Ski-ing down hill-negative snow

Ski-ing in woodlandThrough past years of Mountain & Arctic Warfare training I’ve ski-id downhill and mountain, as well as cross-country; I’ve even ski-id into the iced waters of a frozen river as part of survival training. But I have never ever ski-id down hill through a forest in summer; hats off to Zack Giffin and Karl Fostvedt for doing just that in the following clip. What wax were they using? 45 COMMANDO ROYAL MARINES WINTER DEPLOYMENT 2010

Forest Ski Segment From Valhalla Lets see them do it with a set of RM issued ‘planks,’ carrying a 120Ib Bergan, chest webbing, and rifle, whilst pulling a 200Ib pulk. Its how I learned to breathe through every body orifice… Yours Aye.

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    1. Old NFO, nuts in a forest squirrelling along sounds about right…

      In the United Kingdom the Royal Marines are the principal regular unit trained in mountain and cold weather warfare and have a specialised instructor cadre: the Mountain Leader Training Cadre. The capability is fielded by 3 Commando Brigade.

      During the Cold War the Royal Marines were assigned to the NATO Northern Flank, their task was to be part of the force defending the mountainous Nordic region from the Soviet Union. Traditionally the training continues to this day (can’t trust a sneaky Russki)!

      From Jan 4th to 29th Mar; each and every year was spent in the Arctic mountain areas of Norway, staying in lodges inaccessible to the general public. Good food, well stocked bars, and plenty of fresh air and exercise, the laughter came free… Aye.

  1. I remember a friend I had in the Azores tried something like this with grass skis….and you had to have been there to understand ….k

    1. Kristen, I once tried some thing similar (once!) And always thought it was better to come off and fall into several feet of snow, than to hit green grass and hard ground that is so unforgiving in summer. Aye.

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