Elisabetta & Francesca Grillo Not Guilty!

UPDATENigella facing new drugs probe: Police say they will review decision not to investigate TV chef over cocaine and cannabis use

Two of Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi’s former aides were today found not guilty of defrauding the celebrity couple of nearly £700,000. It follows a three-week trial in which the court heard astonishing allegations that Miss Lawson snorted cocaine and smoked cannabis. 

article-2525781-1A242CC100000578-391_634x908Italian sisters Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo used company credit cards to spend £685,000 on items for themselves including designer shoes and clothes. BREAKING NEWS: Nigella aides found NOT GUILTY of defrauding couple of £685,000 in four-year designer spending spree They maintained throughout that the spending had been authorised.

Nigella confessed to using cocaine seven times – but aides said she did it every DAY for years and let children smoke cannabis  Nigella Lawson admitted using cocaine at two times of her life – on six occasions with her first husband, and once during her marriage to Charles Saatchi. article-2525089-19DFD45D00000578-745_634x496But the defendants claimed her drug use was far heavier. TV cook admitted allowing her children to smoke cannabis. Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo said she was a daily user, who left the house littered with rolled-up notes and cocaine-tainted credit cards. The mother ‘kept cocaine in drawers and in a hollowed-out book’, they said. She ‘used to have white powder on her nose, which she said was make-up’. And they claimed she ‘smoked marijuana with her children’ ‘Reputation on trial’: The defence said Nigella, 53, wanted to keep her drug-taking secret to assist her chances of cracking the US market  ‘A ridiculous sideshow of false allegations’: Nigella lashes out as jury finds her aides NOT GUILTY of defrauding her and Saatchi – but police say TV chef WON’T be charged over cocaine claims

 WILL NIGELLA’S CAREER BE HIT BY CLAIMS SHE TOOK DRUGS? (I personally do hope so.) There are fears Nigella Lawson’s career could be hit by her dramatic courtroom admission that she snorted cocaine and smoked cannabis. However, opinion polls showed that the public sympathise with Miss Lawson rather than her ex-husband Charles Saatchi. The U.S. television network ABC is set to broadcast the second series of Nigella’s talent show The Taste next month. In Britain, Channel 4 is pushing ahead with plans to show its own version of the show despite the drug-taking claims.article-2526347-1A33C69500000578-988_634x502PR guru Mark Borkowski said during the trial that he expects Miss Lawson’s brand will survive undamaged in the long-run. ‘Post-crisis the beleaguered brand with the best story will recover more quickly,’ he said. ‘Brands and individuals may well suffer slights and injuries, but with a brilliant team, smarter thinking, resilient strategy, perspective and intuitive creativity they can rise from yesterday’s newspaper with a stronger narrative and a much brighter, sounder future.’ We hear that Oprah (yawn) Winfrey wants to host Lawson on her show to allow her to put forward her side of the story; and no doubt there are others wishing to do the same within the US networks.

And there ‘endeth’ the blurb from the MSM… I for one do not give a toss about Nigella Lawson or Charles Saatchi, and their ‘celebrity’ status that the MSM and fellow celebrities fawn over. Their hidden agenda has brought about their own downfall, and opens them up to ridicule by the people in the street. Had they both been ‘common’ people they would have felt the long arm of the law touching their shoulders over the purchase and use of illegal narcotics (not a simple police caution for Saatchi’s throttling attempt on Lawson). Nor a care free acceptance for Lawson allowing her children to smoke marijuana in front of her (that she her self bought). Even the presiding Judge stated to the jury that ‘there are defendants up in front of him daily for the use and possession of cocaine, which is some thing they had to bear in mind when making their decision’…images 
‘Narcoterrorism’ The illegal drugs trade in part sponsors terrorists, and terrorism, as they provide the security and mule routes for the illegal narcotic trade, and draw a hefty payday through their venture. In effect, every joint, every snort, or injection, that air head celebrities take or use pays for a handful of 7.62 mm (short) rounds of ammunition. Bulk-buys pays for their weapons and explosives, and training. Yet we (you may, I do not) accept the fact that when the same air-heads, who when caught, admit they have a problem and admit them selves into rehab quite casually; purely for the reason that they wish their career to continue afterwards, so they can continue to milk the coin from Joe Blogs pocket.
Pity the poor ‘barstewards’ who are unfortunate enough to be addicted to the same, who have nothing but despair and an early grave to look forward to. They too sponsor the same bad guys through their purchase and use, but without a large bank balance what chance do they have of kicking the habit.
People, please think twice before buying a Nigella Lawson recipe book, it’s the least you can do as a personal act towards decency and the standards required of us all! Now I need to go and dig a six-foot hole in the ground to burn of some anger…   Yours Aye

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    1. Coffeypot, in reality they are nobodies, whose fame has been built up through the periphery of the celebrity world. Their like should be starved of oxygen… Aye.

  1. Until you brought either of these moral degenerates up, I never heard of either of them…and one of the posters here mentioned Nigella was some sort of food maven…and all the left in their characterization and portrayal, they’re victims…what absolute crap…I get tired of listening to excuses for ethical and moral failure…that she involves everyone in her life in her own debauchery, especially her own children is more than despicable…these two sisters pshould have known better than to have involved themselves with someone who has demonstrated she is of such weak moral fiber…the woman is obviously dispensable ….k

    1. Kristen, the woman was/is/may yet still; take to the airwaves over America, in the hope of forging her now faltering career within the various foodie shows.

      Windbag Oprah had offered her a spot on her show to allow her to defend her actions… It may well still happen, as there are some big producers think Nigella Lawson is a winning product (albeit a damaged one for the time being).

      Saatchi and Lawson have exposed themselves, and it is not a pretty sight, but one expected once the tin foil is stripped off!


    1. ChrisP… I would rather chew off my big toe than get up to meet an air head ‘celebrity!’

      Celebrities who are famous for ‘big tits & bums’ infuriate me (in this case, the big tit being Kayne West, and his missus Kardashian with the big bum).

      Years ago I had the misfortune to take a seat next to a passed over comedian/magician who was famous in the early 80’s, his banter was non stop, until I said to him “look mate I’m not being funny, but my dogs do tricks to receive a biscuit… do you want a biscuit, is that what this is all about”? He asked the steward to be re-seated…

      The clip on immigration is well out of context, though the intent placed within it obviously comes from some one from the far right-of right. All of the scare mongering falls short when you realise that only 3% of the whole of the UK is ethnically mixed. What does boil my blood is the amount of financial and social benefit illegal immigrants receive, which is slowly changing since the socialist labour government had their rear ends kicked out.

      (Now I’m trying to cleanse the image of ‘big tits & bums’ from my mind before I go make breakfast)… Aye.

      I enjoy your site Chris, which I peruse daily…
      (how did you screw up your wrist)?

  2. EB,
    The wrist injury was young MJ, not me. He was sharpening a knife when a commotion broke-out on the television. He looked-up to see what was happening, *without* stopping the knife. He got three stitches and met a cute nurse, so not a total loss…

    1. ChrisP, late reply to your reply above; my apologies mate.

      A few weeks back I too had an unintentional meeting with a blade… I was chipping and carving a handle onto a newly cut walking stick, when Joss knocked the stick from my hand as the blade attacked! Resulting in ‘claret’ squirting every-where, as the detached finger tip went spinning some-where.

      That afternoon, I met a bloke who was an ex Royal Army Medical Corps WOII (now working as a nurse in the local hospital) who had run out of sympathy pills, but unfortunately not heavy sarcasm pills…

      That Sunday was a complete loss in more ways than one! Aye.

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