Israel & Iran. Good against Evil…

“Oh Bugger, his lips are moving, that normally means…”obama_2159167bThe following piece by John Jay that struck a harmonious accord with my own thoughts on the same subject. Yours Aye.

On 22nd December 2013. John Jay of summer patriot, winter soldier wrote;  “When the west walked away from Israel at the recent & latest Geneva confab, leaving Iran an open door to nuclear weapons without intervention, the matter for Israel was reduced to a very simple existential question”.

 Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1.

to be, or not to be? that is the question— whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles,and, by opposing, end them?

to die, to sleep—no more—and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to—’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished! to die, to sleep.

to sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there’s the rub, for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause.

“In my view Israel must strike iran to preserve herself, and to preserve all that is good and noble in our tradition, our Judeo-Christian heritage. it is calumny of that tradition for the west to turn its collective back on Israel …. a true measure of the depths to which the west has sunk, a true measure of the repudiation by our politicians of what we hold dear. may god damn them. I don’t have much truck for Islam. it seems to me the embodiment of hate and envy. I would prefer any end to matters as would preserve Israel as opposed to elevating Islam’s hate and rapacious appetite for the good and plenty of others. It is a simple choice between good and evil, and I hope Israel does what it must to preserve all that is good in Israel. And, to destroy evil.”

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    1. CenTexTim, they have the capability, of which they should use before its too late. Even the Western backed Arab world has said the same.

      Once the Genie is out of the bottle, their is no way of getting it back in again… The buffoon’s who even thought Iran could be trusted must live on a different planet! Aye.

  1. When we saw what the likelihood of the lengths and the depth of betrayal BHO might go from the beginning, I suspect those who have supported Israel and still do, if only surreptitiously, hoped Israel would strike before it was too late; there is a reason why they didn’t of course, but the longer they waited, the more unlikely them striking Iran has become …I don’t have any idea what their plans are now…but Obama makes it quite clear the US will stand aside and do nothing…he’s made us impotent and a non-player in world events due to his own incompetence…or because of Valerie Jarrett’s personal ineptitude …doesn’t matter; it amounts to the same thing….both of them are so out of their depth, it’s totally staggering….k

    1. john jay, i have every faith in israel, from its prime minister, down to the youngest boot on the ground. if they say they can do it, then i believe they will make it so… aye.

  2. Time for a visit to the maproom. Let’s pull out a chart of the local area. There’s the one for getting there and back. The distances are exceptional so it looks like none of those who go are going to get back. The targets are too numerous to list but lets just hit the top 100 threats on the nuclear and WMD list. They are buried pretty deep in the ground, some beneath mountains. Others are located in densely populated areas. The weapons list is eclectic but it all involves a rain of high explosives falling with pinpoint accuracy on targets containing the precursors and mixed forms of Sarin, VX, and others, possibly biologics. The remainder are radioactive to one degree or another but, short of a breeder reactor, unlikely to contain much plutonium.
    How many is enough to send to ensure the destruction of the top 100 sites that we know about? Is that 200 planes or a thousand? None of them will ever return. Is that a price we’re willing to pay to end a potential threat to tomorrow?
    But the paths and ways to the list of targets is deeper and darker than that. There are other ways, low-ways and missiles to achieve our aims. There is always the option of first use since this is war to the existential hilt and to the last breath. There would be no coming back from this and a nation that is already a pariah and without a friend in the Devil’s Own Court at the UN would face an unhappy universal rollback because however much the work needed to be done, nobody could countenance its methods or outcomes.
    The only way out is the conviction engendered in those in a position to do great evil and enormous harm that if they do the retaliation will be instant and total and cost everything.
    So me, I’m thinking it will be the first true Biological War. I don’t know any Israelis but have enormous admiration for the ones in the IDF and they’re the ones that make the nation/state. If they are looking at an end to all things, they’ll be willing to take out the trash on their way out.

    1. Curtis, I firmly believe Iran’s ‘tomorrow’ is today (in fact the issue should have been tactically resolved several years ago).

      In a nutshell… My fervent belief is that the Saudis will support Israel in their endeavour, they have the essential tools, its just requires the Star of David’s fly boys to use them, as well as other assets.

      There are so many theories around the bazaars, on what could, would, should, and will/not, happen; all pushed out by experts, analysts, and theorists. Who in turn counter read each others paper-trails, in the hope that they are each on the same wave length to avoid ridicule.

      As you inferred in your comment, the IDF are the backbone of the Israeli Nation. They themselves are in the arena, who know their own strength and capabilities, as well as their own weaknesses. Their major asset is that they have a ‘real leader’ in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ex Special Forces; who has taken part in several covert operations, who has shed his own blood, and that of the enemy (he also lost his older brother on the raid into Entebbe in 1976-Operation Thunderbolt).

      I for one greatly admire Israel, I marvel at their ability to punch, and counter punch way above their own weight when it is required. I also admire them for their hardy resolve, and how they as a nation stand firmly together. If the end result requires a calculated sacrifice, they have the military man-power who will offer the ultimate, just as they have done so in the past. Aye.

