772304241923BED5ED00000578-0-image-a-55_1417723046849A Royal Marine known as ‘the commando who refused to die’ after suffering 100 injuries in an Afghanistan explosion has had a leg removed – so he can play with his children. 

Corporal Paul Vice, 31, suffered more than 100 significant wounds during an explosion and ‘died’ twice as he was airlifted back to Camp Bastion in 2011. The father-of-four, who was awarded the Military Cross for his bravery during two previous incidents, received more than 114 wounds to his torso. He is now the subject of a documentary, called ‘The Commando Who Refused to Die’ which will be broadcast on Friday, December 12, and includes footage of the amputation.‘The Commando Who Refused to Die’

B.Z. Royal… Your family as well as your Corps family are proud of you.      Yours Aye.

Once again; Lions Led by Donkey’s

Military top brass don’t want you to see war movie showing hero killed in botched rescue bid: Defence chiefs attempt to block film about death of British soldier in Afghanistan. Defence chiefs have attempted to block the production of a new film about the death of a British Paratrooper in Afghanistan – because it portrays how the RAF botched a rescue mission.    Once again – ‘Lions Led By Donkeys.’MoS2 Template MasterCorporal Mark Wright died in September 2006 after becoming stranded in an unmarked minefield during a mission against Taliban fighters near the strategically important Kajaki Dam in Helmand province. But tragedy struck when a Chinook helicopter sent to rescue Cpl Wright and other British soldiers set off mines in the area as it attempted to land, causing him fatal injuries and injuring others. Below: Paratrooper Corporal Mark Wright 1414270249696_wps_1_A_SCOTTISH_soldier_who_waThe Ministry of Defence was heavily criticised at the inquest into Cpl Wright’s death in 2009, with the coroner saying officials should ‘hang their heads in shame’ over the failure to send a properly equipped aircraft. Now the incident has been depicted in a new film, Kajaki: A True Story, which will be released next month. The movie, which stars Game Of Thrones actor Mark Stanley as a medic who tries to save Cpl Wright, is backed by Help For Heroes and other military charities which will receive a percentage of the box office takings. But the makers have told The Mail on Sunday that they were blocked in their attempts to research key parts of the story, because MoD officials refused permission to speak to any of the air crew involved. Defence chiefs attempt to block film about death of British Paratrooper in Afghanistanhelp_for_heroes logoWhen the report of the Coroner’s inquest was issued in October 2008, I like many others wanted those responsible to be hung, drawn, and quartered. Those responsible being British Politician’s as well as very senior Top Brass who at the time, couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery! The Coroners Report in full Part of which, I would like to highlight, and add a hearty B.Z. “The actions of the US personnel who flew into the minefield is without doubt heroism of the highest order, by the specialist rescue and recovery team. Those who survived owe their lives to the Americans.”

23rd of October 2014: British commanders have given a damning assessment of the military campaign in Afghanistan, admitting that at times troops were so stretched there was a risk they would be ‘massacred!’ Documentary: “Afghanistan: The Lion’s Last Roar?” Is being shown on BBC2 on Sunday, October 26 at 9pm and Sunday, November 2 at 9pm. For those who are able, please watch it and weep tears of rage… And cast your mind back to the Socialist Labour Government who allowed our Armed Forces to fight undermanned, under paid, under armed, and with their hands tied behind their backs. All the while forcing additional severe cuts to military spending.

Yours ‘With Venom & Hatred In My Heart Towards Every Socialist Politician’ Aye.

US Army Reservist saves British Colonel

US Army Reservist took assassin’s bullets for British Colonel. US casualty report reveals how a US Army reservist, whose day job is with the technology company Apple, was shot protecting a British Army colonel during a bloody attack in Afghanistan.

A British Army colonel’s life was saved by a US soldier who jumped in front of an assassin’s hail of bullets, it has been reported. The US Army reservist, who normally works for Apple, the Silicon Valley-based electronics company, was shot six times as an Afghan assailant opened fire on a group of high-ranking officers. The attack took place earlier this month at the ‘Marshal Fahim National Defence University,’ a training complex that includes a British-run army officer academy which is currently training 1,500 cadets known as “Sandhurst in the Sand”. The reservist, who has not been named, used his body as a shield to literally “take a bullet” for the senior British officer, and was hit twice in the leg and once in the shoulder, with a further three rounds stopped by his bulletproof vest. Details of the act of heroism were revealed in an American casualty report, the newspaper said. It describes how the reservist returned fire with both his rifle and sidearm.

