Selling Poppy’s with pride. BZ

article-2492536-1948BF8200000578-457_634x484Britain’s longest-serving poppy seller is raising money for the Royal British Legion for the 75th consecutive year having sold over 30,000 poppies in nearly eight decades. Devoted Olive Cooke, 91-years-young, vowed to always sell poppies after her husband Leslie was killed in action during the Second World War when she was just 21. She began selling poppies in 1938 but the flowers took on new significance following his death on naval duty just two years after their wedding. ‘Losing my husband when I was just 21, I vowed to always sell poppies’: Britain’s longest-serving poppy seller, 91, is back on the streets for her 75th year. And Britain’s oldest poppy seller is back on duty article-2492536-1948D79800000578-90_306x477

Great-great-grandfather aged 102 is Britain’s oldest poppy seller. Decorated veteran Albert Joyner, 102, fought for his country for 26 years after joining the Royal Marines in 1930. A war veteran who devoted his life to serving with the Royal Marines will this weekend wear his poppy with pride as the country’s oldest poppy seller. Albert Joyner, 102, has raised tens of thousands of pounds selling poppies on behalf of the British Legion. The pensioner started collecting for the charity in 2000 and has since become something of a local hero in his home town of Keighley, West Yorkshire. Great-great-grandfather Mr Joyner said: “It’s been my way of giving something back”.

This makes me so proud to be British. Very well done to all who are prepared to give up their free time selling poppy’s for the British Legion. And from my heart, a true BZ for Mrs. Olive Cooke, and Mr. Albert Joyner.          Bloody well done Royal!            Yours Aye.

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    1. ChrisP, the money raised truly does go to help those in need, and not absorbed by huge admin costs, as some UK based charity’s sadly have to succumb to.

      I, like you, have purchased another one today, which will make several this week.


  1. While here at my current location, Ex Bootneck, I haven’t seen the veterans and reservists selling their poppies…we have some days during the year as well where they sell poppies in remembrance of our military veterans…strange because Texas is very strong in their support and all the military bases here are a continuing reminder..I always purchase one or two when I walk by…Connecticut still respects (or did) and admires their veterans…I always got a break with my state taxes back in the day…in any event, two admirable human souls continue to love, respect and have pride in their country and their military…we are finding out here that is not the case of the people who rule the roost here at this time…sadly and a cautionary commentary….Benghazi has been the bell weather on that one….k

    1. Kristen, the volunteers are out in their droves around the country, from the various military cadet organisations, passed through Armed Forces personnel to the old & bold veterans. They collect in all types of weather, and people give generously (with the exception of the few islamists, which is fine as they mark themselves out through their own ignorance).


    1. Buck, they are good people, as are each and every other volunteer who stood out in the cold today. Which included Royal Navy & Royal Marine Cadets (10 to 16 years old) who helped around the local supermarket in their rig of the day.

      Although I was only in the market town for an hour, I did not see one person without a poppy, even young children were wearing them. It warms the cockles of your heart to see such.


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