“Hallelujah” Father Kelly…

maxresdefaultRoman Catholic Priest’s Amazing Surprise That Stunned a Wedding and Left the Bride in Tears.

SonLight Music Ministry had just finished what sounded like a beautiful rendition of “Be Thou My Vision” when Father Ray Kelly again took the mic at the wedding of Chris and Leah O’Kane. But instead of closing the ceremony as planned, the priest unleashed a big surprise for the couple that’s destined for the pantheon of wedding viral videos.sonlight ministry

It’s not a joke or a slip-up, but a performance of epic proportions. A backing track mysteriously begins and Father Kelly launches into a rewritten version of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” customized just for the new married couple. And this priest has pipes, belting out the melody with ease and even raising the key a whole step.

By the end, the stunned bride is left in tears while members of the audience offer a standing ovation. Father Ray Kelly’s sweet and skillful gesture certainly deserved it. Watch the video clip here: Big surprise for Bride and Groom Chris and Leah O’Kane… 

B.Z. Padre, you certainly made their day special …            Yours Aye.

More of the story here: BBC News – Singing priest’s Hallelujah wows wedding…

11 thoughts on ““Hallelujah” Father Kelly…”

    1. Coffeypot, tradition dictates that the Priest follows on to the reception, where lots of the ‘black stuff’ tickles the tonsils causing the Irish to burst into song; no doubt Father Kelly has a full repertoire he can draw upon to entertain. Aye.

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but the closest parallel I can think of for this is the bride’s sister showing up at the wedding wearing a really low cut white dress. Some are enjoined most devoutly to, NOT upstage the bride at her own wedding.

    1. Curtis, oh so true, and some thing I witnessed a few years back when the brides younger sister was also the lead bridesmaid. It all made for a pretty entertaining wedding with lots of people thinking ‘ouch!’ Both siblings have always been competitive, and the younger sister may well marry within the next 18 months. Perhaps a return ‘ouch’ is on the cards… Aye.

    1. Lou, it was reported in the Irish press that the bride and groom loved it, as did the guests in attendance judging by their cheers. Certainly was an end twist to the wedding making it all the more memorable for every one. Aye.

  2. What was really surprising Ex Bootneck was the video beneath Father Kelly’s. Two naked people on bicycles…I think it had something to do with a marriage proposal. Back to the good father’s rendition of Hallelujah which by way was a bit of a tearjerker…it was excellent and a wonderful touch to a most memorable occasion. I enjoyed it….k

    1. Kristen, having attended numerous RC weddings I have yet to have met a Priest who was not partial to a pint or two (or several) who would join in with a traditional sing song in the wee hours. One in particular was a Royal Navy Padre who insisted he would only partake ‘if you insisted he did.’ Obviously we all ‘insisted,’ and I do believe he remained at the bar with the old-n-bold die hards when the gong was sounded for a champagne breakfast the following morning. Great men RN Padre’s… Aye.

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