The attack by Mohammad Rafiqullah killed Major General Harold Greene, the deputy commanding general, Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan.
Maj Gen Greene was the highest ranking US officer to be killed in hostilities since Lt Gen Timothy Joseph Maude was killed by a hijacked airliner that crashed into the Pentagon, on September 11, 2001. A similar ranking officer has not been killed overseas since the Vietnam War. The attack took place during an outdoor briefing at the Marshal Fahim National Defence University, in Kabul. The Afghan Ministry of Defence described the attacker as “a terrorist wearing Afghan National Army uniform”.

‘According to one report, Rafiqullah opened fire about 10 minutes into the delegation’s third briefing in an open area near a military policing unit. He emptied one magazine before changing to a second in a three-minute attack. According to witnesses, he fired indiscriminately at the group and did not appear to be targeting any specific person. At first, it was unclear where the firing was coming from – but then a Nato soldier saw the gunman and killed him with two shots.’ Several other senior officers, including a German Brigadier General and the Afghan Commander of the training base, were among the 14 injured, which also included two Britons. Their injuries were said to be not life threatening. The Ministry of Defence declined to comment due to an ongoing investigation.

Additional Comment: The US reservist’s amazing act of heroism is believed to have saved the life of the senior British officer, as it is understood he was wearing no body armour. The unnamed Reservist soldier has already been on three overseas tours with the US military, including one to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

I sincerely hope that the whole incident is also being investigated by the Royal Military Police ‘red caps’ and that credit is eventually given where it is due to the US Army Reservist, who appears to have conducted himself impeccably. If proven that the British Colonel was not correctly dressed in accordance with British Forces Standing Orders; it is hoped he carries the can accordingly.      Yours Aye.

Report By David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent: The Telegraph; Also attributed to the original report from The Times.

Inspirational Gunny…

article-2679195-1F59F83100000578-429_470x423USMC Bomb Disposal Technician who has ALWAYS kept a smile on his face – even after he lost both limbs in an Afghan IED blast. USMC Gunnery Sergeant Brian Meyer was deployed as a bomb technician in Afghanistan in 2011 when the device he was defusing exploded prematurely. The then 29-year-old Marine was ripped apart by the blast. He lost his right leg above the knee, his right hand above the wrist and three fingers of his left hand.

article-2679195-1F59FA5300000578-320_470x423While still receiving treatment on the battlefield, G/Sgt Meyer, fearful of the impact his injuries would have on his squad, ordered Eric Lunson to take his photograph. Forcing a smile through the pain, Sgt Meyer, raised what would have earlier been a thumbs’ up as the shutter clicked. The photograph, Sgt Meyer hoped, would provide inspiration for his men as he began his own battle with recovery. USMC Gunnery Sgt Brian Meyer smiling through pain. 

A real hero in the true sense of the word. One of thousands that we should all be proud of. B.Z. Gunny…     Yours Aye.

March the guilty barsteward in Sgt Major

article-2678403-1F07938600000578-396_634x513Bowe Bergdahl is being allowed to wander off Texas base as part of his ‘reintegration’ as it emerges that soldiers who served with him ‘STILL’ haven’t been contacted by investigators

Presumption of Innocence. “A fundamental protection for a person accused of a crime, which requires the prosecution to prove its case against the defendant beyond a reasonable doubt.” In this case I would presume an investigation into Bergdahl’s activities would be paramount , or is that the scent of a White House rat I smell.         Yours Aye. What about freezing his assets; five years back dated Sergeants pay may well have been fraudulently generated?

Apache’s on the warpath

1404215307925_Image_galleryImage_BNPS_co_uk_01202_558833_PDaring pilot who flew his Apache helicopter into a Taliban fort sells his medals for £100,000 to start new life as a civilian. A British Army Air Corps pilot who performed one of the most daring rescues of the Afghanistan war is selling his gallantry medal to raise £100,000. Captain Tom O’Malley flew his Apache gunship into a Taliban stronghold with two Royal Marines strapped to the side in an extraordinary bid to save a wounded Marine. Daring pilot who flew his Apache helicopter into a Taliban fort sells his medals  1404215070741_Image_galleryImage_BNPS_co_uk_01202_558833_PThe story at the time made aviation history as it was the first time an Apache gunship was used in such a way carrying external pax into a hostile environment. Not wishing to deflect the bravery of those involved, but; another hero that day was WOI Ed Macy. Army Air Corps; who received the Military Cross for his courage during the Jugroom Fort rescue.

ed-macy-apache‘APACHE’ THE MAN. THE MACHINE. THE MISSION. Describes Ed Macy’s tour, as well as the hastily planned mission ‘he’ put together to rescue Marine Matthew Christopher Ford.

