Radical Islam ignored through ignorance

World attacks Israel but ‘just ignores’ terrifying rise of radical Islam. ONE of Britain’s most-respected authors has warned the world is ‘ignorantly’ blaming Israel for the Gaza conflict, while turning a blind eye to radical Islamists killing thousands of innocent people around the world. The former Director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, Douglas Murray, claims the world is staying silent about Islamic extremism and instead obsessing about Israel’s recent response to unprovoked rocket attacks by Hamas. He added that anti-Israel protests taking place in cities worldwide were developing further discrimination and hatred against Jews.189542Douglas Murray’s with Canadian TV channel Sun News In an interview with Canadian TV channel Sun News, Mr Murray, who wrote the widely respected but disturbing book Islamophilia, defended Israel’s attack on Gaza and called those across the globe damning the war as “ignorant”. He said: “If you don’t believe that Israel has the right to stop a group that has proposed repeatedly since its existence that it wants to annihilate Israel, if you believe that Israel doesn’t have the right to try and stop this enemy, then of course you don’t believe Israel has the right to exist, you believe Israel has the right to die.” Daily Express-Douglas Murray ‘My fear for Jews worldwide following Gaza conflict protest.’-497367Watching protesters marching through London (as well as Western European cities) really hacked me off, as there were various HAMAS flags being held aloft, with supporters  wearing the same adorned around their necks triumphantly. HAMAS is a terrorist organisation, and those supporting it in any way shape or form should face the consequences. As for people of the Jewish faith holding posters stating they are ashamed to be Israeli, I say this; you can always denounce your faith, turn your back on your own people, pick up the book of hypocrisy, and swear your allegiance to those who would otherwise like to see you dead and buried, or simply become a gentile…           Yours Aye.

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  1. I don’t know Ex Bootneck ..will the world finally reach a tipping point when they suddenly realize that Islam is the most vile, violent, bloody cult of death the world has ever seen for going on fourteen hundred years and denounce it, ultimately fighting and defeating it to its own end? The Crusades answered that evil during the Middle Ages. We saw the world deny Nazism and its inherent evil over eighty years ago…but then it took thirteen years to defeat it…we have to wonder if it still doesn’t exist in some nascent ugly form, even now …anti-Semitism and the results of it remain the ugliest and most profound ignorance this world has visited upon itself with no exception and there certainly is no excuse for it…but those who hate find reasons to demonstrate their own ugliness and evil by participating in it. I find no comfort in pondering these most difficult times but a most profound heartbreak and I am heartsick at the prospect that this continues and it must be fought and defeated. Unfortunately, our current president isn’t up to the task and this only enables and encourages our known enemies. And that’s being merely kind. I actually believe him to be on the side of this greatest of evils…..k

    1. I would not despair for awhile yet. After all every European power and empire paid the Barbary pirates until we came along. We even tried it but that didn’t last beyond their backstabbing us.

      What the world doesn’t know and what the Muslims don’t know is we have the means to end them anytime. Ever wonder why our biochem labs are all funded and never have a problem getting the most dangerous virus known to man for “research”?

      iPads are hell on punctuation for touch typists.

      1. Curtis, I trust the same spreadable nasties are only primed to attack a ‘certain’ blood group that do not believe in Christmas, Western music, television, partially nude women, football (both types). Who refrain from consuming pork chops, hot dogs, burgers, beer, bacon. Who wear towels for hats, have more than one wife, and more than one mother in law. Who believe the men (and most women) must not shave, and that a beard must be grown…

        If your answer is yes to the above then ‘Phew!’ I’ll go celebrate with a mid afternoon bacon sandwich… 😉 Aye.

    2. Kristen, I do believe the day will come when certain Non-Muslim countries will issue an ultimatum and say enough is enough, it is my hope it comes soon, very soon. It is obvious that the more violent the minority Muslim extremists become, the more silent the ‘peaceful’ Muslim majority becomes. The meek will not inherit the earth.

      The following link is an hour long, which interestingly passes quite quickly. “Islam, what the West needs to know!” Aye.

      1. Ex Bootneck, I conjecture and question are they really a minority? Or is this disgusting inhumane attitude and behavior inherent in the tenets of Islam as predicated by the Qur’an, the Hadith and the Suras??? It just needs implementation by suggestion and somehow or other, they’re off and running. It’s Al Qaeda and terrorist groups who claim the mantle of the faithful, is it not? I am suggesting it only takes a slight push and they all can be terrorists or change the words to freedom fighters…and in this there is no difference to be made…as we already know…k

    1. Old NFO, if Norway is looking at clearing their shores of Islamic extremism, then things must have hit rock bottom over there. Time for the Western world to follow suit. I despair at what I am watching on the news, they are utter ‘Barstewards’ one and all… Aye.

    2. Old NFO ..they should have done it long ago when it was easier…now it will be harder than they know…God bless them in their efforts…k

    1. NavyDavy, the first clip truly is a sickening rant that shows their true intention. The second clip is expected from a mediaeval society… Aye.

  2. Having watched a couple of the video links, I only have one comment- Anyone who thinks Israel is running scared or is in danger of being beaten is clearly deluded-oh that would be most of the Muslim community then.

    Israel is the one country in the world who stands up for its self, defends its self, and long may they continue to do so.

    1. Gary, I stand by every thing that Israel does, as I believe they conduct themselves admirably under the circumstances. Not only that, they have also provided the world with an awful lot of technology… Aye.

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