Getting a homeless man, home…

Getting a homeless man homeGetting a homeless man home… An act of compassion towards someone suffering misfortune at any time of the year is an act of humanity, at this time of year even more so. The short clip can say much more than I am able…      Yours Aye.

3 thoughts on “Getting a homeless man, home…”

  1. That was a beautiful thing…although I have to wonder why couldn’t they help him to stay and succeed in the US.?? The reason he came was to look for work which he obviously couldn’t find in the Czech Republic…why couldn’t they find someone to sponsor him…sending him back there was in essence, giving up….yes, of course it was nice to send him home but they could have actually helped him more by staying here and getting him to succeed here….just a point…k

    1. Kristen, perhaps with the festive season coming up the chance remotes itself on finding employment.

      An act of kindness by the thoroughly decent people of ‘thread-society’ who have a worthy cause for the homeless.


  2. Inspiring and touching. I, like Kristen, am wondering why they couldn’t help him find work here, since he must have left his country because there was no work. Also seems strange that his son and daughter are in Czech Rep, while he has to leave his country.

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