‘Ed Macy is an elite pilot, one of the few men qualified to fly Apache helicopters, the world’s deadliest fighting machines. This is his account of a fearless mission behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.’

‘After a brutal accident forced him out of the Paras, Ed Macy refused to go down quietly. He bent every rule to sign up for the Army’s gruelling Apache helicopter programme and was one of the handful to pass the nightmare selection process. Dispatched to Afghanistan’s notorious Helmand Province in 2006, his squadron were on hand when a Marine went MIA behind enemy lines – and they knew they were his only hope.’

‘From the cockpit of the mighty Apache helicopter comes this incredible true story of a rescue mission so dangerous they said it couldn’t be done, and of the man who dared to disagree.’ I would urge those of you who enjoy a bloody good read without any ‘gung-ho bull s**t’ to beg, borrow, steal, or purchase the same book. You will not be disappointed. Yours Aye.                APACHE is dedicated to Marine Mathew Christopher Ford.

True Grit…

article-2666342-1F1017DB00000578-958_306x423Staff sergeant who fought off 200 Taliban fighters despite being unable to WALK in deadly battle that killed nine of his comrades to be awarded Medal of Honor

A former Army staff sergeant is set to receive the Medal of Honor for his heroics during one of the deadliest battles of the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts from Nashua, New Hampshire, spent an agonizing 90 minutes fighting off enemy fighters despite shrapnel injuries to both legs and an arm that left the young soldier critically wounded and resigned to certain death. 

Read the rest of this inspirational story of true grit; Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts to be awarded Medal Of Honor

Pure American backbone. B.Z. Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts, very well deserved. Yours Aye.

Sheriff plays with big boys toys

Do police really need mine-resistant ‘up armoured vehicles?’ Indiana sheriff says vets back from Afghanistan have created a new kind of criminal and local forces need military weapons to fight them. This $650,000 Mine Resistant Vehicle once patrolled the war zones of Afghanistan before ending up with Indiana law enforcement…article-2633150-1E05423200000578-880_634x426As American military forces return from Iraq and Afghanistan, one Indiana police station is benefiting from a mine-resistant vehicles once used to tour the war zone to combat a new breed of criminal with military training. ‘When I first started we really didn’t have the violence that we see today,’ Sgt. Dan Downing of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department told Fox 59. ‘The weaponry is totally different now that it was in the beginning of my career, plus, you have a lot of people who are coming out of the military that have the ability and knowledge to build IEDs and to defeat law enforcement techniques.’ Roughly $4.3 billion worth of military property has been handed over to local and state agencies since 1990, according to the Law Enforcement Support Office

American-police-forces-benefit-millions-dollars-military-weapons-proof-vehicles-armed-forces-leave-Iraq-Afghanistan justify the issue according to Indiana Sheriff.

It is my most humble opinion that the Indiana Sheriff in question has slurred the brave veterans who have served their country above and beyond of what is expected of them. He has also insulted the intelligence of the community that he serves.      Yours Aye.

Sasha the sniffer dog-a posthumous award

Animal VC for Afghanistan sniffer dog. An Army Labrador sniffer dog credited with saving “many lives” before she was killed in an ambush is posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal.              ‘Sasha’ sasha2_2895069bAn Army sniffer dog killed in an ambush alongside her handler in Afghanistan is to be awarded the animal Victoria Cross next month. Sasha, a four-year-old yellow Labrador was credited with saving many lives by finding hidden weapons caches and booby-trap bombs in Helmand province. On July 24, 2008 Sasha and her handler, L/Cpl Kenneth Rowe were returning from a routine search operation when their patrol was ambushed. They survived the first attack but were both killed by gunfire in a second attack.ken-rowe_781761f

Sasha will now be posthumously awarded the Dickin Medal for her actions by the PDSA veterinary charity. Jan McLoughlin, the charity’s director general, said: “Sasha’s exceptional devotion to duty in Afghanistan saved many lives, both soldiers and civilians. This medal, recognised worldwide as the animals’ Victoria Cross, honours both Sasha’s unwavering service and her ultimate sacrifice. Her story exemplifies the dedication of man’s best friend and reminds us all of the amazing contribution they make to our lives.”

