The crew of the Fray Bentos

Corned beef, hard tack biscuits, and sweetened tea (fortified with strong rum prior to going over the top), the staple diet of those who fought in the trenches of the First World War. And not just any old ‘corned dog’, but the finest money could buy ‘Fray Bentos’. The irony of which was not lost on the Tank Corps crew, who named their tin can accordingly.article-2445626-188B7CA000000578-520_634x400The Incredible bravery of WWI tank crew who survived 72 hours of being bombarded by Germans and their OWN side while stuck in no mans land ‘Trapped in their overturned tank, just metres from the German trenches, Captain Donald Richardson and his crew already faced an impossible situation. But, after three days of attack from their enemies, the brave men in charge of the Mark IV tank were plunged into even greater danger when their British allies started bombarding them as well, to destroy the tank before the Germans could get it. Astonishingly, though, all but one of the soldiers survived the impossible odds, armed with just pistols and a single rifle, managing to escape the death trap to become the First World War’s most decorated tank crew’. WWI Tanks were first called ‘Land-Ships’article-2445626-188B7A3700000578-401_634x475The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, holds some of the original ‘tanks’ from all sides, as well as an eclectic collection shown in their exhibitions that have been brought back from around the globe from every battle fought since WWI. Quite an awesome place to visit, even for an Ex Bootneck… I have never fancied the life of a ‘Tankie’ in any of the Royal Tank Regiments, or the Royal Armoured Corps, more so after seeing the damage done to one by a HESH round (aka the strawberry jam round)! Brave lads one and all. Yours Aye.

3 thoughts on “The crew of the Fray Bentos”

  1. An amazing story, Ex Bootneck…my time in the American military would never compare to this horror story…I’m not sure most women today in military service have it as easy as many of us while in the peace-time service. I understand the purpose of a country’s military is to fight and win wars but I almost feel like I didn’t acquire the necessary experience to do so and my time in was easy compared to this…it actually was and I remain grateful to God that it was…and Republican administrations….HA…k

    1. Kristen, the world changed when Islamic Extremism came knocking at the door. We need a strong Republican to answer the door with his hands full of cold steel, not a Democrat with his hands full of golf clubs 😉


      1. Agreed…although to be honest, Ex Bootneck, I thought my time for fighting for a cause was over when I retired from the United States Navy…I’ve come to discover this fight with political and militaristic Islam will never be over; not for me and it will not conquer America, not while I breathe…so my fight and all of ours will continue for the foreseeable future….I have a feeling yours will too to safeguard Britain…..k

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