Drive em hard-drive em dirty

article-2539300-1AAABDEF00000578-988_636x382The iconic Land Rover Defender (inset), which is a favourite of the Royal Family, is known for its basic interior and off-road capability. However, one mystery wealthy farmer decided he wanted the classic design with added luxury and spent £80,000 for an Essex-based firm to transform his vehicle. The vehicle now boasts a Connolly hide interior (left), foldaway tables, a drinks cabinet with lead crystal glassware, a fridge, dimmable mood lighting, on-board computers (right) with Windows 8, Bluetooth, wifi and a Bang & Olufson sound system. Pimp one’s ride: £80,000 makeover of the Queen’s favourite 4×4 includes a drinks cabinet, wifi and even mood lighting article-2539300-1AAA0FE800000578-958_964x617I doubt very much this wonderful woman would wish to own a pimped out version, the very thought of it indeed. In fact the ‘suggester’ would be carted off to the Tower to be separated from their head for such impudence. It is just so wrong on so many levels… Yours Aye.

19 thoughts on “Drive em hard-drive em dirty”

  1. I have to say, Ex Bootneck that photo of the grand lady appears a few years or is it decades old? She currently has a lot more snow on the roof, so to speak than that photo would suggest. As a matter of fact, she’s a perfect duplicate of her own mother. I can’t get over how much she looks like her. An amazing similarity…they do seem to live a long and well-cared for life….more power to them…..k

    1. Kristen, not to sure how old the pic could be, possibly ten years? And she is a dead ringer for her Mother, who was truly a wonderful woman.

      M’aam still drives her trusty old ‘landy’ around her estates when the whole family de-camps and heads off on holiday here in the UK. Aye.

    1. Coffeypot, consider it done mate, there is a large market for left hand drive LandRover’s. Aye.

  2. I don’t care what side the steering wheel is on. I want one. I don’t believe I’d pimp it out like that but I’m sure I’d enjoy Okie-ing it up a bit.

    1. Okierover, It breaks my heart to see a LandRover pimped out as shown, its just not the done thing…

      Nene-Overland have some great products and ideas for ‘beefing’ up LR’s, but you do pay their price for it, which isn’t too bad as the work guarantee is worth it. Aye.,d.ZG4

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