During her time in Afghanistan the Sasha made 15 confirmed operational finds. In one search of a building in Garmsir, she found two mortars and a large quantity of weapons, including explosives and mines. Col Neil Smith, director Army veterinary and remount services, said: “Sadly this award is posthumous as both Sasha and her handler L/Cpl Ken Rowe were killed in enemy action in Afghanistan in 2008. Our thoughts remain with L/Cpl Rowe’s family and this award will give us the opportunity to once more celebrate his and Sasha’s immeasurable contributions to military operations.” British-soldier-and-his-faithful-friend-die-side-by-side-in-AfghanistanHandler_60167cThe Dickin Medal has now been awarded to 29 dogs, 32 Second World War messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat. Recipients-of-the-PDSAs-Dickin-Medal-the-animal-version-of-the-Victoria-Cross. There is more to the story as an inquest into the death of L/Cpl Rowe revealed he postponed his scheduled return to the UK because he did not want to leave his comrades with insufficient cover. A selfless act.           Yours Aye.animals-in-war-memorial-1-052713Animals in War Memorial, London.  Original article by Ben Farmer: The Telegraph

Remnants of an Army “I am the Army!”

In January 1842 the British Army began its retreat from Kabul, following the killing of the two British representatives there. The nearest British garrison was in Jalalabad, 90 miles  away, and the army would need to go through mountain passes with the January snow hindering them. Under the command of Major-General William George Keith Elphinstone, 4,500 British and Indian soldiers plus 12,000 civilian camp followers including wives and children set out for Jalalabad on 6 January 1842, on the understanding that they had been offered safe passage. Afghan tribesmen intercepted them and proceeded to massacre them during the next seven days.          Click on each picture to enlarge.20120919225756!Last-standLast stand of the 44th at Gandamak, painted by William Barnes Wollen The final stand took place at Gandamak on the morning of 13 January 1842 in the snow. Twenty officers and forty-five British soldiers, mostly of the 44th Foot, found themselves surrounded on a hillock. The Afghans attempted to persuade the soldiers that they intended them no harm. Then the sniping began, followed by a series of rushes. Captain Souter wrapped the regimental colours around his body and was dragged into captivity, the Afghans thought he was a high-ranking officer mistakenly taking the yellow colours as general’s yellow waistcoat. The remainder were shot or cut down. Only six mounted officers escaped, of whom five were killed along the road. On the afternoon of 13 January 1842 the British troops in Jalalabad, watching for their comrades of the Kabul garrison, saw a single figure ride up to the town walls…The Remnants of an Army 1879 by Elizabeth Butler (Lady Butler) 1846-1933‘The remnants of an Army.’ An oil-on-canvas painting by Elizabeth Thompson, Lady Butler. It depicts William Brydon, Assistant Surgeon in the Bengal Army, arriving at the gates of Jalalabad in January 1842. The walls of Jalalabad loom over a desolate plain and riders from the garrison gallop from the gate to reach the solitary figure bringing the first word of the fate of the “Army of Afghanistan.” Supposedly Brydon was the last survivor of the approximately 16,000 soldiers and camp followers from the 1842 retreat from Kabul in the First Anglo-Afghan War, and is shown toiling the last few miles to safety on an exhausted and dying horse. In fact a few other stragglers from the Army eventually arrived, and larger numbers were eventually released or rescued after spending time as captives of Afghan forces.

 William Brydon, was asked upon arrival what happened to the army, to which he answered “I am the army”. Although part of his skull had been sheared off by a sword, he ultimately survived because he had insulated his hat against the cold with a periodical magazine, which deflected the blow. Brydon later published a memoir of the death march. The pony he rode was said to have lain down in a stable and never got up.660405

Brydon became widely, if inaccurately, famous for being the only survivor of the entire army. In fact, he was not the only European to survive the retreat; about 115 British officers, soldiers, wives and children were captured or taken as hostages and survived to be subsequently released. Nor was Brydon the only European to survive the trek from Kabul to Jalalabad without spending time in captivity; by Brydon’s own account a “Greek merchant”, a Mr Baness, also made it to Jalalabad, arriving two days after Brydon but surviving for only one day. In addition a small number of Indian sepoys reached Jalalabad on foot over the subsequent weeks. ‘Surgeon Major’ William Brydon CB,  Circa 1864 

300px-General_William_ElphinstoneThere is obviously a lot more to the First and Second British Afghan Wars that provides a staggering and lengthy read; a wealth of information taken from intelligence and political reports, as well as daily military reports running into their hundreds of thousands.

