A dogs ‘tale’ for Christmas

article-2527022-1A37A1B200000578-397_634x710A dog who was hours from death after surviving three weeks alone at the top of a 2,000ft peak in the Yorkshire dales has been given a home for Christmas. The Lurcher-Saluki cross, nicknamed Wufra, was 10kg underweight and had a broken leg when a mountain rescue team found him in near-freezing temperatures. He had to be carried a mile to safety from Buckden Pike in the Yorkshire Dales on a stretcher before he could be given emergency medical treatment. article-2527022-1A37A0F800000578-896_634x409Vets gave him just two hours to live but two months on Wufra has made a remarkable recovery and is bounding around the garden of his new owner, Helen Coates. Miss Coates, 51, who works for The Dog People in Grassington, North Yorkshire, helped the rescue team nurse Wufra back to health – and just days before Christmas has offered him a permanent home. Abandoned dog ‘Wufra’ who survived three weeks on remote hilltop in the Yorkshire Dales with broken leg has found a home for Christmas

Identification chipping should be made compulsory for all dogs and cats. Had ‘Wufra’ been chipped, the heartless ‘barstewards’ who left him to die would have been held accountable. I volunteer my services as punisher in chief…            Yours Aye.

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  1. Any time an animal is rescued from dire straits, it’s a good thing.

    Some of our best dogs have been rescues, I’ve got one in my lap as I type this: a sweet, zany Chesapeake Retriever/ and something mix, she spent 10 months in the shelter before we took her home last summer.

    She fit in with our scurvy crew and shows her love every day.

    Great story, keep ’em coming!

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

    1. Yeah, so I guess I had an old guy moment with my previous post…….I have no idea what the hell a Chesapeake Retriever is, I wanted to describe our Springer Spaniel/and something mix…..not a possibly imaginary dog.

      Apologies for the slip up, old fire captains sometimes go off in strange directions!

      Carry on.

      1. Bob, we can put the momentary error to involuntary past carbon smoke inhalation 😉

        I used to breed along the correct bloodlines of the Stafffordshire Bull Terrier (never for profit) to promote and maintain the standard. Each of the pups went to a credible home, for the price it cost to have them jabbed, which at the time was £ 40-

        I have spent countless hours assisting others in training and disciplining them correctly. I have spent more in assisting in finding homes for those tossed out in the street, as the ill disposed took to owning them, and started cross breeding. I ceased breeding because of this, and have placed a lot of emphasis in the rescue of the breed, which has gained bad publicity through ignorance.

        Hannah and Nipper are two such rescue dogs, and when Joss (my pure bred) departs, I will be seeking another rescue Staffie immediately, even though I know I will grieve for him dearly. Three is my number for handling canines, though I could easily round it up to six 😉 Aye.

  2. A wonderful tale of love and the right season for it…another miracle I’d say…,happy Saturday, EB…oh where is that Irish Stew recipe? I’ve been waiting so long, I just made some crockpot chili for a rainy weekend…k

    1. Kristen, you shall see the recipe within the run of the day, I promise 😉

      I knocked up some Chilli yesterday, but just sufficient for two days, as its soon to be a ‘turkey-n-chicken-fest’ Aye.

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