Puddles, Sad Clown With a Golden Voice

Some thing deep within my being occasionally draws me to the surreal in life. Perhaps it stems from my colourful upbringing, or the no-holds-barred lifestyle encountered through out my 23-year career as a Royal Marines Commando. What ever it is, please humour me!Puddles the Sad Clown    Here’s Puddles, the 7 foot tall “Giant Sad Clown With The Golden Voice”       Puddles the Clown (of Puddles Pity Party) is actually Big Mike Geier, an amazing vocalist, bandleader, and performance artist from Atlanta.      Yours Aye.

5 thoughts on “Puddles, Sad Clown With a Golden Voice”

  1. I’ve led an extremely sheltered life, Ex Bootneck; I for one have never heard of this man or his ‘golden’ voice…as you can ascertain, his talent is entirely lost on me, poor witless soul that I am….there is life after being accused of such irrefutable ignorance….I’m realizing it now….k

    1. Kristen, your sheltered life ended the day you entered the armed forces… And your time in London drinking rugby players under the table also tears the roof off a bit :-)


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