One a Giant, the other a Thug!

article-2519706-19EC02E100000578-106_636x382From a giant to a thug: While Mandela’s greatest feat was saving South Africa from a bloodbath, President Zuma has plunged it into violence, corruption and poverty.       ‘Junior thug in waiting, Julius Malema’ pictured below706x410q70b438aa821b67db8400e556d084a35d11The political vultures are circling; something of interest perhaps on One time South African youth leader, Julius Malema A very dangerous man, once tipped to take over from President Jacob Zuma, certainly some one to watch over the next few months. His educational qualifications, as well as his fraudulent activities  make him a natural-born replacement for Jacob Zuma as leader of the ANC. It is no strange co-incidence that he is pictured here wearing a Robert Mugabe supporters shirt…     Qualifications below


For my part, I love South Africa and its genuine people, I also have close ties with friends and business associates, who are born and bred South Africans. Sadly the stench of corruption within the top-tier of government fouls the country, and penalises its own people severely. Such corruption at the pinnacle emanates and promotes the vilest forms of dishonesty, unscrupulousness, double-dealing, fraudulent misconduct, criminality, wrongdoing and bribery within local government, that has a responsibility for the day-to-day running of small villages, towns and cities, which they neglect on a grand scale. 

Desmond Tutu, the former archbishop is one of a series of senior South Africans who have warned of growing disenchantment with the ANC, which has struggled to make a dent in the country’s many social ills, and is frequently accused of corruption and cronyism. Earlier this year, Graça Machel the human rights activist and wife of Nelson Mandela, warned that South Africa was an “angry nation teetering on the brink of something very dangerous if extreme levels of violence in the country were not addressed.” The ruling African National Congress has managed to do something that Apartheid could not; it is tearing itself in two through greed and corruption. It is hoped that this will end its  power grabbing days, and allow true democracy to flourish. The newly formed political party headed by Graca machel may prove to be the new broom that sweeps clean…            Yours Aye.

P.S. I note that the great ‘Barry O’ is flying over for the State funeral of Nelson Mandela, yet couldn’t be bothered to shift his arse into gear to show the same respect for Margaret Thatcher. Possibly because the Iron Lady acted as kryptonite towards socialism…

P.P.S. And then there’s this from the excellent Guido Fawkes blog When Maggie Told Botha to Free Nelson Mandela  ‘kryptonite, pure kryptonite!’

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  1. I still ponder what will happen to South Africa after this man’s death. Here’s something that will not be seen in the US media however about Nelson Mandela. I have heard some rather bad things about him as well; and perhaps it is something we might chalk up to youthful indiscretions…

    1. I really screwed this up…maybe you could delete some of this and just go with the title on the Internet: 7 Nelson Mandela Quotes You Probably Won’t See In The U.S. Media…also located at….I hate repeating myself…I really don’t know enough about Nelson Mandela to say anything about the man…k

      1. Kristen, I understand what you are saying… Before coming into power the ANC acted as terrorists, and resorted to a dreadful bombing campaign throughout the major towns of South Africa from 1981 to 1988.

        Indiscriminate tactics against men, women, and children. Like for like was returned by the South African government through its clandestine cross border operations.

        One mans terrorist being another mans freedom fighter.


        1. Here’s something else Ex Bootneck that should be considered when looking back on Nelson Mandela. I know we shouldn’t speak ill of the dead but he wasn’t if you’ll pardon the expression, ‘as pure as the wind-driven snow’….just sayin’…..k

… Cached
          Rest In Whitewash: Networks Set to Ignore Mandela’s Communist Party Ties, Dictator Friends. … that country stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

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