Flooding & the nine P’s

imagesAs most people will be aware; the South, South West, and Western coastlines of the UK have been hit hard by unprecedented rain storms, combined with savage Westerly, Sou-Westerly gale force winds. All in competition with high spring tides. The phenomenon happens every 50 years or so, and yet each time people are caught out, in particular those who live in vulnerable low-lying or coastal areas. For the past fortnight (each and every hour of the day) the news stations have fought a presentation battle between themselves. This has led to some dire and irresponsible reporting that only does harm, leading to frustration and panic, it creates an atmosphere only conducive to the media themselves. This headline catching statement by  SKY NEWS: “Flood Heroes Step In Where Army Fail To Tread,” made my blood boil this morning, it has only just dropped back to simmering.  My question to those dwelling in such areas is, “What have you done to safeguard yourselves”?  River Thames in flood as expected!cegrab-20140211-125121-139-1-626x352 Over the past few days I have been astounded by the arrogance and gross stupidity of the general public affected by flooding. Especially those now affected who live along the banks of the River Thames, who have known for at least a fortnight that flooding was inevitable, and done nothing about it. Not even prepping a simple stores cache of tinned food, fresh water, candles, torches, batteries, waterproof chest waders (not Wellington boots), waterproof, and insulated clothing, storm cookers, sleeping bags, etc! The simple thought of placing vehicles away on high ground, as well as moving furniture and precious items up to the second floor, appears to have evaded them completely? There is no excuse for rank stupidity, and nature will always punish those who treat her with contempt.

flood01Heaven forbid that their thoughts could have stretched to buying a small inflatable boat or the like, or that they could have stretched their imagination even further by conducting research prior to the flood, instead of wallowing in self-pity. They all knew the risk of buying property within a flood plain… But their arrogance and stupidity can be measured in a small thimble, compared to the gross negligence and stupidity of the Environment Agency, whose equivalent measurement would be the vast North sea!  BELOW:  UK Environment Agency reconnaissance team taking stock of the situation… 


The Somerset-West & Sedgemoor Conservative MP Liddell Granger made a recent statement in Parliament, saying  “The UK’s Environment Agency employs more people than the Canadian environment agency. And the number of people employed by the environment agencies of Denmark, France, Germany, Sweden and Austria put together does not match the number of people that our agency employs. Many of those countries have far longer coastlines and in some cases far bigger populations than we do, but their environment agencies cost a great deal less and do a better job than ours”. So why are we spending £1 billion a year on our Environment Agency, what do they offer in return? Nothing, not so much as a public information film, or advertisement, or a national broadcast issued through the MSM!” Shangri-La East Yorkshire 14:31hrs todayEast Yorkshire ShangrilaFortunately the area I dwell in has the lowest rainfall in the UK. My fortune is enhanced in that I do not suffer crowds of people, or drown in the accumulated noise of heavy congested traffic, nor do I suffer from a high crime rate (actually; a ZERO crime registered area). Though the arctic bite of winter does bring along snow, which is inevitable and inescapable.  Why such providence you may ask? Well it’s not down to fortune, it’s down to the nine P’s; Perpetual; Positive, Pre Planning, and Preparation, Prevents Piss Poor Performance! In other words, research and home work provided such a secure abode, allowing restful peaceful nights.images-1

A few weeks back I assisted friends in prepping their business and property to secure against flooding. These past few days have been spent upgrading the successful protection; long hours of filling additional sandbags, and laying them correctly. Unlike the firefighters shown here… Sandbags should be overlaid in courses, each bag individually tamped down, and flattened hard with no gaps, so when they do come into contact with water, they expand slightly through absorption, thus forming a barrier. The fire fighters wall is an utter waste of time and material, and as such it lulls people into a false sense of security. Unbelievably I ended up showing council workers and fire fighters how to do it correctly? The knowledge of many years hard-earned experience, if it lets water through, it will allow high velocity rounds through…  Yours Aye.

P.S. This excellent piece by Leo McKinstry is an insight akin to a pearl of wisdom. Awash with cash, fanatically Politically Correct. The infuriating truth about the useless floods quango known as the Environment Agency

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  1. I have found that the people want the government to take care of them so the do nothing. Lazy and waiting with their hands out… like the useless people in New Orlenes when Katrina hit. All the surrounding towns got together and rebuilt and cleaned up their home towns. Not N.O.! There are still areas with damage untouched. Because FEMA didn’t give them enough or moved fast enough. As for weather people on TV… they are as useless as tits on a nun.

    1. Coffeypot, I have read several articles that have mentioned the same. The majority expected the Government to step in and resurrect every thing. The private landlords created the biggest problem, as the majority went bust not having insurance or the correct credentials in place.

      This morning a local from a flooded area verbally destroyed a broadcaster. He articulately, and eloquently shredded him live on air, and finished off with “so you can take your camera and sound mike, and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine-good morning”.

      I spat a mouthful of tea over my newspaper and almost choked, it has to become a YouTube classic!

  2. EB,

    You have the advantage of your professional training and the common sense elements inherent in it should be preached to the rest of us.

    I did not serve, but I was a Boy Scout and at university I joined the Mountain Club and spent some enjoyable years rock-climbing and later backpacking on wilderness trails. ‘Be Prepared’ has stuck by me for more than 50 years, pity its passing.

    All though my life I have tried to anticipate what could/might go wrong on a journey or to/from work. I use checklists extensively and carry all manner of stuff with me in my luggage or in my bag, except for my Leatherman in my cabin bag.

    Of pcirse, my work colleagues tease me about my ‘supplies’, however guess who they approach when they need a spare thingy or a repair.

