Money under false pretences…

Department Of Justice won’t investigate deaths of veterans placed on VA hospital’s secret waiting list ‘at this time!’ The Department of Justice does not intend to investigate the deaths of 40 veterans who were placed on a secret waiting lists at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Arizona any time soon. Attorney General Eric Holder said the issue was on DOJ’s ‘radar,’ but it would not intervene ‘at this time.’ ‘Well, obviously these reports if they’re true are unacceptable, and the allegations are being taken very seriously by the administration,’ Holder told reporters on Tuesday. ‘But I don’t have any announcements at this time with regard to anything that the Justice Department is doing!’ article-2627548-1DD0BEC900000578-156_638x417DOJ-wont-investigate-veterans-deaths-placed-VA-hospitals-secret-waiting-list

Some one needs to whisper into his shell-like ear and remind him about his job description, and what it entitles! When they all get tossed out at the next election they should all be charged with obtaining funds under false pretences i.e. their monthly pay cheque, which they should all be forced to pay back.            Yours Aye.

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  1. It would seem even this unbelievable case of the Obama administration’s continuing incompetence and ineptitude has been reported upon even across the Pond. With our ‘affirmative action’ President and his DOJ head Eric Holder, another shining example of the results of such phony activism and reverse racist policy, the wheels of Lady Justice do indeed grind slowly. It is common knowledge, Ex Bootneck that this administration does actually hate our country’s own military, its veterans and retirees for good measure and unequivocally so. I’m not one for conspiracy theories but it has been proven over and over again, the Democrat Party is far from supportive of the US military and only uses them as props to further a political agenda. And now they enable and encourage even the deaths of many former service members to use the money for what, is my continuing query? We should find out those answers …more scandals and corruption coming, I’d say……k

    1. Kristen, with a combined population of over 500 million inhabitants the European Union privately sniggers behind its wretched hand at the current demise of the US, which is rank hypocrisy considering the EU’s socialist values. The economy of Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain (PIGS) are sliding downhill so fast that they will have no choice but to withdraw from the EU mothership. The same mediterranean PIGS sneer at Obama’s failed policies, yet pretend their own socialist ones have succeeded?

      What we here in the UK find frightening is that the EU in 2012 generated a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) of 16.584 trillion US dollars (add 30% for growth over the last two years!) Since its conception the EU has never balanced its books, and each year the authorised accountancy firm declines to sign the books off as they deem the financial spending as corrupt?

      BTW I believe the EU’s GDP is now higher than that of the US!

      The gut feeling over here is that the Obama administration (misnomer) are capable of anything in their current state as they try to hold on to power. The scandals and corruption will certainly come to light once the circus has taken flight from the White House. The impeachment of each of those responsible will be some thing to watch. The whisper going around the ‘bazaars’ is that Obama’s people are trying to court the EU into buying US loans & debt from China. The smoke and mirrors of socialist politics. Aye.

  2. You received an ‘honorable mention’, Ex Bootneck in the Watcher’s Council….congratulations are in order….k

    1. Kristen, you will notice that they have now been ‘deleted’ as I approved the same through finger tip error 😉 Aye.

  3. “To faithfully execute and uphold the laws of the Unites States of America”, oh, sorry, what was I saying?
    Of course Eric will do nothing!
    These are not “His People”.
    This whole sh*tbag administration should be prosecuted under RICO.
    The SCOAMF should be impeached & imprisoned for his many violations of the constitution.
    He will NOT be for one reason, and one reason only. he is half-black.
    To prosecute him would be Raaacist(minimum 3, maximum 5 “a”s).

    Why is it getting so warm, and what are we doing in this hand-basket?

    So it goes…

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