Sadly such information is rendered useless when stored away by Government scribes, and ignored by  arrogant ‘past their sell by date’ Generals. In this case the leadership of Major-General William Elphinstone (right) is seen as a notorious example of how the ineptitude and indecisiveness of a senior officer could compromise the morale and effectiveness of a whole army (though already much depleted). Elphinstone completely failed to lead his soldiers, but fatally exerted enough authority to prevent any of his officers from exercising proper command in his place. My main reason for posting was to place the print images of the paintings relating to the monumental cock-up, with a simple brief to follow on.        Yours Aye.

‘When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains 
An’ go to your ‘Gawd’ like a soldier.’

Rudyard Kipling: The Young British Soldier

British soldier re-writes Kipling poem in damning attack on conditions 2009


Cheerfulness in the face of adversity

The ultimate act of heroism: Marine, 24, who jumped on a grenade to shield his comrade from the blast in Afghanistan is set to receive the Medal of Honorarticle-2575042-1C170DE200000578-684_964x350Kyle Carpenter, 24, will reportedly be presented with the nation’s top military award later this year, becoming only the service’s third recipient from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. While no formal announcement has been made, sources have said that plans are being finalized for a ceremony in Washington. Carpenter, from South Carolina, was just 21 when he intentionally threw his body over a grenade to save his friend, Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio, (center right) while they stood guard on a rooftop in the Helmand province in 2010. He lost his right eye and most of the teeth, and suffered multiple breaks to his right arm. MORE HERE: The ultimate act of heroism: Marine, 24, who jumped on a grenade to shield his comrade from blast in Afghanistan is set to receive the Medal of Honor

The bravest sight in the world is to see a good man being cheerful in the face of adversity. BZ Kyle Carpenter.            Yours Aye.

Fish have waterproof heads (stating the bloody obvious).

Afghanistan will revert to being a terrorist haven after Allied military withdrawal, U.S. study warns  *Fears that the Taliban will seek to regain political power in Kabul. *The group may have recovered from losses suffered during coalition campaign by as soon as 2016.         Saying ‘hello’ to the bad guys 20 miles away…US-troops--Afghanistan-jpgAfghanistan could become a future terrorist haven when the U.S. withdraws unless a larger & more expensive Afghan security force is planned, a study has warned. The report sketched a scenario in which the Taliban would seek to capitalize on the absence of foreign combat forces and press its campaign to regain political power in Kabul. ‘History suggests that the Taliban will use sanctuaries in Pakistan to regenerate their capabilities as military pressure on the movement declines,’ the report said. ‘Homeward’ the best trip!US Troops Begin to Leave AfghanistanTo combat this terrorist haven, the Afghanistan security force will need more funding, along with international trainers and advisers until at least 2019. U.S. military commanders have recommended such a role following the withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO combat troops in December, but the Obama administration has not yet committed to it. The study was ordered by the Congress and conducted by CNA Strategic Studies, a federally funded research group. It describes in detail what is at stake for the U.S. at an important juncture of the war, which was launched by President George W. Bush in response to the 9/11 attacks orchestrated by al-Qaeda, then based in Afghanistan.130109030135-us-troops-afghanistan-1-story-topPresident Barack Obama is weighing his options in Afghanistan, aware of the American public’s war-weariness as well as the risks of failing to ensure that Afghanistan does not once more become a sanctuary for al-Qaeda. The U.S. currently has about 33,600 troops in Afghanistan, down from a high of 100,000 in 2010. U.S. and coalition combat operations are to end by Dec. 31, but the international military presence beyond that is still in doubt. MORE HERE, STATING THE ‘BLEEDING’ OBVIOUSAfghanistan will revert to being a terrorist haven after Allied military withdrawal, U.S. study warnsimages-1

They need a Federal funded research group to reveal the obvious? They could have saved themselves a lot of time and money by simply reading up on the Soviet Unions tactical withdrawal process, or could have chatted to the lowest grade Private serving in the toilet  wastes of Afghanistan.Private Godfrey You certainly do not require the brains of an Arch Bishop to understand the logistics of delaying the inevitable. “NOT ONE MORE WESTERN LIFE SHOULD BE WASTED, NOR ONE MORE DROP OF BLOOD LOST IN THE DIRT OF AFGHANISTAN’S PLAINS.” 

With the greatest respect to Justin Welby the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, and Private Godfrey on ‘Khazi’ duty…   Yours Aye.