      1. I think we’re in complete agreement. They’ll do the calculus and whatever the risk, they’ll launch if they think they can do it. They are just about the last ones left that will.
        I don’t think the Saudis will be able to do much. They’d give the French a run for the money for obdurate willful stupidity. If they allow the use of their airbases it would be helpful but it would mean coordinating a strike in real time with enemies of the State of Israel. Somehow, I don’t see it happening. Wouldn’t it suck to hit your targets in Iran, successfully evade their AAA and then have the Saudis shoot you down on the way in to refuel. That said, no country in the Middle East wants Iran to have the Bomb. I would almost prefer it though if the rumors from the press were real and the Saudis are in a position to demand some weapons from Pakistan since they funded Pakistan’s bomb program for all those secret years. The Saudis would go after civil targets though since there’s no downside to “atomic car-bombing” the home of the suicide bomber.
        The problem that I see though is one of US. We have battle groups in the Persian Gulf and they will light up the sky if they see an alfa strike heading into Iran. With the clown in the White House they may well have orders to shoot down any eastbound strikes. That’s the gut check for the Israelis. Do they trust US enough to launch strikes in the face of one or two carrier battle groups? Look at the foolishness we had to do to launch air strikes into Libya because nobody trusted the French and couldn’t fly over their territory on the way in.

        1. Curtis, socialist France had a great deal rolling with the Gaddafi family, right up until the hideous old man drew his last breath.

          They even benefitted after the demise of his regime due to the amount of high value assets that were located within Société Générale S.A. (the French multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Paris). As did the financial institutions of the UK and the US (which is my ‘part of ship’ expertise)…

          At the moment the French government is struggling to pay its laundry bill. I have nothing but utter contempt for the government, who are now asking for support (financial & military) to fight the good holy war in the Central African Republic.

          I agree 100% with your musings, I wonder how long we have to wait to wake up to some sensational head lines. My birthday is in April, I can’t wait that long… Aye.

  3. The two of you (Curtis & Ex Bootneck) present an interesting dilemma and it’s interesting to note how you anticipate this will come down…for our own sake, I can hope and pray Israel will do as we expect and that America will wake up from the daze it’s been in for the past five years; I don’t anticipate there will be much movement in a positive direction of strength for the next three years and until the horse’s ass in the White House has been summarily kicked out; I doubt we as part of Obama’s America can only look forward to more embarrassment and humiliation …this is not news and we should understand this….k

  4. Iran poses a tremendous problem for the civilized world and even for at least half of its own people, the educated middle class who have no argument with Israel or the West.
    Both the West and the entire world of Sunni Islam would love to see Israel destroy (or attempt to destroy) Iran’s nuclear progress. But I think Curtis is very realistic in his assessment which boils down to Israel’s being too small to do the job without being destroyed by retaliation from Iran and her proxies. Iran is too big in both territory and population for a country like Israel, as efficient and as plucky as they are, to handle. Especially without the cooperation of the entire West and the Sunni regimes (which include Turkey today, under Islamist Erdogan, who has a visceral hatred of Israel and Jews, as well as the Arab Sunni world) They would love to see Iran and Israel in a fight to the death. I’m very pessimistic and don’t even dare to give an opinion on what will actually take place. I can’t even come close to imagining what pressure and strain Natanyahu must be under to make such a fateful decision.

    1. Clark, I believe Curtis hit the nail on the head, and your appraisal adds to the credibility of it all.

      Israel’s only option when it comes, is to strike, and strike hard, then retire to her defence in depth. I have no doubt that the required Intelligence has been gathered and stored accordingly within their overall strategic plan, some thing Israel’s Military is renowned for.

      As it was once explained on a certain course I attended whilst ‘in-service’ “We only know what we think we know, not what the Israeli’s really know, they are the true masters of placing mis-information” Aye.

  5. Easier said than done, something can be done, but w/Obama in charge less is more likely. Iran is not a1/2 hour job like Osirak, 1981, NoKo reactor, N.E Syria-2007, or the daring theft of a Russian Radar installation from an Egyptian island, 1969. This is no Entebe job, it is a real war and I m not sure israel has it right now, with its depleting budget to afford the costs of waging a war and accounting for the damages
    ( to world economy, stock markets shakeout, a hit on Saudia by Iran, property and life, inside Israel, bombing, sabotage by Hizaballah and Iranians in Europe?), no one can establish a proper spread sheet that can produce a definitive answer-on cost effectiveness, can anyone really be sure that the operation will be 100% as successful as the Israelis hope, what if 12 pilots get shot on Iran soil and captured? Too many unknowns?

    1. Al Sheeber, the cost of war becomes irrelevant when it comes to necessity. The Iranian’s are already creating and spreading misery throughout the Islamic and Christian world.

      As with any war, every service person is expendable, though it is always hoped that both sides apply themselves to the Rules of the Geneva Convention (scratch that as far as the Islamic Nations are concerned).

      The United Arab Emirates have stated they would clearly pay for any such war, as they to feel the Iranian’s cannot be trusted-ever.

      It is what it is, and when it happens (and one day it most certainly will) we will all have to grin and bear it. Aye.

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