    I tell them to Argo, just to see the look on their faces, then relent and pass them the superglue, Leatherman, nylon cord, whatever. When their power adapter for their laptop stops working or gets stolen, I ask them, “Where’s your spare one?” Cue embarrassment.

    As for that insult by the media about ‘where the army failed to tread’, what do expect from such a shallow (pun intended) profession like most of the media today?

    1. The Jolly Roger, I also pack with the same intent, more so when I travel around the UK by vehicle, the content of which I change to match the season. (My best purchase by far has been a sonic door wedge, which speaks for itself).

      The Environment Agency could put out a variety of clips on home survival and preparation via YouTube, or any of the social network channels, or even use the media to highlight the same. They could go one further and actually use the military library where every teaching aid and film is available, including disaster preparation and relief. The same library updates itself periodically to reflect current aids and trends. As simple as! Aye.

  3. Dear Ex-BN,

    What an absolute shower the UK has become (if you will excuse the pun). It is so frustrating that our “government” has time to legislate for abominations like the destruction of marriage while they can’t organise the flood defences with such significant sums of money. These useless, useless people didn’t get on with dredging the canal and river networks properly because they had not completed environmental impact studies on local nature habitats and didn’t want to disturb the local eco-systems. The MASSIVE irony here is that now all of the little bunny-wunnies are now drowned in a man-made toxic flood as a result of their complete incompetence!

    (For goodness sake, the same lot complained that our nice shiny new aircraft carriers cost 6.2 Billion quid. I’d rather abolish the environment agency and have a new carrier every three years. We could probably get one every two years, if we don’t let Labour party idiots organise the contracts this time round and as long as the useless environment agency staff are not “demoted” to defence after this disaster!)

    You are quite right, of course: for a country that speaks about the weather so often, there are an awful lot of people who are astonished when it comes along.

    I was astonished to hear that the skill set is now so low that people are so impractical that they can’t even arrange a sand-bag wall. That fire department is a disgrace. Talk about doing half a job!

    Best wishes, as ever,


    1. P, over the course of the past week it has come to the publics notice that things are bad, but not as bad as the media portray it. In fact I would dare say, that the media reporters actually attended the ‘Paul Joseph Goebells, Reich Minister of Propaganda’ training school!

      The Roman and Dutch engineers who initiated and finished draining the flood plains of Somerset, must be looking down (or up) and shaking their heads in bemusement. Dutch flood plain experts are saying that the current weather phenomenon would have still caused flooding, even with dredging in place. However, the flooding would have been minimal, and controllable, especially with pre-prepared high earth bunds in place.

      I now sit and wait for the first clown from the EA to utter the immortal words; “lessons will be learned, and acted upon!” I will sigh on behalf of those too tired to do so… Aye.

  4. How amazing, Ex Bootneck…after reading comments from your like-minded countrymen, I have to allow we endure the exact same type of garbage here in the US..it’s absolutely amazing to realize, how similar the direction our respective countries are headed and the jackasses leading the way…the people need to stand against these sanctimonious and pompous idiots. And they aren’t even that smart…bureaucracy never is…there seems to be a groundswell here..and left doesn’t even see it coming….,k

    1. Kristen, the Environment Agency is a ‘QUANGO’ (Quasi Non Government Organisation) As such it takes funding from Government, and runs it’s operations as it sees fit. The senior personnel of the UK’s QUANGO’s are packed full of left wing ‘green thinking’ socialists, which is a throw back to the last Socialist government.

      There are roughly 950 QUANGO’s in operation, that employs around 700,000 staff. Their total budget is around £82 Billion! If they were disbanded tomorrow they would not be missed, however, it would place 700,000 staff on the streets, and statistically register them as unemployed.

      A true Socialist tactic of creating an industry that is not required, yet those employed by the same QUANGO industry rely upon the Socialist government to remain in employment; so who do you think the 700,000 will vote for each time an election comes along?

      QUANGO (Quasi Autonomous Non-Governmental Organisation) is not an official term. The Cabinet Office lists Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPB) in its annual Public Bodies publication.

      Bureaucratic bullshit! A QUANGO for many it is a byword for wasteful bureaucracy, patronage and lack of democratic accountability. I need to calm down…. 😉 Aye.

  5. People don;t think it can happen to them, so they don’t prepare for it. They thing it just happens to some other guy. But when you are that other guy, you have no Idea how to prep for it or get out if it gets to bad.

    Reading the article, it just goes to show that people helping people are the best way to get things done. Why wait for the government, to do it for you when you can help the person next to you? You may not be able to save his house and all his posessions, but you can help him get out a little better then if he just sat around and waited.

    1. Mark, I totally agree, preparation and self help within the community are the orders of the day, and if the government eventually turns up, then thats a bonus. Aye.

  6. EB,
    Your “Environment Agency” pledged last year to dredge the channels. They lied!
    We have such an agency here in Washington State.
    They acknowledge that the river-channels have become half-filled with silt and gravel, as rivers do, before they change their channels and plot a new course, but they have permitted communities to build along their banks(permit fees, of course), and yet refuse to dredge the 12′ of silt and gravel to permit the river to flow as much water as before. “It could harm the salmon habitat”.
    So, the homeowners bought homes the developers were permitted to build and sell in the river basins.
    Now, when the rivers overflow their banks, the home-owners are flooded, because the channels are not to be dredged, “for the salmon”.
    It’s all for the “Watermelons” of course, green on the outside, red on the inside.
    So it goes…

    1. ChrisP, the environment agency over here has never been a credible organisation. Now we find out that the River Thames ceased to be dredged as an endangered mollusc habitat would have been destroyed!

      My family Doctor has informed me that my violent headaches are a direct result of my constant head-banging against my desk top…


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